The Baker’s Bashful Boyfriend

Originally published December 6, 2017.
Contains:  long-term weight gain, direct encouraging, romance.

When I started my Patreon, I made it a goal that once I reached a certain level of support, I would start soliciting story ideas from my patrons, and then bring my favorite one to life. This story is the first result of that goal being reached, and is based on a suggestion from doom7951. Thanks for the idea!

Synopsis: Don doesn’t like having to watch his boyfriend, Hal, constantly berating himself for his weight, even though Don is fatter than Hal by a wide margin, and Hal is in love with Don’s body. To try to improve his boyfriend’s self-esteem, Don tries to turn Hal’s positive feelings about Don’s body back at himself, and feeds Hal treats from the bakery where Don works. Little does Don expect just how well his methods will work…

“I’m home!” Don called out as he rubbed his shoes off on the mat before hanging up his coat. As he stepped out of his sneakers, he could hear Hal coming in from the kitchen, the big man’s footsteps audible even from the doorway. With his shoes off, he stepped into the living room just as Hal rounded the corner from the kitchen.

“Hey!” his boyfriend greeted, with a mixture of joy and relief.

“Hey. Sorry I took so long. Lotta orders to fulfill at the bakery.”

“Oh don’t worry about,” Hal told him as the two embraced each other, exchanging a quick peck before wrapping each other in their arms. As big as they were, the two giant men both had to lean forward to tilt their bellies out of the way. Being the taller of the two and sporting a truck-tire-sized belly, Don had to lean down more than Hal, while Hal had to figure out how to tilt his head upward without pushing his own beach-ball-sized belly out farther and making things more difficult. But after four years together, the two had it down pat, allowing them to lug themselves into each other’s embrace with ease.

“You’ll be happy to know,” Hal continued, “that dinner’s almost ready. And as soon as you called me and let me know that you needed to stay late, I decided it would be a good night to make your favorite.”

With a gasp, Don asked, “Philly cheesesteak?”

“None other!”

“Oh, babe!” Don exclaimed before leaning over his expansive gut to give Hal a kiss. “You’re too good to me.”

“I think I’m just the right level of good to you, personally. Come on, it’s almost ready,” Hal said, beckoning Don to follow.

In the kitchen, Don saw the hollowed out roll ready for the steak and cheese, as well as two salads on the counter, the one with blue cheese dressing obviously being his, meaning the one with no dressing must have been Hal’s. But as he looked around, he realized he wasn’t seeing anything else that Hal might eat. “Hey hun?”


“When are you making your dinner?”

“Oh, I already made my salad,” Hal assured him.

“Okay, but… what else? A salad is barely a meal.”

“It’ll be fine,” Hal sighed. “I’m not that hungry anyway.”

“Oh yeah? What else did you eat today?”

“Can you not make this any harder than it has to be?” Hal pleaded in a voice barely louder than a whisper.

Don didn’t have to ask for clarification from there. For as long as he and Hal had been dating, Hal had never been comfortable with his weight. He loved to eat, though he’d never admit it to anyone, least of all himself. So he went through phases where he’d be more relaxed about what he ate, having a decadent meal here and an odd treat from Don’s bakery there, before some threshold was crossed and he decided he had to be more strict about his eating habits.

Don wasn’t sure where that threshold was. Hal never looked any bigger to him when he decided he had to be more strict in his eating habits. Maybe it was because Don was bigger than Hal by a good 100 pounds–he wasn’t sure the exact number, as Don never bothered with scales between his yearly doctor’s visits–that he couldn’t tell where the threshold was. Don had baked cakes bigger around than Hal’s belly, while his own belly was big enough that a cake its size would need to be baked in several parts to avoid burning the edges before the batter inside could cook. Hal was the right size to win bear pageants, while Don knew he could only win beer belly contests. When they went to bear events together, Hal was the one who got hit on more. And yet, Hal still bemoaned his ample midsection, wishing he could be smaller.

But in spite of Hal’s attitude toward his own heft, he couldn’t get enough of Don in all his heavyset glory. After he spooned the meat and cheese into the roll, he passed the plate to Don saying, “Here you go, babe. Hope it’s good.”

“With you making it, I’m sure it will be. Why, it’ll be the second best meat I put in my mouth tonight.”

With a giggle, Hal’s mouth curled into a grin as he leaned over to give Don a kiss. As he did, his hands wandered not to Don’s shoulders to hold him tight, or his dick to tease him, or his butt to give it a good squeeze, but to his belly. In their flirtatious moments, Hal always gave Don’s gut as much attention as his lips. Belly play was foreplay for the two: at least, it was when Hal played with Don’s massive midsection. Hal was less enthusiastic about receiving than he was about giving. At best, he’d let Don play with his more fun-sized belly because he enjoyed how much Don enjoyed it. At worst, he didn’t want any attention paid to it at all.

Don hoped it would be the former case as he stood in the kitchen doing dishes when he heard Hal approach from the other room. As he wrapped his arms around Don’s chest from behind, letting his belly nestle into the crook of Don’s back, he cooed, “How’s it going, handsome?” His tone might’ve sounded exaggerated to some, but to Don, it was charming.

“Just a few more,” Don answered with an even tone, before he continued in a lower voice, “then it’s our turn to get hot and wet.”

“Ha!” Hal chuckled, leaning his head against Don’s shoulder as he laughed before he let go and gave him a few pats on that shoulder. “Hurry up, and come in with your shirt off,” he commanded, causing Don to grin before he set about rushing through the last few dishes.

As soon as the last dish was clean, Don did as requested and pulled up his shirt as he strode to the bedroom. His shirt, an old tee that he wore for heavy baking days when he knew he’d be getting dirty, came off with a cloud of flour, at which Don turned the shirt inside out to keep the mess somewhat self-contained. He then draped it over his arm and with a grin, turned the corner into the two’s bedroom.

There Don saw Hal lying on the bed in his underwear and an undershirt. It wasn’t an unusual way to find his boyfriend; in fact, rare was the night when Hal took his shirt off without Don having to suggest it. When Hal laid his eyes on Don, his eyebrows rose up before his eyes and his smile widened. “Hey,” he whispered, still sounding a bit nervous. Even after four years, when they had nothing left to prove to each other, Hal still seemed a bit astonished every time Don wanted to have sex with him.

“Hey,” Don returned in a low, assured tone, before tossing his shirt aside into the laundry hamper. As he approached, he brought up one of his hands and curled his pointer finger toward himself, prompting Hal to hop out of the bed with eager eyes and an excited smile. Don lifted his arms as the two got closer, putting his hands on the side of Hal’s torso as Hal did the same. Even though the undershirt, Don could feel the soft expanse of Hal’s body underneath his fingers. It was a nice sensation, and one he wished Hal would let him explore more.

