The Munchies After Close

Originally posted November 4, 2018.
Contains: accelerated weight gain, supernatural encouraging, direct encouraging.

This story was inspired by this piece of art by bigger-is-bestest7 on Tumblr, featuring a portly fast food manager who gets fattened up by one of his employees, who seems to be a demon. I really liked that idea, but didn’t want to copy it exactly, which is where I got the idea to return to a familiar creative well: the Munchies.

The Munchies come from an old PSA which warned kids not to eat just because they’re “bored or blue”, instead encouraging them to go outside and play or exercise. It personified this kind of mindless eating via grey blobby creatures that made you eat if you fell victim to them. As you would expect, they’ve become something of a staple of gainer fiction, with plenty of writers giving their take on the idea.

That includes me, as I’ve written three stories based on the Munchies before this one: Mike Meets the Munchies, about a bored office worker who becomes fatter and lazier due to the Munchies’ influence; The Munchies at the Office, about an office worker who wants to move up the corporate ladder, stress eats due to his long hours at the office, and ends up fatter AND more successful; and In the Grasp of the Munchies about a slacker who totally loses himself to gluttony and sloth at the Munchies’ influence. With these three stories, I thought I’d completed a sort of trilogy of Munchies stories, given the different outcomes for the different protagonists. But it turns out there’s still plenty of stories to tell with the Munchies.

Like my previous Munchies stories, this story borrows heavily from ADigitalWarrior’s story, Munchies: Apartment Complex – Jake, particularly the interludes and how he wrote the Munchies as always talking in rhyme.

Synopsis: Kenny is the gluttonous manager of a fast food place, who works the closing shift just so he can eat all the leftover food. He also bans employees from taking food home, secretly making sure they leave it all for him. One night, he gets a visit from the Munchies, who help make his night a lot more fattening. So much so that his employees just might find out the truth…

Kenny had worked as a manager at Bill’s Burgers for about five years, and in that time, he’d managed to put on nearly 100 pounds. But Kenny wasn’t the average fat guy working at a fast food place who put on weight because he couldn’t control himself around all that food. No, Kenny was more ambitious than that.

Kenny had started working at Bill’s Burgers as a regular fry cook, but showed the necessary initiative and drive to rise up the ranks, from shift lead to third key to assistant manager and, finally, manager. The whole climb had taken seven years, during which Kenny had remained a relatively thinly-built guy just like he’d been when he joined.

But that began to change once he’d reached manager status. It started with Kenny making the unprecedented choice to volunteer to be the closer Monday through Friday. Most workers, when they got any sort of power or authority, used it to delegate that usually-reviled shift to someone else. But Kenny agreed to take that duty in exchange for being able to come in at noon, a trade the rest of the team (especially the closers) were happy to make. And for a brief moment, it seemed like Kenny would be one of the most liked managers to take the job.

But then there was the other characteristic that distinguished him from many who took the job: he was a stickler for the rule that no one could take food home after their shift. The Bill’s chain had a rule that employees could only eat the food they made during their breaks, not during their shifts, and certainly couldn’t take it home with them. Most managers and shift leaders were lax about that particular rule, but not Kenny, who came down pretty hard on anyone who tried taking food home. He was less of a stickler about people who ate while working, only chastising those who ate more than what could be considered a snack. But taking food home was strictly prohibited.

When Kenny started out as a manager, his employees would joke that he didn’t let them take food home because he wanted it all for himself when they closed. The joke didn’t stay a joke for long, as Kenny started gaining a noticeable amount of weight. Slowly but surely, his svelte frame was enveloped in a layer of pudge that grew out a centerpiece in the form of his round, soft belly. Slowly the joke became common wisdom, whispered when he wasn’t listening. While it didn’t exactly help the team’s respect for him, the fact that he was a fair and effective manager in all other ways made it something they were willing to put up with.

Of course, there was always doubt as to whether Kenny really ate the food after everyone was gone. No one had ever caught him in the act, and the few times it came up, he denied it outright. But though few employees believed with absolute certainty that he wasn’t taking any food at the end of his shift, few also believed that he was eating as much as the rumors suggested. They believed the truth lay somewhere in the middle: he’d eat some extra food while everyone else was gone, about as much as anyone else would. Where they disagreed was how much that was.

