An Unexpected Stop

Originally published January 2, 2019.
Contains: accelerated weight gain, direct encouraging, sexual scenes. Not recommended for underage readers.

Boy howdy this took way too long to write, and I’m glad I can finally share it.

In the midst of a conversation with jerrycakes about what trucking is like, he dropped a suggestion for a story about two truckers who get stranded while on a route, and end up fattening each other up. The idea went through a few iterations before it became what it is now, and I decided to write it. That was a month and a half ago. Thanks to busy weekends and the length this story ended up becoming, it took me until now to finish it. But it’s done, and I can finally move on to all the other ideas I had while I was working on this one. That said, I’m also really happy with how this came out, and happy that I can finally share it.

Synopsis: In the middle of a drive, truckers Cory and his mentor Pablo have to pull into a strange truck stop due to Pablo having engine troubles. After they get sprayed with engine oil and enjoy complimentary showers, the front desk man at the depot tells them that their company will pay for anything they need while they’re there, not just repairs, but also showers, new clothes, and food at the buffet-style restaurant. What follows is an adventure of gluttony and lust that almost seems too good to be real.

“I’m so hungry,” Cory muttered as he squeezed the steering wheel of his truck uneasily. His tight schedule for the previous few weeks had left him forced to subsist on ham and cheese sandwiches as he drove, and his stomach was constantly letting him know that it was not happy about it. He’d spent his first few years on the road having gone hog wild on greasy truck stop food and junk food, and had grown a nice, beach-ball-sized belly to show for it. But the money wasn’t coming in like it used to, and combined with his more demanding schedule, he had less time to eat and less money to spend on food.

“You and me both, rookie,” Pablo replied through the radio, sounding rather unamused by Cory’s complaining.

The sudden reply made Cory jump in his seat–at least, as high as he could with that ball of flab weighing him down. Grabbing the handset, he brought it to his mouth and said, “Sorry, I didn’t realize this was still on.”

“Well turn it off then! You don’t want to be wasting power, do you?”

Cory thought to say “Sorry”, but decided it was better to let his actions speak for him and just do as Pablo said. Pablo had been driving for nearly 20 years, with the heft to prove it. His gains had seemingly been a more slow and steady journey, as his belly was only a few inches wider than Cory’s on either side, with an inch or two of height on his, all in spite of Pablo being a few inches shorter than Cory. In addition to having a bigger belly, he also didn’t have much patience for Cory’s rookie mistakes.

And as they drove their two trailers to their destination together, Pablo had not been shy about letting Cory know when he messed up. Especially with Cory having been given the responsibility of leading the two of them, something he suspected Pablo was indignant about. Cory couldn’t help but feel like Pablo’s treatment was in part retribution for him being given this role. On the other hand, maybe Pablo was just holding him to the high standard that a leader of a convoy was supposed to meet. But deep down, he felt like Pablo was just busting his balls for the sake of busting his balls.

So in a perverse way, it made Cory happy when he heard the radio start up and Pablo say, “Son of a bitch! Hey, rookie, we gotta pull over. My engine is seizing up.”

“Looks like there’s a truck stop right in front of us,” Cory said, eyeing a depot that had appeared just off the road with such perfect timing it almost seemed suspicious. But Cory wasn’t going to question a good thing.

“What? These next truck stop on this road isn’t supposed to be for another 50 miles.”

“Then follow me up this ramp and tell me I’m seeing things,” Cory said as he turned on his turn signal, only to be met by silence from Pablo. Looking in his mirrors, he saw Pablo following him up the ramp, which made him smile as he pulled in.

As Cory took a spot near the rest stop, he wondered if maybe there was something to Pablo saying there weren’t supposed to be any stops on this part of the road. Though the building certainly had all the expected visual similarities to a truck stop, there were barely any trucks parked outside. Cory counted a dozen at most, in a lot that could hold at least ten times that many. He also saw barely any other drivers walking around. The place would have looked abandoned if it weren’t lit up.

“Well, I don’t know what to say,” Pablo said through the radio. “I thought I knew all the truck stops on this route.”

“Maybe this one’s new.”

“I dunno. Usually when a new truck stop opens, they try to make sure we hear about it, advertising their amenities and trying to get drivers to stop there. I’ve never heard of this place. Can you see the name from where you’re parked?”

Squinting out his windshield, Cory was able to read, “‘Just Passing Through’ Truck Stop. Why couldn’t you read it?”

“You don’t know how far away I had to park, did you?” Looking out his driver-side window this time, Cory saw Pablo’s truck nearly all the way on the other side of the lot. “I didn’t want to risk driving any farther than I had to.”


“I’ll come to you and we can see if there’s a mechanic inside. Gotta call corporate anyway.”

“Can’t call them from your cell?”

“No service.”

Cory pulled his phone out and took a look for himself, confirming that he didn’t have any service either. With a sigh, he pocketed his phone again, took the keys out of the ignition, and hopped out of his truck.

Looking toward the end of the parking lot, Cory saw Pablo descending from his own cabin, before he started strolling over to Cory. Cory wouldn’t have quite described Pablo’s walk as a waddle, but his weight definitely affected how he moved. He took shorter and wider steps than most people did, and his arms always hung out at a diagonal, swinging along with his stride. All this resulted in a belly that bounced a bit as he moved, but barely swayed side to side. With how much mass must have been stored in that mound of blubber, Cory supposed it wasn’t surprising that he would move in a way that minimized his belly’s movements.

Once Pablo was close, he motioned to Cory to join him. “Come on,” he said. “Let’s see what we can find inside.”

Walking in together, the two found a modest but well-maintained truck stop with the expected amenities: a restaurant to eat at, showers, a gift shop, a shop for truck supplies, and others that were just out of sight. They only spotted a few other truckers in view, all of them big enough to make Pablo look like a rookie. There was also an information desk right in front of the entrance, manned by a young, slender fellow with a closely trimmed beard, and a surprisingly formal getup: a red button-down shirt and a dark grey vest underneath a well-fitting suit. Not the kind of person either Cory or Pablo expected to be working at a place like this, but maybe he could help them.

“Afternoon, gentlemen. Can I help you with something today?”

“I sure hope so,” Pablo chimed in. “My engine started seizing just before we pulled in here, and now we’re stuck.”

“I see. Well, we do have a repairman here who can certainly take a look.”

“Great. Mine is the one farthest out in the lot. Also, could I use your phone to call the company? I don’t get any reception out here.”

“Of course,” the man said, before lifting a phone up from the desk and placing it on the counter. It was an old wired phone, with a base to hang the phone up on attached by a cable that disappeared behind the desk. Cory couldn’t remember the last time he’d seed a phone like that, but Pablo knew exactly what to do. Stepping forward, he dialled the number for corporate headquarters and waited.

“Hi, this is Pablo, employee #597. I’m calling from a truck stop phone because my phone doesn’t have receptions here… Yep… Yeah, so my engine started seizing just before we rolled in. They have a guy looking at it, and… yeah, we’re on I90. We past Harrison’s truck depot, and I thought we were at least 50 miles from Courtland’s, so… It’s called Just Passing Through truck stop… yeah, I hadn’t heard of it either… oh really?… that is weird… Well can’t you just look for a stop between… alright, alright, we’ll wait… oh, yeah, this front desk guy might be able to help you.”

After Pablo passed the phone to the man behind the desk, Cory asked quietly, “What did they say?”

“One, they’d never heard of this place either. Two, normal policy is to send out another driver in another cabin to take care of this, but, three, they can’t locate our trucks’ GPS coordinates.”

“Surely between Harrison’s and Courtland’s narrows it down somewhat, right?”

“You’d think. They didn’t make any promises about when they could send someone to finish the job for us. If, somehow, they can’t find this place, then it’s up to us to finish the delivery once my truck is fixed.”

“Wonder how long that’ll take.”

As if on cue, a slightly more built man, this one carrying the muscles of a man who did work with his hands, dressed in a blue jumpsuit and carrying a toolbox, joined Cory and Pablo at the front desk. “Right, you guys the one with the bum tractor?”

“How’d you get here so fast?” Cory asked.

“It’s not like I got anything else to do around here but sit back and collect my check. Now which one of yous is having engine problems?”

“That’d be me,” Pablo said. “His is working fine, but mine started seizing up while we were on the road, right before we came across this place and were able to pull in.”

“Lucky timing. Come on, let’s go take a look at what we’re working with.”

The three walked out to the end of the parking lot, with Pablo setting the pace for all three as Cory and the mechanic ambled on with him. Once they finally reached the truck, with Pablo panting a bit once he finally got to stop, the mechanic asked Pablo to get inside, pop the hood, and start the truck. Once he did, Pablo got out, only for the truck’s engine to stop and go as the mechanic looked inside. “Yeah, seems pretty straightforward to me. Take a look inside and I bet even you can figure out the problem.”

