Icing on the Cake

Originally published June 1, 2017.
Contains: long-term weight gain, direct encouraging, brief sexual themes.

I’ve been watching a lot of How to Cake It recently, which is a great YouTube channel staring an actual cake decorator as she makes ridiculously realistic novelty cakes, as well as cakes that are just plain ridiculous. What I’ve learned is that cake decorating results in a lot of leftover cake scraps, giving me the idea for a story about a baker who feeds his cake scraps to a willing feedee, helping him grow.

Synopsis: Kevin is a cake decorator who’s often told he “must have the perfect job” as someone who’s into gaining, but he doesn’t have anyone in his life whom he can encourage. That is, until he meets David, a hefty guy who answers his call to eat all the cake scraps he has leftover at the end of the day. This becomes a nightly ritual between the two, evolving to include raw cake batter (made without eggs, of course) as part of their routine. As David gets fatter and the nights get more intense, things take a turn for the better (and bigger)…

“A lot of the cake I bake in a day gets thrown away as scraps. My crew and I snack on as much as we can, but it sure would be nice if one of you guys could come over and eat the rest. ;-)”

After hitting “post”, Kevin pocketed his phone with a sigh. As a cake decorator, he’d been told by plenty of the gainers on that site that he had the perfect job. They guessed that he must have his hands full with guys looking to be fed, to be built up like the cakes he constructed layer by layer every day. They also all lived hundreds if not thousands of miles away, too far to ever visit in person.

Kevin would have loved to have a gaggle of guys in rotation, eating cake scraps out of the palm of his hand and ensuring nothing he baked ever went to waste. But living in a city as out-of-the-way as his meant there weren’t many guys within a reasonable distance when he looked at the “Nearby” page. He’d messaged a few, which had lead to conversations that quickly fizzled out, at best, if he wasn’t outright ignored. He knew he wasn’t the best online conversationalist, but he couldn’t help but suspect that him being on the darker side of biracial played a role too.

But that night, Kevin tried to just focus on his job. With precision and speed, he trimmed the brown crust off the side of a cake to reveal the beautiful, moist goodness inside. He wiped his curly hair out of his face with the back of his hand to avoid getting the crumbs on his palm on his sweaty forehead too. Holding his breathe, he placed the final cake layer on his last wedding cake of the night, lining it up perfectly with those below.

That was when he felt his phone vibrate. After rinsing his hands off in the sink, he pulled his phone out and saw a little red ‘1’ above his inbox. Those notifications weren’t as exciting for Kevin as they used to be. He’d had gotten enough messages that just said “Cam?”, or “hi there” or “how r u”, which started conversations that ended just as quickly, that he knew to not get too excited unless he opened a message and saw more than four words.

Unbeknownst to him, Kevin was in for plenty more that night. When he opened his messages, he saw a profile picture featuring a man with a scraggly beard, cheeks and a chin belying a modest but still respectable amount of heft, and a playful, shy expression. The man went by the username David85, and the subject read, “Cake scraps?”

“Hey there! I saw your post about all the cake that gets thrown away as scraps. Imagine my surprise when I saw you’re only a few towns over. Almost seemed too good to believe! Maybe I could eat them? :-)”

Like David85, Kevin thought it seemed too good to be true. He took a look at David’s profile to check whether it looked at all sketchy. But it seemed legitimate: his “about me” was totally filled out, and he’d been a member of the site for a few years, with posts and photos ranging back that far. Looking at his photos, Kevin saw him grow from an average-sized college kid to a man with a belly that jutted out past his softened chest. His shirtless photos revealed a rounded mound of fat that was big enough to disqualify him from dad bod territory. He wasn’t as big as the guys Kevin usually went for, but he was in fact offering exactly what Kevin had asked for.

Kevin had figured that if he ever met up with a guy he met online, he’d do it in a public place, for safety’s sake. But that night, he felt confident being a bit reckless. “What are you doing tonight? I made a bunch of wedding cakes today, meaning plenty of scraps leftover. ;-)”

A few seconds later, a reply: “Nothing yet. What’s your address?”

Kevin gave David the info he needed and told him to knock on the glass door of the bakery when he arrived. That late at night, the bakery had already closed, but Kevin kept working to keep his small business afloat, resulting in plenty of late nights. Once he sent the message, he spent his time perfecting the presentation of the final wedding cake. About 15 minutes later, he heard a knock at the door.

David didn’t seem quite as imposing in person as he had online. He was a couple of inches shorter than Kevin, the opposite of what Kevin expected, given how larger-than-life his profile made him seem. When Kevin turned on the lights of the bakery’s storefront, he saw a nervous expression on David’s face, as he looked at his phone as if confirming he was at the correct place. When the lights came on, he looked inside, and smiled just as nervously when he saw Kevin.

