The Trucker’s Passenger

Originally published Aug 30, 2018.
Contains: stuffing, direct encouraging, sexual scenes. Not recommended for underage readers.

Not much to say about this one. This story is based off of some fantasies I’ve been having lately after chatting with a fat truck driver on Grommr who knows just how to push my buttons. If he didn’t live overseas, he would have probably gotten me much fatter now. What I can say is that I’m surprised it got this long, given the absence of real plot. I guess that’s a testament to how fun the scenes were to write!

Synopsis: Hernando is a trucker with a respectably large gut, but he’s dwarfed by Robert, his passenger who rides with him everywhere, stuffing himself on fatty truck stop foods. This story follows a day in their life filled with both gluttony and lust, and giving a taste of the lifestyle they lead.

Hernando sighed out of the left side of his mouth as he stood in line at the pizza stand at the truckers’ depot. Considering how many employees they had working the stand, they should have been able to get through the customers faster. All he wanted was the two large meat lover’s pizzas with extra cheese, and a small sausage pizza, so he could go back to his truck with a meal for the road. That wasn’t asking for much, right?

Perhaps it wouldn’t have been, if it weren’t for the fact that everyone standing in line seemed to want orders of similar sizes. As the slices in the front display lay untouched, every time someone’s name was called out, a small pile of boxes would be handed to the invariably hefty trucker once they approached, before waddling off with their haul, their guts and love-handles jiggling as they moved. Though he was impatient, Hernando didn’t begrudge the other truckers for putting in such large orders to satisfy their clearly gargantuan appetites.

Hernando himself was not quite so rotund as most of the truckers he shared the roads with. Though he’d been in the business for nearly two decades, he’d managed to keep his gut to a modest-yet-respectable beach-ball-sized paunch that was dwarfed by many of the guys who’d been in the business as long as him. But Hernando didn’t mind being the size he was. He always enjoyed how the heavier truckers could make even a guy like him feel small when they took their clothes off together, as he had in the sleeper of his truck, and their trucks, and the showers of the truck depots. Although those days, he didn’t partake in those chance encounters as often as he used to.

“What can I get you?”

Finally, Hernando was at the front of the line. He knew there would be yet another waiting period as they made his order, but at least he was one step closer to getting back on the road. “Can I get a small sausage, and two large meat lover’s with extra cheese?” After ringing his order in, the cashier asked, “Anything else?” In that moment, Hernando remembered just how easily, almost unsatisfyingly the two large meat lover’s pizzas with extra cheese had disappeared last time. “Make that three large meat lover’s with extra cheese.”

After paying, Hernando walked to the waiting area, where several truckers of all sizes stood. Some could be dwarfed by Hernando, while others looked like they could eat Hernando. Yet even one of the largest truckers seemed impressed by Hernando’s order. “All that for you, little guy?”

Hernando looked behind himself and saw a man a few inches taller than him, and easily a few hundred pounds heavier. His heart skipped a beat, but he was used to seeing truckers like that on a regular basis when he touched down at a depot. He no longer became speechless the way he used to. “Nah,” he laughed. “The sausage pizza is for me.”

“And the meat lover’s?”

“They’ll be taken care of too,” Hernando assured him, before turning back to face the counter. Even though trucking was an industry that attracted big guys who loved to eat, he generally found it was easier to keep things vague when talking with other truckers.

Eventually, Hernando’s name was called out, and he stepped forward to pick up the four boxes. Meal in hand, he slowly made his way out of the depot, careful to not bump into anything or anyone lest the food he’d waited so long for go on the ground instead of in a stomach. He breathed a sigh of relief once he was out of the depot and back in the open air of that summer day. While he appreciated all the eye candy he got in truck depots, he had something even sweeter waiting for him back in his truck.

As Hernando approached his truck, he heard the distinctive sound of the doors being unlocked, before the passenger-side window rolled down. Reaching up, he passed the pizzas in through the now-open window, as he and his passenger had done many times before. Soon the window rolled back up, to keep the AC inside the cabin, and Hernando walked around to the other side to climb in.

“Took you a while. Was there a line?”

“There’s always a line,” Hernando sighed before closing the door. Once in his seat, Hernando looked over at his passenger and smiled.

Robert rode with Hernando nearly everywhere he went, and it showed. While truck stop food had only left Hernando with a beach-ball sized belly that didn’t even threaten to reach the steering wheel as he drove, Robert’s gut alone was more like a beanbag chair. Not just much bigger, but softer too, supple underneath Hernando’s fingers any time he gave it a rub. Those days, except during the coldest parts of the year, Robert liked to ride without a shirt on, sometimes without pants on either, giving Hernando a clear view of his massive body everywhere they rode. He was a titan of a man, with a gut that approached his knees when he sat up straight, which he rarely did. He much prefered to lean back in his chair as they cruised down the highway, while he scarfed down whatever gargantuan meal Hernando had bought him. That night, it happened to be pizza.

“Did you get yourself a large too?”

“Nope. Only the small is for me.”

“So you got me… three large meat lover’s pizzas?”

“We have a long drive of us.”

“It’s… not the amount of time, Nando. It’s the amount of pizza.”

“Aw, does my tubby boy think he can’t eat these three little pizzas?” Hernando asked as he patted the top of Robert’s belly, watching the resulting ripples travel down his gut and around his sides.


“Come on, big guy. I know you have it in you,” Hernando said playfully as his hand made its way down to the side of Robert’s belly. It was soft and warm, even in the constant cold of the air conditioning that had been left on since Hernando left to get the pizzas. As big as it was, it took quite a bit of strength on Hernando’s part to make it rock side-to-side, but it was worth it to watch Robert sit back as his flab moved without his control. He just sat back and let it wobble, knowing his belly had more sway over him now than he did over it. It was a fact that brought a smile to Hernando’s face any time he played with Robert’s gut.

