Employee Retention

Originally published Jun 29, 2019.
Contains: long-term weight gain, direct encouraging.

I would like to start by saying that I am fully aware that compared to the rest of my stories, this one runs more on “porn logic” than most. In other words, when faced with a problem, the character resorts to the sexiest solution possible first rather than the most sensible one. To which I say, if straight men who are into vanilla sex can get that kind of media, us gainers should too!

It’s a common trope in weight gain fiction to have a boss influence, coerce, or outright force an employee to gain weight, whether it’s for personal enjoyment, an ulterior motive, or both. But I haven’t seen a lot of weight gain stories where the boss is the one who gains weight. I had this idea for a story where a boss gains weight, knowing that one of his employees is into it. Meanwhile, the employee doesn’t know that the boss knows, and thinks he has to keep his cool or he’ll get a call from HR. Wanting to write that kind of tension is what brought us this story.

Synopsis: Dave and Bill are CEOs of competing tech companies, with Bill’s being more financially successful, while Dave’s is widely considered a better place to work. But when Dave finds out Bill is offering Dave’s most essential employee, Robert, double salary to jump ship, he has to find a way to keep Robert on board. After finding out Robert is an encourager, Dave decides to gain weight to keep Robert from leaving, and it turns out Robert isn’t the only one who enjoys it.

“I’ll have the fettuccine alfredo, please.”

“And the Caesar salad with grilled chicken for me, light on the dressing, please.”

As the waitress finished writing down the two men’s order, Dave handed his menu to her, after which she reached over to pick up Bill’s. While she walked away, Bill looked at Dave and said, “Since when do you eat salads?”

“Since this appeared,” he answered as he patted his midsection unhappily, his noticeable paunch accented by the curved line of buttons running down the center of his shirt.

“Ah, looks like age is catching up with you.”

“You’re only two years younger than me. Careful, it’s going to happen to you too.”

“I think as long as I keep up my gym routine and exercise moderation in indulging, I’ll be fine,” Bill said with a smile. “Maybe it’s stress. I know running a medium-sized business can be stressful. It certainly was when Necessities Inc was that size.”

Dave glared at Bill over his cup as he took a sip of water. “And running a big business is easier?”

“When you can hire people to take care of things you used to have to take care of yourself, yes. You’ll understand that one day,” Bill said with a condescending smile.

Bill always found an opportunity to rub the comparative success of Necessities Inc in Dave’s face when they went out to eat. Dave didn’t know why it got to him so much. Sure, Bill might have been making more money than him, but he had his own points of pride about his business, Circuits and Switches. “I’m sure it’s easy to pay people to do extra jobs when your turnover rate is so high. What’s your RateYourEmployer rating again? 3.7 out of 5?”

“3.8, I’ll have you know,” Bill said with a bit of a snarl. “Which reminds me, I need to get HR started on that initiative to get people to leave more positive reviews.” Taking a sip of his whiskey, Bill put on a smile again and continued, “What can I say? Not everyone can run with the best. Speaking of which, what’s the name of that employee of yours who you said was ‘indispensable’ to your business? Robert, I believe his name was?”

“What about him?” Though they had once been better friends, owning competing businesses had made the two more frenemies. As such, Dave viewed Bill’s question with a healthy amount of skepticism.

“He sounds like quite the talent.”

“Yeah, thank goodness for him. I’ve tried to train other folks to do his job in case he leaves, but no one can do it quite like him.”

“Well, you might want to try training them again,” Bill said in a quieter voice, before taking another sip of his whiskey.

“And why is that?”

“Mmm, let’s just say most workers can be swayed by the offer of double the salary they currently make.”

“Double the–you didn’t.” Rather than reply to Dave’s assertion, Bill instead simply took another sip. “That’s just dirty.”

“Playing dirty is how anyone got anywhere in business. If you weren’t afraid to get your hands a bit dirty, maybe you’d be bigger than medium.”

Dave kept glaring at Bill as he took a long sip of his water. There was no way he could offer Robert a competitive salary to twice what he was getting now. And while Dave did a lot to keep his employees happy–and had the 4.8/5 on RateYourEmployer to prove it–it might not be enough. Especially considering Robert was one of his most overworked employees. He was going to have to resort to some desperate measures to keep him.

The next day, as soon as Dave arrived at his office, he locked the door and went right to his computer. After pulling up the employee database, he enabled administrative level access, something only he and the head of HR had. Once he was in, he had access to every piece of information that the system could legally and ethically gather about his employees. He was going to look up everything he could about Robert to see if there was anything he could do to convince him to stay.

He soon came upon Robert’s network usage, and found out he’d been using his credentials to access the wifi on his personal phone. Looking through Robert’s history, he found something interesting.