David was wearing a plaid button-down shirt that was a tad too tight for him–not that Kevin minded–on top of khaki pants. He looked spiffy, yet approachable. Kevin, meanwhile, was still wearing his flour-covered apron on top of a white tee shirt and jeans. Why he thought a black apron was a good idea, he didn’t know, but it bore the evidence of a long day’s work. As he walked to the door, he felt self-conscious about not putting more effort into his appearance before meeting David. But it was too late for that. With a smile brimming with feigned confidence, he unlocked the door and opened it.

“Hi, Kevin?”

“David, hi! Come on in. I’m glad you could make it.”

“Hey, what can I say? When there’s food to be eaten, I make sure nothing goes to waste,” he said, trying to sound boastful and not doing very well, as he gave his stomach a few pats.

Kevin felt his breath draw short before he closed the door behind them and locked it again. “Oh, it’ll be going to waste, alright. Your waist,” he joked in an exaggerated tone.

“Ahhh,” David exclaimed as he pointed toward Kevin with an open-mouthed smile. Kevin wasn’t sure exactly how sincere the compliment was, or whether David was just trying to humor him. David seemed just as new to this as Kevin, and might have been trying to break the awkwardness.

Kevin turned the lights off in the storefront as he lead David to the kitchen. “There they are,” he said as he pointed to a big metal bowl on the counter that was filled over the brim with extra cake.

“Wow. That’s… all leftovers?”


“You got rid of all that while making your cakes?”

“More, actually. My team and I snacked throughout the day, as we usually do. But we could only eat so much.”

As David approached the bowl, he got a quizzical expression on his face. “Okay, a lot of these look like what I expected when you said scraps, but this?” he asked as he picked up a cake dome. “This looks like an entire cake. How is this scrap?”

“Oh, that’s cut off of the tops of the cake. If you’re only working with one cake, you don’t have to worry about it, but when you stack them like this,” he said as he motioned toward his last wedding cake of the night, “domes are not your friend.”

David’s eyes were still wide as he looked down in the bowl. Trying to take on a friendly tone, Kevin said, “It’s more than you were expecting, isn’t it.”

“Just a bit,” Kevin joked, “but I’ll see what I can do. You have any frosting?”

Kevin was thankful he’d saved his leftover vanilla buttercream from the day. He knew from experience that it went great with both chocolate and vanilla cake scraps, making it perfect for David. After putting a metal spatula in the bowl for David to use to spread it, he passed David the bowl and said, “All yours, big guy.”

With an eager smile on his face, Kevin picked up the spatula and dropped a giant dollop of buttercream on a cake hump with a deep, audible “plop”. He spread it out so it was thickest in the middle like the hump itself, and took a gigantic bite. “Mmm,” he exclaimed before taking another hefty bite. “It’s so good!” He mumbled through a mouthful of cake.

“Glad you like it,” Kevin said proudly before he walked over to the sink to start doing dishes.

“I thought the cake in these big cakes was supposed to taste bad.”

“I get that a lot. But nope, it’s my own recipe that I’ve perfected over the years.”

“Perfected is right,” David said through another mouthful of cake and buttercream.

Looking back, Kevin could see that David had already made his way to the center of the cake hump. Buttercream was smeared over his mustache and the bottom of his nose, but he didn’t seem to mind. Rather than wipe himself off between bites, he just took an even bigger chomp off of the hump.

With a satisfied smile, Kevin turned around to keep washing the dishes, leaving David to do what he seemed to do best. He didn’t pay David much mind as he kept up his usual end-of-the-night routine, cleaning his dishes, putting things away, doing some bookkeeping on his laptop in the corner, and so on. David didn’t make much conversation the whole time, sticking mostly to “Mmm”s as he made his way through the cake scraps. Those moans of approval made Kevin smile, but he kept to himself and minded his own business as he closed down for the day.

That was, until he heard an “Oof” instead of David’s usual “Mmm”s. Looking up from his laptop, Kevin saw David leaning back against the counter, his left hand holding the scraps bowl as his right hand made circles over his belly.

“You alright over there?”

David looked Kevin’s way before a satisfied smile spread across his face. His eyelids drooped just enough to demonstrate that he was feeling quite noticeably full. “Never been better,” he said, his voice heavy with tiredness, giving it a huskiness Kevin hadn’t heard from him before.

It seemed David was down to the cake edges, the perimeters cut off so the cake looked better from the side. Kevin didn’t think they were very appetizing on their own, but they made a good vessel for buttercream. David seemed to have the same idea, slathering the rich, heavy frosting on in layers thicker than the scraps themselves. The scraps and buttercream were like chips and dip as David stuffed them in his mouth, piling them high with the creamy topping and wolfing them down just as fast. Kevin was amazed David could eat as much of it as he was; he always got compliments on his butter cream, and his secret was how much butter went into it. If David was already feeling full, that much buttercream would only make him feel even more stuffed.

