Four-year anniversary: readers plot my next story!

Update 9/22/19: And the poll has closed, with almost a hundred responses!  Thank you everyone who voted.  I think you folks have plotted quite the story.

Now, I did a quick poll on DeviantArt to ask if people wanted to know the results of the survey now or when the story goes up, and the results were pretty well split.  So I’m making a post on my writing blog with the results.  If you want to see the results, you can see them here.  If you don’t, you can wait until the story goes up to find out, since I intend to list them in the description.

Also:  there were a lot of great responses to the wildcard slot!  Of course, I can’t include them all, not even all the ones that I loved.  But I will be keeping some of them as ideas for future stories.  So, if you’d like to get credit for your suggestion, please message me now to tell me what your suggestion was, and how you’d like to be credited. (If you tell me after the story goes up, that won’t do any good, since anyone could claim it was there idea.) If you’re okay with remaining anonymous, you don’t have to message me.

Again, thank you everyone for your responses!

Hey folks!

Today’s a big day:  it’s the fourth anniversary of when I published my first gaining story, The House that Time Forgot!  It’s honestly kinda hard to believe I’ve been writing gaining stories for four years, but I’m so glad I have, and I hope to keep doing so for a while.

I’ve celebrated this anniversary in a few different ways.  The first year, I wrote a story that was meant to be a better representation of how I’d intended The House that Time Forgot to come out, and thus we got The Haunted Cabin.  The second year, I raffled off a chance to dictate the plot of my next story, and the result was A Rotund Reunion.  The third year, I did an ask-me-anything style video, where I answered questions from readers like you.

So what have I come up with this year?

A lot of YouTubers have done videos of the form, “My followers pick my [blank]”.  For example, beauty gurus will have their followers pick makeup products and they have to use them to make a look.  Safiya Nygaard has two such videos, where she has her subscribers pick the color she dyes her hair, and later, her first tattoo. (I love both videos.)

I’d like to do something similar, where you, my wonderful readers, plot my next story!

To do this, I’ve set up a poll with a series of questions you can answer about a potential gaining story.  The most popular answers to each question will dictate various elements of the premise, and I’ll then write a story to fit that premise.  There’s also a chance for you to enter any kind of suggestion, and if it inspires me, I might use it in the story!

The poll is ten questions in total, most of them multiple-choice, so it should only take a few minutes to fill out.  The poll will close at midnight at the end of next Saturday, September 24th, EST. If two winning answers conflict with each other, I reserve the power to choose which one will influence the story’s plot.

Here’s the link to the poll!  Vote and make your voice heard!

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