Which worked just fine for Kenny. Because it means no one suspected the truth: that he was, indeed, taking as many closing shifts as possible to eat all the food that was left over. Not only that, but he’d d risen to the manager position so there would be no one above him to chastise him for it. And his weight gain in the meantime? It wasn’t because of job stress, like some theorized, but because he was indeed stuffing himself every night with as much food as he could fill his stomach with.

After five years, that amount had grown rather impressively. When he’d started out, he could eat a few burgers and maybe a small fry. Now, he could get down a half-dozen burgers, several orders of fries, a drink or two, and still have room for dessert. It was good to be on top.

As another week came to a close, Kenny looked forward to another night of gorging. After sending the one remaining employee home and locking the door behind her, he stepped into his office giddily, gleeful about the gorge yet to come. With the tip of his shoe, he pulled out a scale that he hid under his desk and stepped on to it.

280.6 pounds. He had gained 100 pounds since starting at 180.

A smile spread across Kenny’s face as he patted the rounded mound of flab under his button-down shirt. It was shaped like he’d stuffed several pillows underneath his shirt, but it was all him, and all the fatty food he loved eating. Even after five years, he’d yet to grow sick of the stuff, only growing bigger instead. He chuckled as he patted his gut, wondering just how much bigger he was going to get as long as he stayed manager.

His own chuckling was echoed by some high-pitched chuckling he heard coming from outside of his office. It quickly grew to a lot of high-pitched chuckling, coming from at least a dozen sources. Kenny didn’t know who could be making the noise. He was sure he and Laura were alone in the restaurant when he’d sent her home, having told the last few customers that it was closing time. Had someone been loitering in the bathroom and only now just come out? Preparing himself for whatever he might see next, he practiced, “We’re closed, you can’t be in here,” mentally as he left his office.

Turning the corner into the kitchen, Kenny saw a sight that he was not prepared for. The source of the laughter wasn’t one of his employees or a customer, or even human. Rather, he found his kitchen overrun with about a dozen-and-a-half grey blobs, two or three feet in height. They had big, round bodies and stubby arms and legs, topped with heads with massive, chubby cheeks. In between those cheeks were impossibly wide smiles, topped off with eyes that were even more impossibly vast. Some were working the friers, some were chopping vegetables, and some were putting it all together into more food.

The sight was not one that Kenny was prepared for, but he still managed to get out the line he’d practiced: “W-we’re closed, you can’t be in here.”

A wave of high-pitched laughter came from the the creatures, before they resumed their respective jobs while speaking in unison, “It was you, Kenny, who let us in. Why, we’ve been wondering where you been,” they claimed in synchronized, high-pitched voices.

“Me who… I-I-I did no such thing. What are you even talking about?. Who even are you?”

“We’re the Munchies!” they all shouted enthusiastically. “…Mr. Bureaucrat, and you let us in when you got fat!”

“Wha–that doesn’t even make sense. Are you saying me getting fat just… just somehow summoned you?”

A few scattered giggles came out of the crowd of blobs, who soon abandoned their tasks and started congregating around Kenny’s feet. This made him slowly back up until his back ran into a wall, and he was pinned and surrounded by the blobs. All of them were looking at him with wide, eager eyes and even wider smiles. It almost could have been cute, if it didn’t feel like a shake down.

“When you’re feeling bored or blue, Making you eat is what we do. But we don’t just come when you’re lacking zest. We’ll also find you when you’re busy, or stressed. But you’re the kind that can’t be beat. We came here because you love to eat! You enforce the rules with impressive vigor, So there’s always enough food for you to get bigger! The friers are hot, the grills are greased And now it’s time for you to feast!”

The way the Munchies spoke in unison, a chorus of enthusiastic, high-pitched voices, along with the fact that they spoke in rhyme, gave their voices a hypnotic quality. Though the whole thing was obviously very strange, Kenny found himself coming to an even stranger sort of acceptance about it. After all, they were right: he was just going to spend the rest of the night eating. “Alright, makes sense. I know why you’re here. But… what are you going to do now?”