That seemed to be exactly what was happening. As David munched on the cake edges with buttercream piled on top, he ate more slowly, taking his time chewing each bite before swallowing it. His once-plentiful “Mmm”s had been replaced by more sporadic “mff”s, grunts of combined satisfaction and pain as he filled his stomach with more cake and frosting.

Kevin could see the effects building up as David ate. His belly looked like it was getting bigger, more rounded out on top and filling out generally. That suspicion was confirmed when Kevin saw that David’s shirt buttons were straining to hold in his belly, swollen from all the cake and frosting he’d eaten. In between the buttons, the sides of his shirt pulled apart to reveal tiny peeks at the pale flab underneath.

David managed to finish all of the cake scraps he’d been given, though not without some struggle to wolf down the last few. Once they were all gone, he dropped the bowl on the counter, tilted his head back, and let out a prolonged groan. His hands rose slowly from next to his thighs and landed on top of his belly, resting there with fingers curled slightly as his mouth hung agape, breathing heavily.

“How’d you like them?” Kevin asked to break the silence.

David’s eyes lingered in their position, staring blankly ahead as he let his eyes fall shut. He closed his mouth and tilted his head down, giving Kevin a thumbs up before he opened his eyes with a satisfied smile. All of his movements progressed at a sluggish pace, every part of his body moving slowly but steadily, like it was all stuffed full of cake and frosting.

“Are you… going to be okay to drive home?”

“Oh yeah,” David quipped back uncharacteristically quickly, his movements snapping out of slow motion and back to a more reasonable pace. “Thanks, uh, thanks for the cake,” David said in a quieter, higher tone.

“Thanks for making sure it didn’t have to get thrown away,” Kevin said with a smile.

“Maybe I could come back and do this again?”

“That would be great.”

With a nod, David ambled out of the kitchen, his gait visibly changed by all the cake and frosting weighing his stomach down. His arms hung a bit farther out to the side as he walked. His back had straightened out to account for his newly shifted center of gravity. His torso swayed as he walked, wavering from the added weight, even as he moved more slowly than he had before. “You gonna come lock the door behind me?”

“Oh, yeah,” Kevin said, shaking his head as he stood up from his laptop and jogged after David. David turned the lights on in the storefront as Kevin caught up. “My crew is all out by 6:00 each night. I have about that much cake left over every day, so whenever you feel like swinging by, please do.”

“How does tomorrow sound?”


After David gave Kevin one last smile, he left through the door, hobbling over to wherever he’d parked. Kevin watched him as long as he could without feeling like a creep, watching his newly stuffed business partner walk down the street. Once he locked the door and turned away from the window, he pushed at his pants to shift his erection into a more comfortable spot. “I need to make more scraps tomorrow.”

It was a few months into Kevin and David’s arrangement. At 5:30, after sending the last of his crew home early at the end of a slow day, Kevin got a phone call from a regular client, a local wedding planner named Rachel who got all her cakes from Kevin. Kevin loved baking for Rachel, as it put a buffer between him and the customer, and Rachel was great about giving Kevin plenty of advanced notice for the cakes she needed.

So Kevin was quite surprised when she called that night, begging him to do a last-minute order for a wedding the next morning. “Whatever you have to charge,” she pleaded, “I’ll pay it.” After agreeing to do it for double the usual price, Kevin bunkered down for what was going to be a long night. As he gathered the ingredients for his chocolate cake batter, he wondered if he should have charged more.

As Kevin sifted the flour for his six chocolate cakes, he heard David unlock the back door and come in. “Hello!” he called out in his usual chipper tone.

“Hey,” Kevin grunted as he pushed through his work.

“You alright? You sound… tense.”

“Hmph, that’s one word for it,” Kevin grumbled as he mixed the cocoa powder and the hot water. “Regular customer of mine, usually a joy to work with, all of a sudden calls me after I’ve sent my crew home early and begs me for a last minute cake for tomorrow morning.”

“Tomorrow… could you have said no?”

“In theory. But, she’s a wedding planner, and she’s responsible for a not-insignificant amount of my business. Maintaining those kinds of connections matters a lot when you’re a small business owner.”

“Mmm… So… would it be inappropriate of me to ask about cake scraps now?”

“Over there.” Kevin pointed with his free hand as he used the other to pour his dry ingredients into his mixer. “It was a slow day, so there aren’t a lot of them.”

“What about the cake you’re making now? Will that have scraps?”

“Well yeah,” Kevin chuckled, “but you won’t want to stay around that long.”

“Who says?”

With a louder chuckle, Kevin continued, “After I finish making the batter, they have to bake for 45 minutes, then cool, and only then can I start cutting off the scraps.”

After a pause, David conceded, “Yeah, that’s a point. Say, uh, will you need this buttercream for your cake?”

“Nope. She wants chocolate on chocolate. That’s all yours, big guy.”