“‘Growr – a networking site for guys into getting bigger and helping other guys get bigger.’ Is this like a bodybuilding site?” But reading the About Us and FAQ pages painted a very different picture. “Weight gain? Not like intentionally getting fatter, right?” But the more Dave read, the more he was forced to accept that was exactly what is was. “Robert, you kinky son of a gun. I would have rather not known this, but I guess that’s what I get for snooping.” Continuing his research, half out of wanting to keep Robert and half out of genuine curiosity, Dave learned a lot more about the gainer community than he would have ever expected. Enough to come to some conclusions of his own.

“Okay, so Robert’s into guys getting fatter. But he’s skinny, and has been for all eight years he’s been here. So he’s probably not a gainer, meaning he must be an encourager.” That was when Dave remembered all the times he saw the username “EncouragerRobert” in Robert’s internet history, and put his forehead in the palm of his hand for not making the connection earlier. “So he likes watching guys get fatter.” Dave pondered that point for a moment, before his thoughts stopped like a driver slamming on the brakes and his eyes went wide.

“If I get really fat… maybe it’ll make him stay.”

At first, Dave dismissed the idea, thinking that there had to be a better way. But all his searching through the rest of Robert’s history, and all of his information, didn’t lead to any other ideas. And if he was going to go ahead with this plan, he couldn’t involve anyone else as the growing guinea pig. He wasn’t going to make another employee gain weight without their knowing, and how could he ask them to do that for him? “Hey, will you get really fat so we don’t lose Robert?” he said out loud, chuckling at how ridiculous it sounded. If he was going to do it, he had to do it himself.

But he still wasn’t sure about it. Until he got Robert’s weekly update email, detailing all the things he’d done the previous week. As he skimmed over the lengthy list, he thought about what it would take to train someone to do all that. Most people couldn’t even do it in two weeks. In comparison, giving up salads didn’t seem so bad.

Dave got up from his desk and opened the door, leaning his head around to his assistant’s desk. “Hey Mary?”

“Yes?” she said with her usual bubbly enthusiasm.

“Is it too late to change the catering for today’s lunch meeting?”

Mary blinked rapidly a few times before answering. “Well, I don’t think we’ll get our deposit back from Greens Galore with such short notice.”

“That’s fine. Cancel the salad and sandwiches for lunch and get us pizza instead.”


“Well, I guess get some salad too for those who’ll inevitably moan about their waistlines.”

“Dave, with all due respect, you were the one moaning about your waistline when you asked me to change this meeting’s menu from pizza to salad and sandwiches.”

“And now I’ve seen the error of my ways. If you could please cancel the sandwiches, cut the salad order in half, and get pizza from somewhere else. Half cheese, quarter pepperoni, quarter veggie. Can you do that?”

“I’ll make some calls and see what I can do.”

“Thank you. You’re the best,” Dave said before going back into his office to start his actual work.

Dave usually got his lunch from the company cafeteria. It was small, but he made sure the food’s quality was such that most of his employees would want to eat there, allowing the cafeteria to make enough money to be worth it. The plan worked better than expected, with employees from other companies in the same industrial park coming to Circuits and Switches to buy their lunch. As such, the cafeteria was always a lively place.

Dave usually stuck to the salad bar for his lunch, topping his veggies with some lean protein and calling that his meal. With his new plan in place, he knew he’d be getting more to eat than just that. Grabbing one of the brown paper disposable trays as he entered the cafeteria, he got a salad to get his vitamins and minerals. He then swung by the pizza station, getting a slice of meat lovers’ pizza. The entrée station was his next stop, where he got some of the fish fry they were serving that day. “Looks like someone’s treating himself,” head chef Linda commented when she saw Dave’s tray.

“You know, I’ve come to the realization that life is too short to live off of just salads.”

“Smart,” she commented as she handed him his fillet. With his tray nearly full, Dave passed by the dessert station to finish off his meal with a slice of chocolate cake. At the checkout, he raised his eyebrows at how much his four-course meal came to, compared to just a salad. But he knew it would be worth the expense.

Dave normally ate with the other executives in the cafeteria, assuming he didn’t have a lunchtime meeting to attend. But that day, he had a noon-time meeting with Robert in his office. He’d sent Robert an email saying, “Don’t feel shy about bringing lunch to the meeting. I’ll be doing so myself.” Now he’d get to see what happened as Robert saw him eating enough lunch to feed two or three people. Based on what he’d read on Growr, there was a good chance Robert would enjoy that.

Dave got back to his office around 11:50 and started on his salad, deciding to get the least exciting part of his meal out of the way first. As he munched on his veggies, he heard his office door open, revealing Robert walking in a few minutes early with a slice of cheese pizza and an apple. “Morning,” he said. “I’m not too early, am I?”

