Leftover Doughnuts

Originally published September 10, 2016.
Contains: long-term weight gain, behind-the-scenes encouraging.

This was originally posted as a vignette, where I mentioned how it was part of a bigger idea I was hoping to post soon. That idea ended up falling through, but around the same time, I got the inspiration to keep going with the story. I realized I could get more out of the premise than I was giving myself credit for, largely because I was fascinated by the dynamic I had inadvertently setup between the two characters and wanted to explore it more. I’m not going to make this a regular thing, because I usually don’t post a story unless I’m sure I’ve gotten as much out of the premise as I can, but I’m glad I did it this time.

Synopsis: Dan is a worker at a doughnut shop who’s taken to letting Bobby, a very rotund regular at the shop, stay after closing and eat as many doughnuts as he likes, since they’re just going to get thrown out anyway. As time passes and Bobby starts indulging more and more enthusiastically, Dan find himself enjoying the spectacle more and more, making it increasingly hard to keep his composure in front of Bobby, who seems to just like eating doughnuts. As Bobby’s appetite and abdomen grows, Dan is faced with the challenge of keeping his cool as things get hotter.

Dan turned the latch on the door to Dolly’s Doughnuts to lock it shut, letting out a sigh of relief at the end of a busy Sunday night. He was the only one left working, and now it was up to him to clean the place for opening the next day. Closing shift wasn’t something he precisely looked forward to, but it was nice to have a moment of peace and quiet once all the customers had been shooed out. All but one.

As Dan walked toward the back, Bobby was sitting at one of the far tables, smiling at him eagerly. Dan never got tired of that giddy grin. All he had to do was point to the doughnuts that would have to be thrown out anyways and tell Bobby, “Have at it.” Bobby would look at him like he’d given him the world, and Dan’s night would instantly improve.

Dan could tell by looking at him that Bobby had always been chubby. He had the even distribution of plumpness typical of a fat kid who’d grown up into a well-rounded young adult. His fondness for doughnuts seemed innate, not the consequence of a kid going off to college and being able to eat whatever they like for the first time in their lives. No, Bobby was clearly well-acquainted with enjoying the more decadent things in life, and he wore the resulting heft like a comfortable leather jacket passed down to him by his father.

His tee shirt, though, wore more like the suit his parents made him wear to church service up until he went to college and never wore it again. It wasn’t gratuitously ill-fitting, only showing a thin strip of pale skin where his belly peeked out from beneath, like it wanted a quick glance of the delicacies to come. Dan only noticed it because he was looking for it, but it still made him smile. He knew for a fact that shirt fit Bobby just fine when he first started sticking around after Dan closed.

As Dan dimmed the lights in the front of the store, Bobby bounded behind the counter and grabbed one of the Dolly’s specials, the whoopie pie doughnut. It was a solid circle of rich chocolate dough filled with sweet vanilla cream and topped with vanilla icing. Dan let out a chuckle, not surprised that Bobby would go for such a decadent choice. “Whoopie pie, huh?”

“Mm,” Bobby affirmed through a mouth full of dough and filling. After taking another bite, he mumbled, “They’re so good.” He chewed a bit longer before continuing, “I had one earlier this week. Nearly bought a dozen on the spot, until I remembered you were closing tonight.” He finally cleared his mouth before saying, “Nearly didn’t make it that long,” and wolfing down another gigantic bite.

Dan let out a chuckle and gazed at Bobby’s ample belly before looking back up to meet his eyes, resting over bulging cheeks. “Enjoy it, kiddo. Have as many as you like.”

“Oh I will,” Bobby mumbled through a full mouth. When Dan first let him stay after closing, he rarely ate more than a doughnut or two, seeming self-conscious about taking free food. It took some encouraging on Dan’s part for him to let loose and eat more. But once Dan got him going, Bobby became quite the doughnut disposing machine.

Bobby soon wolfed down the rest of the whoopie pie doughnut. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hands, merely smearing the chocolate crumbs and vanilla filling across his face. As perverse as it felt, Dan had no intention of telling him what a mess he’d made of himself. He just wanted to see it build up as Bobby kept eating. “Care for another?”

