A Genie’s Wish

Originally published October 22, 2017.
Contains: instant weight gain, sexual scenes. Not recommended for underage readers.

If you’ve been reading my stories for a while, you’ve probably noticed that I really enjoy writing long, patient, plot-heavy gaining stories, where the gaining and possibly other erotic elements are just one part of what’s going on. I think all the extra thought I put into these stories is why I still enjoy writing them so much after over two years. After all, there are only so many ways to write “Man gets fat”. It’s the how, and the who, and the where and when, and why, that make the story worth telling over and over again.

So it’s not lost on my how ironic it is that the gaining stores I enjoy reading most are short, to-the-point, and don’t waste any time getting to the “main event”.

What we have here is my attempt to try to write a story that has more in common with the kind of gaining stories I enjoy reading most than it does with the kind of gaining stories I enjoy writing most. I always shout out my inspirations, and this one has a lot in common with some of my favorites of Ventrego’s recent work, in that it involves a magical being that can cause transformation, it’s to-the-point, and it blends both straightforward sexual content and weight gain.

Synopsis: Omar is a genie looking for a good time, and he finds a rotund man in a bar, named Ken, who’s looking for the same thing. Before they leave, Omar cryptically promises that if Ken can please him, he’ll give Ken “whatever you want most”. When they go back to Ken’s apartment, clothes come off immediately, and Ken turns out to be quite adept at pushing Omar’s buttons. Little does Omar expect that what Ken wants most is for his belly to be bigger, and his magic will give Ken exactly what he wants.

Omar had a good feeling about that night. As he strolled the neon-lit streets looking for a bar that might house a guy with the same intentions as him, his intuition told him it would be a matter of when he found that man, not if. For a genie like him, whose intuition was a lot more reliable than those of mortal men, that meant something.

Of course, being a genie, he could have conjured up exactly the night he sought with a snap of his fingers. But ever since the Magical Being Autonomy Decree of the 15th century, he and his wish-granting fellows had quickly found that happenstance often made for more satisfying nights than magic. Even with their millennia of granting mortal desires, they were still surprised by the direction a night could take if they let it play out naturally. On top of that, genies could only exert a certain amount of control over his powers. So when they combined the whims of mortal wishes with letting their powers run free, the results were often better than anything they could come up with.

That night, Omar was intent on making some of that mischief happen. He walked down the street in a pastel pink polo shirt that he’d had tailored to fit his chiseled torso, along with slacks that conveyed a put-together yet approachable look. The colors were a stark contrast against his brown skin, which he hoped would help him stand out more in the crowd. He’d considered wearing sunglasses, but they seemed like they’d only be a hinderance as he walked down the street at night, and even more so in the dark bars he was considering scouting out. Instead, he’d styled his jet black hair into a faux hawk, and had shaved that evening to show off his chiseled jaw.

A bar called New Classic jumped out to Omar, as did the lack of a line to get inside. After showing the bouncer his ID, he entered the pub-like premise and found it fairly full, with only standing room space available and all the tables and stools taken. But the crowd seemed generally genial and surprisingly calm, likely a product of how early it was by bar standards, making him more confident about his prospects inside.

Omar didn’t have to wait long for his intuition to be proven right. As he approached the bar to buy a drink, the crowd parted for him at the same that it parted for another man, taller by Omar by at least half a head, who bumped into Omar not with his shoulder or his arm, but with his ball-like, spherical gut.

“Oof, excuse me,” the man apologized.

“Oh, no worries,” Omar replied, softly, sultrily.

The tone of Omar’s reply seemed to give the man pause, and he turned back to look at Omar. In the meantime, Omar got a better look at the man himself. His belly was about the size of a beach ball, an impressive size on most people, yet on a man as tall as him, it seemed more proportionate. In the man’s tight shirt, which remarkably still covered the entirety of his gut, the rounded curve was especially pronounced, jutting out from under his hefty-but-toned chest with a roundness that seemed more fitting of a balloon than a man’s body. The man seemed like he spent as much time at the gym as the bar, as his burly, sculpted arms and legs were indicative of someone who wanted to be able to carry his heft around. Looking up, Omar saw the man’s closely-trimmed beard framing a remarkably rounded face, which bore a mouth in a smirk and eyes looking right into Omar’s.