“No, no, glad you could make it. Sorry to schedule this during lunchtime, but it’s the only time when our schedules lined up. Feel free to put your lunch down on my desk and take a seat.”

“Thanks,” Robert said before setting his plate and apple down. As his eyes fell on Dave’s lunch, he seemed to pause briefly, before regaining his composure and sitting down in the chair across from Dave, smiling professionally.

Dave was a smidgen disappointed. He was hoping to get more of a reaction out of Robert. But he supposed he’d have to work harder for that. “Now, let’s talk about the Cobra’s Tongue project.”

Thankfully, Robert had plenty to say about Cobra’s Tongue with very little prompting from Dave. This gave Dave the time he needed to wolf down his salad, allowing him to move on to the more exciting parts of his meal. He started with the pizza, taking a big bite that he could feel fill his cheeks. As he chewed, he stared at Robert intently, which seemed to make Robert stutter a bit. But he was professional, and kept talking like nothing was out of the ordinary. Still, Dave was convinced that he’d managed to tap into something Robert wasn’t prepared for him to tap into. Maybe, just maybe, this plan had a chance of working.

“So that’s where I am right now,” Robert concluded, passing the buck on to Dave while his mouth was still full of pizza.

Dave chewed as quickly as he could, before he was eventually able to swallow. “Right. So it sounds like you’re moving right along schedule, possibly even a few days ahead.”

“Yes, at least two days ahead, I’d say.”

“That’ll come in handy if we run into another obstacle,” Dave said, as he cut off a big piece of his fish fillet and forked the whole thing into his mouth. At first, he regretted how much he’d bitten off, feeling like it was more than he could chew. But when he saw Robert’s eyelids open extra wide, he knew he’d done the right thing.

“Yeah, hehe,” Robert laughed nervously.

“Hey, no need to be embarrassed,” Dave said through his full mouth. Once he swallowed, he continued, “That delay wasn’t your fault at all. If the customer had given us clearer instructions from the beginning, it wouldn’t have happened.” Of course, Dave knew full well it wasn’t the delay that Robert was embarrassed about.

“Wha–yeah, I wish they wouldn’t wait until we finalized the design for them to tell us it didn’t fit their specifications.”

“Believe me, I share your frustrations,” Dave said before taking another bite of his fried fish. By then he was feeling quite full, but he knew he wouldn’t give Robert what he wanted by stopping there. And thankfully, once he finished the fillet, he’d have the chocolate cake left, which would be easy to eat no matter how full he was. “Now, I know you had some build issues yesterday. Can you tell me about those?”

Listening to Robert’s issues gave Dave more time to finish his fried fish. Though he usually tried to stop eating when he was full, he powered through, reasoning that the fish was probably good for him. Sure, it was fried, but it had to still have that fish oil he’d heard so many good things about.

Either way, Dave forged ahead until he’d eaten the whole thing, at which point he found himself shifting in his seat due to how tight his clothes felt. It was uncomfortable at first, and he found himself wondering if he really should have eaten so much. But when he looked up and saw Robert watching him with his eyes open extra wide, only to look away and play it off when he realized Dave could see him, he knew he’d made the right choice. He hadn’t thought of indicators of fullness as something that could be a turn-on, but he made a mental note of it.

“Oof,” Dave said before reaching for his slice of chocolate cake. On a whim, he used his other hand to pat the side of his stomach. “I don’t usually get this much to eat for lunch, but it just all looked so good, you know? How could I resist?”

“Yeah, ha ha,” Robert laughed, another nervous chuckle as his eyes fixated on Dave’s stomach for a split second, before he picked up his apple, took a bite, and hunched over a bit.

The conversation continued with Dave munching on his cake, eating more slowly in order to savor the flavor. Dave had a weakness for chocolate, which was probably part of the reason he’d put on so much weight. So even given how full he was, the slice went down easily, the rich cake and decadent frosting making every bite a treat. It wasn’t until he finished it that he realized how full he was, with his belt feeling tight around his waist.

But he couldn’t undo his belt. That would be brazen even by conventional standards, and he didn’t want a call from HR. So he tried to subtly push it down, but his gaze gave it away. When he looked up, he saw Robert staring yet again, eyes a little wider like before. And yet again, he looked away quickly when he saw Dave notice him staring.

“Well, I think this has been a very productive meeting, wouldn’t you say?” Dave asked.

“I… guess. It didn’t seem all that different to me. Other than… never mind.”

“Other than what?”

“Forget it.”

“Well I won’t be able to now.”

“Other than… well, the fact that you ate more than just a salad. But, you know, that’s not really relevant, so–”

“Ah, yes. I’ve come to the realization that life is too short to only eat salads,” Dave said proudly. “And I’m looking forward to trying all the foods I’ve been missing out on.”