As usual, Hal didn’t have the same hesitations about exploring Don’s body. He started as soon as their bellies touched, the massive mounds coming together like two bean bag chairs leaning against each other, molding to each other’s curves while still holding fast against the other’s advance. With his arms already raised, Hal let his hands come to rest on Don’s ample belly, before they wandered all over the firm expanse. With a steadily growing smile on his face, Hal massaged Don’s gut more and more eagerly. Don kept a firm hold on Hal’s sides as Hal rubbed, but he still ended up leaning forward and back along with the motions. As Hal’s hold got tighter, Don’s eyes started rolling back as his breathing got heavier. “You like that?” Hal asked.

“Yes,” Don gasped as his head tilted back, his mouth opening wider and wider as Hal kept working his touch. Don pulled him in tighter, as if Hal might escape if Don didn’t keep a firm grasp, but Hal only leaned into their embrace; he wasn’t going anywhere.

As Hal kept rubbing Don’s belly, Don felt his hands slipping, before his fingers glided over the sides of his boyfriend’s rotund body. In the heat of the moment, Don couldn’t help but pull his hands forward to bring them around Hal’s rounded abdomen again. That was when he felt Hal stop rubbing.

“Can you not?”

“Right, sorry, sorry,” Don muttered, embarrassed about having forgotten their mutual understanding. “It’s just… in the heat of the moment, sometimes I forget myself, and… I want to reciprocate.”

“I know,” Hal sighed. “But you know how I feel about…” he stalled before letting his hand come to rest of his stomach. “This.”

“Not positive,” Don grumbled just loudly enough for Hal to hear.

“I just… I feel like I’ve tried everything to get rid of this,” he lamented as he grabbed his stomach more aggressively. “And the stubborn son of a bitch just refuses to go away.”

“And why do you want it to go away?” Don asked. It seemed like a stupid question with an obvious answer, but it had dawned on him that he’d never asked.

It seemed to dawn on Hal that he’d never been asked that question, and never had to put together an answer. He stared Don in the eyes with his mouth agape, lips moving as if he might be able to form words to answer the question if he pretended to start talking. “Uh… well, I, ah… is… isn’t it obvious?”

“No,” Don answered with a dead serious tone.

“Well… you know… being healthy… being more attractive…” Hal stammered, the words fumbling out of his mouth like they weren’t his own.

“Does that mean I should lose this too?” Don finally asked, putting both of his hands under his massive gut and lifting it slowly. Even with the strength of both of his arms, he couldn’t move it much faster than that.

“What?! Babe, no! Look,” Hal pleaded, leaning close into Don again as he resumed rubbing Don’s belly. But these rubs seemed more frantic than tender, as if Hal were rushing to recreate the motion for its own sake rather than trying to make Don’s gut feel good. “Please, don’t let my insecurities get you down. I’m dealing with my own bullshit, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love your belly! Your belly is amazing!”

With a smirk, Don put his hands on his hips, prompting Hal to continue, “I mean it! It’s so grand, so ample, and so very, very rubbable,” he insisted as his rubbing motions became more natural, seemingly to the enjoyment of both of them.

“And yours isn’t?”

Hal’s hands stalled before he let out a sigh. “Look, I know what I want for my body, but that doesn’t mean I want it for you.”

“So you don’t want me to be healthy and attractive?”

“B-babe, you’re already hotter than Dean DeBlois in a speedo! What more could I possibly ask for?”

“To see yourself as just as attractive.”

With his hands still underneath Don’s gigantic belly, Hal paused, his hands neither rubbing not squeezing Don’s gut. After he slowly pulled them out, he looked up into Don’s eyes with a look of frustration. “Are you done?”

“Depends: are you comfortable letting me rub your belly now?”

With a sigh, Hal raised his shoulders and his arms in the air. “Sure,” he said with a “let’s get this over with” tone that Don knew meant it would be over soon. Soon Hal would tell him, “Alright, alright,” and motion him to withdraw his hands, all without feeling any more comfortable with his body.

At least, that was how it usually went. But Don had an idea. Before he started rubbing Hal’s belly, he held him by the shoulders and starts bumping his belly into him, leaning back before falling forward to bring the two together. “Oof, what are you–” Hal started to ask, before Don came upon him again, a bit more forceful this time. The two’s guts collided with a noise halfway between a clap and a thud, while Don’s tight grip on Hal’s shoulders ensured he didn’t get knocked over. After the second time, Hal changed his tone, his voice lower and more sultry, as he finished, “doing?”

“This is nice, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, it–” Hal’s answer was interrupted by another belly bump from Don, causing him to grunt before he could finish, “it is.”

A dark chuckle crept from Don’s bare-toothed grin, before the flapping of their giant bellies together became more frequent. Flab collided with flab as Don kept slamming Hal’s gut, coaxing a grunt or a groan out of him with every hit. Though Hal, being the lighter of the two, was propelled back quite far by Don’s hits, Don’s grip kept the two close together, allowing Hal to get into it too. With delighted groans and grunts, Hal shoved his own belly against Don’s until the two smacked together, before the collision propelled him back, giving him the space to do it again.

Don also grunted when their guts smacked together; it was hard not to when that many pounds of men were colliding together. But his were more controlled grunts, quicker ones, the exertions of the man who commanded the most weight in this situation. With each hit, he could feel the vibrations travel through his massive gut, a reminder that Hal could throw his weight around too. Now he intended to make Hal feel good about that fact.

“You en–joying–this?” Don blurted out in rhythm with the slamming of their bellies.

Before he could answer, Hal had his head leaning back with his mouth agape and his eyes mostly shut. He and Don were so in rhythm that he didn’t have to watch Don’s motion to keep pace. “It… it’s… amazing.”

“Yeah…” Don nearly growled, trying to make his voice as low and husky as possible. He also ceased their bumping and pulled Hal in closer, pressing their bellies into each other in way that had Hal still arching his head back. “This is one of the benefits of us both being big.”

“Wha… what is?”

“Bumping bellies, of course,” Don continued with a smirk. As he talked, he kept rubbing his gut side to said against Hal’s stomach, occasionally pulling him in extra tight to spice things up.. “If we were both thin, we wouldn’t have any heft to throw around like that. If only one of us were big, he’d make the other go flying into a wall. But with two big guys like us doing it,” he explained, his voice becoming lower and huskier again, “well, we already know how great that is.”

As Don finished his explanation, his hands migrated down Hal’s body, past his shoulders and his chest and down to the side of his belly, where he started rubbing it over. It wasn’t an easy task, with his own massive gut keeping his arms from navigating too low. But he still let his fingers sink into Hal’s flab, curling them as the grin on his face curled more tightly too. Moving his hands in circles, he felt Hal’s inertia moving beneath his grip. And he loved it.

“I love your belly. It’s amazing. It’s so grand, so ample, and so very, very rubbable. You’re hotter than Tyler Labine lying naked on a bed,” Don told Hal as he rubbed his belly. As he put his hands under the heavy mass to lift it, to feel its weight against his own pull, he expected that to be Hal’s breaking point, where Hal would tell him to stop. He lifted Hal’s belly up higher, straining under the weight before relaxing his arms and letting them bounce his belly more gently. And yet all the while, Hal said nothing.