More giggles emanated from the group as they dispersed and returned to the roles they’d all assumed previously: some working the friers and grills, some cutting up veggies and other toppings, and some putting them all together into new burgers for Kenny to eat. “It’s quite simple, our growing friend. We want to make that gut distend! To your seat, you can stay glued, and we’ll bring you more and more food. So just relax, eat, and digest, and let the Munchies take care of the rest!”

“Okay, but wait,” Kenny said seriously, upon realizing there was something off here. “When I eat after closing, I only eat the food that’s leftover from the end of the day, that’s going to go in the trash anyway. I never cook more for myself. You’re wasting my supplies.”

Another round of laughs, these more uproarious than the previous few, emanated out of the group, enough to stop them in the midst of their jobs, before they resumed talking in unison. “There’s no need to be so brash. We threw that old food in the trash. But wait!, calm that anger in your eyes. You see, we brought our own supplies. Our own buns, burgers, we’ll whip up in a hurry, so you can eat without any worry. So please, relax, and take a seat,” the munchies insisted, before Kenny felt a chair pushed into the back of his legs, which he was lucky enough to fall onto without injury. “And do what you are best at: eat!”

As appealing as the prospect was for Kenny, he couldn’t help but worry about what would happen if he were caught. It was a worry that always punctuated his post-closing stuffings, but if he were to be caught now, how would he explain the Munchies? Even he didn’t really understand what they were or why they’d appeared just now. How could he explain them to someone else?

But when Kenny looked out to see if anyone could look in the windows and see what was going on, he realized he had a very hard time seeing the windows. The Munchies had set up far enough back in the kitchen that he didn’t have to worry about anyone looking inside and seeing the spectacle that was going on. At least, not without really staring, and in his experience, most people weren’t that curious.

“Alright, you make a good case. Where should we begin?”

All at once, the Munchies cheered, jumping in place as much as their stubby little legs would let them. It didn’t take long for several of them to bring over burgers for Kenny to enjoy. He spotted double and triple burgers, some with cheese and some without, a surprisingly amount of variety from such homogeneous creatures. “We’ll start with your favorite: burgers a plenty! Have one, or two, or five, or twenty!”

“Let’s start with one, little guys,” Kenny said with a chuckle, before taking a burger from the closest Munchie and taking a bite. “Mmm… Mmm! This is really good! Damn, you guys are good cooks!”

“That’s what happens when they’re made fresh. We think you’ll agree, they’re quite the best.”

“They’re up there, for sure. You little guys making any fries too?”

As if on cue, more Munchies brought over a greasy paper bag, the kind an order of fries would usually be put in. But this one didn’t have an order of fries nicely contained in a paper pouch or box. Instead, the whole bag was filled with fries. “Fries to munch on as you eat, to make sure you don’t stay petite.”

“‘Petite’?” Kenny chuckled before giving the side of his belly a good thump with his free hand. “I don’t think you have to worry about that, little guys,” he assured the Munchies before taking a handful of fries and shoving them in his mouth. The Munchies seemed to only giggle in return, before they returned to their stations, making more burgers and more fries so Kenny had plenty to munch on.

Kenny had never tried eating two-handed before that night, but there was something fun about it. Especially in the fact that he had something different to much on in either hand. It also gave him longer to savor his double cheeseburger when he was chasing down eat bite with fries. But soon he finished it, following it with a bacon cheeseburger that was better than anything he or his workers had ever made. The bacon was perfectly crispy, as were the onion strings used to top it.

“Don’t you feel like a king?”

“Mmhm,” Kenny mumbled through a mouth full of burger.

“We know you love the size it brings.”

“Heh, you’ve got me figured out, little guys,” Kenny said, before shoving the fries in his hand into his mouth so that he could free his hand up to pat his round belly. It wasn’t a truth that Kenny admitted to his coworkers, or much of anyone, but he loved being fat. He loved carrying a big, wide belly around with him wherever he went, and he wanted more. He wanted to be bigger. He wasn’t sure how much bigger, but bigger for sure.