“Yes, please!” Bobby exclaimed before reaching around and pulling two off the shelf. Those disappeared just as quickly as the first, Bobby alternating eating from one hand, then the other. He leaned against the wall and his eyelids slid down as he chomped on the dense pastries. He chewed so voraciously that his jaw seemed to jump up and down, eager to get the chocolate treats down.

And he did, happily following the first doughnut with two more. As Bobby licked his fingers clean, Dan couldn’t help but look down at his belly poking out of the bottom of his shirt. Even when Bobby tried absentmindedly to pull it down, it bounced back up to give Dan a view of Bobby’s underbelly. It was more noticeable now, and would only get more pronounced as the evening wore on.

“Mmph,” Bobby grunted once he finished licking his fingers. His hand found its way down to his stomach and rubbed it gently, pulling the shirt up farther as he did and showing more of his soft expanse. Bobby didn’t seem aware of it, but Dan definitely was.

“Well, I have a lot of cleaning to do, so you just get comfortable and enjoy yourself,” Dan said with a smile. As he walked off to get the spray bottle and rag, he watched Bobby’s smile grow wider, before he grabbed two giant cinnamon rolls drenched with glaze and took a bite from both.

Dan lost count of how many doughnuts Bobby ate that night, something that was happening with increasing frequency. Much as he would have loved to know just how much Bobby could eat, losing count was even more tantalizing. His mind could run wild wondering just how many sweet, gooey pastries Bobby could wolf down. And through it all, no matter how full Bobby got, he always had a smile on his face as he ate.

Though Dan didn’t know how much Bobby had eaten, it had to be a lot. Bobby’s shirt had draped over his stomach like a loose sheet, and now that sheet had risen to hang just past his belly button. Dan dreamed of the day Bobby ate enough doughnuts that his belly button would peek through, though he knew even a chow hound like Bobby probably couldn’t eat that much. Barring seeing Bobby’s belly button, seeing the two soft lobes at the bottom of his belly hang out was plenty exciting for Dan.

Even more exciting was the mess Bobby had made all over his face. Different shades of pastry crumbs stuck in a mix of glaze and filling surrounded his mouth like clown makeup, and was just as effective at making Dan smile. Bobby rolled his tongue over his lips to get as much of it as he could, still leaving a thick ring around his face.

Grabbing a napkin as he walked over, Dan told him cheekily, “You, uh, got a little something there.”

Bobby took the napkin in hand and wiped his face down, getting most of the mess off. face. “Thanks.”

“Now worries. You know, I had an idea…”

“…uh huh?”

“Usually I send you out of here with a bag of doughnuts for the road, but since the rest are just going to get thrown out anyway, how about you take a box home instead?”

Bobby’s stared at Dan, unable to utter a word in reply, looking even more awstruck that he did when Dan let him loose on the doughnuts. He merely nodded his reply. With a sly smile, Dan took an unfolded box off the shelf, assembled it, and handed it to Bobby. “Load up.”

A wide grin spread across Bobby’s face as he walked over to the shelf to fill the box. There was a hint of a waddle in his walk, something Dan took plenty of joy in observing. Bobby filled the box will all five of the remaining whoopie pie doughnuts and an assortment of others with dense filling. It made Dan wish he could be there to help Bobby wolf them down, to encourage him to keep eating when he felt like he couldn’t have another bite. But in the meantime, he was happy to know he was contributing to Bobby’s growth. “That should be enough to last you a few days, right?” Dan asked with a smile.

“Mmm, we’ll see,” Bobby replied with a cheeky tone of voice of his own. As Bobby rounded the end of the counter, Dan watched the top of his gut jiggle as he walked. Once he reached the door, he called out, “See you on Wednesday,” before unlocking the door to head to his car.

Dan waited until Bobby was out of sight and let out a massive sigh, before shifting his erection to a more comfortable position in his pants. Bobby didn’t seem to have any idea what he did to Dan, but Dan reasoned it might be better that way. If he did, he might not let Dan keep feeding him like this. For now, he tapped the security code into the keypad on the wall and walked out to go home himself. He knew that once he got home, he’d have a damn good time taking care of the situation in his pants while thinking about what Bobby might do when he got home.