Don looked up expecting to see Hal tired of the whole ordeal. But instead, he saw his boyfriend bearing a modest smile. It seemed like a confused smile, but a smile nonetheless. “You, uh…” Hal stalled, as Don kept rubbing his gut. “You don’t have to stop there.”

It was about two weeks later that Don came home with a box from the bakery, which he put aside before Hal could ask too many questions. Once Hal came out of their bedroom to greet him, he said, “Oh hey, I didn’t hear you get in.”

“Probably because I didn’t shout anything,” Don quipped. “How are you, hun?”

“Better now that you’re here,” Hal sighed. “I’ve had to do a lot of grading this afternoon.”

“Well, you wouldn’t have to do so much if you gave out less homework.”

“Now you sound like my students,” Hal chuckled.

“Maybe they’re onto something.”

“Easy for you to say when it’s not your ass on the line if they don’t learn this stuff.”

“Speaking of your ass…” Don said in a lower tone, reaching around and giving Hal’s tush a light squeeze. As he pulled his hand back, he slid it along Hal’s body, squeezing his love handle before giving his belly a few pats.

With a smile of his own, Hal reached around to the side of Don’s chest and asked, “Can we take this to the couch for a bit? I just need a chance to relax before I make dinner.”

“Of course,” Don assured him, his voice pitched higher than usual, before he bent down to give Hal a peck on the lips.

Both men ambled their way over to the couch with an arm over the other’s shoulders, even as their bellies bounced against each other and made such a stance difficult. It was more Don’s wide gut that got in the way, with Hal’s modest midsection (modest in comparison with Don’s, anyway) resting on a muscular frame that made it look more proportional, not posing as much of an obstacle.

Once they reached the couch, Don sat down first. The couch’s frame groaned as he took his place, before his belly spread out over his thighs and sides into an even bigger ball. With a grin, Hal sat down next to him before turning his back to him and shuffling down the couch. Once Hal was low enough, Don slung his arm over Hal’s shoulder, giving Hal the space to nestle in even more cozily. With a contented “Mmm”, Hal inched his way into Don’s hold as both of them settled into the embrace.

Once they were both settled in, Don’s previously limp hand crept to the top of Hal’s belly, where he let it embrace Hal’s curvature. His fingers wrapped around the rounded top of Hal’s belly, before he started running them over Hal’s gut. As he did, Hal let out a whisper quiet “Mmm,” before reaching out with his own arm to return the favor. Don let out an “Mmm” of his own, and the two relaxed as they enjoyed each other’s company and girth. By the time Hal turned to look up at Don, he had a giant smile on his face.

“I guess I should go make dinner,” he said, not seeming to mind at all as Don continued to run his fingers over his belly.

“I suppose,” Don whispered, his voice taking on a higher pitch. “It’s nice to have you here, though.”

“It’s nice to be here. But I’m starting to get hungry.”

“Heh, alright,” Don relented before pulling his arm up and freeing Hal from his embrace.

Dinner that night turned out to be a spaghetti with meatballs. When dinner was nearly ready, Hal called Don into the kitchen to take as much as he wanted. There Don saw their side salads, consistent as ever, as well as two plates, with Hal already filling his up. Although Hal didn’t give himself as much pasta and meatballs as Don intended to take for himself, Don was happy to see Hal eating more than a salad. Maybe some of what Don was trying to tell him was actually sticking.

Both men went back for seconds after finishing their first plates. With just a little bit left, Don was happy to finish off what was left of the spaghetti and meatballs. But before Hal could clear off the table, Don rose instead and said, “You sit back and let me take care of that.”

“Oh, well… okay! Thanks!”

After blowing Hal a kiss, Don stacked everything and said, “I have a surprise for you. Just hang tight.”

With a smile, Hal sat patiently at the table while Don brought their things into the kitchen to wash. For the moment, he left them in the sink, before pulling a new plate out of the cabinets. He then grabbed the box he’d brought home from the bakery, out of which he pulled the selection of new treats he’d brought home for Hal: a slice of peanut butter chocolate torte, a pair of soft chocolate cookies with mint frosting sandwiched between them, and a cinnamon bun with chocolate drizzle rather than vanilla icing. Don wasn’t expecting Hal to finish the whole spread; all he hoped was that he could get his boyfriend to try each one and give his thoughts. After grabbing a clean fork for the plate, Don brought the whole spread back into the dining room.

“So, we’ve been trying a few new recipes at the bakery,” Don started while he was still behind Hal. “And I thought I’d bring home some samples for you to try, so you can tell me if you like them or not.”

And then Don held his breath. Hal had always been resistant to Don bringing home anything from the bakery, unless it was for one of their birthdays. Even when Hal wasn’t being especially stringent about his diet, he never seemed open to trying the bakery’s goods. As if a single slice of cake would cause him to put on ten pounds.

“Sample, huh? Sure, sounds fun.”

Don let a grin break out before he dialed it back to a standard smile, and set the plate down in front of Hal.

“I mean, it looks…. amazing,” Hal admitted hesitantly. “You, uh, said these were new?”

“Yep,” Don affirmed, before he explained all the flavors set up in front of Hal.

“Wow. Okay, definitely trying the peanut butter chocolate cake first.”

“Torte. Subtle but important distinction,” Don told Hal with an embarrassed smile, feeling like a pedant for pointing it out. At the same time, he was serious about his craft, and of all people, he thought Hal would care too.

“Torte. My apologies,” Hal corrected himself before he took a bite. Once he did, he mumbled out through his full mouth, “Oh my god! You made this?”

“I helped, certainly,” Don beamed.

“Babe, this is amazing,” he continued. After swallowing the bite, he shook his head side to side and said, “I need to try the rest before I eat that whole thing and ruin my appetite.”

True to his word, after trying a bite of the other two pastries and enjoying them just as much, Hal returned the to the peanut butter chocolate torte and resumed eating the whole thing, much to Don’s delight. But when Hal finished the slice and said, “Oh that was bad. I shouldn’t have done that,” Don felt his shoulders slump over in disappointment. He should have known it wouldn’t be that easy.

“Did it taste that bad after the first bite?” Don asked facetiously. “You seemed to be enjoying it.”

“Oh I did, I did!” Hal assured him. “I just shouldn’t have eaten so much.”

“It was just one slice,” Don said, trying to reason with him.

“Yeah, but… it’s just bad, you know? I shouldn’t be eating it.”

“‘Bad’? What makes it bad? Do you think we source our ingredients unethically? You think I’m working in inhumane conditions?”

“You know what what I mean,” Hal told Don, starting to sound a bit miffed by Don’s flippant tone. “I shouldn’t be eating all this… junk food.”

“Ju–excuse me,” Don exclaimed, determined to keep the act up. “You know we make our pastries with the best ingredients. What makes you think they’re ‘junk’?”

“No–for fuck’s sake,” Hal muttered under his breath, before resuming with, “I’m know they aren’t junk. These three that you had me try? They tasted great! Everything else I’ve tried from the bakery was great!”

“Then why not have a little more?” Don asked, pushing the plate a bit closer toward Hal.