Taking him up on his word, Cory and Pablo stepped past him to look under the hood, while the mechanic stepped aside. Once Cory and Pablo stepped in front of the engine, it let out a wide spurt of oil that covered their chests, bellies, and arms. Their faces, remarkably, were spared by the spray, but their shirts were done for.

“Whooo-ee. Well, that’s going to take another day to fix. Guess this cabin won’t be going anywhere for awhile.”

“Which means we probably won’t be going anywhere for awhile.”

“I thought you said the other truck was fine?” the mechanic asked.

“Yeah, but we need to delivery both of these trailers together. There’s no sense in bringing one but not the other.”

“Hmmm,” the repairman pondered for a moment. “Well, we’ve plenty of amenities inside. And if I tell the boss about your situation, he just might feel bad enough to give you some stuff for free. At least a new shirt and a shower. Come on, follow me, and get those shirts off before the oil drips on your pants.”

Doing as suggested, both Cory and Pablo rolled their shirts up around their waists to keep the oil contained. Next to the repairman and his jumpsuit, Cory felt a bit exposed as he walked around with his modest gut out sticking out over his beltline for everyone to see. But when he looked over at Pablo, he saw his partner letting his big belly hang out shamelessly. He strolled ahead confident as always as his arms swayed to keep that rotund gut steady. At that, Cory felt a bit more comfortable, until he saw the “No shoes, no shirt, no service” sign on the door of the truck stop. That made him slow down a bit, causing Pablo’s belly to graze the side of his own as he and the repairman walked right in, causing Cory to pick up the pace to follow them.

The man behind the information desk, who was still on the phone, looked at the three of them before looking the repairman in the eyes and raising a finger. “Give them a break, Ben. They just got sprayed with oil as I tried to show them what was wrong with the engine. Going to take a couple days to repair the thing now. I think they could both use a shower, and some new shirts.”

Ben looked both Cory and Pablo up and down, eyes lingering on their stained shirts. “Boy, you two’ve been through a lot haven’t you. Tell you what: Eric, you take them to the showers and make sure they aren’t charged. Get them both a shirt from the giftshop, and give it to Poe to give to both of them when they’re done. Then come back here.” Looking at Cory and Pablo, he said, “That goes for both of you two.”

Pablo and Cory looked at each other with raise eyebrows, but they were about to get free showers and replacement shirts. They really couldn’t turn Ben’s hospitality down.

Only a few more drivers peppered the truck stop as Eric lead Cory and Pablo to the showers. They all dwarfed the two of them, following their massive bellies around the building. And yet, they still stared at Cory and Pablo, something Cory felt embarrassed about. He tried to just keep his eyes ahead as the three of them walked to the showers. But when he looked to the side, it looked like Pablo was enjoying the attention, staring back at the other truckers with a smile.

Once they got to the showers, Eric stepped ahead of the two to talk to the man sitting by the entrance. “Well, I’m sure you have a good story for this one, Eric.”

“Poe. I accidentally got these two sprayed with oil while trying to explain what was wrong with their engine. Ben has made it clear they are not to be charged for this shower. Also, I’m going to get them some shirts from the gift shop, which I expect you to pass on to them when they’re done.”

“Sure, whatever you say,” Poe mumbled without taking his eyes up from his book.

After stepping back, Eric patted both Cory and Pablo on the back of their shoulders. “There you go, boys. Take a nice, long one. I’ll see you back at the front desk.” Eric started to walk away, before he stopped in his tracks and turned back, saying, “Oh!, what shirt sizes do you wear?”

“2XL,” Cory answered.

“4XL,” Pablo said.

“Nice,” Eric said under his breath, before he walked off toward the gift shop. Cory furrowed his eyebrows, but when he looked at Pablo, Pablo seemed to just be smiling.

The two took their respective towels and stepping into shower area, where Cory was relieved by how warm it was. The open curtains and lack of sounds of running water indicated that none of the stalls were taken. It was an unsettling silence that Cory wasn’t used to, but he supposed it would be nice to not have to smell any other truckers. After stepping into the first row of stalls, Pablo took the first one, while Cory took the second, and they both closed the curtains behind them.

Once inside the shower stall, Cory was struck by just how big the changing area was. Extending his arms out all the way, he could barely touch both sides of it at once. He was used to showers that tried to cram as many stalls as they could into the shower area, leaving even a relatively small guy like Cory feeling cramped. He could only wonder how a guy like Pablo, or the guys who were even bigger than either of them, managed in those stalls. But this area looked big enough that even the biggest truckers Cory had seen would fit fine. Opening the shower curtain, he saw that the shower itself was just as big.

Though the size of the stalls struck Cory as strange, he was happy for it, and did exactly as Eric suggested and enjoyed a nice, long shower. He used up quite a bit of the liquid soap in the dispenser to get the remaining oil off of himself, but once that was done, he enjoyed letting the warm water soak over his big body. With how busy his schedule had been, he couldn’t remember the last time he’d been able to take a long, leisurely shower. He intended to enjoy every minute of it.

Once Cory could finally tear himself away from the warm water, he stepped out into the changing area again, and was surprised to find just how comfy it was. He supposed that the heat that had surprised him before was now finally serving its purpose. As he dried off, he took his time drying off his belly, enjoying just how much it bulged out. Though it felt like it wasn’t quite as big as it used to be, thanks to his consistent ham-and-cheese sandwich diet, he still enjoyed running his towel along its curves, feeling just how much it pushed out. He found himself rubbing it absentmindedly, still naked, before he looked up and saw that Pablo’s outer curtain was open. He was already done.

Cory rushed to get his clothes back on, minus his shirt, and meet Pablo back by the entrance to the showers. Pablo was already wearing his new shirt, an orange tee with a giant smiley face on it in the style of a “Life is good” graphic. A bootleg, perhaps?

“Took you long enough,” Pablo grumbled.

“Nice shirt,” Cory snickered.

“Ha ha, you have the same shirt waiting for you, dumbass.”

“If you don’t like them, I’m sure the store will let you trade them for a different one,” Poe interjected with an apathetic tone. Still not taking his eyes off of his book, he picked up the other orange shirt and handed it to Cory, who put it on.

“I don’t know. I kinda like it.”

“You look like a Jack-o-lantern,” Pablo groused.

“And what does that say about you?”

“Hmph, it says that I’m going to take Poe up on that suggestion and get a different shirt,” Pablo said, before nearly stomping off to the gift shop.

Before following after him, Cory leaned toward Poe and said, “I swear he’s not always this humorless.”

“Mmhm,” Poe mumbled, still not looking up from his book.

With a frown, Cory followed after Pablo, and found him trading his orange shirt in for one with a deer on the front and some trees in the background. Cory thought it didn’t look much better, but at least Pablo didn’t look like a Jack-o-lantern, which was apparently something he cared deeply about.

After walking out of the shop and up to Cory, Pablo said, “Alright, Ben wanted to see us at the front desk again. Let’s go.”

Walking back up to the front desk, Cory could see Ben on the phone, though he couldn’t make out the conversation. By the time they got within eavesdropping distance, Ben had hung up. As they approached, he looked around and saw the two of them, before rising out of his seat. “Ah, gentlemen. Wonderful news to share. I’ve been talking with your company. Of course, they’ve authorized the funds for the repair. But in addition, due to the reason for your stay, they have offered to reimburse you for all expenses you may invite while you’re here.”

“Really?” Cory asked.

“That doesn’t sound like something they’d do,” Pablo added.

“Well, it’s’ what was passed on to me. Now, hold still,” Ben said, before pulling out his phone and snapping a quick photo of the two men, who both probably looked surprise. “I’m going to email this photo to all the staff so they know to charge your company and not you for whatever you want here.” After tapping a few more times, Ben put his phone away and said, “Now, you two look like you could use a nice, warm, hearty meal.”

Corey tried his best to not act overeager, but Pablo seemed to have no such qualms. “Gods, yes, you have no idea. We’ve been living on ham and cheese sandwiches for weeks because off our busy schedule, and I’m so ready to chow down on something other than that once.”

“Well then,” Ben said with a small chuckle. “You’ll be happy to know that we serve plenty of varied cuisine at our dining area, and, it’s all-you-can-eat.”

That did indeed make Pablo very happy, as he eyed the restaurant eagerly. But Cory was a bit more levelheaded, asking, “How can you possibly make money like that when most of the truckers around here look like they could eat the entire buffet?”

“That’s a good question. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about that. Just sit back, and enjoy your meal.”

Cory wasn’t convinced, but once he got a whiff of the food, he found it hard to care. Following close behind Pablo, they made their way over to the restaurant they’d spotted earlier, eager to finally dig in to a proper meal, and then keep eating. Once they crossed the threshold, they saw a host look up from his phone and ask, “Are you Cory and Pablo?”

“That’s us,” Pablo said happily, hands on his hips in a pose that accentuated his gut and pushed it out even more.