With a smile, David took out one of the cake humps and spread the vanilla buttercream on it, before taking a giant bite. Kevin, meanwhile, kept working on his batter, until it was finished and ready to pour in the pans.

Once the pans were laid out, Kevin poured his batter into them. Usually, he used a scale to portion the batter for a wedding cake, but for such a last-minute order, he couldn’t be bothered to do more than eyeball it. The warm, rich batter cascaded out of the bowl and folded over itself on the bottoms of the pans, until Kevin used his spatula to cut off the flow.

“That looks so good,” David said, startling Kevin, who’d gotten so into the zone that he’d forgotten David was there.

“Mmm,” Kevin affirmed as he scraped the last of the batter into the bowls. “Wanna try a bit?” David’s eyes lit up. He put the bowl aside and walked over toward Kevin, who gave him the spatula. “Don’t have too much, though. There’s raw egg in there.”

But David had already dragged his tongue along an entire side of the rubber end. “God that’s good,” he groaned. “I mean, not that your cake isn’t. It is. But that’s even better.”

“You might say it’s even batter.”

David stared at Kevin with eyelids half-lowered. “You can keep the rest,” he said with a smirk before walking back to the cake scraps.

With the oven already preheated, Kevin put the pans inside and set the timer. He looked toward his dirty dishes and started washing them, ready to start closing down shop as the cakes baked. That was, until he realized he couldn’t close down shop as long as he was still baking. With a miffed sigh, he looked toward his cakes and the timer that read 41:23. He’d washed all the dishes he could, and wasn’t sure what else he could do to productively use his time.

With a sigh, Kevin looked back toward David, who was still making his way through the cake scraps, and smiled. It was the first moment of peace that he’d had since David arrived, and watching his hefty acquaintance snack on the scraps, along with plenty of buttercream, brought him some amount of tranquility. With the cakes baking and nothing to do, he could finally take a gander at David and appreciate just how much he’d grown since they first met.

Though David wore a plaid button-down shirt that night like he did on the night the first met, it certainly couldn’t have been the same one. Whereas his shirt had once covered a cute but respectable mound of pudge the size of one of Kevin’s bigger mixing bowls, now it draped over a hefty bulge wider than Kevin’s widest cake pan. His face had filled out to match, cheeks looking pudgier than they did before, allowing his beard to drape even wider across his chin. All told, David had grown into the lighter side of the range of guys Kevin usually went for.

Not that he was thinking about dating David. This was still a business interaction, after all, Kevin told himself.

“Well, all the scraps are done,” David said, interrupting Kevin’s ruminations. “I, uh, I guess I’ll see you later.”

“Hey, uh, w-wait up.” Kevin found himself unexpectedly flustered as David started to walk out. “You said you liked that cake batter, right?”

“Yeah,” Kevin affirmed with an unsure tone.

“You know, I could make some where I substitute the eggs with whipping cream. It should be just as good, without the salmonella.”

“You think so?”

“It’s how I make eggless cookie dough when the occasion calls for it. Why wouldn’t it work?”

“I dunno,” David chuckled, “you’re the expert.”

“Right. Anyway, I’ll tell you what: I don’t have anything to do while these cakes bake, so what if I make you a batch right now?”

“You–really? You’d do that?”

“It would be my pleasure,” Kevin answered with a smile.

“Well… yeah, that’d be awesome! Just not too much, okay? I’m pretty full off of the scraps already.” As David said it, he let his right hand come to rest on his belly, where he rubbed it gently across the top.

With a deep inhalation, Kevin said, “Of course,” and got to work.

In record time, Kevin had whipped up a batch of chocolate cake batter that was safe to eat raw. “Here, that’s about as much as it would take to make a mini cake,” he said as he passed David the bowl, filled with enough batter to make a regular-sized cake, with enough leftover to make a mini one.

“Wow. So how do I…” David stalled before he stuck his finger in the batter and licked it clean. “Oh man, I think that’s even better than the egg one.”

“I’ll get you a spoon,” Kevin chuckled. He brought David one of the wide spoons he used for hollowing out cakes, which would allow him to eat plenty of batter with each bite. Kevin hoped that if David ate fast enough, he wouldn’t notice just how much batter he was eating.

But David certainly seemed to be feeling it. As rich as the batter was, Kevin knew he shouldn’t have been surprised when David’s satisfied “Mmm”s turned into briefer “Mmf”s. They didn’t quite sound pained, but Kevin could tell David required some effort to get the batter down. But he still ate it, scooping the thick, heavy mix into his mouth diligently. It seemed he enjoyed it too much to stop scarfing it down.

But his pace did slow. As the cakes kept baking, David stopped scooping the batter into his mouth and took to eating it in sips instead. Taking just a bit from the spoon with each bite, he savored the rich mix, his “Mmf”s turning into “Mmm”s once again. But Kevin still noticed him rubbing his belly in between bites, his free hand making slow circles over his stomach as the other held the bowl of batter to rest it on top of his belly. Though he kept eating, he seemed to be feeling more and more full as the batter disappeared.