“Go on. It’s made locally, sourced locally. It’s not like you’re eating a Hostess cake.”

“Well… that mint chocolate sandwich thing was really good,” Hal admitted.

“Go ahead and finish it then. I can’t take it back to the bakery after all. If you don’t eat it, it’s just going to go in the garbage. All else being equal, more good will come out of you eating it.”

“Yeah… that’s a good point,” Hal admitted, sounding a little bit more enthusiastic about the prospect of eating such a delicious dessert. “Alright,” he continued before licking the tines of his fork clean, after which he dug into the cookiewich.

Don had a smile on his face the whole time as he stood behind Hal, who gobbled up the remaining desserts without any more encouragement required from Don. He made short work of the mint frosting chocolate cookie sandwich, claiming he was using his fork to help him savor it while simultaneously eating it far too quickly to convincingly savor it. He then moved on to the cinnamon roll with chocolate icing, and all pretenses of savoring it were thrown out the window as he used used his fork to rip off large chunks of it. The only reason he seemed to be using his fork at all was to keep his hands clean.

“God… those were all really good,” Hal said with a self-deprecating chuckle.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” Don observed.

“Heh, I guess I’m just a bit embarrassed about how fast I ate them.”

“It’s probably because you never let yourself indulge, even a little,” Don told him, trying to take on a lightly teasing tone. “If you treated yourself more often, you’d be better at savoring it.”

“You think so?” Hal asked, his tone one of genuine curiosity. Even his head was cocked to the side at an inquisitive angle.

“I work in a bakery, babe. Indulgence is my area of expertise.”

Don’s answer put a smile on Hal’s face, which slowly faded before he admitted, “You know… I feel like I haven’t been a very good boyfriend when it comes to your job.”

“What do you mean?” Don asked, now genuinely confused.

“You put so much love into your baking–I mean, those were amazing, they had to be made with love–and I’ve had nothing to do with it because I’d convinced myself they were ‘bad’ somehow.”

“Aw, babe,” Don cooed, before bending down to give Hal a hug from behind. As big as his belly was, he couldn’t do much more than just wrapping his arms gently around Hal’s neck. “Don’t have to be so hard on yourself. You didn’t convince yourself that desserts were bad; ‘they’ did.”

“‘They’?” Hal repeated, mirroring Don’s use of tonal air quotes.

“‘They’. The same ‘they’ who convinced you being gay was wrong, or that a man as big as me is undesirable.”

As Don finished his statement, he leaned back to lift his belly up high enough to rest it on top of the back of Hal’s chair. This allowed him to push it up against the back of his head and shoulders. Once Don felt his gut bump into his partner, Hal let out an, “Oh,” of surprise. After that, all his exclamations took the form of “Mmm”s as he leaned his head back into Don’s belly, rolling his head around like it lay on a pillow. Don, meanwhile, pushed back gently, puffing his gut out much to Hal’s enjoyment.

“What do they know?” Don asked rhetorically, goading another “Mmm,” out of Hal before he pulled back, bringing his boyfriend back to his senses.

Turning his head to look at Don, Hal’s eyes were half closed and a giant smile had spread across his face. “Not a damn thing,” he answered before he stood up to wrap Don in his embrace. The two’s bellies met before either wrapped their arms around the other, bouncing off of each other just enough to goad satisfied groans out of both. Soon they had their hands on the other’s belly, rubbing with low “Mmm”s as they looked from the other’s belly into each other’s eyes. “Maybe you could bring home some more of those pastries.”

“Yeah?” Don asked, voice higher than usual in pleasant surprise.

“We’ve been together, what, four years? I feel like I should know your work better.”

With a chuckle, Don strengthened his grip on Hal’s gut, pulling him in closer as the two rotund men basked in each other’s grand presence. “I think that can be arranged.”

“Good,” Hal blurted out, before both men pulled each other in for a lengthy kiss. With lips locked on each other, they pulled on the other’s back, causing their bellies to squish into each other ever so slightly more. The warmth of those two mounds of heft pushing together almost matched the warmth of their lips locked against each other. But eventually Hal pulled back, saying, “Let’s get these dishes done so we don’t have to keep thinking about them while we do this.”

With a chuckle, Don said, “How terribly responsible of you. Come on,” he said, grabbing Hal’s plate in one hand and his hand in the other, before taking both into the kitchen.

Don was working another closing shift at the bakery, manning the store on his own until he could lock the doors at 7:00. At least, he was on his own in that from 5:00 to 7:00, he was the only employee in the store. But with Hal having taken a liking to Don’s baking, the few treats that Don brought home from work every day were starting to leave him wanting more.

So when Don was working the closing shift, with Hal getting out of work so much earlier, he decided to come down and keep Don company. Even if Don was busy, the bakery made for a good place to get some grading done. And when he wasn’t, the two got to spend even more time together than they did when Hal just waited for Don to come home.

Of course, the selection of treats available to Hal at the bakery was a motivating factor as well. Now that he was allowing himself to enjoy the desserts he’d denied himself for so long, he wanted to try them all. Don was, of course, happy to guide Hal in his sampling of the treats. Oftentimes, when Hal sat down with work to do, Don would bring him a plate filled with desserts to try. “We made too many of each of these, so they won’t notice a few going missing,” he often told him. Or sometimes it was, “These are going to get thrown out at the end of the day anyways. If you like it, let me know; there’s plenty more where that came from.”

The two kept that setup going for a few months, bringing them to one particularly fateful night when Don had to stay late to finish some last-minute orders. Around 6:55, as Hal was finishing up his grading, he heard Don come out of the kitchen, panting audibly. Looking up, he saw Don walking with his head arched back and his mouth agape as his breath passed desperately through. As a result of his posture, his belly protruded even more than usual, looking like he’d been eating all the cakes he had to bake that night.

“Hey,” Hal greeted.

“Hey,” Don exhaustedly returned as he walked past Hal to lock the door. “Listen. I’m not leaving here earlier than 7:30. It’ll probably be past 8:00. If you want to leave early, I won’t begrudge you. But if you don’t…”

“Yeah?” Hal ask, curious what Don might have had in store.

“I have a few trays of different cream-filled pastries that we made more of than we need. Some cream-filled doughnuts, some eclairs, some cream puffs. If you’re interested, you could have as many as you like.”

“I’m interested,” Hal stated with total seriousness.

“Then come in the back with me. We don’t need anyone out there seeing you and thinking we’re still open.”

As Hal followed Don into the kitchen, Don turned around to hold the door open for him. In doing so, he took a look at his boyfriend, who’d been consistently enjoying his baking for the past few months, and thought he noticed some changes. His cargo pants, once loose enough that they required a belt, were now gripping onto his waist with no such assistance. As tight as they were, his spherical belly seemed to be bulging over his beltline, the rounded bottom curving over his pants as it protruded out from his waist. Don had a clear view of all these changes thanks to Hal’s belly hanging out of the bottom of his shirt.