“You like what you see?” the man asked, his a low, husky voice, sending a shiver down Omar’s body.

“Mmm, I do,” he answered as he walked closer to the man, closing what little space remained between them. “And something tells me the feeling is mutual.”

“Well, keep listening to that something,” the man chuckled as he raised one of his arms and wrapped it around Omar’s back. Once they’d finally gotten close, Omar could feel the man’s rotund abdomen against his own, and the firmness was enough to make him quiver. As he leaned in, the man’s gut had barely any give to it, pushing back like a giant rubber ball as Omar leaned in closer. Looking up at the man, he brought up his arm to rest on the man’s shoulder before he greeted, “I’m Omar.”

“Omar. Omar, Omar, Omar,” the man repeated under his breath. “Is that right?”

“Yes, b–”

“Good,” the man interjected before Omar could ask what his name was, “I want to make sure I get it right when I’m moaning it tonight.”

Somehow Omar’s pelvis hadn’t had much to say before that moment, but at that, he felt a stirring in his pants that couldn’t be ignored. Running his fingers along the man’s cheek, he said, “Well, I’ll need your name if I’m going to return the favor.”

With a self-conscious chuckle, the man looked down before he looked back into Omar’s eyes. “Ken. Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like ‘Omar’, I’m afraid,” he said, maintaining his confident smile as he damn near purred Omar’s name.

“Oh don’t worry, Ken,” Omar assured him, trying to maintain his composure as he felt like his erection would pop out of his pants at any second. “I’m sure you’ll make it easy to moan your name.”

A deep chuckle emanated from behind Ken’s wide smile, before he brought his arm up to wrap around Omar’s back. If Omar wanted to be anywhere else, he would have felt trapped in Ken’s embrace. But with his own flat stomach and part of his chest pushed up against Ken’s solid gut, there was nowhere else he would have rather been.

“You know,” Ken said, “My apartment is only ten minutes away from here. Maybe we could skip the buy-you-a-drink and go for a ten-minute walk?”

“Heh, I like the way you think, big guy,” Omar said, prompting something resembling a growl to rumble out from behind Ken’s grin. “I’ll tell you what,” Omar continued. “You please me, and I’ll give you whatever you want most.”

“Oh yeah?” Ken chuckled, clearly not understanding the gravity of the statement. In Omar’s experience, with most people no longer believing in genies, no one did. Of course, on the rare occasion that a man’s desires and his own aligned, it always made for a nice surprise. “Alright, I’ll take you up on that.”

After letting Omar out of his embrace, Ken let his hand slide down Omar’s arm until it reached the end, where it slipped over his palm and took him in his hold. After Ken motioning toward the door, Omar smiled and started walking, as the two strode hand-in-hand out of the bar and down the sidewalk. Conversation remained similarly flirty between the two on the walk back to Ken’s apartment, making the ten minutes pass by much more quickly than Omar expected. Once inside, Ken lead Omar past the living room and right to his bedroom, turning on just enough light for him and Omar to see what they were doing.

Once the lights were on, Ken turned back toward Omar and gave him a devious smile. He strutted slowly toward Omar, giving Omar plenty of time to take in and appreciate Ken’s body. Once they were close again, Ken brought his hand’s on Omar’s shoulders, making Omar brace for the big, self-assured man to have his way with him. And if he did it just right…

“So,” Ken purred, letting his low voice reverberate across the space between them. As he held on to Omar’s shoulders with a firm grip, he asked, “What pleases a man like you?”

Of all the things Ken could have done, Omar was not ready for that. He was so used to men taking, “If you please me,” as a challenge to take charge and show off their best moves. He spent so much time granting wishes for others that he’d never considered that a mortal might ask him what he wanted. Ken seemed to catch on to Omar’s surprise, as he tilted his head and raised his eyebrows, breaking the tension of the mood. At that, Omar shook his head before finally getting back in the moment. “In this case,” Omar replied sultrily, before bringing his hands around the sides of Ken’s gut. “Your biggest feature is also your biggest asset.”

At that, Ken let out a laugh not unlike the self-conscious one he’d let out when he realized he’d forgotten to introduce himself. “You’re too kind,” he told Omar, before he let go of Omar’s shoulders so he could lean back, puffing out his belly even more as Omar’s felt an even stronger rush inside his pants. “It might not be much, but if you like it…” he said, taking on a huskier tone with his voice.