Bobby showed up for Dan’s next shift Wednesday night wearing a button-down shirt and slacks. Bobby worked evening shifts at a restaurant too, but thankfully, his shift ended before Dan’s did. Dan looked forward to those nights most, for the button-down shirts framed Bobby’s belly in a way the tee shirts just couldn’t. Tucked into his pants, the shirt lifted and shaped his gut into a rounder ball of fat than it was naturally. In turn, the shirt billowed out as his belly filled its volume, pushing out the fabric into a flat, spherical shape. Dan always looked forward to seeing just how much pressure those buttons could take.

“Hey, there you are!” Dan called out as Bobby approached the counter. “Why can I get you?”

In an uncharacteristically muted voice, Bobby said, “Jelly doughnut and a small coffee.”

Dan was taken aback. Bobby had never ordered coffee before. “Decaf?”

“Nah. I need the caffeine if I’m going to stay awake through tonight.”

Dan merely nodded and rung Bobby up without pressing further. They had a half hour to go until close, and Dan just hoped the coffee could do its job before then. It was far from the best coffee in the world–Dan always grabbed coffee elsewhere before coming into work–but it could at least wake up a tired worker. Why else would the morning regulars keep buying it?

Thankfully for Dan, it did the job for Bobby too. By the time 10:00 rolled around and Dan locked the door, Bobby was back to his usual peppy self, and looked at Dan eagerly as he walked toward the back. “All yours, kiddo.”

Bobby bounded up from his chair and took another jelly doughnut as Dan started wiping down the counter.

“How were those doughnuts you took home last time?” Dan asked.

“Great!” Bobby replied, his voice muffled by a giant bite.

“Good! How long did they last, anyway? Do they really turn stale so fast that we can’t put them out the next day?” Dan asked, genuinely curious to know.

“Couldn’t tell you,” Bobby replied casually before taking another big bite.


Bobby shook his head side to side as he kept chewing. His double chin swung along with it, jiggling once he stopped. After swallowing most of the bite, Bobby continued. “I ate all of them that night. Passed out on the couch afterward. Worth it,” he concluded before chomping down on the jelly doughnut again.

Dan felt the bulge in his pants push against the denim as a rush of heat radiated up his pelvis. He gave Bobby an obligatory nod before absconding off to the bathroom to splash his face with cold water. When Dan came back, Bobby had already finished the jelly doughnut and held a whoopie pie doughnut in one hand and a brownie batter doughnut in the other. He had a pleased smile on his face as he munched on both.

Bobby had only recently started eating doughnuts two-at-a-time. When he first stayed at Dolly’s past closing, he’d hold a single doughnut with both hands and nibble it slowly, hesitantly, like eating too enthusiastically would make Dan kick him out for being ungrateful. Even after Dan’s encouragement helped him relax, he still ate the doughnuts one at a time. Only recently had his after-hours feasts turned so enthusiastic that he would take two doughnuts at once. Dan was quite a fan of the change.

“Well, I’m glad you enjoyed the doughnuts you took home,” Dan said.

It took Bobby a moment to pick up the conversation again. After a pause and a nod, he mumbled through a mouthful of chocolate dough, “They were great.”

Dan nodded back, slowly, with a satisfied smile on his face. “How would you feel if I sent you home with more than one box?”

Bobby froze at the suggestion, cheeks bulging with chewed up doughnut. He stared wide-eyed at Dan before he started chewing again. After swallowing everything in his mouth, he stared with mouth open before asking meekly, “Can you do that?”

With a smirk, Dan answered, “Why not?”

“I mean… would they notice that many boxes missing?”

Chuckling, Dan replied, “They aren’t nearly that observant, I assure you. Maybe if you took half the boxes, they might think something’s up. But a few? You’ll be fine,” he insisted, drawing out the last word. Bobby’s eyes flitted around nervously, so Dan tried another approach. “How many boxes of doughnuts do you think you could finish between now and Sunday night?”