Slowly but surely, the batter in the bowl vanished as Kevin waited on the cakes. Once the timer went off, he took the cakes out to cool, before setting about making a fresh batch of buttercream for the wedding cake. Most of it, he mixed with melted chocolate to make chocolate frosting, but he made a bit extra that he set aside to leave as vanilla. Once the cakes were cooled, Kevin set about carving them to go in the wedding cake, just as David finished the last of the batter in the bowl.

“Oh man,” David moaned, his mouth hanging open with a bit of the batter dribbling down the side of his lips. “That was amazing. Really, thank you. But I am so full–”

“Glad you liked it,” Kevin interjected. “And wouldn’t you know it, you ended up staying until the cakes were ready to carve after all. I hope you’re ready for more scraps.”

David had a blank look on his face, one that left Kevin unsure how he would take the offer. After looking behind himself at the empty bowls on the counter, David asked, “You have any more buttercream?”

As a devious smile spread across Kevin’s face, he grabbed the bowl of vanilla buttercream he’d put aside and said, “You know it.”

After pushing himself off of the counter, David strode over to Kevin’s island in the middle of the kitchen, where he was cutting the cakes. As David walked, Kevin could see the effect of all the scraps and batter weighing him down. Even for such a short distance, he ambled over at a slow, deliberate pace, each movement seeming carefully considered so as to not disrupt his stomach. Though his arms swung as he moved, his torso was frozen, gliding forward with the gradual movement of his legs. All the scraps and batter had rounded out his belly enough to make his shirt fold into a crease where his chest ended and his globular, hefty belly began.

As Kevin worked, he put each scrap and hump on David’s side of the counter. David ate the extras at a slow, steady pace, for there couldn’t have been much room left in his stomach. But he soldiered on, stuffing himself with the cake and buttercream as Kevin kept the scraps coming. Whenever David was running low on cake, Kevin managed to put some more scraps on the counter before David could finish it all.

Kevin, meanwhile, made sure he kept his eyes on his cakes whenever he was using a knife. He had to do so deliberately, as David’s steadily growing gut was putting up a fight for his attention. Whenever David grabbed a piece of cake or the spatula from the buttercream bowl, he had to turn to the side to reach around his swelling gut. In doing so, he turned his belly to face away from Kevin, revealing just how far it protruded over his belt. His shirt had come untucked and was draped over his belly like a tent, jutting out in front of the bottom hemisphere of his gut rather than wrapping around it.

It was enough to keep Kevin shifting in place to hide his stubborn hard-on. With the last of his cakes cleared of scrap, he added the extras to pile of cake that David had yet to eat. There were three cake humps total, as well as plenty of side and bottom shavings to pile high with buttercream. As Kevin put down the final pile of scraps, David looked at it with eyebrows raised, cake in his hands, and his mouth full. Kevin merely nodded and kept working to put the wedding cake together.

For such a last-minute order, Kevin kept things simple, icing the cake uniformly and creating some quick chocolate rosettes all around it. As he put the finishing touches on the decorations, he was startled by a loud exhalation from David. “Ahhh, phew, okay,” he gasped, breathing more heavily than Kevin expected. When he looked up, he wasn’t ready for the sight that greeted him.

David was leaning back to counteract his newly shifted center of gravity and give his belly more room to stretch out. His arms stuck out diagonally from his body, like the volume of all the cake repelled them. Beads of sweat were glistening down his face as he breathed heavy through his mouth, a noise Kevin has just barely noticed before, but now it only made it harder for him to look away. And his belly, the centerpiece of the aftermath of his gluttony, was even wider than before, having grown enough to stretch the shirt between the buttons.

“All done?” Kevin blurted out, trying to maintain his composer without much success.

“Yeah,” David slurred, waddling away from the counter with his right hand making wide circles over his hefty gut.

“Are, uh, are you going to be able to get home?”

“Oh yeah,” David stammered unconvincingly, before he tried to walk to the back door. As he did, he nearly tripped face first before catching himself on a counter. Kevin reached out to try to catch him, as if a man of his stature could stop a man of David’s girth from falling.

Once he caught himself, David turned to lean back against the counter and collect himself. He leaned so far back that his shirt rose up past his belly, revealing the soft, pale underside of his gut. It was adorned sparsely with scraggly hair, and rounded out in a nice, ample curve before reaching his belly button. With his back bent backwards, David’s belly looked even more rotund than it had from the cake and batter alone. Kevin felt his hard-on throb in his restrictive pants.

Once he regained his composure, David relented, “Maybe I will call a cab.”