“Oh I do,” Omar gasped, taking a firmer grasp on Ken’s firm gut.

Another dark chuckle accompanied Ken’s grin as he brought his own hand onto Omar’s, before he grabbed Omar’s wrist and raised it up. Once Ken had lifted Omar’s wrist above his head, he used his other arm to lead him to the wall, where Ken leaned in and pinned Omar with his belly. “How about that?” he snarled.

“Oh yes,” Omar whimpered, raising his other arm of his own volition so Ken could pin them both against the wall above him.

With a low, rumbling “Mmm,” Ken pushed against both of Omar’s wrists before shoving his solid gut into Omar’s stomach. Even with their shirts between them, Omar could still feel the warmth of Ken’s mound of fat against his own abdomen. But Ken didn’t seem so satisfied, looking up and down from Omar’s eyes to their chests with mouth agape from heavy breathing, before he said, “Why don’t we take these off?”

Omar’s excitement nearly overrode his ability to respond, before he smiled and said, “Well, you’ll have to let me go first.”

With another self-conscious chuckle, Ken pushed himself off the wall so Omar was free to strip down. Placing their clothes in two piles at the side of the bedroom, both men stood in just their underwear, allowing Omar to behold Ken’s wondrous body in all its glory. His belly was just as rotund and curved as it looked underneath his shirt. It was like a ball lobbed up under his chest, so perfectly round that Omar didn’t know how Ken could possibly say, “It might not be much.”

Ken wasted no time getting back to where they were before, pushing Omar against the wall by his wrists and letting his globular gut pin him there. Without the barrier of clothes between them, Omar could feel the full warmth of Ken’s belly against him, and the full heft. He was pinned with no means of escape, but luckily for him, there was no place he’d rather be.

Ken seemed to feel similarly, leaning down toward Omar to lock lips. As he did, he belly tilted down, rubbing over Omar’s own stomach before grazing his crotch. When it did, his stiff member bounced against Ken’s ball belly, even while his underwear did its best to contain it. At that, Ken paused, his lips unbearably close to Omar’s as they bent into a grin. With a chuckle, he finally closed the space between them, planting his lips on Omar’s before his tongue came right out to play.

As the two’s tongues grabbed at each other like their arms had before, Ken kept rubbing his belly up and down against Omar’s body, gliding it over his stomach before bringing it to bear against his pelvis again. It didn’t take long for Omar’s dick to pop out of his underwear. Once he could feel Ken’s firm globular mass against the sensitive skin of his member, his shaft came out to play in its entirety. All the while, Omar wriggled with whatever freedom of motion he had to try to let his underwear down.

But something unusual was happening as the two continued. While the two kept exploring each other’s mouths, Omar could feel Ken’s belly covering a wider swath of him. It didn’t have to stop brushing against his stomach to rub against his shaft, which only made him all the more excited. And as his pleasure grew, so did Ken.

That was when it finally hit Omar–Ken’s self-deprecating comments about his belly’s size, the arms and legs like he worked out to support his weight, the expert use of his belly to turn Omar on–Ken wanted to be bigger. And it seemed he was getting his wish.

But with Ken’s mouth right up against Omar’s, he couldn’t look down and confirm that Ken was growing bigger. All he could count on was the sensation of Ken’s belly rubbing up against a taller section of his torso. As it did, he could feel the firm mass having just enough give to let Omar sink into it, enveloping him as the sides of Ken’s belly wrapped around the sides of Omar’s.

It was all so much for Omar, who felt his head arch back against the wall behind him. With his hips still free, he started grinding into Ken’s growing gut too, causing Ken himself let out a groan as his tongue kept its place in Omar’s mouth. The force of the two men pushing against each other, of Ken’s massive gut grinding against him, pushed Omar over the edge. With a few more frantic thrusts, his moans grew louder, though still muffled by Ken’s tongue, until his pleasure was splattered on both of their stomachs as Ken pushed his belly even harder against Omar.

Once Ken finally pulled back, Omar nearly collapsed and slid down the wall. That was, until he heard Ken shout out, “Holy shit!” It was then that it dawned on Omar that Ken had no idea what he was in for when Omar promised to give him whatever he wanted most. Opening his eyes, he saw the full extent of what his powers had done.