So he kept stuffing down the burgers that the Munchies brought him, along with the bags of fries they kept swapping out when he emptied one. With the Munchies keeping him well stocked, he fell into a groove of eating where he paid little attention to just how much he was stuffing himself. He wasn’t sure how many burgers he ate by the time he fell out of his groove–it felt like at least a dozen, along with several bags full of friends, but that didn’t seem possible.

But if he had eaten that much, it would certainly explain why he heard a ripping sound come from his belly, before he heard something plastic scuttle across the floor. Following the noise, he saw one of his shirt buttons come to rest under the counter. This prompted the Munchies to cheer, before they said in unison,“You just made a button pop! Keep on going, you shouldn’t stop! Stuff yourself like a hungry boar, until all your buttons are on the floor!”

Kenny was a bit more concerned than the Munchies seemed to be. After shoving the handful of fries in his left hand into his mouth to free it up, he felt at the front of his shirt, where he discovered the gap created by the loss of the button. Feeling at that gap, he could feel the soft flab of his belly beneath. But even the smaller gaps were in a similar state, with the cloth being pulled at on either side by the pressure of the belly underneath pushing out, giving a viewer a glimpse at Kenny’s gut.

Pushing his hand into the flab beneath his shirt, Kenny discovered that it wasn’t rock hard with food like he expected. Rather, it was soft and bouncy, like his belly was before he’d started eating. It was almost like the Munchies’ goodies were being digested as soon as he ate them, and turning into fat on his body, with much of it seeming to settle around his midsection and pushing the buttons on his shirt apart.

“Uh, I think I might have eaten too much, guys.”

“Too much? Why, that’s nonsense there. Just ‘cause you belly is a bit more bare? There’s always bigger clothes to buy, so finish that burger, and have more fries!”

“I don’t know. I feel like this is happening a bit too fast.”

“Don’t you feel satisfied? Watching that button hit the floor and glide? Why, you just told us you want to get bigger. Did that button take with it your vigor? If you’re still the man you were before, then keep on eating, more and more!”

The Munchies had a point. Kenny knew he wanted to get bigger, and now his wish was being granted, albeit a bit faster than he was expecting. But shouldn’t that have been exciting? When he thought about it that way, it was easier for him to slip back into enjoying stuffing himself with even more burgers and fries. After finishing a handful of fries and the burger in his hand, he reached down to undo his belt, letting out a sigh of relief when his pants button popped off next and the fly unzipped. Once he was back in his groove, he wondered, just how much more food would it take to take to make the next shirt button pop?

Turns out, the answer was just a couple more burgers. In the midst of a triple cheeseburger, he heard another rip and the sound of a button bouncing across the floor. This time, it gave him the boost he needed to eat with more gusto, until even more of his buttons riddled the floor. Burger after burgers, followed by fries, along with the occasional chicken sandwich, were shoved down his gullet, until his shirt was reduced to two disconnected flaps of cloth on either side of his massive belly, held together only by the buttons around his chest.

By then, Kenny’s gut had grown significantly bigger than it was at the start of the night, bigger than it should have been possible for a man’s belly to grow in one day. As he sat back in the chair, his massive belly sunk between his legs with enough weight to push them apart. And yet, it was still wide enough to rest on his thighs. It was like two full garbage bags resting on his lap, weighing him down and leaving him with little interest in standing up. It was like a giant sack of grain, only filled with the grease they fried the fries in instead. It was like he’d put on a poncho and stuffed it with water balloons.

Once he’d finished his burger and the fries in his hand, he laid back and, with a grunt, pulled apart the sides of his shirt where it was still attached, causing the remaining buttons to come flying off. At that, he let his arms fall at his sides, before the side of the shirt did likewise, leaving his rotund gut bulging out uninhibited. It stuck out straight into the space in front of him, made firm and solid by all the food crammed into it. After taking some time to catch his breath, he raised his hands and rubbed the mammoth protrusion, needing to convince himself that it was real. But it was all him; in one night, he’d grown that fat.

