Contains: general fatness.

There used to be a bear-themed webcomic called Blur the Lines that I quite enjoyed in my college days as a baby gay. It centered around a chub-chaser couple and had a very ribald sense of humor, and some very hot artwork attached. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be online anymore, or I would absolutely link to the comic that inspired this one. It featured the chaser at a car dealership telling the chub that he would have to finish their transaction, because he’d been “compromised”, in that the sales guy had found him on Growlr. Cue the sales guy coming out with several of his shirt buttons unbuttoned, making all sorts of car-based innuendos, and the chub telling the chaser, “Whatever you do, don’t turn around.”

Recently, When I took my car in for its yearly inspection, I was reminded of that comic, and wanted to write a story tributing it. This is that story. It’s been a long time since I wrote a story this short, but it was a nice change of pace, and a fun little snippet to write.

Pete pulled into the parking lot of Two Guys Auto Service. The garage where he usually took his car was closed with no explanation, and it was the last weekend he could get it inspected before his sticker expired Not wanting to take time off work, he’d frantically searched for another garage that did inspections, and had thankfully found Two Guys. After pulling his registration out of the glove compartment, he got out and walked into the shop.

Pete was surprised to see no other customers in the waiting area, considering it was the last Saturday before the end of the month. With a smile, he supposed that waking up early did have its advantages. While he did feel bad about waking Robert up with the alarm, he did relish the chance to see him sleep. His chubby hubby was so cute snuggling the comforter, his love handles spilling out to the side with a tautness that rivaled his round belly. He looked so wide and cute.

Soon a mechanic, ostensibly one of the two guys, made his way over. Pete could hear the stomp of his boots as he approached from out of the work area. He wondered if the guy was a heavy walker or just plain heavy. Being the shameless chaser he was, he hoped it was the latter.

“Hey, morning,” the deep voice said from around the corner, before its owner strode into the room. “What can I do for you?”

The mechanic walked in wearing a dark blue jumpsuit that fit quite snugly over his belly, itself round as a tire and a few inches wider than one. The suit was a little baggy everywhere else, but it was still clear that the man was quite large. He walked with his arms extended out to the side, like they were elevated by the lifts that raised the cars. As he stood, his feet were spread out wide, clearly necessary to support so much weight. And his face was friendly yet alluring, with a closely-trimmed beard that demonstrated how round it was.

After realizing he was staring like a deer in headlights, Pete blinked a few times and said, “Just here to get my car inspected.”

“Registration and key, please,” the mechanic said rotely. After handing him the registration, Pete detached the key from his ring and handed it to him. “Shouldn’t take too long, since you’re the first one in today.”

“Yeah, I expected a lot more people, since it’s the last weekend of the month.”

“Most people don’t want to be awake this early on a Saturday. Myself included,” he said with a chuckle. His smile was so adorable that Pete couldn’t help but stare again, though he made sure to laugh as well so he could play it cool. “Alright, we’ll get this taken care of for you.”

“Great,” Pete said as he watched the mechanic shuffle back into the work area. He moved with a deliberateness that was necessary for a guy as big as him. Though his suit obscured the outline of his rear end, it did nothing to mask just how wide he was, a sight Pete enjoyed.

With the mechanic out of sight, Pete pulled out his phone to pass the time. He caught up on his social apps, though he had a hard time getting the mechanic out of his mind. The idea of him bending Pete over the hood of one of the cars pushed him over the line, and he opened Growlr to see what other hotties were in the area.

What he did not expect was to see the mechanic as the closest person to him, listed as “BigAlbert”. Going to check out his profile, it was filled out like any other profile on the app: saying he’s “bad at filling these things out”, looking for “friends” and “seeing what happens”, and that he’s an open book and you could “ask him anything”.

But the photo of him showing off his belly in a mirror did nothing to discourage Pete’s fantasies. He was wearing nothing but boxers, and had his back arched, making his belly look bigger. He also had a grin on his face, the kind that showed that he knew he was sexy. It was an attitude that made Pete weak.

Then Pete got a notification that he expected even less: “BigAlbert has unlocked his private media.”

Pete didn’t even look at the photos before he panickedly called Robert. “Hi hon, I need you to come over right now… I’ll explain it later. Put ‘two guys auto service’ in your GPS… Yeah, the usual shop was closed… Bless your heart, thank you.”