“Ah! Well, uh, good,” Robert blabbered, seeming unsure what to say to such a declaration.

“Anyway, I won’t keep you any longer than I have to. I’m sure you have a lot on your plate.”

“Oh yeah,” Robert said as he hopped up out of his chair, seeming almost eager to get out of Dave’s office. He was so eager he nearly left his plate and apple core on Dave’s desk, before he turned around to grab them and made his way out.

“Thanks for your time.”

“Yep,” Robert blurted out before he closed the door behind him.

Dave let out a chuckle as he leaned back in his chair and absentmindedly rubbed his full stomach. It was certainly more fullness than he was used to feeling after lunch, but there was something he liked about the feeling. Maybe it was all the delicious food he’d stopped depriving himself of. Either way, it seemed he’d successfully managed to pander to something Robert really enjoyed. All he could do now was hope it would sway him to stay. In the meantime, he checked his email with one hand as he rubbed his stomach with the other. There was something pleasing about it.

Dave wore a new shirt and new slacks into work that day. He’d been loathe to upgrade his wardrobe, even though he knew he would inevitably need bigger clothes. For he couldn’t help but notice that the tighter his shirts got, and the more his buttons struggled to contain his stomach, the more Robert stared at it. But once his belly started peeking through the gaps between his shirt buttons when he sat down, he knew it was time.

Still, his new shirts were fitted such that they didn’t leave much to the imagination about his new heft. In comparison with his old belly, which made him look like any other middle-aged man at the office who didn’t have an hour to spend in the gym each day, his new stomach had a presence all its own. It was round like the tires on his car, and about as big around too. It was big enough to change how he walked, requiring him to lean back to account for the new weight. As a result, his belly pushed into his shirts, making them billow like sails filling with wind.

It didn’t help that he’d put on that weight in such a short amount of time, making it very noticable to his employees. Most of them had the good sense to not say anything. Mary was a bit bolder than most of them. When he would order big catered meals for the executive team meetings, she’d raise her eyebrows and ask if he was sure. One day he decided to see how bold she’d be and asked, “Why wouldn’t I be sure?”

“Well, Dave, with all due respect, it’s clear your… assets have expanded.”

“I’m aware. And if I wanted to change that, I’d go back to ordering salads.”

Mary pursed her lips and nodded, before putting in the order. She never brought it up again.

On that day, the meeting menu included several boxes of pizza, quite a bit of which didn’t get eaten. The convention in the office was to take leftover food from catered meetings down to the common area, where the other employees could pick at it. Dave did that, but not before filling an empty box with eight slices of the various leftover pizzas, after having already eaten six slices during the meeting. It was his own personal pizza, albeit personal in its consumer, not in its size. After dropping his box off at his office, he brought the rest to the common room, where he was met by an appreciative staff. He smiled as he put the boxes on the table, before he returned to his office, smiling even more.

Dave smiled as he opened his box, beholding the feast of pizza he had all to himself. He had several slices of meat-lover’s pizza, several of veggie pizza, and a couple pepperoni slices for variety. He decided to start with those, as he did prefer the other two styles. Surprising himself with how quickly he could eat, Dave wolfed down the two pepperoni slices as if he hadn’t already eaten an entire lunch right before. He moved on to veggie next, wanting to alternate between those and meat-lover’s and finish with the latter, saving the best for last.

With how much Dave had already eaten, he started feeling full as he ate his first veggie slice. But ever since he’d started eating with the intent of keeping Robert from leaving, he’d found that feeling full simply wasn’t the deterrent it used to be. He’d come to love the satisfaction of filling himself with good food, and how pleasing a stuffed belly felt. After he moved on to his first meat-lover’s slice, he couldn’t help but let out an “Mmm” every time a bite of it hit his stomach, joining the mound of food already inside and making him swell a little bigger. It was a feeling he loved, and one that kept him eating bite after bite after bite, even as his stomach stretched taut and tight.


Dave looked up toward his office door with a mouth full of pizza. It was Robert. He’d forgotten about their 2:00 meeting. “Robert,” he mumbled through crust and sauce and cheese and meat. After swallowing it, he continued, “Please, come in.” As Robert took a seat, Dave continued, “You’ll have to excuse me. I’m enjoying a bit of lunch, but I’m afraid I don’t have enough to share.”

“Oh, that’s okay. I’m full from lunch.”

“Me too. But why let that stop me, eh?” he chuckled before taking another bite, making a point to take a big one and put on a show for Robert.

It seemed to be working. Robert’s irises were already widening, his eyelids and mouth quivering as he tried to keep his cool. “Heh, yeah,” he chuckled nervously.