“You really think so?” Robert asked with a coy smile, seeming to indicate that he already knew he’d be eating all three.

“Now come on, boy. You’re not on this truck to demonstrated suggested serving sizes. You’re going to eat those pizzas.”

With a wide grin on his face, Robert opened up the top box and took a giant slice, before stuffing as much of it into his mouth in one bite as he could.

“That’s a good boy,” Hernando commended as he patted the exposed top of Robert’s belly, the flab making a clapping noise under his fingers as Robert moaned his appreciation. “You just keep on shoving that pizza in,” he encouraged as he set the truck in drive and started them on the journey to their next destination.

Hernando munched on his own sausage pizza as Robert played the part of his dutiful fat boy and wolfed down the meat lover’s pies. With Hernando having to focus on the road, while Robert only had to focus on eating, Robert managed to finish his first large meat lover’s pizza before Hernando finished his small pizza. But it wasn’t long before Robert slowed down, breathing heavily as he ate his slices at a slower pace. Though Hernando had to keep his eyes on the road, he could tell by Robert’s grunts and moans that he was struggling to get all the food down, sounds that caused quite the stirring in his pants. And with only one large, empty pizza box stowed on top of the dashboard, Hernando didn’t have to look at Robert to know he was struggling to get down pizza.

“Go on, boy. Keep shoveling it all down. You know you want it all. You want to pack in that pizza until you can’t move from that seat. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure.”

Judging by the more enthusiastic grunts and the sounds of pizza being urgently munched on, Hernando deduced that his encouragement had worked. It wasn’t long after that when he heard the sound of cardboard landing on cardboard, and saw an empty large pizza box land on top of the first on his dashboard. That was followed by the familiar sound of Robert moaning as his hands slid over the top of his gut as he tried to provide the stuffed mountain of flab some relief.

Hernando shifted his thighs in his seat as he tried adjust the hard-on that was growing beneath his own gut. He knew from experience that he couldn’t take a glimpse at Robert while they were on the road. At best, he’d be so turned on from what he saw that it would affect his reflexes. At worse, he might end up staring for so long that his eyes stay off the road long enough to cause an accident. He was lucky that he hadn’t had to learn those lessons the hard way. As a trucker, he knew the importance of keeping his eyes on the road well enough. But it was hard not to look when just the sounds of Robert’s stuffed state made Hernando rock-solid.

“Two pizzas down. Good boy. But you know you’re not done yet.”

Robert groaned in reply, acknowledging Hernando’s orders the only way he could when he was as full as he was. It brought a grin to Hernando’s face, a grin that grew even wider as he heard the third pizza box open and Robert slowly rip off a slice.

The rest of the trip passed in agony for Hernando. As Robert noisily made his way through the final pizza, groaning and moaning as he shoved more slices down to join the expanding mound in his packed stomach, Hernando struggled to keep his eyes focused on the road ahead of him. No matter how many times Robert ate like that in the cabin of Hernando’s truck, he never got used to listening to Robert stuff himself full. Which was fine, in a way–how awful would it be if the lifestyle the two lead were no longer exciting to him?–but it meant Robert served as the ultimate distraction and test of Hernando’s focus when he stuffed himself to his limits.

And that’s exactly what Robert was doing that trip, stretching out his meal to nearly their entire drive. He shoved down the pizza with noises indicating a mix of pleasure and pain, occasionally trying to talk through a mouthful of pizza that allowed only garbled syllables through. Hernando never asked Robert to repeat himself; if it were important, he reasoned, Robert could repeat it when his mouth was empty. Then again, Robert seemed to spend the whole drive with his mouth full, shoving down bite after bite until the last of the pizza finally disappeared, and he meekly tossed the final empty box on top of the other two.

At that, Robert let out a lengthy, quiet groan. It seemed all the pizza had left him so full that he didn’t have the capacity for a noise any louder than that. Hernando could hear him gently patting the sides of his massively stuffed belly, letting out a continuous moan as he tried in vain to make the pizza digest any faster. “Is there…” he gasped, his shortness of breath testing the limits of Hernando’s focus even more as he squeezed his growing hard-on between his thighs. “Is there… any way… you could… rub my belly… right now?”

“Boy, you know if I do that, I could crash this truck and neither of us will get to experience this again. We’re ten minutes away from the next truck stop, and I promise you, I’ll give you some belly rubs once we get there. You earned them.”

Everything in Hernando wanted to floor it so they could get to their next truck stop even sooner. He wanted to switch to the middle lane to at least cut off a bit of time from their trip. But he knew he couldn’t risk not being able to merge back into the right lane before the exit that would take them to the next truck stop. So he did his best to keep not only his eyes, but his mind on the road ahead of him, remembering his training and not letting himself get distracted by the stuffed tick of a man in the seat next to him. With how loudly Robert was breathing, he was making that exceedingly difficult to do.

But Hernando managed to get them safely to the truck stop, pull off the highway, and park in the truck lot. After he’d pulled into a lengthy space, he put the truck in park and finally let his eyes wander from the view through the windshield to the view sitting next to him. And when he did, his eyelids shot wide open.

Robert had pushed his seat back as far back as it would go, giving his belly as much room as he could possibly give for it to expand outward. As a result of him reclining backward, his packed belly jutted out above him like a mountain growing toward the sky. His belly always had an impressive amount of girth and rotund presence, but when he stuffed it that full, it was like a balloon being filled and stretched to its limits. And with that much food inside of him, he was certainly pinned down, and wouldn’t be going anywhere any time soon. Thankfully, with the summer sun setting outside, they wouldn’t have to, leaving Hernando and Robert to do with the rest of the night what they pleased.