After that night, eggless cake batter became a staple of Kevin and David’s nights together. When David had eaten nearly all of scraps, Kevin would whip up a quick batch of batter for him to enjoy after all the cake was gone. Some nights, there were so many scraps left over that he turned down the offer of a bowl of batter, but only during the first month. With cake batter now a regular part of his diet, David’s appetite was growing along with him. Soon the cake scraps became little more than a snack, an appetizer to herald the arrival of his ever-growing portions of batter.

And they were indeed growing. Kevin tried to avoid once again getting David so full that he couldn’t drive, making sure to not give him too much cake batter for how many scraps he had to eat. But he also tried to avoid giving him too little. Whenever David didn’t seem especially full after finishing his cake batter, Kevin made a mental note to make a little more next time. When he didn’t have to worry a about adding eggs to the recipe in whole-number amounts, that was easy to do. The two kept up that arrangement, with David snacking on the cake scraps like hors d’oeuvres and filling up on cake batter, until one day in August.

It was wedding season, and Rachel was organizing nearly a dozen weddings that weekend. This left Kevin no choice but to make as many cakes the Thursday before, reserving Friday for delivery. Thankfully, Rachel had given him plenty of advanced warning, and he knew how to handle a rush like that. He’d bought plenty of ingredients, assembled his entire crew, and settled in for a long day of baking.

Unlike novelty cakes, wedding cakes often didn’t take much time to make for how big they were. This enabled Kevin to do things like bake nearly a dozen of them in one day, but also left him with a large mixing bowl full of scraps. He and his crew snacked on more scraps than usual to keep their energy up on such a busy day, but he still had a couple dozen cake humps left over, in addition to the side and bottom trimmings. In the frenetic pace of the day, Kevin managed to sneak in making more buttercream than he needed, ensuring plenty was left over for David.

To everyone’s surprise, the crew finished all their work around 6:30, earlier than any of them had expected. With hearty congratulations all around, Kevin sent everyone home with a smile on his face. He then pulled out his phone and sent David a text: “Coast is clear. Come on over. ;-)” Kevin passed the time cleaning up the massive mess left behind by the day’s baking, until he heard the lock on the back door unlatch.

David walked in wearing cargo shorts and a tee shirt that was just a bit too small to cover his protuberant belly, showing off a sliver of skin. His belly was now the undeniable centerpiece of his frame, even when his stomach was empty. With all the batter fattening him up, like a cake getting built up layer by layer, his gut had grown big enough to enter the room before he did. If Kevin owned a mixing bowl big enough to mix all the batter he’d used that day in one batch, it might have been as big as the vast mound of fat David carried in with him that day.

Of course, the rest of David’s body had swelled up to match. His chest drooped over his belly like two plastic bags of toppings when Kevin let them drop on the counter. Bulging out to the side, they pushed his brawny arms away so he couldn’t walk with them straight down at his side. They swung widely as he moved, carried by legs that were thick like telephone poles. With his recently trimmed beard, David showed off just how hefty his face had grown, as the border between his pudgy cheeks and robust double chin was smoothing out with so much fat underneath.

David’s growth left Kevin awestruck as he quietly greeted, “Hey.”

“Hey! How was your day?”

“Well… I lost count of how many cakes we made. Which is a first. But I know we have one for each order, and that’s what matters.”

“Well that’s good. How much scrap does that translate to?”

“See for yourself,” Kevin chuckled, his nervous smile turning into a mischievous one as he pointed to the giant mixing bowl of cake leftovers.

“Holy shit.”

“Yeah. We were all snacking on them today as we worked, and believe me, there were a lot more before my team was done with them.”

“That’s… wow.”

“But the good news is there’s plenty left for you.”

“Yeah,” David laughed, with just a hint of nervousness in his chuckle. But only a hint. He seemed mostly confident he could still finish it all. And as Kevin resumed cleaning, David set about doing exactly that.

With so much mess to clean up, Kevin could barely spare any attention to watching David wolf down all the scraps. When he caught a glimpse of David, he was either eagerly slathering buttercream on a scrap or shoveling it in. Sometimes he’d be chewing one while preparing the next. But Kevin didn’t pay his friend much mind as he did the dishes, and only glanced his way a bit more often as he ran around putting things away.

It was when Kevin sat down to do his bookkeeping that he hard a hard time keeping his eyes off of David. Usually the cake scraps were little more than an appetizer, but that day’s bounty had done a real number on him. All the cake and buttercream had swelled his stomach up enough to expose another two or three inches of belly underneath his shirt. As he ate, he leaned back against the counter, as if he only had enough energy to either eat the cake or keep himself upright. As a result, his hefty midsection bulged out even farther from under his shirt.

David’s belly wasn’t the only part of him that was showing evidence of his recent stuffing. His beard was peppered with bits of cake, both chocolate and vanilla, along with buttercream smeared on his mustache. Those crumbs flanked a mouth that hung open with heavy breath in between bites as David dutifully shoveled in more cake. Quite a few short sighs followed by shallow breaths demonstrated just how full he was feeling as he emptied what remained in the bowl.