“Oh jeez,” he chuckled nervously. “I’d have to try it to tell you.”

With an, “mmhm,” Dan pulled four already-folded boxes off the shelf and handed them to Bobby. “Let’s start with these and see how you fare.”

Bobby’s mouth hang agape as he looked at the boxes. “Really?!”


After staying still for a moment, Bobby excitedly turned toward the shelf and started filling the boxes, stacking them on the counter as he did. Whereas before he had filled his one box with exactly a dozen doughnuts neatly arranged, now he crammed the doughnuts in, trying to fit as many as he could in one box. When he was done, he’d emptied the shelves of over half of the remaining doughnuts. It left Dan wondering whether Bobby really could finish all four boxes before his next closing shift, but he was eager to find out.

With the boxes filled, Bobby resumed his snacking on what remained, taking a glazed doughnut in each hand and wolfing down both. Dan resumed cleaning and left Bobby with the task of clearing off the shelves as much as he could. He’d given up trying to keep count of how many doughnuts Bobby ate. It seemed every time Dan looked over at him, Bobby was munching on a different doughnut. He seemed to enjoy himself no less even though he’d stuffed all his favorites in four boxes and left the less exciting flavors on the shelves.

By the time Dan finished cleaning, Bobby had made a noticeable dent in the doughnuts that remained on the shelf. He was leaning back against the wall with a lemon-filled doughnut in his left hand and his rounded stomach in his right, absentmindedly rubbing his swollen belly. The yellow filling oozed out of the half-eaten doughnut and stuck to Bobby’s face as he ate, adding to the mess he’d already made.

Under Bobby’s hand, his shirt stretched even tighter around his belly than it had before. All the doughnuts he’d eaten strained the buttons, causing the fabric to crease around them and the buttoned edges to pull apart. If only the fabric under the buttons weren’t so wide, Dan thought to himself, he could catch a glimpse of the soft expanse under Bobby’s shirt. As it was, the shirt refused to reveal anything more than just how much he’d eaten. But Dan couldn’t gripe too much. He’d gotten to see the underside of Bobby’s belly before, after all.

“Better finish that soon,” Dan told him. “It’s time to get out of here.”

At that, Bobby snapped back to focus and wolfed down the rest of the doughnut. Only when he’d finished the doughnut did he show any sort of reservations about finishing his last treat, letting out a quiet groan and rubbing his belly again. It was almost too much for Dan to take, but he kept his composure and helped Bobby carry the doughnut boxes out. Bobby had a waddle in his walk again, walking ahead of Dan with an extra wide stride ahead as he lead Dan to his car.

“Alright,” Dan said as he slipped the boxes onto Bobby’s back seat. “You enjoy these.”

“I will,” Bobby said through heavy breathing. “Might even have… a few when I get home,” he huffed.

“That’s the spirit,” Dan encouraged before walking back to the shop to set the alarm. On his way there, he reached down and pushed against his boner, half to try to hide it, half to placate it even just a little before he could get home and take care of it properly.

Once Dan convinced Bobby to take several boxes of doughnuts home with him, he never went home with just one box, let alone just a bag, ever again. The first Sunday night after Bobby took home four boxes, he told Dan, “The doughnuts did start to taste a little stale this morning… but they were still good,” he assured him, like he didn’t want to seem ungrateful. From then on, Dan let him pick how many boxes he wanted to fill each night, and he consistently took home four every Wednesday and three every Sunday. Some weeks he wouldn’t stuff them quite so full as he did on others, but he always left with plenty of goodies to carry him through the week.

The two continued this routine comfortably until one Sunday night a few months later. By then, Dan was taking his time when he cleaned up, giving Bobby more time to eat as many doughnuts as he liked. Yet even with Dan’s glacial pace, Bobby was able to keep eating doughnuts for as long as Dan took to clean up. With less need to focus on cleaning, Dan could watch Bobby eat and discovered that he was wolfing down at least a dozen doughnuts easily every night. Some nights it was closer to a dozen and a half. Dan wondered if Bobby might one day be able to take home and eat all of the leftover doughnuts before his next closing shift.