“Mmmm, my big, stuffed boy,” Hernando nearly growled as he undid his seatbelt. After heaving his legs over the side of his seat to face his gorged passenger, Hernando grinned and reached over to touch his belly.

Beneath the soft layer of skin that contained his packed stomach, Robert’s gut was like a boulder. Hernando got up from his seat to reach around it and give it the rub it deserved. Letting his hands slide over the warm heft, his own breathing grew heavy the more he handled Robert’s belly, until he couldn’t keep his attention to Robert’s belly alone.

Hernando let his hand migrate down the bottom of Robert’s gut, feeling the soft girth that hadn’t been stretched completely taut by his meal. Continuing down, his hand eventually reached Robert’s hips, where a pair of briefs were all that stood between him and the firm dick that Hernando could feel underneath Robert’s underwear. With one hand still rubbing the top Robert’s belly, Hernando gently grazed Robert’s hard-on, causing Robert to let out a whimper. Looking into Robert’s half-closed eyes, Hernando grinned and said, “Such a good fat boy. You ate every single morsel I brought for you. Please…” he begged in a lusty whisper, before grazing Robert’s dick with his fingers again, prompting another moan. “Let me reward you.”

In between his heavy, shallow breaths, Robert managed to say, “Please…”

The grin on Hernando’s face grew wider as he turned back and pulled down the makeshift curtain he had made for the driver side window. As he heard Robert do the same for the passenger side window, he pulled out a foil window blocker, usually used to keep the cabin cool in summer, and blocked up the windshield. With their privacy now ensured, Hernando turned back to Robert and slowly pulled his boxers down.

Robert gasped a little as the waistband of his boxers was pulled over his dick, letting out a sigh of relief once his stiff member was freed. It was already so erect that the shaft was nearly perched up against the bottom of his gut. Just grinding the bottom of his belly would have probably gotten him off, but Hernando had other ideas. Licking his lips, Hernando bent down from Robert’s side and took the head of Robert’s member in his mouth.

Like Robert’s belly, his dick was supple on the surface with a firm core. It wasn’t quite so gargantuan as his belly, though, with Robert’s already average-sized member having been partially swallowed by his fat pad since he’d started gaining. But this suited Hernando just fine. He didn’t want a big dick to choke on; he wanted to please Robert. And that didn’t depend on how lengthy Robert’s length was. If anything, a shorter dick made it easier.

So Hernando took the rest of Robert’s dick in his mouth, wrapping his tongue around the head, followed by the shaft, as he took Robert’s full length. Robert’s groans let him know he was doing it right, and he let his lips run up Robert’s solid shaft, flicking his tongue across the bottom as he did so. A few more gasps let Hernando know he was hitting the sweet spot. Focusing his tongue on the bottom of Robert’s bulbous head and the ridge on the bottom of his shaft, Hernando kept licking, moving faster and faster as Robert breath drew quicker and quicker. It was a struggle to hit Robert’s favorite spots given how the truck forced him to blow Robert from the side. But he was intent on following through on his promise to “reward” Robert.

And it seemed it wouldn’t take him long to give Robert that reward. Being as full as he was must have ment Robert was quite horny to start with, as it didn’t take much more work for Hernando to get him moaning loudly. Though he seemed pinned down by his monstrously full belly, Robert still managed to writhe in his chair, his legs convulsing as he gripped the side of his seat. To feel his massive gut bouncing against the side of his head made Hernando wish that it could never end. But Robert could only hold on for so long, and soon enough, his breathing grew fast enough that Hernando knew what was coming.

With a few more expert licks, Hernando had Robert yelping at an increasingly high pitch, before shouting out his ecstasy as his pleasure filled Hernando’s mouth. At that, Hernando slowed down, but kept his lips moving up and down the still firm shaft, until it finally shied away and left Hernando with a mouthful to swallow.

Hernando let out a sigh of relief once his mouth was clear and empty. Looking down at Robert, who was still lying back and breathing quickly, Hernando smiled wide at his overfed, stuffed, spent passenger. “There’s a good boy. Why don’t you just lie there and sleep where you are? I can’t imagine making a stuffed fatty like you get up just to sleep somewhere else. You relax, let all that digest, and wake up even bigger tomorrow. Whatd’ya say?”

Robert could barely say anything. Lying back in his chair, he stared blankly in front of himself, as his massive belly rose and fell with his short, shallow breaths. No matter how long they rode together, Hernando never got tired of seeing Robert like that: stuffed to the gills with fattening food, totally spent from both food coma and post-orgasm exhaustion. It was clear he could barely move. And yet, from behind half-closed eyelids, he looked up toward Hernando, smiled, and nodded a barely perceptible nod.

With a smile of his own, Hernando grabbed a blanket from the back and draped it over Robert’s exposed body. It draped over his belly like moss covering a massive boulder, before obscuring the rest of his body as it draped down from such a big gut. His panting soon slowed down into a light snore, and Hernando dimmed lights. After taking one last look at his sleeping passenger, he rubbed the erection in his own jeans before going in the back of the sleeper to take care of himself.

Morning came, and Hernando opened his eyes to see the sun peering in through the window of his sleeper. He could still hear Robert’s soft snoring coming from the passenger seat, a sound that brought a smile to his face. As he tossed off his blanket, he looked forward to seeing just how much of their meal the night before had stuck.