“Well then, take a plate, and take a seat wherever you like.”

The restaurant had about 50 tables, each surrounded by several chairs, with two buffet tables in the middle to allow for four lines at once. It had all these amenities even though there were about a half-dozen guys in the restaurant, all fatter than either Pablo or Cory. The stacks of plates on the table next to them indicated their appetites were just as gargantuan as they were. Cory wondered how a human being could possibly eat that much. He then wondered if the food could possibly be fresh when the buffet had so few customers to go through it.

But Pablo didn’t seem to have any such qualms. Bounding ahead at a speed that made his belly bounce vigorously, he grabbed his first plate and gave the selection a quick browse. Once he started stacking his plate, it didn’t take long until his pile of food looked two or three inches high. With no room left on his plate, he stepped away from the buffet barely halfway down the line and sat at the nearest table.

Cory was a bit more willing to take his time as he looked down the buffet, taking in the selection. There seemed to be a good mix of Southern comfort food and general American cuisine in the first line. Looking over to the other rows of trays, Cory saw both Italian food and Chinese food. He supposed that neither of them would taste all that authentic, but he could tell they would be filling. And after surviving on ham and cheese sandwiches for weeks, that only made them more appealing.

Cory started filling his own plate with the Italian selections: spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna, a slice of meat lover’s calzone, two cutlets of chicken parm, and a few breadsticks for good measure. By the time he got down to the Chinese section, he realized he’d already filled his plate too. With a shrug, and promise to himself that he’d start at a different cuisine next time, he stepped around the other buffet and sat down next to Pablo.

Pablo had already started on his meal with a gusto like he hadn’t eaten anything in weeks. Given the size of Pablo’s belly, Cory supposed he was used to eating fairly big meals on a consistent basis. And if that were the case, then these ham and cheese sandwich runs must have been even more torturous for Pablo than they were for Cory. Watching how Pablo plowed through all the fattening comfort food on his plate, Cory had to assume that was the case.

Not that he was any less enthusiastic about his meal. For a moment, Cody watched in awe as Pablo ate, until his growling stomach soon turned him back to the task at hand. With his fork, he started shoveling massive bites of all the different entrées he’d taken, the taste of tomato sauce unifying them all together as he wolfed down the various combinations of bread, pasta, sauce, cheese, meat, and garlic. It wasn’t high-class food, but it made good comfort food, putting a smile on Cory’s face and make him lean back in his chair, muttering, “Mmmm.”

Pablo, it seemed, wasn’t as intent on savoring his meal. He swallowed it down as if he was under a time limit to eat as much as he could. But given the grunts of enjoyment Cory was hearing from his portly companion, he had to assume Pablo was enjoy himself. And when he finished his first plate, while Cory had only finished half of his plate, he immediately stood up to get another. Cory thought Pablo’s belly looked a bit bigger as he walked past him in his new-but-still-tight buck tee shirt. Consciously, Cory knew it wasn’t a competition. Subconsciously, once Pablo was standing up, Cory dug in and ate as fast as he could to try to catch up.

In spite of Pablo’s hasty eating, it seemed he wasn’t in a rush to get back to the table. With a plate stacked high with Chinese items, he ambled back to the table at a leisurely pace with a smile on his face. “Man, this is the life, ain’t it, rookie?”

“Mmhm,” Cory mumbled through a mouth too stuffed with food to allow any words more distinct through.

“God I miss the days when I had the time to stop at a truck stop and eat a real meal, not these tiny-ass sandwiches we’ve had to live on. I don’t know how you’ve kept your belly as big as you have while we’ve been on this schedule.”

After swallowing a giant mouthful of chicken parm, Cory blurted out, “I don’t just eat one per meal,” before he resumed wolfing down his food.

“Yeah? I couldn’t do that. Those things aren’t worth eating more than you need to to stave off hunger. Now, this, on the other hand,” Pablo enthused, before he cut himself off with a massive bite of his second plate. Cory chewed more slowly, expecting Pablo to finish his sentence. But when Pablo took another bite, Cory knew that conclusion wasn’t coming, and he dove back into his meal.

It didn’t take long for Cory to finish what he had left. Once his plate was empty, he pushed his chair out and pushed himself up to go get another. Though initially surprised at how much effort it took him to get up, he reasoned it was to be expected after filling himself with so much greasy Italian food. Either way, he told himself to get used to it, because a plate full of Chinese food was going to have the exact same effect.

After piling another plate high with whatever on the Chinese end of the buffet looked appealing to him, Cory sat back down at the table and started digging in. With Pablo eating at a more typical pace, Cory saw it as his chance to catch up. He wolfed down as much as he could as fast as he could. Even Pablo seemed to take notice, pausing his eating to say, “You must be hungry, rookie.”

“Oh, uh,” Cory grumbled through his full mouth. After swallowing, he was finally able to get out, “Yeah, I guess so.”

“Well, make sure you don’t eat so fast you get sick. It’s not a race or anything,” Pablo chuckled.

Of course, Cory knew it wasn’t a race. But something about hearing it from Pablo himself managed to quell his competitive spirit. Slowing down, he took the time to savor his meal more, and found that while it wasn’t exactly high-class cuisine, he still quite enjoyed it. “Yeah. As long as we ride together. Just like this route, right?” Cory asked with a genuine smile.

“Yeah, sure, something like that,” Pablo laughed. Maybe he didn’t take Cory’s metaphors as seriously as Cory did. But Cory was still pretty satisfied with that one, and had a bit of pride behind his smile as he took another bite.

The two kept wolfing down all the food in front of them, eating just slowly enough to enjoy the flavors, but still stuffing their faces remarkably quickly. It took another two plates before Pablo had slowed down to the speed Cory was eating, by which point Corey was on his third plate. Conversation between the two remained sparse, as they were more focused on using their mouths to eat than talk. Remarkably, Pablo’s plates didn’t seem to be stacked any less high with food than his first one, demonstrating an impressive appetite as he and Cory kept eating.

But it seemed that eating wasn’t without its consequences. Once Pablo had finished his fourth plate, Cory noticed it took him a good deal more effort to get up out of his chair than it had before. He supposed that wasn’t that unusual, considering that amount of food that must have accumulated in his gut. No, what surprised him more was just how much his gut hung out of his shirt once he’d gotten up. Cory did his best to recall how the shirt had fit him before they meal, and he was fairly certain it was able to cover Pablo’s entire gut, with some room to spare. Now, a good inch or two of flab was hanging out of the bottom of his shirt, his rounded underbelly jiggling as he walked. Sure, Pablo had eaten a lot, but Cory didn’t think a single meal could blow him up that much.

It made Cory wonder if the same thing would happen to him if he kept eating, before he took another bite of the food and lost all his previous thoughts to thinking about just how good the food was. Well, he thought, it was certainly an improvement over ham and cheese sandwiches. And one dinner, he thought, couldn’t make him blow up that much, right? So once he finished his third plate, in spite of some of his own trouble with standing up, he decided he’d get himself another round of food. But this one, he promised himself, would only include his favorites, so it wouldn’t be so big as the other plates he’d taken.

By the time Cory made it back to the table, his plate was stacked just as high as all the previous plates he’d brought back. The only way it differed from the previous ones was that by picking from across the different cuisines, Cory had covered his plate with foods he couldn’t wait to chow down on. And once he sat down, he lost himself to the process of wolfing it all down nearly as fast as he could. If he was trying to catch up with Pablo, that round would have been a valiant attempt.

Of course, Pablo was already working through his sixth plate by the time Cory finished his fourth. Or was it his seventh? By then, Cory could barely keep count, as just eating his own meal was taking a lot out of him. Though the food was delicious, Cory found himself with the beginning of a food coma. He was able to forge ahead in spite of it, but didn’t give much thought to matters like counting how many plates Pablo had eaten, or even how much Corey himself had eaten. Or how much more difficult it was for him to get out of his chair with every passing round at the buffet.

That was, until one of his plates finally did him in. With all of the food on the plate having been slowly but steadily scarfed down, Cory leaned back and let out a low, pained groan. He tried to sit forward again, but his stomach had other ideas, sending out a shot of pain when he tried to lean forward in any capacity. It seemed that once he’d stretched backward, his stomach had taken a cue from him and stretched out to allow it to grow as far out as it could. And it would not be compressed again.

With the possibility of getting up now out of the picture, Cory lay back in his seat, his eyes barely open enough to let the lights above him through. Rubbing his hands over his belly, he found himself so full that his own rubs barely provided any relief. He let his fingers glide across the taut service of his belly with the tight tee shirt between them. As he found himself getting more tired, his hands gravitated down his body, until he felt one of his fingers fall into his belly button.

