Office Treats

Contains: long-term weight gain, behind-the-scenes encouraging

A quick little story that atamekia helped me develop. I was joking that I’d love to work in a computing or software company with a ton of chubby guys and become the office slut. Then he suggested I apply that concept to gaining. The original idea involved our protagonist feeding several guys, but I ended up wanting to take the story in a different direction.

Synopsis: Marcus is a stress baker without much of a sweet tooth, so he takes his baked goods into the office to share with his coworkers. Most of them complain about his treats ruining their diets, while still taking one or more. But one new face in the office catches his eye, not just because he’s a cute chubby guy, but also because he takes several treats at a time, several times a day.

“Mmm, these are dangerous,” one of Marcus’s coworkers said as they walked past the table by his desk, where he’d placed his latest creation: M&M brownies. Marcus was a stress baker, but didn’t have much of a sweet tooth, so most of his confections were brought to work instead. A particularly aggressive project schedule for the past quarter had resulted in more treats being brought in than usual. And his coworkers had a strange way of showing their appreciation.

“Marcus, why do you keep doing this?”

“I’m never going to be able to stick to my diet at this rate.”

“You’re bad for this, Marcus.”

Was a simple “thank you” too much to ask?, he wondered as he sat at his desk. His coworkers still took the decadent treats, so he knew they appreciated them. It was as if his treats were a guilty pleasure they couldn’t admit they enjoyed.

However, there were some folks in the office who weren’t so bad at showing appreciation. Some were guys on the heavier side who weren’t afraid to admit that they liked food. Those were the ones who would actually thank Marcus, and he appreciated them the most. He loved the idea of bringing in enough treats to make them visibly fatter. But with only a few of them taking his treats, he knew he wouldn’t be able to make enough to keep up with demand. He’d have to pick one to bake for if he wanted to make any of them fatter.

Of course, Marcus knew that was a fantasy. Or at least, he thought it was. Until a new face showed up at the office.

He was a good deal shorter than most of Marcus’s coworkers. Most days, he wore something on the business casual side of things, often a button-down with a sweater over, maybe with a tie. Whatever he wore, it always seemed chosen to conceal just how much he filled his outfit out.

For this new face in the office was a chubby one. Two round cheeks flanked a mustache that rested under an adorable pair of glasses. A chubby chin rounded out his face, which often looked nervous as he approached the treats. He’d look side to side, make sure no one was watching, and then take a few of Marcus’s treats at a time. He repeated this routine several times a day. And every time, Marcus would covertly look over at the table at watch. He loved watching the man’s broad belly as he was coming, ambling over with impressive width. And loved watching his butt, which couldn’t help but fill out his pants, as he was going.

After a few more rounds of bringing in treats, Marcus noticed this was a consistent pattern. This cute new guy would come by and take several goodies, several times a day. One day Marcus counted five times that his biggest fan came by. With the fifth, he decided it was time to introduce himself.

Marcus waited for the guy to walk a bit before he got up, wanting to keep enough distance between them that it wasn’t obvious he was following him. He picked up the pace after the guy turned a corner, before slowing down again when he saw him. Once he saw where the guy sat down, he walked by and glanced at the name plaque: Angel Soto. He then kept walking, navigated back to his own desk, and spent some time replying to emails.

Once enough time had passed that Marcus was sure his visit wouldn’t arouse suspicion, he got up and walked toward Angel’s desk. He kept up a casual air, hoping to make his visit seem more spontaneous than it was. He walked a bit past Angel’s desk, then backpedaled, smiled, and said, “Hey, I don’t think I’ve seen you around before. Wanted to introduce myself. I’m Marcus.”

“Oh! Angel,” he said with a smile, his eyes a bit nervous behind his glasses.

“When did you start working here?”

“Uh, four months ago, actually.”

“Oh,” Marcus chuckled. “I need to come around to this part of the building more often.”

“Heh,” Angel said as he looked down to the ground. “Well, I think I’ve seen you around that way,” he continued as he pointed toward Marcus’s desk. “I mean, I didn’t start going there until…” With a pause, Angel started blankly ahead, before he continued, “Well, I don’t go there often myself.”

“So what brings you over our way? Working with someone in finance?”

“Oh, no, not really. I’m a research engineer. We tend to be pretty far removed from finance,” Angel answered evasively.

“Pst,” one of their coworkers whispered as she leaned into Angel’s desk. “There’s leftover pizza from a meeting in the break room. Hi, Marcus!” she greeted before going her own way.