Ken’s once-beach-ball sized belly had grown out a few inches in every direction, especially to the sides, where his belly seemed most able to find new room to spread into. It still maintained its rotundity and solidness, barely budging as he rubbing it over in disbelief. The rest of his body had thickened to match, but largely by becoming more muscular. His new heft had mostly manifested in his gut, and his newly rounded out face, accentuated by his closely shaven beard.

“You did this?” Ken asked, making Omar raise his eyebrows, surprised by how perceptive Ken was.

“In a way,” Omar replied coyly, still not sure whether Ken was pleased with the change. “You pleased me, so I gave you what you wanted most, just like I promised.”

With both of his hands still on his belly, Ken looked up with eyes wide open and eyebrows high. But soon his features relaxed and his mouth curled into a smirk. “How did you know?” he asked, balancing playfulness and genuine curiosity in his tone.

“I have my ways,” Omar said coyly.

If he was at all unsure about whether Ken was enjoying the changes before, Omar had no doubt once he heard Ken’s breathing as he rubbed his belly over. A mix of groans and grunts, bordering on growls, punctuated his utterances as his hands felt over his new size. When he finally looked up at Omar, his intense expression grew into a smile as he said, “I believe it’s my turn.”

With a smile, Omar sauntered over to Ken, letting his underwear fall down his legs as he walked. On the way, he grabbed some tissues off of the dresser, wiping his jizz off of himself as he walked. Once he was next to Ken, he did the same, taking a slower approach to it to feel over Ken’s new heft. As Omar rubbed the tissue over Ken’s newly rounded out body, Ken met his touch with an “Mmm” that he nearly growled. Once the two were clean, Omar tossed the tissues in a nearby bin before he looked up at Ken. Resting both of his hands on top of the rounded sides of Ken’s gut, he asked, “What’s your pleasure, big guy?”

The smile on Ken’s face grew into a tooth grin before he pointed to the bed. “Face down,” he commanded, following behind Omar as he pushed his own underwear down.

“Do you have protection?”

“Don’t need it,” Ken assured him, right before his underwear fell down to reveal his own stiff member. “With cheeks like that,” he started as he gave Omar’s butt a pat, “and a gut like this,” he continued as Omar heard him give his own belly a smack, “I have something better in mind.”

Once Omar reached the bed, he looked behind himself one more time, giving Ken a suspicious glance.

“You doubt me? I don’t blame you. But tell me…” he said, before Omar felt Ken’s stiff member come to rest on top of his rear end. It didn’t penetrate, but rather settled in the crevice between his cheeks before being pushed down by Ken’s gut. “Ooh,” Ken exclaimed from the pressure, holding on to Omar’s shoulders so he didn’t fall forward. “How’s that for you?”

At that, Omar’s eyes rolled back into his head as his eyelids came down with a moan. Bringing his hands up, he pushed off Ken’s grip and let himself fall forward onto the bed. Caught off guard, Ken immediately leaned forward into the new space, causing his member to sink deeper in between Omar’s cheeks. When his belly came down with all its weight, both men moaned and arched their backs, until Ken grabbed Omar’s hips and started thrusting. Feeling Ken’s length running between the cheeks of his ass was exciting enough for Omar, but feeling his hefty belly roll back and forth over his back was by far the best part.

“Can you make me even bigger?” Ken grunted.

“Oh yes!” Omar groaned as he grabbed the sheet, thankful that his exclamation was also an accurate answer.

“Then make me bigger,” Ken growled, his belly still rubbing over Omar’s lower back.

Omar was happy to oblige, but he knew he wouldn’t have to do it consciously. As Ken kept grinding, thrusting his dick between Omar’s cheeks and under the weight of his own gut, Omar’s own pleasure ensured Ken wouldn’t be staying the same size. As the night went on, Omar could feel Ken’s gut inching bit by bit across his back, traveling farther and farther with each thrust. The mass was growing heavier too, pinning Omar down so he couldn’t look back. He only had his sense of touch to know how big Ken was getting. All he could do was hold on to the bedsheets and enjoy the experience of being pinned by such a great man.