At that, Corey jolted awake just enough to realize that his own belly was now hanging out of the bottom of his shirt. Feebly, he tried to pull the shirt down, as if there was any give left to it. Though it stretched, once he released it, it merely rode back up, revealing the entire underside of Cory’s belly. Cory was too tired to really get a feel for just how big he’d grown, but as he slid his hands under the bottom of his belly, he felt at the soft bottom of his gut and was amazed at just how big it had gotten.

The amazement didn’t last long, though, as Corey soon found himself too tired to keep feeling over his swollen gut. The mountain of food inside was pulling him down, demanding that he sleep so it could digest. Though he wished he could have eaten a little more before his belly called it quits for him, he supposed now he didn’t have much say in the matter. With the tiniest of belches, indicating that there wasn’t much room left for anything in his gut, Corey leaned back in his chair one more time and fell asleep.

The vague images of Cory’s dreams were punctuated by one very distinct noise. “Cory.” He felt himself pushed to the side in his sleepy, psychedelic landscape, before the same voice said, “Cory,” louder. Suddenly the vague images were replaced by a very distinct once: the table he and Pablo had sat at for dinner, with their plates, napkins, and cutlery cleared away.

With his eyes half-open, Cory looked to the side and saw Pablo leaning over, ready to push him again if need be. “You awake?”


“We both fell asleep after our meal.”

“And you couldn’t let me stay asleep?” Cory groggily asked.

“Rookie, wake up,” Pablo said, giving him another shove that was more like a hit. “We can’t sleep here. I’m embarrassed we even let this happen.”

“That makes one of us,” Cory mumbled, still slumped over in his chair.

“Will you wake up? That’s not the only problem.”

“What do you mean?” Cory asked, eyed still half-closed.

“Open your eyes all the way and see for yourself.”

Annoyed by Pablo’s comments, Cory squinted his eyes angrily before letting out a sigh and opening them. After he rubbed them and his vision came into focus, he beheld Pablo’s unamused expression. That was nothing new, of course. What was new was that his face seemed a bit puffier than usual, like he’d swelled up with rage. It was a humorous thought, but it seemed it wasn’t a joke, as Cory looked down to see that it wasn’t just Pablo’s face that had rounded out.

It seemed Pablo’s belly had swollen up too, and expanded enough to stretch out his 4XL shirt. Whereas it had previously fit loosely, now it was like saran wrap, tightly enveloping the belly inside and leaving little to the imagination about the size of Pablo’s belly, Which had certainly increased since they’d arrived, looking about an inch or two wider on each side as they remained seated. The shirt still managed to cover all of Pablo’s belly, though whether it could do that once he stood up was a crap shoot.

“Looks like that dinner last night did a number on you,” Corey said amusedly.

“Uh, look who’s talking.”

Furrowing his brow, Corey looked down, before his eyebrows and eyelids both shot up at what he beheld. His belly had grown bigger too, the shirt around it having tightened around the swollen mass. In his confusion, he brought his hands to bear on his gut, expecting them to go right through it like he was seeing things. But as soon as they landed on the orb of fat, they made a slapping sound and caused ripples that spread across his whole belly. Furrowing his brow, he pushed his hands into his flab and felt them sink into his girth, before the firm core pushed back against the force. Feeling farther down the belly, he soon felt the bottom of his gut sticking out of his shirt while he sat down. If this was how poorly it fit while he sat down, he could only imagine how big it would be standing up.

“Well, come on. We better check on my truck and see how they’re coming along with those repairs.”

“You’re kidding, right? There’s no way these shirts are going to fit once we stand up.”

“Then we get new ones at the gift shop. Come on,” Pablo insisted, leaning forward in his chair. After a few groaning efforts, a Pablo managed to rise from his seat, allowing his expanded gut to jut out in front of him. Once he was up, he took some time to find his balance. With how much time it took him to find his center of gravity, Cory surmised he must have grown quite a bit. “Alright, come on,” he said, and beckoned Cory to rise.

Cory looked around a bit before doing as instructed. He saw only two other truckers sitting in the restaurant, both of them with plates piled high with breakfast food. One of the two buffet tables was closed, with the other filled with trays stacked high with eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, home fries, toast, and other assorted breakfast items. Looking at the clock, he saw that it was 6:15.

Once he’d gotten a grip on his surroundings, Corey grabbed the back of his chair and pushed himself into a standing position. It was harder to do than usual, a fact that he knew could be attributed to his belly. But it wasn’t until he’s finally stood up that he could grasp just how much he’d grown. Mindlessly trying to pull his shirt down, he discovered that he couldn’t get it to cover his belly in any direction. After letting go, he felt his shirt snap back up to hang around his gut, rather than over it. Rubbing his hand around the bottom, he could feel a solid inch or two of belly hanging out of the bottom, soft and warm in his hand. “Well damn.”

“I’ll say.”

“We better come back for breakfast after hearing the deal with our trucks.”

“Back for… look at us, rookie. We don’t need to eat like that again.”

“Agree to disagree,” Cory said before he walked past Pablo. However, with his belly having grown as much as it had, he soon found himself overtaken by Pablo, whose decades as a trucker gave him a comfort and ease of moving his fat body that Cory couldn’t hope to replicate, at least not without a few more years under his belt.

Once the two both made it out of the restaurant, they approached Ben, who was remarkably still working behind the front counter.

“Ben! Do they ever let you sleep?”

“When I need to. I see you gentlemen had a good visit to the buffet,” he said, without a hint of surprise at their new size, but also without the judgement Cory would expect in a statement like that. “I trust you’ll be back when you get hungry again?”

“Probably,” Cory answered, cutting Pablo off before he could say “no”.

“Regardless,” Pablo said, with an audible air of impatience, “we want to know how repairs on my truck are coming.”

“Hmm, let me check,” Ben said, typing a bit before he looked up a the two with a disappointed expression. “I’m afraid it’ll need a couple more days until it’s ready to go.”

“Great,” Pablo grumbled.

“It is a rather unfortunate situation, I must admit. However, your company is paying for any costs you accrue while you stay here. Might I encourage you to browse our other amenities? We have a lounge, a pool and hot tub, wifi–”

“You have a hot tub?!” Cory blurted out.

“We do! Of course, most truckers don’t bring bathing suits with them unless they plan to stop here, so we sell some affordable ones in the gift shop, from small to 10XL. Of course, you gentlemen won’t have to worry about the price,” Ben said with a smile.

“You really trust a pool or hot tub that gets filled with truckers to be clean?” Pablo asked Cory.

“A valid concern, which is why we charge a flat fee for usage of the swimming facilities, to discourage misuse and pay for upkeep. Of course, you two are free to come and go as you please.”

“Oh,” Pablo said, sounding genuinely surprised. “Maybe I will try it out then.”

With a smile, Ben continued, “You can find the swimming facilities down that hallway,” he said as he pointed to the right of the showers. “You’ll also find a locker room, where you can change into your suits and keep your things. You’ll also find towels down there. Enjoy!”

Looking at each other with smiles on their faces, both Pablo and Cory turned toward the gift store to pick up some bathing suits. “Should we get new shirts too?” Pablo asked.

“Nah. What’s the point when we’ll be taking them off anyway?”

After a quick shopping trip to pick up some swim shorts, the two walked to the swimming facilities, caring increasingly little about their bellies hanging out of their shirts. Corey found himself a little self-conscious as the other truckers kept staring at their protruding guts. But Pablo, it seemed, was more willing to roll with it, playing with the truckers’ attention and seemingly even flirting with them. To Cory’s surprise, most of the truckers seemed to respond positively to his attention.

The two were quick to change in the locker room and soon found themselves alone in a tiled room with a glass roof to let the sun in. The pool was big enough to have both a shallow and deep end, although not diving board in sight. Perhaps it had been broken too many times by the truckers, and the stop had decided it wasn’t worth replacing. And of course, there was the hot tub, steaming but otherwise perfectly still.

“Does this thing bubble?” Pablo asked.

“Let’s get in and find out.”

The water remained still as the two stepped in, letting out sharp “oh”s and “ah”s as they adjusted to the heat. But soon they were in and relaxing, letting out satisfied sighs as they soaked. “Alright, let’s find the button,” Pablo said.

They spent a few moments looking around the hot tub itself, before Cory saw a button on the wall labeled “bubbles”. “That’ll probably do it,” he said as he stepped out.

“Oh yeah,” Pablo concurred before sitting back and relaxing in anticipation.

Once Cory pressed the button, he could hear some mechanical whirring, followed by the sound of turbulence in the water, and a satisfied sigh from Pablo. Cory hopped back in, finding it a lot easier to acclimate to the heat the second time around. Soon both men were relaxing as the hot water bubbled around them. Leaning back, they enjoyed the chance to finally sit still for a while and relax.

“Mind if I join you gentlemen?” The voice was deep and husky, coming from someone standing above the two.