The sound of Hernando getting ready in the sleeper must have woken Robert. Soon Hernando heard a snort from the passenger seat, before looking up in time to catch Robert rubbing his eyes and say, “Morning already?”

“That it is. Come on,” he said before patting Robert’s shoulder. “We didn’t shower last night, and we can’t afford to skip a day in this heat. Plus we need to get a nice big breakfast in you before we head out for the day. And we have a lot of ground to cover today.”

“I don’t suppose I’ll get five more minutes if I ask,” Robert groaned, pulling the blanket up over his eyes.

“You oughta know better by now, tubby. Come on; the sooner we get out of here, the more time we have to shower and eat.”

“Mmmm, alright,” Robert sighed. “Pass me my clothes?”

After passing Robert some socks, some blue jeans, and a light blue tee shirt, Hernando continued getting ready in the back. He usually put some thought into his outfit, making sure it both looked good and would be comfortable for the hours that he’d wear it on the road. But when Robert left the truck, he usually just threw something on. It suited him just fine, and Hernando had no objections. His favorite outfit of Robert’s was his birthday suit.

By the time Hernando was ready to go, Robert was sitting in the passenger seat fully dressed, looking at his cell phone as he waited. Keeping his sneakers on the floor by the passenger seat certainly had its perks. “Ready?” Hernando asked.

“Yep,” Robert answered, before opening the door and stepping out. With all his heft, there was a certain heave to his movements. He had to lean in one direction before he could move in the other, with his gut jiggling the whole way. Hernando delighted in watching it, and let Robert dismount the truck completely before he exited through the driver-side door.

After walking around the engine, Hernando found Robert tugging at the bottom of his shirt. It didn’t quite go down all the way, revealing a nice, thick stretch of pale skin on the bottom of his ample gut. As fat as he was, Robert could barely reach over his globular belly to pull the shirt down over it. Not that it would have fit if he could. After he let out a sigh and gave up, bending backwards to regain his balance and shoving his gut forward in the process, he looked at Hernando and said, “I don’t think it fits. I should go back in and find a different one.”

“Don’t bother,” Hernando told him authoritatively, patting Robert’s back as he did so. “I want all the drivers in there to see where all that road food has gone,” he continued, cupping the bottom of Robert’s gut in his hand and jiggling it. “Besides, that’s one of your biggest shirts. If it doesn’t fit, the rest of them certainly won’t.”

With wide eyes, Robert looked back at Hernando before laughing an embarrassed laugh and saying, “I guess it’s been a while since I paid attention to how well my shirts fit. Or don’t fit.”

“It’s been a while since you cared, fatty,” Hernando purred, rubbing Robert’s belly in wide enough circles for his hand to disappear under the shirt. Robert had a mildly embarrassed grin on his face, but he never did tell Hernando to stop. “I say it fits perfectly.”

“Well, if you think so…” Robert said with a shy smile.

“I do. Now come on,” Hernando beckoned, putting his hand on Robert’s back as they both strode forward.

Anderson Truck Depot was not one of the bigger or fancier truck stops around, but Hernando liked stopping there when his route allowed. They had a diner next door that served buffet-style breakfast, where he could watch Robert really pack it away. Even more importantly, they had extra large showers. After all, Robert wouldn’t be the only one in that stall.

As the two walked in, the automatic doors opened to reveal them to all the truckers inside. Many of them were Hernando’s size, or bigger, and there were quite a few who matched Robert’s girth. And yet, as the two walked in, they still drew considerable stares from the drivers inside. For of all of the drivers in the depot, none of them walked around with the “Yeah, I put that on him,” expression of pride that Hernando bore. Robert’s “and I liked it” smile completed the aura that drew gazes from all around them.

But they weren’t there to show off. Not primarily. They were there to get ready for their day.

After brushing their teeth, both men left for the showers, where they both borrowed separate totes and walked down the row of shower stalls as if they were strangers. Several stalls were already occupied, as evidenced by the closed curtains and the sound of running water. But after peering inside one while Robert stood by, looking uninterested, Hernando slipped in, beckoning Robert to do likewise before anyone noticed them.

Even with the stalls being as big as they were, there was still only enough space for one of them to change in the stall’s changing area. So Hernando slipped into the shower stall, standing back and watching with glee as Robert disrobed. It didn’t take long for him to discard his simple outfit and leave it on the bench, standing in the changing area with nothing on.

Hernando couldn’t help but bite his lip at seeing Robert all ready to do. “Alright, get in there, you,” he said. “Get the stall nice and warm for me while I change.” With a grin on his face, Robert stepped past Hernando, while Hernando patted his belly approvingly. After the curtain was drawn, Hernando heard the water start to run, as well as the sounds of Robert saying, “Ooh, ooh, cold, cold,” as the water heated up. It made Hernando smile, before he resumed taking his clothes off as quickly as he could.

Once Hernando had disrobed, he pulled the shower curtain aside, revealing a wet and naked Robert shining under the lights of the room, as beads of water ran down his skin. Upon seeing Robert glistening, Hernando grabbed at his junk as he felt a pulsation from his hips. He knew then that the two wouldn’t be washing themselves for a while.

Robert looked at Hernando with a smile as he stepped into the stall to join him. He seemed a bit surprised when Hernando stepped in with enough momentum to push Robert against the back wall of the shower. As Hernando pushed Robert back with his right hand, his left closed the curtain behind them and adjusted the shower head so it wouldn’t rain directly on them. Looking into Robert’s eyes with a hungry gaze, Hernando waited for Robert to smile back at him before he leaned over for a kiss.