Robert drove quickly as he thought about what could have happened at the shop that made Pete feel like he had to be there too. He figured it couldn’t be a problem with the car; a text would have sufficed for that. Was it a problem with one of the employees? He supposed he’d find out soon, as he pulled into the garage’s parking lot himself. After turning off the ignition, he opened the door and leaned to the right before pushing himself out and up.

Almost immediately, he saw Pete running over to him. “Robby, thank god you’re here.”

“Of course. So what is it, babe?” he asked concernedly.

“I’ve been compromised.”

Robert looked at Pete blankly. “Compromised?”

“The mechanic working on my car found me on Growlr.”

“…so?” Pete asked incredulously. But he wasn’t confused for long.

As the front door to the shop swung open, a mechanic walked out that Robert immediately knew was the one Pete was talking about. The front of his jumpsuit was entirely unbuttoned and pulled to the sides, allowing his massive gut to hang out on display. He looked like he’d spent as much time at the buffet as at the auto shop, his rotund belly swaying as he walked. The bottom bounced, while the firm top refused to be budged by his footsteps. He walked with a swagger that emphasized his heft, as his belly swung from side to side. Begrudgingly, Robert did admire the boldness it took for the mechanic to walk outside like that.

“Alright,” the mechanic said in a husky voice, breathing heavily as he did. “So everything looks good, but I think you could use a bit of tuning with a masterful touch, and I can offer you everything you need.”

Pete looked into Robert’s eyes, his face frozen with his mouth hanging open. Robert’s eyes were open wide as well as he whispered to Pete, “Whatever you do, don’t turn around.”

“You won’t have to worry about me telling you that!” the mechanic shouted out. Talking in a more reasonable volume, he continued, “Now, you’ve got a compact body, which is my favorite kind to work on. I think we ought to align that tight rear end of yours. If you let me get a stroker kit, I can really work the shaft. The rubber’s been worn down a bit, so we ought to put on a fresh one. Of course, we have to lube the shaft. With a bit of sucking and squeezing, we can make your combustion really blow! I also wouldn’t mind dipping my dipstick in. I bet it could go deep!”

Pete looked at Robert with eyes and mouth wide open. Looking from the mechanic to Pete and back, Robert said, “Let me handle this.” After walking around Pete, with a stride that Robert reluctantly acknowledged felt like the mechanic’s, he said, “Alright, bud. You’ve put on a nice show, but my husband is here to get his car inspected. We don’t need any of that extra stuff.”

“Don’t need extra stuff? Then why did his profile say you’re in an open relationship?”

“We’re open to fucking more guys, not needless tweaks to his car.”

“I don’t know, looks like you both could use some tweaks,” the mechanic said with a wink.

“I’m only into chasers. Now can we please wrap this up?”

With a sigh, the mechanic said, “Alright,” and started buttoning his jumpsuit as he turned and walked back to the garage.

Once Pete and Robert both got home, they stood in the kitchen as Robert finished his coffee, which had to be microwaved after he’d rushed out before he could finish it. “Gotta tell ya, I was not expecting that when I arrived at the garage.”

“Me neither,” Pete said.

“I almost wish you could have seen him when he walked out. You would have loved it.”

“I did look at his private photos after we left. He’s a big boy,” Pete said with a smile.

“Indeed. Think you’ll go back there next time your car needs work?”

“Oh no,” Pete chuckled nervously. “After that handsome guy at Best Buy managed to sell me a warranty on our vacuum cleaner, I don’t need any more big guys trying to get me to part with more of my money.”

“Fair,” Robert said before taking a sip. “I wouldn’t mind if you went after that mechanic after hours.”

“I’m not sure he’d be receptive after you scared him off like that,” Pete giggled.

“Oh, sorry for coming to your rescue,” Robert laughed. “Next time a sales guy wants to take advantage of your thirst, maybe I won’t stop him.”

The two both laughed, before standing in silence as the morning light poured in through the windows. Pete looked down for a while, ruminating, before he stared at Robert again. “How would you feel about wearing a jumpsuit and doing some sexy mechanic roleplay?

Robert froze mid sip, staring straight ahead blankly before he slowly lowered his mug and looked at Pete blankly. For a moment, he seemed to not approve of the idea. But just as Pete was starting to regret asking, Robert smiled.

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