Looking up, Cory’s gaze fell upon a fellow whose belly dominated his view of the man. It stuck out at least a foot over the waistband of his baggy swimsuit, with a happy trail leading down into the garment, and was wide enough to eclipse both Cory’s and Pablo’s. Looking farther up, he could see that the man had a giant brown beard to match, as well as gentle blue eyes.

“Of course,” Pablo answered, before Cory could gain his composure enough to answer.

With a smile pulling the sides of his beard up, the man reached out for the railing and made his way into the water. A chorus of “oh”s and “ah”s accompanied his descent until he was sitting in the warm water and looked comfortable. “I don’t usually stop at the hot tub when I stop here, but I saw you two gents heading toward it today and thought, today should be the day I change that.”

“Good choice,” Pablo commended. “It’s quite comfy.”

“And it has a wonderful welcoming committee,” he continued, looking at both men with a smile.

“What can we say?” Pablo said, before leaning back and allowing his belly to stick out even more in front of him. “It’s easy to welcome a gent as handsome as you.”

The man smiled at Pablo especially, making Corey feel like he was losing his chance. “You said you don’t usually stop at the hot tub. Do you stop here often?”

“Pretty often. It’s right along one of my main routes, and as good a stop as any. You two?”

“We, uh, had to stop here,” Corey said.

“Yeah,” Pablo agreed. “My truck seized up just as we were coming upon this place, so we stopped by. When the mechanic looked at it, it sprayed us with oil.”

“Oof. Sounds like a real problem.”

“They’re still fixing it.”

“Is that why you’re here at the pool, where it’s shirt optional?”

“Hah! No, they gave us replacement shirts from the gift shop,” Cory chimed in.

“We’re just here to relax,” Pablo assured the man, letting his arm creep up on top of the edge of the pool and stroke the man’s upper arm.

At that, the man returned Pabo’s smile, bringing up his own arm to stroke Pablo. “Well, it sure is awfully relaxing here, but maybe you might prefer to relax in the back of a sleeper with another trucker.”

“Mmmm, now you’re speaking my language,” Pablo replied with a grin. “Although it doesn’t sound like there’ll because much relaxing going on.”

“And now you’re speaking mine. What do you saw we dry up and head to my trailer?

Without even answering the trucker’s question, Pablo stood up and was evacuating the pool. “Don’t wait up, rookie,” Pablo shouted out as he made his way to the locker room.

“I like your friend,” the man said with a smile to Cory, before he followed Pablo into the locker room.

Cory sat in the warm water feeling like he’d just missed out on his own chance at getting lucky with the driver. He wanted to feel happy for Pablo and the fact that he’d be enjoying some shenanigans during their stay. But he couldn’t help but feel jealous. Like if his belly were as big as Pablo’s, big enough that he came closer to fitting in with all giant bellies waddling around them, he’d get some action of his own.

It was then that Cory decided, he wasn’t going to waste any more time in the hot tub. At least, not any more time while he didn’t have a giant meal to digest.

After standing up in the tub, Cory strode to the locker room, where he was surprised to see neither Pablo nor his new friend. Had they even bothered to shower, or would they be enjoying each other’s naked bodies along with the smell of chlorine? Suddenly, Cory felt only half as jealous as he was before. Either way, he stripped off his bathing suit and stepped into the showers.

As the water ran down Cory’s body, he became more intensely aware of his newly grown belly. He felt how he had to reach farther forward in order to soap up his entire gut. He felt the sensation of the water trickling over his belly farther away from him than he was used to. He felt big, bigger than ever. But it seemed if he was going to get any guys interested in him, he’d have to be even bigger.

After he dried off, Cory changed back into his regular clothes, finding that his belly still hung out of the bottom of his shirt. For once, he didn’t feel self-conscious about his shirt not quite covering his belly. In fact, at the end of his next meal, he intended for his belly to be hanging out even more.

Walking back to the restaurant, Cory straightened his back as puffed his belly out, trying to show off what gut he already had as much as possible. To his joy, he did get a few curious looks, some of which even seemed flirtatious. He returned them playfully, but he wasn’t interest in playing. He wanted to go to the buffet and fill his gut as much as he could.

The restaurant was stille still serving the breakfast buffet, with plenty of item that Cory loved to eat and looked forward to filling his belly with. As he walked up to the buffet, he spotted a few other guys in the restaurant, all of whom seemed to be taking a peek at his belly. But he didn’t mind the attention; if anything, he intended to put on a show for them.

After taking his first plate, Cory stacked his plate with six silver dollar pancakes drowned with syrup, a big helping of scrambled eggs, a pile of bacon, and as many sausages as he could fit on what room remained on the plate. Once he sat down, he immediately started wolfing the food down, making short work of everything he’d taken. The pancakes were the first to go; with how soaked they were in syrup, that practically melted in his mouth. He went for the bacon next, and found it crispy and flavorful. He made short work of the sausages before he moved on to the eggs. Though they might have been the least exciting of the items, they still surprised him with how good they were in spite of having probably sat under a heat lamp for a long time.

With the first plate cleared, Cory felt ready to go to town on the buffet. He thought of challenging himself to try everything they had available, but decided he’d rather let his cravings guide the way. And he wanted home fries. Lots and lots of home fries.

After walking back up to the buffet, Cory filled half of his plate with home fries. The rest he filled with biscuits, all of which he smothered in butter. Some toast tossed on top of the pile of potatoes rounded out the dish, and he returned to his seat. The toast was the first victim of his gluttony, each piece vanishing in one bite before he cleared it all, leaving no obstacles between him and the home fries. He shoved several in his mouth at once, happy to find they were both crispy and well-seasoned. Pleasantly surprised, he shoved twice as many into his mouth with his next bite. More and more of the fries disappeared down his greedy gullet, broken up by the buttery biscuits that tasted just as good going down. It didn’t take long for him to finish his second plate, though it did take him a bit longer than usual to stand up.

With two plates down, Cory had one thing on his mind: eating as much as possible. He tried to not think too hard about what he took from the buffet, as whatever time he spent up in line could have been spent eating instead. Rather, he let his instincts take control, and grabbed whatever looked appetizing from the greasy selection. With less of a mind for selection, the presentation of his plate was certainly more messy than the first two times. But he’d filled it up with even more food than he had the first time, and once he sat down, he wolfed it all down even faster than either of the first two plates.

After struggling a bit to stand up, Cory returned to the buffet for more food. He absentmindedly tried to pull his shirt down, only to find it wouldn’t budge from where it hung above his belly button. Looking around, he caught some of the guys sitting at the tables around him staring, before the prospect of eye contact made them look back at their food. It seemed he wasn’t quite big enough to get the kind of shameless attention that Pablo got, but he’d get there. With renewed vigor, he piled his fourth plate high with food and returned to his table.

Cory found himself eating with less enthusiasm once he’d moved on to his fourth plate. It seemed that without the force of hunger driving him to wolf down all that food, he couldn’t plow through it quite as enthusiastically as he could before. But he was determined to do what he had to do to grow, and he kept on eating until his plate was clear. By then, he was starting to feel full, but he knew he couldn’t stop there if he was going to get to Pablo’s size. Thankfully, the food was so delicious that he found himself compelled to return for more.

As he tried to get up, though, Cory found himself needing to push himself up with both arms grabbing the back of the chair. Once he was up, he leaned back to counteract all the extra weight in front of him. Returning to the buffet, he found himself forced to walk with more awareness of his belly, moving himself in such a way that it didn’t move around too much. After all, it was a lot of mass to move. And as he filled up his fifth plate, he knew he’d have even more to move soon.

Cory started munching on the contents of his fifth plate on his way to the table, walking slowly so that he didn’t spill any. Once he got back, he put his plate down before sitting down with both hands on the back of his chair. He settled down slowly, his stomach threatening pain if he compressed it too quickly, until he finally landed on the seat and could relax. With nothing to be careful of, he dug into the food on his plate, filling his mouth constantly until it was all gone.

Cory continued that way through a sixth plate. And a seventh. It was the eighth that did him in, as he managed to shove the last of it into his mouth before his hands fell on the table. By then, there was no chance of him getting himself out of his chair. With what little energy he had left, he raised his arms to feel his gut, and found it popping out in front of him like he’d hid a massive beach ball under his shirt. Of course, he knew most of that was bloat from the food. But he also knew that food was going to turn into more of him. As food coma pulled his eyes closed, he let his eyelids relax, and stopped resisting it’s pull…

“You alright, bub?”

The words jolted Cory back to awareness, though he was too full to jump at the surprise. After wiping his eyes, he looked at the trucker, one of the ones who’d been staring at him all night, and answered, “Fine, fine.”

“You seem awfully, uh… full.” Cory opened his eyes a bit more to see that the trucker had a belly that made Pablo’s look small, but no lengthy beard like many his size. He kept his facial hair cut close, leaving nothing about the shape of his face to the imagination. Cory could easily make out the double chin that wrapped around his face like a ring of rubber, and framed a concerned expression.