That shirt–one of Hal’s favorites, featuring a play on the Major League Baseball logo where a man wearing glasses was reading a book rather than batting a ball–didn’t fit quite the way it used to. Back when Hal still struggled with his weight, it fit over his gut with an inch or two to spare, just like any of his other shirts. But now, as Hal followed Don into the kitchen, it barely hung low enough to cover his entire gut, leaving about an inch of flab hanging out of the bottom.

Don might have assumed the shirt had shrunk in the wash, if it weren’t for the fact that it wasn’t the only shirt he’d noticed fitting Hal so poorly. Or the fact that his face seemed to have rounded out a bit too, his pudgy cheeks and flabby chin puffing out just bit to reveal the growing singular ring of flab that connected to two. Or the fact that after four years of making love, Don knew Hal’s body well enough to know when he had more to grab onto and play with, even considering how little belly play Hal had let him enjoy for most of their time together.

But once Hal was through the door, Don didn’t have time to think about his size any longer; there were orders to be fulfilled before he could leave for the night. He told himself he’d save that topic for after he was done working and Hal had eaten as many of the cream-filled pastries as he could. By then, Hal would have certainly turned all that food into even more food for thought for Don.

Don had just under a dozen of each of the cream-filled pastries left, laid out in grids that revealed a few of each item missing. That still left plenty for Hal, who looked at his bounty with eyelids and eyebrows both raised as he licked his lips. “These are… leftovers?”

“Yup, the unfortunate casualties of an order that the customer canceled at the last minute. We sold as many as we could in the storefront, but these are what’s left to go out in the trash tomorrow. Not because they’re stale, just because they’re not quite fresh enough to sell. But I’m sure you’ll–”

As Don turned around from his table where all the ingredients lay, he saw Hal already holding one of the cream-filled doughnuts. Filling was oozing out of the bite-sized hole already taken from it, filling which matched the bits of cream on Hal’s lips. After looking up and making eye contact with Don, Hal covered his lips with his hand and asked through a mouth full of doughnut, “You were saying?”

With a smirk, Don told him, “Don’t worry about it,” before he started on the rather demanding task ahead of him: making all those last-minute orders. Of course, Don was a pro, and knew exactly what he had to do to fulfill every order in a timely fashion without sacrificing quality. It didn’t leave him much time to talk to Hal, or even watch his progress as he grazed on the cream-filled goodies. But by the time 8:00 rolled around on the clock, everything was boxed and ready to go. After wiping the sweat off his forehead with the back of his hand, Don let out a relieved sigh. “Phew! Okay, ready to–”

Before Don could finish his question, he looked around to see Hal standing next to three empty trays, with the final eclair stuffed halfway into his mouth. His arms lay limp at his sides, pushed away from his body as if the food in his stomach had given it a reverse gravitational pull. It was as if his belly, crammed full with all those leftover pastries, was demanding more personal space than it needed. As if it needed the room the grow.

And with how much his stomach had swelled from being stuffed full of pastries, that didn’t seem so farfetched. Hal’s shirt wrapped tightly around the rotund mound within it, leaving nothing to the imagination as the cloth hugged his belly. As such, Don could see that Hal’s already round belly had been stretched out into an even more spherical shape. On the bottom, his belly had crept out far enough for Don to see Hal’s belly button

Looking up, Don saw Hal’s head arched back as he slowly chewed what remained of the eclair. With a smirk and quick inhalation, Don strode over to Hal before wrapping an arm around the back of his boyfriend’s shoulder. Another chuckle crept from behind Don’s grinning lips before he said in a low tone, “Let me help you with that.”

With his other hand, Don raised his pointer finger and pushed the eclair, causing Hal to groan with each push. But he didn’t resist, chewing the eclair diligently until he could finally wrap his lips over the tip. With slowed, labored chewing, he kept his mouth in motion until the last of the eclair had finally been added to the hefty pile of food in his firm gut. After the final swallow, Hal let out a labored sigh and let his mouth hang open, eyes glazed over and looking vacantly into the distance.

“That was a lot you just ate,” Don observed, trying his best to maintain a nonjudgmental but still neutral tone.

After another sigh, Hal blurted out “Yeah” in between labored breaths.

“How you feeling?”


After a few gentle, friendly chuckles, Don continued, “I thought you’d say that. Does this help?”

Before Hal could answer, Don brought his free hand to bear on Hal’s gut. It was even firmer than he expected, finding the mound of cream-filled pastries had done a good job of filling Hal up. When Don’s fingers touched down, Hal let out a brief, muted groan. Soon it turned into quiet moans as Don’s fingers masterfully massaged his packed gut, providing some measure of relief as his belly stretched to accommodate everything he’d eaten.

After some time, Don’s gentle touch coaxed a grin out of his stuffed companion. Though Hal didn’t seem to have the energy to return the favor–hardly something Don could blame him for with the food coma he must have been experiencing–he did look back up at Don with half-open eyes and a tired smile. Occasionally both his eyes and his smile wavered as Hal seemed to be fighting off the urge to fall asleep. But as long as he could look into Don’s eyes, he looked happy.

“Better?” Don asked gently.

“Yeah,” Hal answered in a higher-pitched, tired moan.

“How was it all?”


“And how do you feel now?”

After a pause, Hal grunted, “After everything you’re doing? Good…”

“Mmm, my sweet, cream-filled doughnut,” Don whispered, before he leaned down to give Hal a kiss. He made it a point to bend over as far as he could, knowing Hal wouldn’t be able to lean over much, if at all, in his current state. When their lips met, Don could taste all the sweet, creamy filling that Hal had eaten. It wasn’t long before their mouths watered for each other more than confectionary treats, and the aftertaste of baking made way for the more familiar tastes of each other.

Before they could get too into it, Don pulled away and asked, “Do you think you can walk to the car? Probably better if we do this at home.”

“Oh yeah,” Hal panted. “I mean… I didn’t eat that much. It’s just dessert.”

With a muffled chuckle emanating from behind his smirk, Don said, “Yeah, just dessert. Come on, let’s get you home. Easy does it, now,” Don told Hal as they started walking.

“Hey, it–it’s okay. I can walk there without your help,” Hal asserted, gently pushing at Don’s arm.

“You sure?”

“Yeah,” Hal mumbled, not even maintaining eye contact with Don, before he sped up his pace just enough to walk out of Don’s embrace.

Though Don might have still been a touch worried about Hal, he enjoyed getting to watch how his overfed boyfriend walked now that he was full of cream-filled pastries. Pushing on, slow but determined, Hal hobbled out of the kitchen with his packed belly leading the way. He arched his head back and let his mouth hang agape, breathing heavily as he moved. At his sides, his arms hung out widely, refusing to get close to his belly. And that belly, as wide and flabby as it was, refused to bounce as Hal walked, gliding forward like it was leading Hal on a leash. It looked like it had been packed so tightly that it simply didn’t have enough give to bounce. More likely, Don told himself, Hal was trying to move slowly so he didn’t disturb the contents of his full stomach.