And he loved it. A smile slowly spread across his face as he scooched down a little more in the chair, giving his belly a bit more room to spread out. With both hands feeling over the rotund mound of flab, he could get an appreciation for just how round it was. He had to stretch to reach down and hold it on either side, and no matter how he strained himself, he couldn’t reach the bottom. He tried to make it wobble from side to side, but that just made him feel like he was going to fall off his chair. So he stuck to just rubbing it, which certainly provided a sense of relief.

“Don’t look so relieved just yet. Think how much bigger you can get!”

“Oh, guys… I couldn’t eat another bite,” Kenny told them, still rubbing his massively firm gut.

“Maybe not, but that’s the treat: who said that you’d have to eat? Don’t you worry your pudgy head; we’ve got better plans for you instead. When we’re done, you’ll make the ground quake, after we fill you with milkshake!”

That didn’t sound like such a bad idea. Kenny was fan of ending his late-night stuffings with a small milkshake, as the shake felt like it melted around his meal, filling in the space and making his feeling of fullness more pleasant as it got more intense. “Alright, boys. But just how are you gonna get me there?”

Sooner than Kenny could finish asking, he felt dozens of little hands on the back of his legs, arms, and torso, before he was lifted off of his chair and toward the milkshake machine. With his massive belly in the way, pinning him down like a bean bag chair filled with water balloons, he couldn’t see where he was going. So he relaxed and contented himself to wait until he was closer to see what the Munchies had in mind to allow him to drink the milkshake. After all, the spout was too close to the machine for him to put it right into his mouth. Or had they finally become civilized enough to use cups?

That turned out to not be the case. Upon bringing Kenny to the milkshake machine, the Munchies dropped him on the floor with his head right under the machine. For a moment, he worried they’d just pour the milkshake directly into his mouth, but it turned out they had more destructive intentions. After dropping him on the ground, a few Munchies hopped up to the counter the milkshake machine lay on and started pulling at the spigots.

To Kenny’s surprise, both spigots came out with remarkable ease, with plenty of tubing attached for the Munchies to pull out of the machine. Two of them hopped down with the spouts in hand, tubing coming out of the machine with them. They landed on either side of Kenny’s head, the surprise of which caused his mouth to open, allowing the two Munchies stuck both spigots in on either side of his mouth. If he’d wanted to, he could have pulled them out. But instead he lay back, and let the Munchies pull the lever that started the flow of milkshake. But they didn’t stop there, pulling at each level until it broke off, ensuring the flow of milkshake would not stop until the machine was empty.

Chocolate and vanilla milkshake both began flowing into Kenny’s mouth at rapid speeds. He had to swallow it quickly to keep it from spilling out of his mouth and onto the floor around him. Thankfully for him, he adored the combination of vanilla and chocolate, which made it easy to drink down the shake. Even though it was going into an already stuffed belly. In his mind, the shake would just fit around the food he’d eaten. And the fact that his stomach didn’t hurt much, even though he was drinking the shake down at quite a speedy rate, only bolstered that theory.

“Down your throat both shakes will go, making sure you continue to grow.”

Though Kenny was sure drinking all of the milkshake in the machine would cause him to put on a few pounds, he wondered, could it really make him that much bigger? He knew how often the machines would run out and had to be refilled with shake mix. And with him now pinned to the floor by his swelling belly, he certainly couldn’t refill it.

But it seemed he didn’t have to. Looking up over the dome of his ballooning stomach, he could see several of the Munchies working together to drag two sacks of shake mix, one chocolate and one vanilla, across the counter and to the machine. With the spigots blocking his mouth and his throat preoccupied by handling the torrent of shake, he couldn’t tell them to stop before they opened the top of the machine while it was still running.

“This shake is going to make you fat, we want to sure of that. So we’ll keep pouring in the mix, to make sure every new pound sticks. All you have to do is swallow and swallow, and we’ll make sure your stomach’s never hollow!”

At its current level of fullness, Kenny figured it would take a good day for his stomach to be empty again. But he had more to worry about than that, as the milkshake machine was not supposed to be refilled while running. Would it keep working? Would it break down and start stuffing his mouth with the dry powder?