“I need… to get… bigger…” Cory felt far too full to lie about his motivation, so he admitted the truth, and hoped he wouldn’t have to explain himself.

There was a pause before the truck driver spoke again. As he took a deep breath, Cory could feel a hand on stuffed belly. It rubbed him gently, making his open his eyes slowly, until he saw that it was the trucker’s hand. Opening his eyes more, he looked up to see the trucker looking at his gut tenderly, with a smile on his face. “Now that’s what I like to hear.” After giving Cory’s belly a few gentle pats, he continued, “You wait right here,” before getting up from his chair.

Cory wasn’t sure how the other trucker expected him to go anywhere else, so he laid still, leaning back against the seat back. He let his hands migrate to his stuffed belly and rub the whole thing over, trying in vain to provide it some amount of relief. But his stomach was simply stretched too tightly for any relief to be found. He mused that he might as well keep eating, since his gut wasn’t going to feel any better. If only he could stand up and get more.

After hearing the sound of someone sitting down, Cory saw that the trucker had returned with a plate of his own. Cory wasn’t sure why the trucker wanted to sit with him, when he couldn’t possibly make interesting company. He was too full to talk, too full to even think.

“Open up”.

Cory did as instructed, too full to contradict orders. Once his mouth was open, he was surprised to find several pieces of bacon shoved between his lips. Without a second thought, he started chewing, while the trucker pushed the bacon in as Cory made more room. “That’s a good boy,” the trucker whispered. “Keep on chewing. Just because you can’t get up doesn’t mean the meal is over. You want to grow? You gotta eat more.”

The man’s encouragement gave Cory a second wind, giving him the energy to keep wolfing down everything the man would shove in his greedy mouth. Sausages, pancakes with butter on top, hash browns, whatever could be held in hand, the man would feed Cory. And Cory, enjoying being fed to his true limits, laid back and let his stomach expand into the space in front of him.

Cory didn’t bother to keep track of how much he was being fed, and had no idea how much of the food he’d eaten until the the flow of food stopped. As he lethargically chewed his last bite, he became aware of the sensation of a hand rubbing his belly again. Opening his tired eyes, he saw the other trucker rubbing his belly again, this time with a more devious grin on his face. “Good boy,” he whispered. “We both know that just because you can’t get up doesn’t mean there isn’t more room in that gut. I bet you can eat a whole lot more. You can eat whole lot more, right?”

Even with the man’s encouragement exciting him about the prospect of eating more, Cory could barely keep his eyes open. All the food in his stomach weighing him down threatened to pull him into food coma. He enjoyed the feeling of his belly being rubbed, but even that threatened to lull him to sleep.

“I said, right, boy?”

Cory let out a groan before he could muster up the energy to answer. As he let out a second groan, he contorted his mouth to the right shape to let out the word, “Right.”

“Good.” The man gave Cory’s belly a few heartier pats, these ones causing just enough of a jolt of pain to wake Cory back up, as he let out another groan. “I’ll be right back.”

Cory wasn’t sure how long the man was gone. The sounds of the restaurant around him all bled into each other in a way that gave him no useful indication of where his mysterious feeder was. And just like the man’s belly rub, the din of the restaurant lulled him into a sleepy state where staying awake was difficult.

At least, it was difficult until he felt the man pat the side of his belly again, this time with a plate full of food in his other hand. “Open up, boy.”

Cory did as directed and did his best to chew and swallow whatever the man fed him. By then, though, even the simple act of eating was getting difficult, as chewing and swallowing was taking an amount of energy that he barely had. Of course, the food was still delicious, and he wanted to eat it all. But with his belly stretched so full, begging him to rest and let it digest, it was a struggle to keep eating what the trucker was feeding him. But as long as the trucker could push food in, he could keep eating it.

At least, Cory felt that way when they had started the plate. By the end, he couldn’t even keep his eyes open as he chewed. The sensation of food being shoved in his mouth was the only thing keeping him awake. Each shove would give him enough energy to chew and swallow one bite, and he’d nearly fall asleep, but the trucker would shove in even more, waking him up yet again. All this continued until the last bite of food on the plate was down in his packed, stomach.

“Mmmm, what a good boy. You devoured all that like a pro. You’re going to get bigger in no time, I can tell.” The man’s words were accompanied by two hands on Cory’s stomach, rubbing it up and down and massaging the overstuffed mass. Even that touch felt like too much, his crammed stomach rebelling against any attempt to comfort it. But even that pain could not keep him awake, as it seemed he’d finally crossed the tipping point. With so much food in his gut, he couldn’t help but be pulled down into sleep, like the added gravity of his extra weight was pulling him down into a deep slumber. And without food being shoved in his mouth, even with two hands on him rubbing his gut, even with the trucker’s complimentary words, Cory finally gave in to his food coma, and slept.

No one bothered to wake Cory up after his breakfast feast. He wasn’t sure exactly how long he’d slept, until he could finally rub his eyes and get a clear view of the clock. It was 10:24. It seemed he’d taken a significant nap after his massive breakfast, but at the very least, he didn’t feel full anymore. And yet, he still found leaning forward to get up more of a challenge than he remembered it being. Of course, he figured, it was because he’d just woken up, and didn’t have his usual amount of energy. He couldn’t imagine eating from the buffet again, but he was sure a cup of coffee couldn’t hurt.

So Cory pushed himself forward, against all the extra resistance, and stood up again. He found himself leaning farther back than usual to find his balance, but at least he was upright again. Strangely, he didn’t feel lethargic enough to necessitate a cup of coffee. As he pondered why that might be, his hand absentmindedly made its way to his belly.

And that was when Cory got his surprise. Underneath his hand was a belly that had grown a good deal since before breakfast. When he looked down, he saw that not only was it bigger, but it was nearly as big as Pablo’s had been when they arrived at the depot. In only two meals, Cory had caught up to where it took Pablo 20 years to get. And with Cory wearing the same shirt that he’d gotten after they arrived, it hung out of the bottom enough to show his navel and and inch or two of flab above it. He tried to pull the shirt down, but it was already as far down as it would go. Which, he supposed, made sense. He couldn’t expect the shirt to fit his belly now, when it had grown an inch or two in every direction, and already didn’t fit before.

“Seems that shirt has seen better days, bub.” Looking up, Cory was met with the gaze of another trucker. This one had a gargantuan belly that hung a little bit over his nearly hidden beltline, but still jutted forward like the beer kegs he’d probably drunken out of many times before. It was the size of a yoga ball, and looked about as bouncy. Beyond his tee shirt and cargo shorts, Cory could see arms and legs that had clearly spent a lot of time in the gym. Looking up, he beheld the face of a man who was a few years older than him, and yet was a good deal rounder, with cheeks and chin carrying the evidence that he could eat even more than Cory could.

“It’s seen looser days, certainly,”

“Guess all this…” Stroking the bottom of Cory’ belly, the driver’s fingers gently sunk into the bottom of Cory’s soft flab as he continued, “Snuck up on you then?”

“More than you know.”

“It looks good on ya, bub,” he said in a softer voice, before both hands started feeling the bottom of Cory’s belly. It wasn’t something Cory was used to, but he was quick to warm up to it.

“Heh, th-thanks. Yours looks even better on you.”

“Aw, you’re too kind. Maybe we ought to take this back to my trailer.”

At that, Cory nearly froze. That was definitely new territory for him, but it was territory he wanted to explore. It was the whole reason he’d wanted to get himself big in the first place. Trying to put on his best confident affectation, he tilted his head and asked, “You got enough room in the back for both of us?”

“I’ve had bigger truckers you back there, bub,” he chuckled. “We’ll be fine. You a top or bottom?”

Cory had never been asked that before, or even given it any thought.
“Whatever you need me to be, big guy.”

“Mmmmm,” the trucker nearly growled, the smile on his face contorting into a toothy grin. “Now that’s a good answer. I’m Joe.”


“C’mon, Cory,” he said, before putting his hand on Cory’s shoulder and turning him around. “You and me are gonna have a good time,” he continued, leading him into the parking lot with his arm across Cory’s back. With his other hand, he squeezed the exposed flab of Cody’s belly. “You got a lot of guts wearing a shirt like this around.”

“Well, it fit better before I had breakfast this morning.”

“Oh yeah, I’m sure,” Joe responded sarcastically, poking the bottom of Cory’s belly. “Well hey, I’m not saying I mind. Now I know exactly what I’m working with,” he chuckled as he gave the bottom of Cory’s gut a few pats.

They didn’t have to walk through the parking lot for long before they got to Joe’s trailer. It was a spacious one, bigger than any Cory had seen before, the trailer alone being the length of a four-door pickup truck. Turning to Cory with a smile, Joe said, “Come on up,” before he opened the door and pulled himself up with a grunt. Cory followed close behind, excited but also nervous about what was to come.