“Thanks,” Angel called out, before looking up meekly at Marcus.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, I just…” After leaning back in his chair, Angel put his hands behind his head. In spite of his best efforts, Marcus couldn’t help but peek down at his belly, now on display as his posture let it spread out in front of him. It was like a bean bag chair, and Marcus wanted to sit between Angel’s legs and lean back on it. With a sigh, Angel finally concluded, “I’m just tired.”

“You don’t like that people tell you when there’s food out?”

“No!… yes… I don’t know.” Leaning forward again, Angel planted his elbow on his desk, before resting his pudgy chin in his hand. “I mean, I like food, so it’s good, right?”

“You don’t want to be known primarily as the guy who likes food,” Marcus suggested.

“I… yeah,” Angel sighed. “Yeah, that’s it.”

“Well…” Marcus said with a deep inhalation. “Why not?”

“Huh?” Angel’s confusion was evident in his open mouth, not managing to close after he’d uttered his response.

“Food is good. Everyone should like food.” Moving a bit closer to Angel, Marcus continued in a quieter voice, “I tell ya: when I bring in food, it’s frustrating to hear people constantly complaining about it. How I’m ‘ruining their diet’ or I’m ‘trying to tempt them’,” Marcus said with air quotes for maximum sarcasm. “I mean, I’m not forcing anyone to take one. That’s on them.”

“Makes sense,” Angel added, his arm now resting on his desk.

“Anyway, sorry for venting when I just wanted to come by and say hello,” Marcus chuckled. “It’s good to meet you.”

“You too,” Angel said with a smile.

After he turned to walk away, Marcus stopped and asked, “Hey, what’s your favorite baked good.”

“‘Baked good’?”

“You know, the kind of stuff I bring in,” Marcus explained with a smirk, thinking a wink would be too obvious.

“Oh… um… I guess peanut butter blossoms.”

“You guess?”

After looking toward the floor with an embarrassed smile, Angel looked back up and said more confidently. “Peanut butter blossoms.”

“Good to know,” Marcus said before he turned to walk back to his desk.

It took some research on Marcus’s part to find out just what peanut butter blossoms were, but once he found out, he was excited to make them. Peanut butter cookies were one of the few baked goods he liked. While the chocolate kisses on top didn’t quite appeal to him, they were easy enough to leave off of a few cookies in the batch. He made four without the chocolate topper, which he kept for himself, and packed up the rest to bring into the office.

As soon as Marcus put out the peanut butter blossoms, his coworkers converged in them en mass, drawing more of a crowd than his goodies usually did. Not wanting Angel to miss out, he pulled up the office instant messenger and sent him a quick note: “Swing by the table in finance as soon as you can.”

It didn’t take long for Angel to amble his way around the corner between his section and Marcus’s. He had a nervous expression at first, until he saw the cookies and his eyes opened wider. His mouth opened too, flat at first, until he walked closer to the table and a smile spread across his face.

Once Angel reached the table, he looked down at the cookies with a wide grin, before looking up at Marcus. When they made eye contact, he lost his smile momentarily, before beaming again and nodding. He took one cookie, prompting Marcus to raise his eyebrows. After a moment, Angel took a few more, before walking back to his desk and a brisker pace.

A few moments later, Marcus got a new message notification. He opened the messenger and say a reply from Angel: “Thanks”.

Marcus saw Angel a few more times that day, per usual. But unlike usual, Marcus felt comfortable giving Angel a look and a smile, while Angel smiled bashfully back at him. Marcus kept an eye on the cookies and waited until there were about a half-dozen left. Grabbing a loose sheet of paper from his desk, he took the tray and walked toward the research and development section.

Approaching Angel’s desk, Marcus quiet greeted, “Knock knock.”

“Hey,” Angel replied, looking a bit spooked but still friendly. “Um… thanks for making those. They’re really good.”

“I’m glad. That’s why I wanted you to have the last ones.”

“You–” Angel couldn’t finish his thought before Marcus put the sheet of paper down on Angel’s desk and placed the remaining cookies on top. After stuttering to try to get any words out, he finally managed to say, “Thanks.”

“Of course,” Marcus replied, before turning to walk back to his desk.

“Wait, wha–”

“Don’t worry about it,” Marcus said as he put a paper plate stacked high with chocolate brownies topped with peanut butter fudge on Angel’s desk.

“Shouldn’t you be putting this on the table by your desk?”

“There’s no rule that says I have to share,” Marcus said with a smile. “Now I’m going to leave before you can object.”

“But–” It was too late. Marcus was gone as soon as he’d appeared, going back to his desk to get started on his day.

The morning passed uneventfully at first, until Marcus’s boss, Allen, strolled by his desk as looked at the table with a disappointed frown. “Did I miss them?” he asked Marcus.