Keeping a close distance behind Hal, Don followed him out of the kitchen, turning off the lights behind them. Once they were in the bakery proper, Don walked ahead of Hal–an easy task, even for a man as big as him, with how slowly Hal lumbered across the floor–to unlock the door. He held it open so Hal could walk through, then locked it behind them. As Hal shuffled across the parking lot, Don walked at a moderate pace to catch up, before they both walked toward Don’s car.

Hal drove a sedan, while Don drove an SUV that had plenty of room for him and his expansive belly (as well as the cakes he might need to transport). On nights when Hal met Don at work, one of them would drive home, then drive the other to the bakery the next day to pick up their car, before Hal would go on to drive to school. Usually they took turns driving home, unless there was a compelling reason for one to drive on a given night. And that particular night, there were two compelling reasons: Hal’s inevitable food coma, and the fact that Hal was closer than ever to outgrowing the sedan. Though Don could ride shotgun in the Sedan, he couldn’t do so comfortably. And the bigger Hal got, the more uncomfortable it would be for him as well.

But that night wasn’t the night for them to think about it. The two piled into Don’s SUV, with Don moving with his usual bounce, while Hal moved slowly, deliberately, trying to avoid upsetting the contents of his stomach. It seemed a futile venture, given that he eventually had to sit down, compressing his bulging belly by necessity. With a groan, Hal slid into the passenger seat, fastening his seatbelt before he let himself lay back in the seat. After tilting the seat so he could lean back farther, he panted and groaned as he made meager attempts to rub his swollen stomach.

Looking at his boyfriend, pinned to his seat by a belly full of pastries and filling, Don felt his breath shorten and his eyelids open extra wide. But he had enough presence of mind offer Hal what he needed, not what Don wanted. “Hey,” Don said quietly, causing Hal to look over with eyes half-shut. “Let me take care of that.”

As Hal’s arms fell limp at his sides, sliding down slowly as his palms still gripped the sides of his belly, Don undid his seatbelt to reach over toward Hal. Don let his hand come to rest on Hal’s gut, giving Hal a chance to acclimate to the touch before he started applying pressure. Hal responded with pained grunts at first, but Don knew how to make a stuffed stomach feel better. Soon those grunts were replaced with low moans coming from a place somewhere between pain and relief. Don knew well enough that they would stay there for a while; that much food in a stomach at once was going to hurt.

But that didn’t mean Don couldn’t help. With a satisfied smile, he glided his hand across the top of Hal’s expanded belly. He applied gentle pressure at first, not even feeling Hal’s crammed stomach beneath the layer of supple flab. Once Hal’s pained grunts had a bit of relief in them too, Don let his fingers sink deeper, pushing into the warm expanse until he felt it start to push back. At that, Hal let out some pained groans again, but it didn’t take long for the moans of relief to be interspersed among them again.

With Hal now used to that amount of pressure, Don let his hands wander over the rest of Hal’s doughy mound, as much for his own selfish interests as for Hal’s relief. Under his palm, Hal’s scraggly hairs punctuated the hefty mass as Don ran his hand from one side to the other. It was a lengthy trip for his hand to make now, forcing him to lean over the center console to reach all the way around. But it was worth it for the pleased groans he could coax out of Hal, making sure Hal had a positive association with the experience. After all, that might encourage him to indulge like that again.

By the time Hal started quietly snoring, Don felt like he’d had barely any time to enjoy his overstuffed boyfriend’s new frame. But he also knew they couldn’t stay out in the parking lot forever, and the longer Don let Hal sleep in that car seat, the worse of a night’s sleep he’d actually get. With a wistful sigh, looking at Hal’s open mouth flanked by pudgy cheeks, Don turned on the ignition and started the drive home. He assured himself there would be more nights like that to come.

Don couldn’t help but smile as he watched Hal pull his new SUV into the parking lot outside of the bakery. As a result of all the sweet treats Don was feeding him, Hal had outgrown the sedan that he’d driven for so long. It wouldn’t be long before his belly hit the steering wheel, but even before then, getting his newly rotund body into the car was too big of a challenge to be worth it. Between bending down to get on the same level as the seat and slipping his now-truck-tire-sized gut through the door, it just wasn’t worth it anymore. With Don’s help, being that he had plenty of experience shopping for cars as a big guy, they found a new vehicle for him that had plenty of room to accommodate his new frame. Secretly, Don had also made sure it had plenty of room to grow into.

Of course, the real excitement of seeing Hal’s car was that Don would get to see Hal soon. And those days, that was a treat. Even though they saw each constantly, it seemed like every day, Don found something new to love about Hal’s growth. That day, as Don stood waiting by the window rather than trying to finish his last few orders, it was the way Hal slipped out of his SUV.

With the benefit of a driver’s seat as high up as his rear end was, all Hal had to do to get out of his car those days was swing his legs out the door and slip forward. Of course, with as much inertia as his new weight gave him, it took a few pushes and nudges forward before he managed to slip out. In the meantime, he leaned back as he hips came closer to the edge of his seat, causing the bottom of his already-tight shirt to rise up and reveal the bottom of his expansive midsection. At that, Don’s breath halted, before a smile spread across his face. By the time he was done with Hal that night, he wouldn’t even be able to pull his shirt down that far.

But of course, once Hal was standing, he pulled his shirt down to cover the exposed strip of flabby belly. Still, now that Hal was walking, Don could take in just how big he was. As he strode ahead with his arms swinging wide out as his side, he arched his back to counteract how far forward his center of gravity had traveled. His shirt was tight enough to wrap around his belly like a sausage casing, rounding it out while leaving nothing about the shape underneath to the imagination. It was only barely long enough to cover his entire globular gut, with his strides revealing occasional peeks at the flab beneath. Above it all, Hal had a smile on his face, which only grew wider when he saw Don in the window.

As Hal got close, Don walked over to the door to unlock it, opening it for Hal to enter before closing and locking it again. “Hey,” Don greeted in a low, quiet voice.

“Hey,” Hal returned in a slightly higher pitch, before the two came in for an embrace and a quick kiss, which was followed by a few longer ones, their lips begging to stay together like two muffins when he batter overflowed in the pan. All the while, they wrapped their hefty arms around each other’s burly chests, bringing their massive bellies crashing together before they rubbed against each other, like two boulders that might make a spark that could set a fire between them. For them, that fire was already burning, even more brightly since Hal had started growing.

“Did you wear that shirt to school?”

“No,” Hal chuckled. “The kids already make fun of my weight enough as it is. They don’t need the encouragement.”

“Definitely not. But you do,” Don asserted, poking his finger into Hal’s gigantic belly and letting it sink into the supple flab.

“‘Need’ is a strong word. But…” he stalled, leaning into Don’s embrace as the two’s bellies slid against each other, emphasizing the heft of each of them. With a quieter, deeper voice, Hal continued, “I sure do want it.”

As a devious grin grew across Don’s face, he let go of Hal with one arm, keeping the other over his shoulders. “This way,” he demanded, leading Hal into the kitchen as Hal came along with his own arm around Don’s back. As they walked, their bellies bumped into each other, coaxing a few giggles out of both men. They slowed down so both could reach their free hand over their own mountainous belly, allowing each of them to rub the others’. As big as both of them were, this was no easy task, and resulted in a lot of belly bumping as their mounds of bouncy flab competed for limited personal space.