Thankfully, the machine seemed to be more hardy than he gave it credit for. As soon as the mix was added and the top closed again, he could hear water being pumped inside to turn the mix into milkshake. It seemed that much of the travesty had been avoided.

But it also seemed he wouldn’t be drinking proper milkshake for long. Once he’d drunk down all the shake that was in the machine and moved on to the new addition, he found it to be barely chilled, yet alone cold and thick like a good shake should be. No, that slop was more like a strongly flavored milk, mixed with vanilla or chocolate syrup, and with more sugar mixed in for good measure. It was thick, but went down like a fountain drink. Which only made it all the easier for Kenny to swallow it down.

By the time the milkshake machine was dispensing this lukewarm drink, Kenny’s belly had grown a solid few more inches up and out. As he desperately kept swallowing down the shake, he brought his hands to bear on the side of his stomach, now completely exposed with his blown-open shirt crumpled on the ground around it. He could scarcely believe how big he was getting, with the shake feeling like it was being converted to fat as fast as he could drink it down. On the other hand, knowing that the Munchies intended to keep fattening him up for a while, filling the machine with more powder until they were done with him, he supposed he should accept that it would be getting bigger.

“More and more, the belly grows. Where it stops, nobody knows!”

At that, Kenny tilted his head up to look at the Munchies with nervous eyes. Not that he could see most of them over his swollen sphere of an abdomen. But they seemed to know what he was thinking, as they all laughed in unison once he head was up.

“We have a few more bags to empty, but we won’t just let you grow freely. Where’s the fun in fattening a man, who can’t be fattened ever again? We’ll stop when you’re a certain size, but what that is? That’s a surprise! So for now, relax, lie back, and enjoy this sweet little snack.”

Kenny wasn’t sure he’d agree with “little”, but the Munchie’s words were just reassuring enough for him to lower his head. At which point, he heard the muffled footsteps of a bunch of them walking toward them. Soon he felt their soft paws rubbing his belly, a feeling that provided far more relief than his own attempts to keep his growing gut soothed. Falling into a rhythm as he swallowed the shake, he found himself able to keep up with the flow and still relax just like the Munchies had suggested. In fact, there was something hypnotic about the rhythm required to keep sucking the shake down, drawing Kenny even farther into his relaxed state. A state so relaxed that he didn’t notice as the weight of the flab above him seemed to be increasing, as the Munchies’ touch as the side of his gut seemed to be moving farther out, as his stomach kept filling bigger and bigger and bigger…

He didn’t notice until he heard the machine sputtering, and sucked down the last of the shake before he was only sucking on empty tubes. With a haggard effort, he lifted his arms up and pulled the tubes out of his mouth, letting both arms and tubes fall on the floor with a great sigh.

“That’s all the shake for the night, and boy, it’s made you quite a sight!”

Although addled with food coma, Kenny tried to lift his head to see what the Munchies were talking about, peering at himself with barely-open eyes. But when he beheld what had happened to his gut, his eyes opened wide, causing all of them Munchies to laugh uproariously.

Kenny’s gut had swollen up enough that he must have weighed at least 200 pounds more than he did at the start of the night. It had grown well beyond the size of a bean bag chair and was more like a pile of blankets, or a twin foam mattress folded in half and laid down on top him. But it was all him. He tried to scoot back, to move in any way, but he was totally pinned down. It barely jiggled or jostled as he tried to move around, only really being affected by his movements when he tried to sit up, only for the effort of compressing all that flab to cause him to fall right back down.

And that’s where he stayed for the rest of the night, wavering back and forth between vain attempts to move while pinned down by his rounded hill of blubber, and periods of succumbing to his massively packed stomach’s pull that beckoned him to fall asleep. He knew he couldn’t fall asleep as he was, exceedingly rotund and practically naked on the floor of his own establishment. But the more he tried, the more moving seemed impossible, and the more he tired himself out. Eventually he found himself putting all his energy into not falling asleep in such a compromising position. But it could only last so long, before his eyes closed one last time, and his food coma pulled him down successfully.