“Now, if I remember correctly,” Dave said before swallowing his bite, “we need to discuss the encrypted drives going to BTA, right?”

“Yes!” Robert said enthusiastically, seemingly relieved to see his and Dave’s meeting get back on track. But Dave intended to multitask, discussing the issue with Robert and cramming in the rest of the pizza as well. By then, he was a pro, able to push through fullness that would have stopped a lesser man and keep eating. But he was also a natural, in that he enjoyed how it felt to push through and stuff his belly. It seemed he wasn’t just doing this for the sake of keeping Robert around anymore.

But Robert’s reaction was still important. In the midst of their discussion, Robert paused and asked, “Is that a… whole large pizza you’re eating?”

“In a sense. I volunteered to take it down after the catered meeting I went to today, put my favorite slices in a box, brought it to my office, then brought the rest down.”

“Oh. Did you not get to eat any during the meeting?”

“Oh no, I had about six slices,” Robert chuckled before taking another bite and letting out an audible “mmmm”.

“Oh… well, uh… good thing you’re, uh… not going hungry,” Robert blurted out, before his eyes shifted quickly between Robert and the floor.

“I don’t think I have to worry about that,” Dave chuckled, before giving his belly a few hearty pats.

“Hehe, yeah, guess not,” Robert said as he shifted uncomfortably in his chair. Dave had to hold back from grinning as he watched Robert squirm, knowing he couldn’t let on how much he was enjoying the spectacle. But just because he wasn’t getting any applause for his performance didn’t mean he wasn’t going to give Robert a show. So he took another slice and stuffed as much of it in his mouth as he possibly could, getting the slice halfway in before he had to stop to chew it all.

Dave couldn’t help but let out a bit of a moan as he ate, simply from being overwhelmed by how much pizza he’d eaten. But upon catching Robert gulp, he swallowed most of the pizza before saying, “Heh, sorry about that. Sometimes I just can’t help myself, you know?”

“Yeah–I mean…” Robert didn’t seem to know what to say, and looked mortified by the word he’d let slip.

But as much as Dave was enjoying the show, he was also sympathetic, and gave Robert an out. “So the encrypted drives…”

“Yes!” Robert exclaimed, before hastily returning to that topic. He was so eager to return to it that he ended up rambling on, giving Dave time to keep eating, munching on the pizza intently in spite of how stuffed he felt. He had two slices to go after the one he was eating, and he intended to get them all down, whether Robert was there to watch or not. Even if he couldn’t put on a show with the final two, they would still help make him fatter, which would hopefully coax Robert to stay. Granted, he decided that if he didn’t finish them before the meeting ended, he would take his time eating them, rather than forcing them down.

But as long as Robert was there to watch, Dave soldiered on, forcing in bite after bite of the remaining slices. He tried to focus on what Robert was saying to distract himself from the fullness, but the latter did a much better job of commanding his attention. Still, feeling his belly expand as he filled it more and more was its own motivation, and he pushed and pushed as Robert kept talking about the project.

Dave’s determination proved strong enough for him to meet his goal, as he finished the final slice of the pizza just as the two were wrapping up their meeting. With a few last labored bites, he pushed down the final piece of crust. He couldn’t help but groan a bit as he did, but the satisfaction outweighed the pain. He’d done it.

In the silence after Robert stopped talking, Dave’s deep “Mmm” reverberated around the office. He couldn’t help but rub his stomach, trying to relieve the pressure while relishing in how full he was. His belly was firm as a rock, a sensation he’d yet to grow tired of. It felt imposing in a way, like he could throw his weight around the office more now that he had more weight to back him up.

“Is… that… all?”

Dave looked up and saw Robert looking at him tensely. In truth, he’d momentarily forgotten that Robert was there at all. “Yes, yes, that will be all. Thank you.”

“Yep,” Robert blurted out before bolting out the door.

Dave raised his eyebrows as the office door closed behind Robert. After shaking his head, he chuckled and rubbed his distended gut with both of his hands. The button-down left little to the imagination about how much he’d expanded. He looked like he’d stuffed a ball in his shirt and inflated it. But it was all him. Him and nearly two large pizzas.

“You’re looking different, Dave,” Bill said with a smirk.

“Yeah, I just got a new haircut,” Dave replied with a smile of his own. “I never realized just how much it can do for your appearance.”

“Like making you look 100 pounds heavier?” Bill asked more seriously.

“127, actually,” Dave replied while smiling even more.

“Christ,” Bill muttered as he took a bite of his roll. He’d been more conservative with his butter usage, while Dave had slathered his rolls, the second of which he wolfed down as Bill looked on with raised eyebrows. But Dave felt no insecurity about his body, which rendered any attempts Bill could make at teasing him ineffective.