With how big Ken was growing, he didn’t seem to be able to speed up his thrusting, but that didn’t stop him from moaning more and more loudly as he kept going. By the time Omar could feel Ken’s belly encroaching on his shoulder blades, he heard Ken’s groans grow faster and louder, reaching peak volume when Omar felt a new warmth suddenly between the bottom of Ken’s belly and his own lower back.

At that, Ken finally stopped, breathing audibly before finally stepping to the side. With only a top sheet on top of the bed, Ken seemed content to let the sheet do cleanup for him, as he leaned forward and let his newly rounded out gut rest of the bed. Omar took his cues from Ken, rolling onto his back so the sheet would clean him off there too. Once Omar was happy, he hopped off the bed around the same time Ken leaned back to resume a standing position. And when Omar saw the results of his handiwork, his jaw dropped.

Ken’s ball gut had grown even more than it did during their first round, surpassing the size of a pickup truck tire and then some. His belly stuck out twice as far from his back as his chest did, and his chest had finally plumped up enough to droop a bit over the heft of his gut. His legs were like tree trunks, swollen with both fat and all the muscle he would need to carry around his new weight. Once Ken turned to face Omar, Omar could see that his gut had grown out to be wider than his shoulders, forcing his now burlier arms to rest at an angle as they hung at his sides. His face now bore a continuous ring of fat that joined his cheeks and his double chin, and framed an exhausted expression that was absolutely spent.

Even when Ken grabbed his belly to rub over it’s expanded girth, his expression barely changed. With his head still leaning back and his mouth still agape, he let his hands wander listlessly over the globular mass. When he tried reaching down as far as he could, he found he couldn’t even reach the bottom of his belly, finding it too rotund to survey in its entirety.

“You… did this?” Ken gasped, finally breaking the silence.

“Only because it was what you wanted most,” Omar replied in his defense.

With an exhausted chuckle, Ken tiredly asked, “What are you? Some kind of genie?”

“Would you believe me if I said yes?” Omar retorted with a smirk.

“Probably not,” Ken chuckled, finally seeming to regain some sense of composure. Though his breathing was still audible, he could now breath through his nose, and leaned his head forward to look at Omar straight on. “So what now?” he asked, sounding less enthralled by the whole experience. “None of my clothes will fit me now.”

“Oh, don’t be so sure about that,” Omar told him as he wiggled his fingers behind his back. “Try them on.”

With a dismissive chuckle, Ken lumbered over to his dresser, which was a delight for Omar to watch. As he walked, he leaned side to side more than he moved forward, maneuvering his new heft carefully and deliberately. It seemed it would take him some time to get used to walking at his new size. In the meantime, his belly barely bounced at his slow pace, merely wavering side to side with him as he strode ahead.

Once Ken reached the dresser, he opened the middle and pulled out a shirt. As it unfolded in his hand, it looked exactly like the kind of several-X’s-in-its-size garment that would fit over a man like him. With a stumped look, Ken tried it on, and found that it perfectly covered his mountainous belly. Trying on a pair of boxers and some shorts revealed the same surprise.

“I guess I should get dressed too,” Omar said, picking up his pile of clothes from next to Ken’s pile, which had definitely increased in size since the beginning of the night.

“You’re heading out? W-will I ever see you again?”

Omar looked up with a surprised face, which soon settled into a mischievous smile. He kept walking to the bed and put his clothes down on it, to make it easier to get dressed. “A guy as handsome as you?” he asked rhetorically, putting on his underwear and shirt before walking over to get close to Ken.

Once Omar was close, he put his hands on Ken’s midsection, running them down his firm, rotund gut until they passed the bottom of his shirt. There, he ran them up underneath the cloth, where he could feel the soft surface of Ken’s gut under his fingertips. His scraggly body hair was flattened under Omar’s touch as he moved his hands around, until the freed hairs sprung back up again. Ken’s belly was so wide that Omar could scarcely hold him by both love handles at the same time, requiring Omar to lean in close to do so. Rather than do that, he brought his hands under Ken’s belly and, with all his strength, tried to lift it. He could only move it slowly, but once he let go, it came crashing down into his palms so fast that even Ken went, “Oof.”

With a gleefully satisfied look in his eye, Omar looked up at Ken, who looked down at him with eyelids half closed and a pleased smile. With Ken’s belly still in hand, Omar told him, “I think you can count on seeing me again.”

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