When you’re feeling like a pig, watch out for the Munchies.
We’ll find ways to make you eat, long past when you’re hungry.
You went after leadership with one thing on your mind:
Keeping food around so you could eat it unconfined.
Eating to your heart’s content, stuffing after close,
Doing it alone, so that no one really knows.
Now you’re pinned down by your gut, like a stalled out car.
In the morning, they’ll know what a hog you really are.
All because the Munchies caught you when you were alone.
We’ve stripped your artifice like clothes, your true nature is shown!

As the sun started gently creeping in through the windows of Bill’s Burgers, Kenny groggily opened his eyes and tried to recognize his surroundings. It didn’t look like his bedroom, which was enough to put him in a confused state. But soon he started recognizing things around and, mostly, above him. The milkshake machine was what he recognized first. He remembered something about its spigots being pulled from the machine, so he was happy to see that they were still in place. He recognized the counter above him on the other side, where he and his employees would prepare food. It seemed he’d somehow passed out during closing the night before.

That’s when the memories came back to him. The little grey blobs cooking food for him to eat, him growing much fatter as a result, them carrying him over to the milkshake machine and pulling out the spigots and pumping him full of it as they refilled the machine while it ran. He remembered growing so fat that he couldn’t move from the spot where he lay now, until he passed out. But looking up, he saw that the spigots were still firmly in the milkshake machine. So perhaps he’d made it all up. With a sigh of relief, he pushed himself up into a sitting position.

Only to fall right back down on his back before he could even get a few inches above the ground. After hitting the ground again with a quiet grunt, Kenny shook his head side-to-side like that would affect his perception and finally looked down. Upon seeing that the belly he remembered growing the previous night, his eyes opened as wide as they could, finally jostling him up from his half-awake state.

His belly was easily twice as wide as his shoulders, towering over him at over twice as high as his chest, which had itself softened and plumped up a bit. The mound of blubber towered over his vision, sticking up stubbornly in the air as if it were still propped up by a massive wad of food inside. Only this time, it seemed it was the sheer amount of fat that kept his belly from sinking too much into itself. It would have probably been a sight to behold if he could stand upright. But for now, his gut kept him pinned in place.

Feeling around, Kenny could tell that his clothes were left in the same state he’d remembered them being in the night before. His shirt, nearly covered by his own expanded torso, lay unbuttoned beneath him like some kind of mat. His pants were not just unbuttoned, but also had split at the seems to allow his legs to expand into the space they needed. It seems only his underwear had stretched enough to fit him, with his socks and shoes managing to fit around his feet as well. That would at least allow him to walk, if his massive belly didn’t keep him pinned to the spot.

Kenny tried to get up again, only to see his new belly compress on top before he fell down again, barely causing his gut jiggle. When he tried to rock it back and forth so he could try getting up sideways, he found the amount of effort required to move that much blubber was just more than he could muster. He tried to shimmy toward something that could help him lift himself up, but his gargantuan gut reduced his movements to distances that could be measured in fractions of an inch.

And then he heard the click of someone unlocking the door. “Oh no…” he groaned to himself.

The door opened and closed again, before it was locked from the inside. Footsteps approached and made a detour to the break room in the back, before they approached the kitchen. And that’s when Kenny heard one of his employees shriek in surprise. Looking behind himself, he saw Shawna looking at him with eyes bulging out of her head more than Kenny had seen eyes bulge out before.

“I don’t have an explanation,” Kenny said defeatedly. “I was closing yesterday, and I must have passed out, and somehow I woke up like this.”

Kenny’s even tone didn’t seem to calm Shawna, who backed up slowly before nervously grasping at her pocket for her phone. Before Kenny could beg her to stop, she had pulled it out and was calling someone, her hands shaking. “Hi, Kendra?” she said nervously. “I just got in to open and… I… I don’t even know how to tell you this, but Kenny is laying on the floor at least 300 pounds heavier than he was yesterday… Girl, all his clothes are ripped off, of course I’m not seeing things… Well I don’t know what to do…” she said desperately. “Okay, okay, thank you.”

After she hung up, Kenny heard her dial the familiar tones of 911 and start describing the situation to them, asking for an ambulance. That’s… probably the most reasonable thing to do, he thought to himself, before he stopped looking up and let his head rest on the floor again.

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