“Miss what?”

“I heard someone saw you walking in with brownies.”

“Oh yeah, don’t worry. Those aren’t going to be threatening your diet any time soon.”

“Wha–what do you mean?” Allen asked.

“Oh, you know. You’re always complaining about how my food is ‘bad for your waistline’ and ‘going to ruin your diet’. Most people here do, actually. So I went ahead and gave those brownies directly to someone who actually appreciates it.”

Allen stares back at Marcus with his mouth agape, the disappointment in his eyes palpable. Yet he didn’t say anything, so Marcus kept at it. “And now, you don’t have to worry about that. I’m sure your diet is going to go great!” he concluded with a wide smile.

“Ah, yeah, definitely. Great,” Allen repeated, before he somberly strolled back to his desk.

The next eventful point of Marcus’s morning came just before lunch, when he got a message from Angel. “I never got to say thank you for the brownies. There were really good.”

With raised eyebrows, Marcus typed on his reply: “‘Were’?”

“I mean, are. Are good. I definitely didn’t finish them already.”

Smirking, Marcus typed his reply: “Of course not. How was the peanut butter fudge on top? And what else do you think I should try putting on brownies?” He made a mental note to bring in two batches of treats next time.

“So what did you think of the brownies with peppermint patties in the middle?” Macrus asked Angel.

“Amazing,” he said as he made a thumbs up with his chubby hand. “Definitely an experiment worth repeating.”

“Good. Because these brownies have peanut butter cups in the middle.”

As his eyes went wide, Angel’s mouth opened, pushing down his double chin. “You’re way too good to me.”

“Nonsense. I’m just as good to you as you deserve. Especially after that presentation you made last week.”

“Oh, that. I mean, that wasn’t anything special. It was as good as it was because the team has done such a great job.”

“It was as good as it was because you did a good job presenting it,” Marcus insisted, before he put the platter of brownies and a platter of white-chocolate-chip chocolate cookies on Angel’s desk. “I still remember when you were too shy to admit you like food. Now look at you.”

Indeed, a look at Angel revealed that his confidence wasn’t the only part of him that had grown. His face looked rounder than it had when he and Marcus first met. His chest pushed out more noticeably from behind his sweater top. But the most apparent change was the size of his belly, which had taken on more mass thanks to all the treats Angel had stuffed in it. Marcus was delighted to see the bottom of Angel’s belly peek out from underneath his sweater, now too small to tuck into his pants. His button-down shirt wrapped tightly around it, accentuating the round gut underneath.

“Look at me?” Angel repeated, tilting his head in uncertainty.

“You’re giving dynamite presentations.”

“Oh,” Angel chuckled, before he picked up one of the brownies and took a big bite out of it.

“Well, I think we both have work to do.”

“Yup,” Angel agreed through a mouth full of chocolate.

“Hey, I heard about your promotion,” Marcus said as he walked by Angel’s desk.

“Yeah! Head of research, imagine that.”

“It’s not that hard to imagine,” Marcus assured him.

“I do owe you a thank you. Your treats got me through a lot of late nights trying to figure these projects out.”

“You don’t say,” Marcus teased as he looked down at Angel’s ample gut spilling out over his seat, going well past the armrests that once boxed his belly in. Since then, he’d removed the arm rests, giving himself plenty of room to grow.

“Hey, I’m here to do research, not to keep a trim figure,” Angel said with a smirk.

With a chuckle, Marcus replied, “You right, you right.”

Angel was indeed far from trim. He’d visibly outgrown the sweaters he used to wear to the office when he was starting out. Those days, he only wore a button-down shirt and khakis, both clearly bought from a big-and-tall store. The button-down wrapped tightly around his enormous gut, looking like a sack struggling to contain all his fat without bursting open. That fat spread over his wide thighs and beyond the sides of them, spreading out wherever there was room for it. The sleeves of the shirt were much baggier, but it wasn’t much of a stretch to imagine Angel’s burly arms underneath. And on top of it all, a round face with a smile that always made Marcus’s day better.

“Anyway, these are, of course, for you,” Marcus said as he put two trays piled with treats down on Angel’s desk.

“What would I ever do without you?” Angel asked, his soft cheeks pushed up as he smiled back at Marcus.

“I mean, I’m sure you’d keep doing good work. You just wouldn’t have such exciting snacks to eat as you did.”

With a chuckle, Angel said, “I still maintain that you’re too good to me.”

“And I still maintain that I’m not. Anyway, happy Friday. Enjoy your weekend,” Marcus said before walking back to his desk.

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