“Here’s your bruschetta,” the waitress said before putting the plate down in front of Dave.

“Thank you,” Dave replied, muttering through a mouth still full of bread. But he soon swallowed that mouthful, and took a big bite out of his appetizer. Six large slices of bread, covered in tomatoes and onions and basil and garlic, all held together by melted cheese, adorned his plate. That number was soon made five, before Dave licked his fingers and uttered an “Mmm”.

“So what’s the deal, Dave? Work stress getting to you?”

“Oh no, things are actually going quite well right now. We struck some major deals last quarter, and now they’re proving very lucrative. All my employees are going to get big bonuses this month.”

“Well, enjoy it while it lasts,” Bill said ominously.

“Yeah, you gotta appreciate success when you get it,” Dave replied, knowing exactly what Bill meant but refusing to give him the satisfaction. He knew his odds of keeping Robert around were getting better as he got wider. There was no point in worrying about what Bill might do to try to convince Robert to jump ship. Also he could do was keep eating.

And keep eating he would, for soon after Dave finished his bruschetta, the waitress returned with their entrées. “Alright, the shrimp salad for you,” she said as she put down Bill’s order, “And the chicken gratinati for you,” she said as she put down Dave’s plate, covered in pasta and cream and chicken and cheese. “Grande size, as you requested.”

“Thank you,” Dave said with a smile.

“Are you sure you’re going to be able to eat all that?” Bill asked.

Dave merely grinned and started his meal, thinking about what he’d get for dessert.

Dave knew he was overdue for a new set of clothes. As he came into work that morning, he walked with a stilted gait as the beltline of his pants hugged his waist tightly. His shirt was tight too, as he’d been made well aware that morning when he tried to button it. It took a lot of sucking in to get that shirt to wrap around his belly, which had grown from the size of a car tire to that of a truck tire. His face was resembling a tire more too, with his chubby cheeks and double chin having grown enough to connect. If he grew much bigger, they’d form a solid ring of fat.

But he liked the way it made him look. He felt like he looked more approachable, a quality he wanted to have as a boss but didn’t feel he always pulled off, what with work stress sometimes making him irritable. But with his new soft features, even a scowl didn’t look as aggressive as it should have. Just seeing himself frown in the mirror made him giggle, a good way to start his day. And it would only get better from there, given he’d managed to convince his CFO, Rachel, to make their team meeting a lunch meeting.

As usual, Dave came back to his office with plenty of goodies from the meeting. It had been another pizza meeting, and he’d come back with quite a few slices for himself. But at Rachel’s request, they’d diversified the menu, getting burgers and chicken wings–and a salad, in case anyone wanted that. None of that salad made its way back to Dave’s office.

With all of his spoils laid out on his desk, Dave sat down slowly, feeling the fabric of his shirt stretch tightly over his pot belly as it came to rest on his meaty thighs. His pants weren’t in a much better state, with his slacks tight around his thighs like sausage casings. At the very least, he knew the seams could take a lot of pressure before they split. His buttons didn’t inspire the same confidence. But with his meeting with Robert coming up momentarily, he was just thankful they’d held out that long. If there was a good time for them to burst, well…

“Knock knock,” Dave heard a familiar voice say. Robert walked in with a timid smile on his face, which briefly flattened out as his eyes grew wide upon beholding Dave and his haul. But he was quick to smile again, though it was clearly a more nervous smile.

“Ah, Robert. My apologies, I’d forgotten about our meeting, or I wouldn’t have brought all this food back, only to have to eat in front of you.”

“Oh, should I come back?”

“No no, I don’t have anything else going on. I just feel awkward when I’m the only one eating,” Dave said with a chuckle, amused by his own lies. “Can I offer you some of these leftovers from the lunch meeting?”

“Oh no,” Robert said with an awkward laugh. “I know better than to get between you and your food.” After he finished talking, Robert pulled the sides of his mouth inward, seeming regretting what he’d just said.

“Heh, well, I might not want to admit it, but you’re not far from the truth,” Dave said with a smile as he took a bite of a burger. He had no problem admitting to himself that his effort to keep Robert working for him had unleashed an appetite he didn’t know he had. But admitting that to others was another matter, and maybe one better left unexplored.

Either way, Dave spent most of that meeting devouring his haul of food, since the topic at hand fortunately required Robert to do most of the talking. What was slightly less fortunate was that Robert seemed to become worse at doing all the talking the more Dave ate. He spent more time either looking at Dave’s belly, or looking away so he wouldn’t do exactly that, seeming preoccupied with not getting caught staring. He hesitated more as the meeting went on, filling his sentences with more “um”s and “uh”s, to the point that Dave worried it would extend the meeting past their scheduled time. And as the meeting neared its second half, Robert squirmed in his seat more and more.