It seemed farfetched until that Sunday night, when Bobby ended the night having eaten at least a dozen and a half doughnuts and pulled four boxes off of the shelf to fill up.

“Four, huh?” Dan asked, putting on an air of asking casually. As pleased as he was that Bobby was taking home more doughnuts than usual, he didn’t want to spook Bobby into only taking three again.

“Yeah, uh… the usual three boxes aren’t really lasting me until Wednesday anymore. These days I tend to finish the third box mid-day Tuesday. It’s the same story between Wednesday and Sunday. I think, uh… I think I can finish a fourth before Wednesday night… probably a fifth box before Sunday night too. I mean, they’re just going to get thrown out otherwise, right?”

Dan couldn’t take his eyes off of Bobby, too captivated by the realization that his appetite was growing. It was then that Dan was struck by just how much Bobby himself had grown too. It had snuck up on Dan due to how gradual the change was and how often he saw Bobby, but looking at him now, he wondered how he hadn’t noticed it before.

Bobby’s face had swelled up compared to how tubby it was when he first started staying with Dan after closing. His whole face had grown wider, his cheeks more pudgy and his double chin more filled out. The line between his cheeks and his chin was becoming more indistinct, more of a valley than a definite crease. His soft chest jutted out just a little farther over his stomach, forcing his nipples against his shirt and making them to poke out under the fabric. His belly stuck out farther in all directions: his love handles pushed out more over his pants, his underbelly hung a bit lower over his belt, and the top of his belly had filled out into rounder, more dome-like shape. He was also wearing a shirt at least one size bigger than the shirts he wore before, though this one fit more snuggly around his midsection.

“Right,” Dan said, trying to regain his composure and get back into the conversation. “Go ahead. Take that fourth one.”

Bobby’s nervous expression spread into a smile as he turned toward the wall to fill the four boxes. He moved slowly, deliberately, weighed down by all the dough and filling inside of him. But as always, he still filled the boxes gleefully, his enthusiasm far from dampened by how full he was. In spite of how many doughnuts he’d eaten, he was always excited to take home more and keep wolfing them down.

As Bobby walked from the shelves to the counter to set each box down, his belly bounced with each step, sending a ripple up his flabby abdomen. Dan couldn’t take his eyes off of his stuffed customer, though thankfully for him, Bobby was too focused on the doughnuts to notice Dan’s stares. As Bobby kept reaching up to the shelves to fill boxes, his shirt rose up a little higher each time, while also riding up higher as he walked. By the time he finished filling his fourth box, his shirt had ridden up high enough that Dan could see his belly button, stretched wide across his swollen gut.

Dan walked up to Bobby and reached out to help him carry the boxes. But his hand crept toward a different target, moving away from the boxes and toward Bobby’s exposed flab. Dan kept his eyes on the doughnuts until he felt his fingers touch the warm, soft expanse of Bobby’s belly. “How you feeling?” he asked quietly, letting a bit of sultriness creep into his voice.

There was a pause from Bobby before he drew out a ‘w’ sound and asked, “What are you doing?” There was no eager nervousness in his voice or hint of excitement. Just genuine confusion.

Disappointed as Dan was, he couldn’t afford to lose face now. He looked at his hand said, “Oh!”, feigning surprise and pulling away quickly. “Ha, sorry about that. I was going to help you carry the doughnuts and… you know, it’s been a long day.”

Bobby’s confused expression softened before he gave Dan a nod. “I can understand that.”

Dan picked up the boxes and followed Bobby to his car, a bittersweet feeling lingering as he watched Bobby waddle out the door. As much as he enjoyed watching Bobby grow regardless of Bobby’s motivations, he’d hoped deep down that Bobby felt the same way about it that he did, and the two could do more than just exchange doughnuts. But it wasn’t meant to be, Dan supposed. Bobby wasn’t into his growing body the same way Dan was, it seemed; he just really, really liked doughnuts.

But Dan perked up when Bobby turned to face him after unlocking his car. His shirt was still high enough on his stomach that Dan could see a wide swath of Bobby’s belly. It no longer simply hung out of his shirt, Dan thought; it would be more accurate to say it bulged out. If he was going to have to look-but-not-touch when Bobby was around, he didn’t mind so much when the view was so grand.