After climbing over the passenger seat, Cory followed Joe behind the curtain that separated the cabin from the sleeper. Inside, he saw what might have passed as an apartment in a city like New York, far more spacious than any sleeper he’d been in. There was a kitchen unit, a lounge area with a impressive TV, and a bed that was easily big enough for the both of them to stretch out. He didn’t imagine they’d be doing much stretching out that night, though.

And then there was Joe. Somehow, in the time in took Cory to follow him behind the curtain, he’d already tossed his shirt onto the ground, giving Cory a rear view of the gorgeous valley running down between the rolls of fat on his back. As he slowly turned around, his belly came more into view, as if it was growing out over his belt. Cory had already seen how big his belly was in that tight grey shirt inside the truck stop. But to see I uncovered and out in all its splendor, sticking out like mountain jutting from the earth, took his breath away.

“Heh. I see you like what you see too.”

After blubbering his words, Cory was finally able to get out, “How could I not?”

The devious smile on Joe’s face turned into a more placid one as he stroked the underside of Cory’s chin. “You’ve never done anything like this before, have you?”

“Wha-what do you mean?”

“It’s okay, you don’t have to pretend like you’re some swaggering Don Juan who’s old hat at this and seen it all before. Where’s the fun in that? Why bother making love to a man I can’t make feel good?”

“I… I guess you’re right. No, I’ve, I’ve never done this kind of thing before.”

With a nod, Joe stepped in a little closer, letting his hand run down the side of Cory’s body. Feeling the hand trace the curves of his chest and his newly expanded gut made Cory take a sharp inhalation, shuddering as he let it out. “Tell me, then, what have you done before? Where should I take it slow…” Joe put both of his hands on Cory’s shoulders and gripped just tightly enough to make shivers run down his body. “And where are you comfortable jumping right into the deep end?”

“Well–” Cory started with a gulp. “I’ve… made out with guys before. Even… played with each other’s dicks. No anal, though. O-or oral.”

“No, huh?” Joe asked, letting his hands run down Cory’s arms. They were rough, but warm, the kind of hands Joe wouldn’t have minded being wrapped up in. “Cory, I’m gonna level with ya. I can’t in good conscious be the first guy to fuck you in the ass. It’s not going to be any fun for either of us if you aren’t comfortable, and I can tell you’re nervous.”

“What? No, we–”

But, I can think of several things we could do instead, if you’re up for them.”

“Of course I am,” Cory whispered, trying to convince himself more than Joe.

“We’ll see about that,” Joe assured him. “I think we’ll both enjoy them. But only if you’re ready.”

Looking up at Joe, Cory looked into his emerald eyes, and for the first time that night, didn’t feel nervous. Joe’s hands rubbed up the side of Cory’s arms, and Cory shivered with excitement. He was eager for whatever would come next, and felt like he could trust Joe to guide him there. The crinkle in Joe’s eyes as he smiled made Cory feel even more comforted, and eager. “I’m ready.”

As Joe tightened his grip around Cory’s shoulders, his smile curled once again into an eager smirk. While he leaned in, that smirk softened as his eyes closed, Joe doing the same until their lips met. Joe’s lips were about as rough and dry as his hands, but soon to be dampened as their eager tongues came out to play. Lapping out as they got to know each other, they belied the eagerness both men felt. It was a lust that Cory found effortless to sink into, losing himself in his passions for this mountain of a man.

Their tongues weren’t all they used to explore each other, as their hands wrapped tight around each other’s backs, pulling them closer as their bellies pushed against each other. Soon those hands were rubbing those bellies, feeling up their soft curves and enjoying the heft that both men commanded. To feel Joe’s seasoned hands on his body made Cory fall even deeper into his lust for the man. Each rough touch felt like a stamp of approval, Joe’s desire making Cory feel even sexier.

As they continued, Cory couldn’t hide his admiration for Joe’s gut, grabbing it even more eagerly than Joe grabbed him. Joe, for his part, seemed to quite enjoy the attention, as he let out a dark chuckle into Cory’s mouth every time Cory felt up his gut. It was like a mountain that couldn’t be conquered, his white whale right in his hands. It was too massive, too heavy for Cory to reckon with in its entirety. The more he thought about it, the more he thought even Joe probably wasn’t entirely in control of it. It was like a planet, pulling the two together with its gravity, and just as massive and round.

“You like this big gut, huh?” Joe asked in his husky voice, his assured tone indicating he already knew the answer.

“Yeah,” Cory gasped.

With a growl of pleasure, Joe put his hand on Cory’s back and pulled him close, forcing him to bend over Joe’s belly. “You wanna feel this massive gut weighing down on you?”

“Yes,” Cory replied in an even higher pitched voice. If it weren’t for Joe’s steadfast grip on his shoulder, he would have been arching his back. Unrestrained, his eyes closed nearly all the way as his head hung back. Letting out moans of pleasure, Cory couldn’t help but make it abundantly clear how he felt about Joe.

And Joe was feeling it too, pulling Cory in even tighter as he finally uttered, “I know what to do with you.” With Cory’s eyebrows rising, Joe turned him around and arched his back, before shoving his belly into the crook of Cory’s back.

Upon feeling all that warmth and girth against his back, Cory felt frozen in place. Such a massive belly propped up against him was a dream come true, and one he didn’t have to fall asleep to experience it. Cory was frozen in place, moaning happily until Joe leaned in, pressing his warm heft even more strongly into Cory’s back. “You like that?”


“That’s what I thought. Now, bend over on the bed.”

That was enough to take Cory out of his ecstatic daze, making him look back to Joe with narrowed eyes. “I thought you said we wouldn’t be doing anal.”

“We won’t. Now bend down.”

Cory wasn’t sure what Joe had in mind, but he was willing to take the chance. Facing Joe’s bed, Cory leaned over until he was face down in the surprisingly soft comforter. “So what do you–”

Before Joe could answer, he felt something come to rest on top of the crack between his buttcheeks. It was warm and firm, pushing its way between the two mounds of fat with barely any give of its own. And yet, his hole remained untouched, the shaft sliding between his cheeks without traveling south.

“Ooh, that’s–”

Cory’s praise was cut off by another sensation, this one of Joe’s massive belly coming down on his back with a smacking sound. Soon the warm flab weighed down on Cory and had him feeling pinned down, while also pushing Joe’s dick farther down between his cheeks. That was when Joe started thrust.

“Oooh,” Cory’s voice let out, shuddering like the quakes that would inevitably result now that the two mountainous men were getting down to business.

But Joe moved slowly at first, feeling out how his dick moved between Cory’s butt cheeks and his own gut. Feeling that dick between his cheeks and Joe’s gut dragging along Cory’s back was enough to get him moaning loudly. Joe’s sounds, by comparison, were more restrained, sharp inhalations and low groans punctuated by the occasional “Yeah.” It was clear both men were enjoying the encounter.

And yet, Joe still planned to take things further. With the motion and both men’s pleasure now established, he started thrusting with a bit more speed, allowing Cory to feel his meaty shaft slide between his cheeks a bit more enthusiastically, while his belly rubbed over his back more quickly, emphasizing just how much heft Joe was pushing as he gyrated. Feeling all that weight move over his back was enough to get Cory going, and yet, he was denied his own pleasure due to being pinned down too tightly by Joe’s weight to grind against the bed.

That denial only stoked Cory’s fire even more once Joe started thrusting quickly, his belly barely able to keep up with his movements. Feeling all that jiggling above him, with all that weight sloshing around on his back, made Cory moan loudly enough that Joe took notice. Cory could feel Joe’s cock twitch a bit between his cheeks at his moans, at which Joe would let out a growl of his own. In his attempts to satisfy his own pleasure, Cory ended up throwing his butt back into Joe’s thrusts, making him groan even more loudly.

Soon Joe was moving fast enough that his belly was brushing against Cory’s back like a giant hand, feeling over and pushing down on his back in a way that felt so good that Cory wouldn’t have wanted to get up, even if he could. The fact that Joe could move all that weight so fast was astounding to Cory, but he didn’t have much time to think about it, as Joe’s movements seemed to not just be motivated by wanting to hear Cory moan more loudly. No, Joe was quite enjoying himself too, his pleasure captured in his ever loudening moans. They grew shorter, higher-pitched, breathier, until a brief pause heralded the end.


With a few last humps, Joe get out his pleasure as Cory felt the area between his back and Cory’s underbelly become warmer. And stickier. After a few last fast breaths, Joe’s breathing finally slowed down to match the reduced pace of his movements. Though Cory still couldn’t find relief for the arousal he felt, with Joe now hunched over tiredly on top of him, preventing him from finding his own satisfaction.

But there was something satisfying about the spent fat man lying on top of him, so worked out that he couldn’t even lift his orb of fat off of Cory’s back to let him go free. But as he felt Joe lean on him more and more, he was forced to warn the guy, “Hey, still trying to breath under here.”