All the while, Dave was getting more and more full. He was already satisfyingly full when he left the lunch meeting, and was becoming uncomfortably full as his and Robert’s meeting stretched on. It wasn’t the only thing stretching, with his belly forced to expand to accommodate all the food he was eating. Midway through, he found himself sweating from how full he was, feeling beads of it form on his forehead. He wiped them with the back of his hand, but they just kept coming. And to top it all off, his shirt was feeling increasingly restrictive. He found himself wishing that it would just…

A snapping sound interrupted Robert’s stammered words, which was soon followed by the sounds of several plastic buttons skittering around the room. Dave felt a sense of relief as the tension around his stuffed gut was relieved. Involuntarily, he let out a lengthy sigh as his eyes closed partway, the relief too intense to keep to himself. “Oh that’s better,” Dave said in a low voice, not even putting on a show for Robert anymore. He was just glad to feel release.

But Robert was still there with him, and was seemingly having a very hard time maintaining his composure. He looked like he was shaking, and putting so much effort into maintaining a straight face that it didn’t look remotely natural. His mouth was stuck somewhere between his jaw being figuratively on the floor and clamped shut, resulting in a twisted expression that looked like a confused scowl. “God…” Robert whispered.

Even Dave wasn’t sure what to do next, and this was exactly what he’d hoped would happen. But as he and Robert looked each other in the eyes, he slowly smiled and picked up another chicken wing, taking a bite and chewing it without breaking eye contact. “Mmm,” he uttered before swallowing and taking another bite. “Tastes so good, I don’t think I can stop.”

“Then don’t,” Robert said quietly, before his eyebrows and eyelids shot up and he covered his mouth.

“Come now, you have better things you could be doing with those hands than expressing embarrassment about something we both enjoy.”

“Wha… like… what?”

“You know…”

Robert’s eye remained wide open as he slowly got up from his chair. Before he could walk up to Dave, Dave advised, “Maybe lock the door first, depending on your intentions.”

Robert stopped in his tracks, before nodding and scampering over to the door, turning the lock in the middle of the knob before he turned back to Dave. By then, Dave had leaned back in his chair with his arms up and his hands behind his head. Robert stopped in his tracks before he approached Dave slowly. “You knew what you were doing this whole time, didn’t you?”

“Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t.”

Robert smirked as he said, “And here I thought I was being inappropriate by enjoying it.”

With a chuckle, Dave replied, “You were trying to be professional, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But now that we’ve peeled away the propriety…” he said as he rubbed the exposed part of his belly with his finger tips.

“You need some help finishing all that food?”

“I certainly won’t say no to that.”

“Not that a big guy like you needs help, but perhaps you’d enjoy that as much as I would.”

Dave simply grinned as Robert approached confidently, picking a burger up off the desk as he passed, before commanding, “Open up.”

Soon Robert was straddling Dave’s legs, his crotch against Dave’s exposed belly, and the burger stuffed into Dave’s mouth. Robert shoved it in until Dave’s mouth was at full capacity, leaving him to chew the massive mound of bread and meat and veggies and sauces as Robert ground his hips into Dave’s belly. With the overwhelming feeling of all that food stuffed in his mouth, the shot of pain as Robert pushed against his swollen stomach, and the push of Robert’s bulge against his bare belly, Dave let out a lengthy moan, overwhelmed by the whole experience.

“That’s right, keep wolfing all that food down. Cram that gut full of all that fattening goodness. Keep eating until you burst out of your clothes, so big even your underwear is straining to keep you in. You’d love that, wouldn’t you? So big none of your clothes fit, so you might as well not wear any at all.”

Robert was speaking Dave’s language, and he let out another moan at the idea. His thighs weren’t the only part of his pants feeling extra tights, as his raging hard-on pushed against the fly of his khakis.

“Why don’t we undo the rest of these buttons, huh?” Robert asked as he shoved more of the burger in Dave’s mouth. “Free you of the confines of these clothes.”

Dave nodded enthusiastically, breaking off his bite of the burger in the process. After putting down the burger, Robert pulled the sides of Dave’s shirt apart, causing more buttons to come flying off. He undid Dave’s belt next, before unbuttoning Dave’s pants. Finally free from the constriction of his clothes, Dave could feel his hard dick pushing up against the bottom of his exposed gut, which only turned him on more. His arms and legs convulsed at the feeling, though the rest of him was pinned down hopelessly by that massive, overstuffed belly.