“So, what do you have to get done tonight before we can go home?” Hal asked as they walked into the kitchen, seeing what looked like an already finished cake on one of the counters. On closer inspection, each of the three tiers seemed to be surrounded by a line of doughnuts stuck into the frosting.

“Oh I’m all done. I’m here because I need your help.”

My help?”

Don lead the two up to the doughnut cake. Up close, Hal counted about ten doughnuts around the top tier and 15 around the bottom, surrounding a top tier about the size of a small pizza and a bottom tier about the size of a large, with a middle tier meeting the two sizes in the middle.

“You see this beautiful monstrosity?”


“The client who ordered this canceled at the last minute. We still got paid, but now we have this cake that’s just going to get thrown out. Which means you and I,” Don continued, his voice growing quieter and deeper, “Can eat as much of it as we want.”

“Well that’s great, but… what makes it a monstrosity?”

“Those rings of doughnuts should give you a hint,” Don said as he pointed toward the hefty garnishes. “Each layer is comprised of three cakes, and between those cakes, there’s a layer of cream filling and a layer of fudge filling, the same fillings that go into the doughnuts. The regular cake frosting on the outside is just a diversion.”

After Don finished his explanation, he looked over at Hal to gauge his reaction, and saw him looking at the cake with wide eyes and mouth agape. All that was missing was the drop of drool to complete the look.

“I take it you’re interested?”

“So, um… Are we using forks and knives, or can I just dig in?”

With a chuckle, Don turned to face Hal and slipped his hand up Hal’s shirt, letting it wander over the expanse of his already ponderous gut. “Anything that gets in the way of my baby eating as much cake as he wants, as fast as he want, we can do without.”

An eager grin spread across Hal’s face, before he turned to look at the cake and turned back to Don with a less enthusiastic expression. “Maybe we could use a knife to cut it into more manageable slices.”

A more embarrassed smile spread across Don’s face before he grabbed his best slicing knife. As Hal nibbled on a doughnut from the top later, Don separated all three layers before cutting them into separate slices, each with a doughnut on the outside. Once Hal had finished the doughnut he was snacking on, Don took the slice of cake he’d left barren in hand and walked over to Hal. “Time to finish what you started,” he told him, before pushing the slice of cake against Hal’s mouth so he had no choice but to eat it.

But Hal was totally happy to scarf that slice of cake down. As he worked through the layers of cake and filling, he mumbled through his full mouth, “Boy, this doughnut filling is no joke. It’s really rich.” Once he finished chewing that bite and swallowed it, he took another before he continued, “But I’m just getting started,” like he wanted to prove just how badly he wanted that cake.

“Good,” Don said in a low voice that nearly resembled a growl, patting Hal’s belly with his left hand while he kept feeding him the cake with his right.

It didn’t take long before Hal finished the slice of cake, chewing with pleasurable moans before he swallowed the last of it. “One down,” he laughed.

With a smile of his own, Don turned back toward the cake and said, “There’s a lot here. We better keep going,” before taking a doughnut off of one of the slices and biting into it.

“Oh,” Hal said, sounding disappointed. “You’re… not gonna feed me the rest?”

Don turned Hal’s way and looked at him with eyebrows and eyelids both raised. To hear such a question from someone who previously didn’t even want his belly played with because he was so insecure about his size gave him pause. But thankfully not too much pause, as he soon grabbed the slice of cake and brought them both to Hal. “Open up,” he commanded, and Hal did as instructed.

Hal scarfed down the slice of cake much faster than Don did the doughnut, which was how much of the night progressed. As Don snacked on a doughnut with casual interest, he kept feeding the slices of cake to Hal, occasionally with doughnuts too when Don wasn’t done with his. For the first two layers, they continued that way without issue, with Hal chowing down on the cake while Don ate about half of the doughnuts, the other half joining the growing, solid mound of cake and filling in Hal’s gut.

By then, Hal’s gut had expanded enough to force his shirt to rise high enough to expose about two inches of his belly. After licking his fingers clean, Don let them wander to the warm, soft bottom of Hal’s gut, coaxing a groan out of Hal’s cake-filled mouth. He sunk his fingers into the flab beneath, before letting his hand wander up to the top of Hal’s belly, enjoying the trip all the way around. After slipping his hand into Hal’s shirt, he continued to lift it up as his hand neared the firm, solid top of Hal’s gut. That side of his giant globe didn’t give in nearly as easily to Don’s grip, coaxing a groan out of Hal when he tried. So instead, he rubbed his hand gently against it while his other hand pushed the slice of cake into Hal’s mouth.

In the rush of the night, Don didn’t realize just how quickly they were going through the cakes, until he saw that they were down to the biggest layer. At that, he turned back to Hal and took in the sight of his stuffed boyfriend, leaning back against one of the counters, eyes half closed and panting heavily. His mouth was surrounded by a ring of doughnut filling and cake crumbs, which he seemed too tired to clean off. After Don’s belly massage, Hal’s shirt lay crumpled around the top of his spherical gut, looking more like a pile of cloth tossed on a table than a garment meant to be worn. Granted, Don thought, if he could get the last layer of cake into Hal’s swelling stomach, his shirt probably wouldn’t be wearable anyway.

With devious smile, Don picked up one slice of cake and pulled the doughnut off to snack on himself, before walking over to Hal. “You’re doing great, dear. Just one more cake to go. And see?” he said before holding up the slice at an angle. “These taper off to the finer point. Nice and easy way for you to start nibbling,” he told Hal, before continuing in a lower, rougher voice, “Before you wolf down the rest.”

With his head still arched back and his breathing still heavy, Hal gasped in between breaths, “May… maybe… we could… take it… kinda… slow…“

With the hand that was holding the doughnut, Don extended his pointer finger and laid it over Hal’s lips. “It must be so difficult for you to speak, with a stomach so full of my cake. Stuffed with all that doughnut filling, you must know how those doughnuts feel. Of course we can take it slow, dear. Don’t use your precious energy asking that when you’ll need so much for digestion.”

From behind Don’s finger, Hal’s expression relaxed into one of relief. His mouth, still open to allow his panting breaths through, curled into a smile as his eyelids relaxed. It remained just open enough for Don to stick the tip of the slice of cake inside, taking a bite of the doughnut as he did, and Hal started nibbling on his first piece of the third cake.

Don ate all of the doughnuts on the third cake, having no trouble keeping up with Hal’s more deliberate eating pace. With so much cake already filling Hal’s belly, he chewed as if he existed in slow motion, lethargically moving his jaw up and down as he slowly but steadily swallowed each bite. His eyes were glazed over as he looked in Don’s eyes, before a blink left them gazing off into the distance, even though there was nothing to look at but Don and his current slice of cake.