Kevin tried to keep his eyes on his laptop, shifting in his seat to try to reposition his boner in his pants. But he found himself looking away too often, and entering incorrect data as a result. Once he accepted he wasn’t going to get any work done, he stood up and strode over to his mixer to whip up a batch of egg-less chocolate cake batter. He used more whipping cream than usual, watering it down and making it easier to swallow.

David didn’t seem to realize what Kevin was doing until he’d finished all the scraps. With one last big sigh, he let his mouth hang agape before saying, “Alright.” Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, he continued, “They’re all gone.”

“Just in time,” Kevin said with a grin as he poured the batter into his biggest piping bag, fitted with his biggest tip.

“Oh. Wow,” Kevin gasped in the midst of heavy breathing. “That’s a lot.”

“That’s why I threw it in here,” he said as he twisted the top of the bag closed, before squeezing a bit in the bowl to ensure a smooth stream went in David’s mouth. “You ready?”

Kevin thought he saw a bit of fear in David’s eyes. But as the corners of his lips curled upwards, mouth still agape, his eyelids narrowed, batting back that fear. “Bring it on.”

Kevin’s own lips curled into a devious smile as he approached David, bag of batter in his hands. It felt like a bag of wet cement, and he intended to get all that heavy sludge into David’s swelling belly. Though Kevin was taller than David, he had to bend over David’s bulging gut to reach the piping bag to his mouth. David opened his eager lips before closing them around the metal tip. With eyes open wide and eyebrows raised, he looked up from the piping bag to meet Kevin’s gaze. Once they made eye contact, Kevin squeezed the bag.

Soon an “Mmph” came out of David’s mouth, muffled by lips that dared not open as they held all that batter in. By then, it must have been a lot. Kevin had never squeezed a piping bag quite that firmly, as doing so would surely have resulted in a mess of frosting splattered all over his cake. But for piping batter into a willing feedee’s mouth, no amount of pressure was too much. So he kept squeezing, twisting the top to keep the flow of batter consistent.

David’s eyelids, meanwhile, had not budged after they’d shot open. His checks had bulged out from holding in all the batter that had been piped into his mouth. Kevin could see him swallowing the batter as quickly as he could, trying desperately to keep up the pace as Kevin piped in more of the rich, heavy substance. His grunts, gargled through a mouth full of cake batter, indicated the amount of effort it took, but he never signaled for Kevin to stop.

So Kevin kept up the momentum as he squeezed the bag more tightly, making the batter gush out into David’s mouth. Watching David grapple with keeping up had him leaning right up against David’s engorged gut, resting his own weight on top of all of David’s extra mass. With his pelvis situated right at the soft bottom of David’s hefty belly, he pushed his hips in, grinding against the mound of fat that he intended to make fatter. He felt a throbbing in his pants when he did, and rubbed his hips up and down on David’s firm flab.

David, meanwhile, had finally let his eyelids relax. As the bag of batter emptied out, his eyelids drooped and his eyes stared off into the distance, looking glazed over. As Kevin ground his hips into David’s massive belly, David’s head leaned back with every thrust. His eyes followed suit with his body; like he leaned back against the counter, his eyes rolled up towards his upper lids. He grunted and groaned as more and more batter poured into his mouth, but he diligently swallowed all of it.

And Kevin kept pushing it in, until the last of the cake batter had been squeezed into David’s eager mouth. With the last of it emptied from the bag, Kevin stepped back to admire his handiwork as David contended with the last bit of batter of his meal.

Slumped backwards over the counter, David used both of his brawny arms to keep himself upright as he swirled the batter around, trying to swallow what was left. Those arms held up not just him, but all the cake, batter, and buttercream that had made a mound in his stomach, stretching his belly taut to make room for itself. David’s deconstructed cake feast had swollen his gut up big enough to reveal his belly button peeking out from under the bottom hem of his ill-fitting shirt. Once he’d swallowed the last of the batter, his mouth hung open with little drops of the chocolate drink dribbling down his chin. His heavy breathing was punctuated by moans as he exhaled.

As Kevin stood in front of his overfed friend, he was breathing just as quickly, his open mouth curled into a smile. While he caught his breath, he wiped his curly hair out of the sweat on his forehead. David did similarly, lugging up one of his arms to run the back of his hand across his face before shaking his sweat off toward the floor. They both stood in place until they could breath more slowly, lifting their heads to look into each other’s eyes.

Kevin’s eyes were wide open to meet David’s half-closed gaze, as both of them smiled at each other. With time, Kevin’s eyes closed to a more regular size, while David managed to push his eyes open. Their smiles became less vigorous, less confident, and less sure of themselves. They kept up their happy expressions, but became less keen to look each other in the eyes. As David leaned back and tried to catch his breath, Kevin fiddled with the piping bag in his hand as he looked down at the floor. David’s hand crawled behind his neck as he scratched it nervously.