For two men as hefty as them to embrace, bellies had to be moved out of the way. As eager as Hernando was, he was happy to lean over Robert’s gut and his own, practically climbing Robert like the mountainous man he was. The two men’s bellies pushed against each other as Hernando leaned in closer, while Robert slid down the wall to make Hernando’s approach easier. With one hand propping him up against the wall behind them and the other cradling Robert’s back, Hernando had the leverage he needed to bend down and kiss Robert.

As their lips locked, Robert raised his brawny arms to wrap them around Hernando’s chest. Pulled in closer, Hernando kissed Robert more passionately, opening his mouth like he might devour Robert in one bite. Of course Robert had a better chance of doing that, and soon he was matching Hernando’s passionate kissing with some of his own. Those made Hernando smile, entertaining him before he resumed wrapping his lips around Robert’s, showing him who was in charge.

Soon Hernando couldn’t restrain himself to just kissing. Holding on to Robert extra tightly with his left arm, he thrust his hips in toward Robert’s belly, his own gut pressing against the ample mound of flab that drove him so wild. Letting out a moan, Robert loosened his grip on Hernando, as if the motion had caught him off guard enough to make him forget himself. A few more thrusts into Robert’s wide belly and the sound of Robert losing himself to ecstacy was enough to get Hernando hard, and soon his gut wasn’t the only thing poking into Robert’s flab.

With a growl of pleasure of his own, Hernando leaned back and looked into Robert’s half-closed eyes. In the brief pause, Robert slowly opened his eyes to look back at Hernando, his mouth hanging half-open as he breathed heavily. Hernando grinned as he pulled his arm out from behind Robert and flipped his erect dick up, before leaning in and pressing it between their guts.

“Oh,” Robert reacted, soon followed by a moaned “Oooh” as Hernando resumed thrusting his hips, rubbing his dick and his belly along the warm surface of Robert’s belly. Robert grabbed at the wall behind him, his arms jutting out straight to the side like his belly jutted out far in front of him, while Hernando held on to Robert as best he could. With both of their guts pushing together, the pressure on his disk was immense, and the sensation of feeling Robert’s soft blubber underneath made him go wild. It sank in more easily to Robert’s belly, causing Hernando to groan his own groans as his dick got longer and harder. Thrusting harder, he pushed his dick into Robert’s gut faster and farther, louder and louder, until…

Hernando’s pleasure spewed forth at just the right time to shoot out like a fountain between their bellies. Holding that position, he shoved his hips even harder in Robert’s gut, shooting several more loads that splattered all over the two of them, before the last of it dribbled out and dripped down onto the bellies that sandwiched his shaft. As his breathing eventually slowed down, Robert finally pulled back from Hernando, allowing them both to take a normal standing position again.

“Well… I guess we better get cleaned off,” Hernando said gruffly.

“Thankfully, we’re in the perfect place to do that,” Robert said with a smile.

Hernando chuckled a bit before his mouth curled into a smile of his own, and he patted the side of Robert’s belly. “Right you are, tubbs. Right you are.”

The rest of their shower passed less excitingly, as the two focused on cleaning themselves up before breakfast. There was still plenty of belly rubs, especially when the two got their whole bodies sudsed up and became downright irresistible to each other. But between it all, they managed to clean themselves off and make themselves presentable. By the time they turned off the water, they both smelled faintly of Hernando’s favorite body wash, a much better smell than their own body odor. At least, the rest of the restaurant’s diners would think so.

The two took turns in the stall’s changing room, with Hernando going first so he could see Robert naked for longer. As Robert stood in the shower stall, all of his girthy glory out for Hernando to see, Hernando could barely take his eyes off of Robert. He managed to get his entire outfit on and only break his gaze when he had to put his shirt on.

The longer Robert stood naked in the stall, the colder he seemed to get, as the heat of the shower seeped out from around him. By the time Hernando finished putting together his wardrobe by lacing up his boots, Robert was hunched over with his arms folded over his chest. It was hardly an attractive site; pitiful, really. It was more than enough to make Hernando say, “Alright, get out here and change. I’ll meet you in the lounge area.”

With a look of relief on his face, Robert stepped out of the shower, while Hernando grabbed his tote and looked outside the stall. WIth no one around to see him leave the stall and close the curtain because someone was still in there, he made his escape. Though he had no shame about what he and Robert had together, he did feel a little bit ashamed of the amount of water they wasted when they made love in the shower. But they couldn’t help it. It brought him back to the early days when a shower hookup could be a tryout for a hookup proper in the back of another guy’s sleeper. For Hernando, who spent a whole year driving routes in a truck that didn’t have a sleeper, it also brought him back to the days when the showers might be the only place he had to get to know another driver better.

Of course, those days were long behind them. But for Hernando, it helped keep the youthful energy of the relationship alive. Nearly a decade since they met, and he at Robert could still enjoy sneaking into shower stalls for a secret rendezvous, as if they were young men keeping what they had a secret. There was an undeniable thrill to it, and Hernando never tired of that thrill.

Checking out the eye candy in the trucker depot was slightly less thrilling, but it was another activity Hernando never grew tired of. Trucker depots brought together a wide variety of shapes and sizes of guys, with far more balance than a typical public place. Most public places skewed thin in the guys that inhabited them, but a depot had plenty of representation all over the size spectrum. There were guys with fast metabolisms who could eat all the truck stop food they wanted and never gain a pound. Guy with big bellies like Robert’s, who caught Hernando’s attention much more easily than the thinner guys. And even some guys who were yet still bigger than Robert, giving Hernando a possible glimpse of where Robert might end up one day. The idea sent a pulse through his pelvis even though he’d just shot his loud.