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you? Let your fat body hang out on display, a testament to your gluttony,” Robert said, shoving the rest of the burger in Dave’s mouth before he stood up to pull Dave’s pants down, revealing the meaty legs beneath. “Just relax,” Robert continued as he stroked the inside of Dave’s thighs, which were pushed together by the arms of his chair. It was a tight fit for Robert’s hand, as one rubbed the thighs while the other stroked Dave’s belly. “You lay back and enjoy, and I’ll keep the food coming.”

“Mmmph,” Dave groaned until he got the burger down. “Just…” he stammered, so overwhelmed by his tight belly and Robert’s attention that he could barely talk. “One sec.” Robert froze in place while Dave reached over to his computer with one hand. After pulling up a chat window with Mary, he painstakingly typed. “Cancel the rest of my meetings today. Thank you.” After bringing his finger down on the Enter key, he turned back to Robert and said, “You were saying?”

Robert grinned as he grabbed a slice of pizza–extra cheese–and shoved it into Dave’s mouth.

The two kept going well past the scheduled duration of their 1:30 to 2:30 meeting, with the clock nearing 4:00 as Robert slid what remained of the last slice of pizza into Dave’s agape mouth. But Dave chewed it dutifully, until all of the food had disappeared inside of his distended, bulbous gut.

With his work done, Robert stepped off of Dave’s legs, smiling as he looked over his handiwork. Feeling overwhelmed by a stomach packed with more food than he thought he could possibly eat, and the knowledge that he had burst out of all of his clothes, Dave lay back with his mouth open, breathing shallowly. Robert smiled as he watched Dave lay there pinned down by a mountain of food and fat.

But his smile was soon to fade, as reality set in. “We shouldn’t have done this.”

“No, we really shouldn’t have,” Dave reluctantly admitted.

“This was… really inappropriate.”

“Unprofessional for sure.”

“I could go buy a bigger shirt for you to wear out of here.”

“Nah,” Dave grunted as he tried to sit up in his chair, his stomach protesting every movement. “I’ll just stay late and leave when everyone else is gone. Won’t be much different from how it usually is.”

“You sure? I really don’t mind. I feel like I… owe it to you after all this.”

“Ha, hardly. It’s my fault for wearing a shirt that was already tight when I came in today.”

“Alright, if you insist.”

“I do. Don’t worry about it.”

Robert stood awkwardly in place before saying, “I guess I should head back to work. I… missed a lot of time.”

“Yeah. Don’t feel like you have to stay late, though. If anyone gives you any trouble, tell them our meeting went over and I told you you could leave at 5:00.”

“Okay,” Robert said with a nervous smile. “So um…”

Dave looked at Robert expectantly, struggling to maintain a straight face in his present state of undress.

“Would you like to do this again sometime?”

With a smile, Dave answered, “Let me think about it. Don’t let me keep you any longer.”

Robert smiled too, before scuttling out of the office.

With a loud groan, Dave stood and waddled to the door, locking it behind Robert. He then set his online status as Do Not Disturb.

Around 8:30, Dave figured it was probably safe to leave. With the food digested, it was relatively easy to button his pants back up and fasten his belt. His shirt, however, was a lost cause, and he didn’t have a jacket to cover his belly. So rather than try to find another way to fasten it, now that the buttons were all popped off, he decided to chance it and just walk out.

As he traversed the empty hallways of Circuits and Switches, Dave found himself enjoying how it felt to walk with his belly out. The way the sides of his shirt flanked it made him feel like they were framing his belly, like curtains pulled aside to reveal the main attraction. He found himself strutting through the hallways, enjoying his relatively new size.

That was, until he rounded a corner and ran into the night janitor, Deb. Dragging a wheeled garbage barrel down the hallway, she stopped in her tracks about ten feet from Dave as they stared each other down, both very unprepared for this meeting.

“I’ll give you a $500 bonus on your next check–$500 after taxes–if you pretend you never saw this.”

Without a word, Deb nodded and walked past Dave, whistling a little tune as she did.

Bill was uncharacteristically late for his dinner with Dave. Dave had already had time to finish two appetizers, and had given up and ordered an entrée–the meat lasagna special–which he’d already started eating by the time Bill finally stormed in. “You!” Dave heard a familiar voice shout behind him.

“Glad you could make it.”

“How did you do it, huh?” Bill asked angrily, standing behind his chair and grabbing the back tightly. “Come on, fess up. I know you couldn’t offer him a better salary than us. How did you do it? Did you trash talk Necessities Inc? Did you trash talk me personally? What?!”

“You seem irritated, Bill. Why don’t you sit down and have some food?” Dave said without breaking his smile. “Might help you center yourself.”

“Hmph, to hell with that, and with you, and with that employee of yours,” he shouted before storming out of the restaurant. Dave merely smiled as he took another bite of lasagna, patting his bulging belly.

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