Third anniversary ask-me-anything video: It’s up!

Originally posted September 14, 2018.

Watch it here!  Thank you to everyone who helped me get to this point, and here’s to more!

Questions answered in this video:
• What first turned you on to the gaining scene?
• What made you want to start writing fiction for it?
• What sort of media inspires you, gaining or otherwise?
• What weight-gain writers have inspired you the most?
• Can you turn your tongue into a U shape?
• What are your working patterns?  Are you a sprinter or do you write more methodically?
• What part of writing do you struggle with the most?
• How do you balance writing with other creative aspects of your life?
• Do you have any other fiction projects you’re working on?
• Do you take commissions?
• Do you put milk in your bowl before or after the cereal?
• What are your favorite aspects of fat/gaining to write about?
• What are your favorite aspects of fat/gaining to read about?
• Are they the same or different?
• What it your biggest pet peeve when it comes to gainer fiction?
• Have your experiences with gaining influenced your storytelling?
• Besides literature, what other forms of media do you enjoy?
• What’s your favorite Pokémon?
• Would you consider publishing your stories?
• Have you ever thought about writing a story with yourself as a self-insert, be it protagonist or cameo?
• Are there any of your stories you feel inspired to revisit?
• Does the idea of choose-your-own adventure gainer-themed story appeal to you?
• Have you considered writing a fictional novel?
• Where did I leave my car keys?
• Is there anything you haven’t written about yet?  Any ideas that you’re still trying to flesh out (no pun intended)?
• What are some hopes for future male expansion/WG writers?
• Where do you hope your writing will take you?

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