It didn’t take long for Robert to join Hernando in the lounge area. Watching Robert wadle toward him, he enjoyed the sight of his wide, expansive belly hanging out of his shirt for Hernando to see. He enjoyed seeing it jiggle, bouncing a bit with each step. And he enjoyed the smile on Robert’s face, a smile that came from knowing Hernando was enjoying the sight of him so thoroughly.

He was. And he couldn’t wait to show him off to all the other truckers at the diner. “Hey tubbs.”

“Hey,” Robert replied with a smile.

“Let’s go get some breakfast. I don’t know about you, but I’m starving.” As Hernando stood up from his chair, Robert was silent, prompting Hernando to ask, “You hungry?”


“Good answer,” Hernando said as he patted the exposed bottom of Robert’s belly. “Now let’s go eat.”

Sam’s Diner was located next to the truck depot, right off of the same parking lot, but it was a popular stop for drivers and local alike. Boasting ample portions and a selection just as wide as its clientele that was displayed across a three-panel menu, it was the main reason Hernando ever stopped at Anderson Truck Depot. But as good as the selection was, any truckers who stopped in for breakfast could generally be counted on to go for the breakfast buffet. After all, thanks to its popularity with a demographic known for huge appetites, the breakfast buffet was priced at $24.99. Only a truck driver could eat enough for breakfast to make that cost worth it, and consistently, they did.

Robert was, of course, no exception to that rule. Hernando, on the other hand, went back and forth on whether he ordered from the menu or ate from the buffet, as eating enough to put him in a food coma before he hit the road was generally a bad idea. After he and Robert walked in, the attendant asked them, “Morning, gents. Would you like menus or will you be doing the buffet?”

“Buffet for me,” Robert said with a proud smile on his face.

“I’ll take a menu, thanks,” Hernando said.

“Great! I’ll let your server know to add one buffet to your bill. And you can change your mind and do the buffet if you desire.”

As the two followed the attendant, they were met the familiar sight of a mix of local folks and men who were obviously truckers. The local folks were eating off of plates that clearly came out of the kitchen, arranged with presentation in mind, while the truckers scarfed down immense amounts of breakfast foods on plates that were organized with maximum capacity in mind. “Remember, we ask that you only take one plate and one glass or mug at a time from the buffet,” the attendant said before sitting the two at their table.

“Man, I could easily eat three plates to start with,” Robert griped once the attendant was out of earshot.

“I know, tubby, I know,” Hernando assured Robert, giving him a few proud pats on the top of his gut. “But I want us to be able to come back here. Now go up and get one nice, full plate, while I look at the menu.”

In the time that it took Robert to get his first course, Hernando had enough time to ask the waitress for a cup of coffee and decide he would definitely order a combo platter. As he was narrowing it down, Robert came back with a plate piled so high with food that Hernando was sure Robert would spill it if he tilted it at all. Thankfully, he got it back to the table without any accidents. Hernando could recognize a waffle on the bottom and some pancakes jutting out the side, with a pile of scrambled eggs topping off the mound. In his left hand, he had a glass of milk to drink. “Just one plate, like you said,” Robert said in an almost petulant tone, before he started to dig in.

“Indeed,” Hernando confirmed, before he found himself looking at Robert over the top of his menu, unable to look away from Robert’s voracious eating. It seemed like Robert was so determined to finish the first plate so he could get his second and third that he wasn’t even slowing down to enjoy the breakfast. It seemed a strange mentality, but Hernando couldn’t deny wanting to see just how much he could scarf down if he ate like that.

“Have you decided on food?” the waitress asked, catching Hernando off guard before he looked back at the menu.

“Uh, yes, one sec… Let me get the, uh… two eggs, over easy, with… bacon, and sourdough toast, and… a side of home fries, please.”

“Sounds good,” the waitress said, writing down the rest of Hernando’s order before taking his menu. Looking up at Robert she said, “I trust you’re satisfied with the buffet?”

Robert gave her a thumbs up before he resumed stuffing his face, something that didn’t seem to phase the waitress at all. With a smile, she walked back toward the kitchen to put in Hernando’s order. Hernando, in the meantime, resumed watching Robert eat with in hypnotized silence. That was, until Robert finished his first plate, when he wiped off his mouth with the paper napkin at his place setting, put his plate aside, and got up for more. Soon he returned, with a pile just as heaping and indistinguishable as the first. Right on cue, the waitress returned, asking him, “Shall I take this plate, or would you like to stack them?”

“Stack them, please,” Robert mumbled through a mouth full of pancake.

“Of course,” the waitress said without missing a beat, before walking off to take care of other tables.

Hernando was just as captivated as Robert gorged his way through his second plate as he was the first time around, unable to take his eyes off of Robert’s gluttony. He never gave up the opportunity to watch Robert eat like that, as so often, that eating took place on the road, where Hernando couldn’t watch. Now, he could keep his eyes on Robert the entire time, allowing Hernando to see just how much Robert could eat. And no matter how long the two had been together, Hernando never ceased to be amazed by just how much Robert could wolf down.

After Robert had finished his second plate and went back to the buffet to fill up his third, the waitress returned with Hernando’s meal, neatly arranged on a plate bigger than his own head. “There you go. Enjoy!”

“Thank you,” Hernando replied quietly, eyes still locked on Robert as he waddled up to the buffet. With his love handles swaying with his hips, swinging side to side as he moved his hefty body to get even more food to fill himself up with, it was hard for Hernando to look away. Watching Robert stand in line gave Hernando a side view of him, showing off just how far out his belly jutted into the space in front of him. The width between his back and the front of his chest was equal to the width from the front of his chest to the front of his belly. It took up enough space in line for a whole other person, a fact that made Hernando rub his crotch under the table.