“So,” Kevin finally interjected, prompting David’s gaze to shoot back at him. “Want to grab coffee sometime?”

Staring blankly at Kevin as his mouth hung agape, David managed to force out the words, “You mean… a date?”

Shifting in place, Kevin answered, “Yeah,” voice meek and quiet.

As his breath returned to a normal pace, David keep staring in Kevin’s general direction. Finally, he said, “Make it dinner. Can’t fill this gut up with coffeehouse snacks,” before giving his engorged gut a few gentle pats. At that, both men smiled.

It was Thursday night, and Kevin and David were making their way back into the bakery after their date night at a new French restaurant that all their friends were raving about. Now that they’d been dating for a few months, they’d established a routine that on date nights, they’d go out to dinner first and then return to the bakery for dessert. At least, dessert for one of them.

Kevin went ahead and unlocked the back door, leading the way and turning the lights on as David followed behind. David walked slowly to avoid bumping into anything while he couldn’t see. For as much time as he’d spent in the bakery’s kitchen, moving around in the dark never seemed to get any easier. Granted, the more he visited the bakery, the more space he had to give his surroundings to avoid bumping into anything.

When Kevin turned on the lights, he looked back and beheld his dapperly-dressed boyfriend, and sighed with a smile on his face. The two had both dressed in button-down shirts with khaki pants to try to look at least a little spiffy for the restaurant. Kevin had worn a purple shirt, while David filled out a light-blue one, the cloth billowing out as his bulbous belly pushed against it from inside. Tucked into his pants, his shirt rounded out his belly to look even more spherical. No matter how many times they went out, Kevin never got tired of seeing David dressed up.

Of course, it helped when there was more of David to fill out those shirts with every date. Kevin made sure David got plenty of cake scraps and batter and buttercream every night, just as he had before they started dating, which had resulted in David growing to an imposing size. Gone was the modest but respectable paunch he’d walked into the bakery with that first night, replaced by a mountain of fat bigger than the industrial-sized burlap bags that Kevin ordered his flour and sugar in. If David had held up two of those bags in front of his torso when he first met Kevin, they would have been almost as big as he’d gotten by that night. His belly jutted out far enough that if he rested it on top of a counter, it stuck out farther over the metal than his torso did behind the edge. It had nearly doubled in width and had expanded vertically too, as if pushing David’s chest and pelvis out of the way to make room for its growth.

The rest of David’s body had grown along with his gut. His face had rounded out just like his abdomen, with his cheeks sticking out like tiny bellies all their own. They connected seamlessly with the thick double chin beneath them, making for a ring of fat that his closely-trimmed beard accentuated. Above his belly jutted out two bulging lobes that made up his chest, before they came to rest on his massive gut. That gut was flanked tree trunk legs burly enough to hold up his weight and brawny arms that made for the best hugs Kevin had ever gotten.

One of those hugs was waiting for Kevin when he finished making a batch of eggless cake batter. As the mixer finished combining the ingredients, he looked up and saw David with a smile on his plump face, empty scraps bowl in hand. After shutting off the mixer, Kevin ambled over toward David at a leisurely pace with a smile of his own.

David opened his arms just as slowly, before wrapping them around Kevin’s chest. Feeling the weight of David’s embrace, he leaned against his boyfriend and returned the hug. In doing so, he pressed against David’s gut, which was easily twice as wide as Kevin’s own waist. Kevin could feel the warmth of David’s belly, even with two shirts between the two of them. The surface was soft and plush, letting Kevin sink in before the firm fat beneath held him in place. Even though David was shorter than Kevin, his gut forced Kevin to bend down to get close. As such, David kissed him on the forehead before tightening his embrace.

“What did you think of dinner?” David asked softly.

“Mmm,” Kevin replied, his voice muffled by David’s chest. “The food was good, but not good enough to justify those prices.”

“Yeah, I’m with you there. Plus the portions were pitiful.”

After chuckling into David’s chest, Kevin raised his head to look David in the eye and said, “Your appetite is a bit bigger than the average person’s, babe.”

“Oh I know,” David laughed in reply, flexing his belly outward so it pushed into Kevin’s stomach. Kevin felt a surge in his pants, but ignored it for the moment, knowing they’d take care of it later. “But maybe we can make up for that now.”

Both men exchanged devious smiles before Kevin walked back toward the mixer. Grabbing his biggest mixing bag, he found it was already fitted with his widest tip. Now that batter feeding had become a regular occurrence for the two, his biggest bag was usually ready for the occasion. He filled it with about half the batter, which was all he could fit in it at once. But even that portion still gave Kevin a workout as he tried to lift it.

Turning back toward David, he tightened his grip on the top of the bag and held it at chest level as he walked, trying to not give away just how much he was straining under the weight of all the batter. Thankfully, he knew it would only get lighter as the night wore on, and the weight he struggled with now would become new weight on David’s frame.

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