But Hal was determined. As long as Don kept shoving cake into his mouth, Hal diligently ate all of it, adding each bite to the steadily growing mound in his stomach. After Don finished each doughnut, he’d lick his fingers clean so he could use them to massage Hal’s packed stomach. Every time, he was astounded at just how firm and full it felt, and even moreso by Hal’s determination to pack all the cake in on top of that pile. As Hal’s expression grew more and more exhausted, Don’s only became more amazed, with his eyelids rising and his mouth curling into a tighter and tighter grin. Even though Don himself was starting to feel full from all the doughnuts he’d scarfed down.

So the two kept on, chowing down on their respective parts of the cake as Hal slipped deeper and deeper into food coma. But Don kept him awake as long as there was more cake to eat, with belly rubs and words of encouragement about how well Hal was doing. He managed to keep Hal awake right up until the last slice of cake had disappeared down Hal’s willing gullet.

Don looked at the space on the counter that the cake had once occupied, now occupied only by crumbs and scraps of filling. He could feel his own stomach stretching out to make room for the several dozen doughnuts he’d eaten, along with all the filling in them, and brought his hand to bear on his belly. Rubbing his full stomach gave him some measure of relief, before he remembered Hal’s state and figured he could use the rubs more.

But when Don turned around to face Hal, he couldn’t help but stop and stare at his overfed boyfriend. Hal was a very different sight from the panting, groaning, rocking back and forth sack of cake and filling Don had turned him into after the first two layers. Now he leaned back against the counter as still as the cake itself before he and Don had demolished it, propped up by his packed stomach like a cake on a cake stand. His eyes were barely open, his mouth hardly moving as his breath drew in and out as slowly and steadily as he’d eaten the last slices of cake.

With his shirt still crumpled on top of his ballooned belly, the contrast of how much Hal had grown wasn’t as stark as Don expected. But as he brought both of his hands down on the top of Hal’s gut, he could feel the difference, as the rock-solid mass pushed against him with even the slightest bit of pressure. Hal seemed to feel the difference too, as he moaned just from Don’s touch. So Don started gently, letting his hands graze over Hal’s stomach to get him acclimated to his touch.

Thankfully, Don had plenty of space to cover as he rubbed Hal’s belly. Letting his hands slowly and steadily glide across the top of his gut meant a lengthy amount of time between when they started on the sides and when they met in the middle. His belly was like a boulder, massive and heavy and gargantuan, having easily outgrown the truck-tire comparison Don had made when Hal walked in. A giant stone was a much more apt comparison now.

Once Hal was no longer letting out groans of pain, Don let his fingers sink a bit deeper into the top of Hal’s belly. It didn’t take much before he felt the unyielding mound of cake in Hal’s stomach push back against him, causing Hal to let out a quiet groan at the sensation. But that groan soon subsided, replaced by moans that were just as subdued, before Hal made no noise at all. He just let his head hang back and his mouth hang open as Don made his overstuffed stomach feel better.

Even though both men were standing up, Don feared that in Hal’s state, he might fall asleep. And now that Hal was on track to outgrow Don, he didn’t relish the idea of having to support his overfed boyfriend as they walked out of the bakery. “I think it’s time we get out of here, huh?” Don whispered.

Hal’s eyelids hung so low that Don worried they might have already closed. The fact that Hal didn’t respond to Don’s question didn’t make him feel any better about the possible task ahead of him. Even his agape mount remained unmoving, giving no indication that he’d heard the question.

“Yeah, I think it’s time we get out of here.”

Stepping to Hal’s left side, Don crouched down to slide his right arm underneath Hal’s shoulders. Thankfully, once Don gave Hal a bit of a push, Hal started moving. He waddled ploddingly, seemingly only able to take tiny steps to move his swollen body around. Slowly but steadily, the two made their way through the kitchen and out of the bakery to Don’s car.

Don wasn’t sure how he managed to get Hal in the passenger seat. All he knew was that when they got home, Hal’s snoring indicated Don had to wake him up. Rather than using words, Don reached over to rub Hal’s gut again. This coaxed a snort and a halted inhalation out of Hal, before he slowly opened his eyes and looked Don’s way.

“We’re home.”

“I’m home!” Don called out as he rubbed his shoes off on the mat, knocking off both the sidewalk salt and the snow that had accumulated on them. As he hung up his coat, he could hear Hal stomping his way in from the kitchen, not because he was angry, but because a man as massive as him couldn’t help but make a racket as he entered a room. With his shoes off, Don walked toward the kitchen before he saw Hal’s belly peek out from around the corner. Hal had to walk another foot or two before his face followed suit.

“Hey!” Hal called out excitedly. “How’s the weather out there?”

“Not much worse than it was when you got home, I imagine. It’s cold though.”

“Well let me do something about that then,” Hal cooed, causing the ring of fat that surrounded his face to jiggle with the movements of his jaw, before the two came close for an embrace. With Hal now the wider of the two by far, sporting a belly was nearly the size of a yoga ball, Don had to bend down quite far reach over Hal’s broad gut and reach his face. Hal puckered up his own lips, flanked by a chubby cheeks that were starting to rival the lobes of a smaller man’s chest. Hal’s chest, though not having plumped out as much as those of some men his size, was still big enough to come to rest on top of his belly.

But once the two finally had their burly arms around each other, the hug was worth all the struggle. Hal’s brawny arms were even wider than Don’s now, looking more like how his legs did before he had embraced getting heavier. It wasn’t often that Don got hugged by someone with wider arms than his; it usually only happened at bear and chub events. He was renowned for how good his hugs felt, so to get the same quality of hug from his own boyfriend, someone who hugged him frequently, was a dream come true.

Once they finally wrestled themselves from each other’s embrace, Hal beamed, “You’ll be happy to know dinner is almost ready. I’m keeping it somewhat simple tonight, just making lasagna.”

“Still sounds delicious to me,” Don assured him, before following Hal into the kitchen. Watching his boyfriend walk was a treat for Don now, as he hobbled forward to carry his new weight forward. Hal’s knees barely bent as he walked, more resembling a swinging motion as he shuffled one in front of the other. His arms, meanwhile, stuck out on a high enough diagonal that Hal had to bring them forward to walk through a doorway. With so much weight to move around, every one of Hal’s steps seemed deliberate, purposeful, and Don loved watching them.

Once the two were in the kitchen, Hal made the salads as the lasagna finished baking. Once it was ready to come out of the oven, Hal put it on the stove top next to two plates he’d brought out for him and Don. He scooped out two portions of lasagna, two of which were big enough to span the shorter side of the pan, removing nearly half of the entire dish. He put the smaller portion on the farther plate, which he passed to Don. “There’s more if you want it. I know I’ll be having more,” Hal commented confidently.

Don didn’t feel at all slighted by getting the smaller piece of lasagna. Those days, Hal’s appetite was demonstrably bigger than Don’s, to the point that Don didn’t know if he’d be joining Hal in getting seconds. But he didn’t mind, as getting to watch his boyfriend satisfy his massive appetite made dinner a treat, no longer how long it might have lasted before Hal had had his fill.

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