Just two plates in, Hernando swore he could see Robert’s belly hanging even lower out of his shirt than it had before. Perhaps it was only wishful thinking, Hernando thought to himself. That was, until Robert turned and walked toward the table with an even taller stack of food than the two previous plates. Hernando watched his gut bounce with his steps, careful as he moved to avoid spilling his food, and yet still making his gut jiggle when his foot hit the floor. It was a sight Hernando couldn’t take his eyes off of, until Robert reached the table and sat down.

“Oh good,” Robert said before stuffing a sausage in his mouth. “Now we both have food,” he continued in a muffled voice.

“Yes,” Hernando agreed, before he shoved a few home fries in his mouth. He wanted to at least try to eat everything before it got cold, and he knew he couldn’t do that if he was gawking at Robert the whole time. So Hernando kept his eyes on his food as he ate, and managed to do so for quite a while. As he did, he finished both eggs, half the home fries, most of the bacon, and half the toast without becoming captivated by Robert’s ravenous eating.

Then Hernando looked up, and saw a stack of four empty plates next to Robert, and a fifth piled high in front of him, with Robert still plowing through it. He seemed to have slowed down his eating just enough for Hernando to notice, but was still dutifully wolfing down one bite after another. Now he seemed to be savoring each bite just a little bit more as he ate, a sign he was startIng to feel a little full. But he was still going strong, finishing his fifth plate before Hernando had even finished his breakfast.

With a satisfied smile, Robert put his fifth plate on top of the stack and let out a belch, one that was smaller than Hernando anticipated. He supposed there wasn’t a whole lot of room left for air in Robert’s stomach after everything he’d eaten. And yet, with a grunt, Robert pushed himself up from his chair and stretched his arms upward, causing his shirt to lift up enough to show off a good six inches of the bottom of his gut. After letting his arms fall to his sides, Robert didn’t bother to pull the shirt down to cover what little of his belly it could. Instead, he smiled at Hernando and got up to get more.

With his spectacle gone, Hernando shook his head side to side and tried to finish as much of his own dinner as he could while still enjoying what he’s ordered. There were quite a few of the home fries left, but they had been seasoned with an amazing blend of herbs and cooked to perfection, and weren’t hard to finish. That left just the sourdough toast for Hernando to hold on to as he watched Robert approach the table. His gut seemed be bouncing a little less than it had before, his stomach stiffened by being stuffed with five plates’ worth of food.

With a noise halfway between a sigh and a grunt, Robert sat down and put his plate in front of himself. After smiling at Hernando, he resumed eating, finally eating at something resembling a normal pace. It seemed the five plates piled-high with food were what it took to finally quell his gargantuan hunger enough to slow his eating. Still he pushed through, but slowly enough that Hernando was no longer distracted from his meal.

As he ate his toast and watched Robert eat his sixth course, Hernando thought back to the beginning of their time together. Watching him scarf down his sixth plate now, it was hard to believe he ever had to coax Robert into eating a third plate at a buffet like this. Now, Hernando only had to watch as Robert filled himself with food until he was so stuffed that he had trouble getting up to get his next course. That was usually when Hernando told him he’d had enough and could stop.

That morning would not be a usual morning.

When Robert had finished his eight plate of food, he let his hand drop on the table with his fork still in it. As it bounced away from him, he said, “Ooof,” and rubbed his belly with his now free hands. As he pathetically tried to tug as his shirt, he couldn’t even pull it down past his belly button, leaving a large swath of his belly bulging out of the bottom. After some time, he tried to get out of his chair, but only ended up jiggling in place from the effort. Watching his belly bounce from the exertion, Hernando knew they wouldn’t be hitting the road any time soon.

“Well,” Robert said in between shallow breaths, “I’m stuck,” he chuckled. “I guess that’s our cue to stop.”

“Not today, tubby,” Hernando answered just loud enough for Robert to hear him, in a voice that nearly resembled a growl.

“But… I thought you said we had a lot of ground to cover.”

“We do. I also said we need to get a nice big breakfast in you before we head out.”

“Is eight plates not big enough?” Robert asked, only sounding half sarcastic. The rest of his tone seemed genuinely shocked.

“Maybe you can’t stand up,” Hernando said. “But you can still eat.” As Robert looked on confusedly, Hernando flagged down the waitress and said, “I’d like to do the buffet as well.”

“Suit yourself,” she said, picking up the two’s bill and scribbling a new item on it. “Have at it.”

As the waitress walked away, Hernando looked back at Robert, sitting back with both of his hands on his gut. Judging by how wide open his eyelids were, he seemed to understand Hernando’s plan. With a smirk, Hernando got up and filled yet another plate at the buffet with the most fattening foods he could find: bacon and sausages, grilled bagels, French toast covered in butter and soaked in syrup, the works. He then walked back to the table, and put the plate down in front of Robert, right on top of the plate he’d just emptied. “You know what to do, fatty,” he whispered as he walked by, before taking his seat again.

Once Hernando was sitting down, he saw Robert look at his newly filled plate with disbelief. His mouth hung open, and his eyes were locked on the plate, open as wide as he could get them given how tired he was from his meal. But he didn’t object. After looking up at Hernando to confirm that he was serious, Robert let out a sigh and started eating the contents of his ninth plate.

“Don’t act like you don’t like it,” Hernando commanded, at which Robert let out a quiet groan and started eating a little faster. Leaning forward to hide the growing hard-on in his pants, Hernando nonetheless kept one arm in his lap, where his hand could grab at his dick from outside his pants and rub it as he watched Roger continue eating. Not that he rubbed it that intensely; he wanted to be able to come back to Sam’s Diner, after all. But the image of an already stuffed Robert filling himself with even more food made it hard for him to keep his hands unoccupied.