Dan wasn’t sure how long it had been since he started letting Bobby stay after closing. At this point, it seemed like something that had always been a part of his work experience, as long as waking up early for morning shifts and dealing with rude customers. But unlike those unpleasantries, Bobby was one of the staples of his job that he looked forward to.

It was Wednesday night, and Bobby waddled in 30 minutes before closing. As usual, he had a button-down shirt on for work. The shirt ran snugly over his giant belly, making Dan wonder where one even shopped for shirts that big. In the button-down, Bobby’s belly looked extra round, his heft lifted up into a giant ball at least 60 inches around. His cheeks and chin had joined to make one doughnut-like ring of fat around his face. As he walked, his arms stuck out at his sides, swaying back and forth with plenty of room between them and his torso. Depending on how fast he walked, his belly either glided forward, or bounced up and down wildly. Today, it was the latter, as he walked up to Dan enthusiastically.

“Hey! How was your shift?” Dan asked.

“Pretty slow, thank goodness. I needed the break,” he sigh as he wiped beads of sweat off of his forehand and flicked them aside. “I mean, I have it pretty good as a host. I don’t have to run around like the waitstaff, and the things I do are usually more interesting than just taking orders and delivering food. But man I’m glad to be here and not there.”

“Well, hey, I’m glad you’re here too,” Dan told him, catching himself getting a bit sappy.

“Thanks,” Bobby said with a naive gratefulness, like Dan had said it the way any straight guy would. At this point, Dan had no idea whether Bobby had any idea about Dan’s feelings toward him, of if he just though Dan was giving him doughnuts out of the goodness of his heart. If he did know, maybe he didn’t mind. It was a mutually beneficial relationship, after all.

“So, what can I get for you?”

“A large cherry slushie and a cinnamon roll, please.”

Dan got Bobby his order and waited patiently for the night’s activities. Those days, Bobby was eating at least two dozen doughnuts every time night he came while Dan was closing. He was now taking home at least six boxes crammed full with doughnuts at the end of every night, and finishing all of them before he next met up with Dan. The idea of him being able to take home all of the leftover doughnuts and finish them before Dan’s next closing shift was starting to seem not so farfetched after all.

Once 10:00 came, Dan closed the door and saw Bobby sitting at an angle fairly far away from his table, likely so his belly wasn’t right up against the edge. Bobby looked at Dan with wide eyes and a wider smile. The fact that Bobby still had the kid-in-a-candy-store kind of enthusiasm about his arrangement with Dan, even given how long the two had been doing this, brought a smile to Dan’s face. “Have at it.”

Bobby rose slowly from his chair and walked excitedly behind the counter, and the two carried on as they usually did: Bobby stuffed his face full of doughnuts, Dan cleaned up slowly and watched, and they both enjoy themselves thoroughly. It was on doughnut 26 that the evening took a turn, as Dan heard the ripping of fabric followed by the sound of something clattering on the floor. Looking down, he saw that several buttons had popped off of Bobby’s shirt, opening a gap in his shirt that let Dan see the pale expanse underneath. It took everything in Dan to not cheer, knowing Bobby wouldn’t see that as a cause for celebration the way he did.

Bobby looked down with an expression of concern, felt the front of his gut, and looked up at Dan with red cheeks when he felt his bare skin. Dan looked down before looking back up to meet Bobby’s gaze and said, “You might as well keep eating. The shirt’s already ruined. Nothing to lose now.”

Letting out a nervous chuckle, Bobby concurred, “Yeah. I guess I better go up a size.”

“Mmm, I though your shirt looked fine when you walked in. Maybe you should just unbutton them before you start eating,” Dan said mischievously.

Though Dan meant it as a joke, Bobby pursed his lips and gave him a nod. “If it helps my other shirts last longer, that might be a good idea.”

That was far from the answer Dan expected. He was left standing speechless across the counter from Bobby, as Bobby resumed wolfing down the doughnuts in his hands, letting his belly hang in front of him with the shirt buttons popped off.

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