“Huh? Oh,” Joe said with a chuckle. “Sorry, I think I almost fell asleep.” After lifting his belly off of Cory’s back, he took some tissues and wiped up the mess he’d left on both men. Once Cory was clean, Joe let out another growl and patted one of his cheeks. “You’ve got a nice ass, here. Wish I could play with it more.”

“Who’s to say you can’t?” Cory asked.

“Oh, I gotta be off soon, demands of the job and all that. Still, I can’t go off without making sure you get your own.”

“My own?”

“Oh, don’t be coy,” Joe said, stroking the side of Cory’s hips in a way that made Cory shudder yet again. “I want you to enjoy this just as much as I do.” Reaching farther in, Joe was able to feel Cory’s dick, giving it just enough of a squeeze to make Cory take notice. “Mmhm, still nice and hard, like this gut, “Joe said before patting the side of his belly, proving he had the credentials to make a statement like that.


“You like this gut, don’t you?” Joe asked again as he lifted one of Cory’s legs up and spun him around like a rag doll.

“Y-y-yes, I do.”

“Yeah?” Joe asked rhetorically again, lifting Cory’s legs up until they rested on his shoulders, his feet flanking Joe’s head, as he settled his belly into Cory’s crotch.

“Uh huh,” Cory said with increased shuddering.

Leaning over, Joe lifted Cory’s dick out from between them before he placed it against his belly, pumping his massive gut back and forth until the tip got caught in Cory’s belly button. “Like that?” he growled, clearly enjoying himself.

“Mmmph, ye-ye-yea–”

Slowly, and with a sharp inhalation, Joe pushed his belly forward, enveloping Cory’s cock in his soft gut. At that point, Cory’s words were replaced moans, the only sound he could make as he felt his dick become enveloped by the one thing it loved most: a massive belly. It was like he was fucking that giant ball of fat, except it was the one taking him in and taking over his pleasure. To feel all that soft flab envelope him got Cory even more worked up, until he could only think about one thing: that belly.

Using the strength of his legs and back, Cory started thrusting his hips into Joe’s belly to coincide with Joe’s gyrations. The combined effect had both men groaning and making the camper shake, as Cory felt his member pushing deeper into Joe’s mountain of fat. As he pushed deeper and deeper, it didn’t take long for Cory to finally reach the top of the mountain himself. At the same time, Joe pushed his belly against Cory, smothering his dick one last time as Cory shuddered while he climaxed.

Of course, Cory’s pleasure had nowhere to go, leading to Joe pulling away and letting it drip on the camper floor. “Oh… sorry about that,” Cory said, briefly feeling bad about the cum he watched drip from Joe’s belly, before he couldn’t help but let his view expand wide enough to take in the whole thing.

“Hehe, this floor’s seen worse. Thankfully, my company makes sure these cabins get cleaned regularly, and we got one coming up.”

Offering Cory his hand, Joe grabbed onto Cory and pulled him up into a standing position, where they embraced belly to belly. Contented moans filled the sleeper as the two men reached across the gap created by their guts pushing into each other and barely giving up any space. Yet they still managed to hold on to each other’s shoulders and rub them gently, before they went on to rub each other’s bellies in appreciation.

“I don’t know about you,” Joe said, breaking the silence. “But all that tumbling around made me work up an appetite. You up for a meal?”

“Always,” Cory replied with a smile.

“Then put those clothes back on, and let’s go hit up the buffet,” Joe implored.

With a smile, Cory hurried up and picked his clothes up off the sleeper floor, readying himself to stuff his face until he fell asleep yet again.

After his next meal, Cory didn’t wake up in a seat at the buffet like he expected to. Rather, he found himself sitting in the cabin of his truck, the sunlight rising over the trees making its way into his eyes to wake him up again. After blinking a few times, he realized he wasn’t in the truck stop parking lot that he remembered. In fact, there wasn’t a truck stop in sight. All he could see around him was parking lot on the side of the highway, a pull-over lot for drivers to take a break. Watching through the trees, he saw the other cars passing them on the highway. He supposed he and Pablo should join them if they were going to make their deadline. But then Cory remembered Pablo’s mechanical troubles, and decided he’d better check to make sure his partner was okay.

But when Cory tried to get out of his seat, he found it remarkably difficult. It felt like something was holding him down in his seat. Not quite like he was stuck, but like he had to put extra effort into getting up. After scooting toward the door a bit, he looked down, and was surprised to find that perhaps he hadn’t made up the truck stop after all. For while he couldn’t see the building, or the other trucks parked by it, or any of the folks whom he remembered helping him and Pablo, he could see that he now had a belly that was even bigger than Pablo’s was when they arrived.

Granted, it wasn’t massively bigger. But to have outgrown his mentor in what felt like a few days at a truck stop, and what might have amounted to a single night of a strange dream, had Cory feeling quite excited. Once he unlocked the door, he quickly scooted out onto the asphalt, so he could get a better look at his gut as it hung out of his ill-fitting orange smiley-face shirt.

Just like Pablo’s, it was a few inches wider on the sides than his belly had been when they first pulled in. Perhaps more than a few inches, as Cory felt about four or five inches bigger on each side. The front of his gut, meanwhile, jutted out a few inches farther as well, forcing him to lean back to counteract all the extra weight in front of him. Moving around a bit, he could feel the extra inertia of his gut dragging him down every time he tried to move from his spot. Of course, for a guy like him, who wouldn’t spend much time moving from the seat where he sat, this wasn’t a problem.


Pablo’s voice called out from across the parking lot, making Cory turn in place, a little more slowly than before. Upon seeing Pablo, Cory’s breath stopped. It seemed Cory wasn’t the only one who’d put on some weight since they pulled over.

Pablo was now undeniably waddling over to Cory, with a belly nearly as big as Joe’s, but seemingly without the muscle to walk gracefully with it. With his arms sticking out to the side, pushed there by the fat hanging around his chest, it was easy for Cory to get a view of Pablo’s newly expanded gut. As slowly as he was walking, it didn’t bounce or jiggle much. But a good portion of it was hanging out of the bottom of his green shirt, crumpled up above his belly and rendering the deer unrecognizable. As such, Cory could still see the ripples in his flab that resulted from every footstep he took.

It took some time for Pablo to close the distance between them. Once he was within Cory’s earshot, he said in between heavy breaths, “I, uh… see I’m not the only one who got… bigger.”

“Yeah,” Cory said. “Or who got a new shirt out of nowhere. Unless you already had that one?”

“Nope. I got it at the gift shop.” After the words escaped Pablo’s mouth, he chuckled and said, “You’re probably thinking, ‘What gift shop?’ aren’t you?”

“I bet it’s the same one I got this one from,” Cory said as he pointed to his own ill-fitting top.. “The one that we could take anything from–”

“Because the company would pay for it,” Pablo finished for Corey, they lights of recognition shining in his eyes.

“Yeah,” Cory confirmed, amazed. “Just like our meals at the buffet.”

“And our pool passes.”

“Although we ended up using the hot tub more.”

“Yeah,” Pablo said, the cherry on top of their account, with both men breathing more heavily than usual in their haste to agree with each other. “Okay, so we both remember staying in this trucker stop. Now, where is it?”

Looking around, Cory confirmed what he’d already been able to deduce once he woke up in the nearly empty lot: there was no truckstop anywhere to be seen. Just a flat parking lot where motorists of all stripes could pull over to take a break from driving, with several cars and another 18 wheeler parked in the lot. Any structures that rose from the ground were limited to gazebo and a few benches, certainly nothing like the massive depot they’d visited earlier. “I don’t know.”

“And how did we both end up… you know…” Pablo stalled before he patted the side of his belly. “So much wider?”

Looking down at his own belly, one he seemed to have more positive feelings about than Pablo did about his belly, Cory could only shrug. “How’s your engine?”

“I can’t imagine it would start working out of nowhere. But I suppose it’s good to check before we call the office.” Pablo slowly turned back to his truck and waddled back toward his cabin. Cory stayed close behind, enjoying the view of his mentor jiggling around more than usual, his belly hanging out of his deer-decorated shirt and bouncing a bit with every step. Just putting his foot down on the asphalt was enough to cause a shockwave that traveled up his body and visibly traversed his expansive belly.

Once they got to Pablo’s truck, he hoisted his heavy body inside, causing it to shake more than usual as he did, until he was finally in the driver’s seat. Once inside, he tried turning the keys in the ignition, only to discover to his surprise that the truck started up without issue. After the surprised expression faded off of his face, he looked down to Cory and said, “Alright, rookie, get back to your truck. We have a lot of ground to cover.”

Confused, but wanting to get back on the road, Cory did as Pablo commanded, striding his way over to his truck and climbing inside. After starting his own truck, he looked down at his belly, sticking out of its shirt, and smiled, before turning on the radio to tell Pablo, “Let’s go.”

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