In spite of his trouble standing up, Robert managed to keep up a consistent pace as he made his way through his ninth plate. In a public place like a restaurant, he had to keep his groans and moans to a minimum, but Hernando could tell he wanted to make them. The thought of him letting all those noises out in the truck made Hernando’s dick stand at attention, and he rubbed it a bit to sate it until then.

When Robert finished his ninth plate, Hernando stood up and returned to the buffet. He was thankful his heavy jeans could hide a boner well, for he could feel his dick pushing hard against the denim as his filled up Robert’s tenth plate. This time, he picked a mix of lighter and heavier entries, ensuring he filled the plate with Robert’s favorites: pancakes, a cinnamon roll, even some fruit salad. Anything to get even more food into him.

When Hernando returned to the table, he put the two empty plates aside to so the eleventh one sat on its own in front of Robert. Rather than offering some words of encouragement, Hernando merely patted Robert on the belly and sat back down. Robert looked back at the plate without much change in his expression, his tired eyes looking at it the way Hernando looked at traffic. But Robert was dutiful, and he picked up his fork and knife and started cutting up the pancakes.

Robert ate his eleventh plate slowly, methodically. He switched between all the items on the plate, never eating the same thing for too long. He chewed just as slowly as he moved, slow to eat each bite but steadily chowing down. Even when he got so full that each swallow was accompanied by a pained groan, he didn’t stop working his way through the food as long as there was still food to eat.

Robert saved the fruit salad mostly for last, but even given how easily he could eat it, Hernando knew they’d be there for a while. Flagging down the waitress, he asked for the check, which she brought back and laid on the table.

As she did, she looked at Robert with a furrowed brow. “Is he… okay?” she whispered to Hernando. By then, Robert was eating like an old man, minus the shaking, moving each piece of fruit to his mouth with the haste of a sloth and chewing it just as listlessly.

“Oh, he just overdid it a bit. Often does as far as buffets are concerned. He’ll be alright, though. He’s riding passenger with me, and it’s nothing he can’t sleep off,” Hernando assured her as he slid his card onto the bill.

“If you say so,” she whispered back before walking back to the register.

By then, it wasn’t quite so appealing to watch Robert eat. Imagining how full he must have been to be so lethargic was plenty fun for Hernando, but he didn’t have to make Robert eat until he was sick to do that. “Robert,” Hernando said quietly.

Slowly tilting his head up, Robert looked back at Hernando with his mouth hanging open and his eyelids hanging nearly closed.

“You don’t have to finish that if you don’t want to.”

Looking down at his fork, which has a speared piece of fruit on it, Robert pondered it for a moment, before letting his hand drop and the fork with it. He then leaned back in his chair, allowing his gorged, bulbous belly to jut out into the space in front of him. A pulse traveling through Hernando’s pelvis had him wanting to leave as soon as they could so he could rub that gut.

“There you go. Have a nice day,” the waitress said as she dropped off the check.

“Thank you,” Hernando replied hastily before he filled out the check as quickly as he could. Once he was done, he rose from his chair, before walking up to Robert and patting his shoulder. As Robert looked up, Hernando told him, “Come on, boy. Back to the truck with you. You’ve earned a nice rest.”

Robert closed his eyes slowly, before pushing himself away from the table just as sluggishly as he ate. He was a seasoned pro at getting up after these massive meals, though this one seemed to have knocked even him off his groove. Listlessly scooting to the front of his seat, he pushed himself up, as Hernando held on to help him. Eventually, Robert was standing up straight, breathing heavily from the effort and holding onto Hernando for balance.

“Attaboy. Let’s get you back to the truck.”

Slowly Robert turned in place, his arms out diagonally at his sides like all the food in his belly were pushing them farther away. They weren’t the only ones; once Robert had turned to face the door, Hernando saw that Robert’s stuffed stomach had pushed his shirt up well past his belly button.

Hernando took a deep inhalation and tried to quickly pull the shirt down, to no avail. As he felt his boner pushing against his jeans, he put his hand on Robert’s back and said, “Come on, let’s get out of here.” Moving Robert’s stuffed body as fast as he could, Hernando lead them out of Sam’s diner.

Once they were in the parking lot, Hernando couldn’t hold back anymore. After grabbing at his hard-on and squeezing it a bit, he leaned down and reached over Robert’s stuffed gut. “Mmmm, I’m proud of you, tubbs,” he said as his hand circumnavigating the globe of flesh. Robert, meanwhile, only waddled along as Hernando lead him back to the truck. His arms hung limp, useless now that he was no longer using them to stuff himself. His head leaned back like he was ready to go to sleep, mouth hanging open as shallow breaths passed through. And his gut, rotund and weighty, lead him ahead even more than Hernando did.

It took them a long time to walk from Sam’s back to Hernando’s truck. But once they made it, Hernando pushed Robert’s seat all the way back, opened the door, and helped Robert take a well-deserved seat. Seeing Robert’s gut bulging into the air above him, Hernando squeezed his own bulge one more time before giving Robert’s gorged belly a pat. “You stay here, boy. I have one more thing to take care of before we hit the road.”

Robert nodded before Hernando closed the door and headed back for the truck depot. Once inside, he headed for the pizza station, which he was grateful to find had opened in the time it took Robert to finish his breakfast. And since it was still early in the day, there was no line, only two trucker standing by, waiting as their order was being made. With a smile, Hernando walked up to the cash register.

“Hi, what can I get for you,” the cashier asked.

“Three large meat lover’s pizzas with extra cheese, and a small sausage pizza, please.”

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