The Spirit of Bounty

I meant to post this story not long after post my last one. But I completely forgot until tonight, when I looked in my Google docs and saw it. “Didn’t I post that already?” I thought. But nope, not a sign of it anywhere. Probably because a lot was happening in my life at the time, and only now have things settled down. So here it is. Better late than never, right?

The idea for this story came out of a roleplay conversation with a friend, where he suggested combining feeding with some light exhibitionism, an interest of mine that I haven’t explored much in my stories. Mostly because my level of interest in it isn’t all that compelling. I like showing off to appreciative audiences, and being naked in places where I maybe shouldn’t be, but only if there’s no chance of me being caught. Which doesn’t make for very tantalizing stories. But it can make for creative ones, and I think we came up with a good one here.

Synopsis: This story follows two pairs of feeders and feedees. Isaac and Nathaniel venture into the forest to engage in a ritual to ensure bountiful harvest, by feeding Isaac a feast for the spirit of bounty. Pete and Casey live in the modern day, and venture into the woods for some feeding and exhibitionism fun, only to end up in the same spot. But with so much bounty already in the word, their feeding ends a bit differently…

(This story contains male weight gain and male-male encouraging.)

Isaac and Nathaniel walked through the woods with only each other for company. Both men carried heavy sacks of food, tied around long wooden rods that they carried on their shoulders, eight in total. Each sack held enough food to feed a family for several days. “Couldn’t we have asked some of the folks back home to join us and help carry these loads? They could have left before the ritual started.”

“Too late now,” Nathaniel said. “I thought a load this modest wouldn’t be a problem for one as strong as yourself.”

Indeed, Isaac was renowned for his strength in their village. An industrious farmer, his strength had been earned through years of labor. And without a family to feed, he could keep more of his bounty than most. As such, he carried an impressive midsection as well, one that rivaled those of the habitual ale drinkers. “It’s not an oppressive burden, but it’s not precisely pleasurable.”

“The reward is at the end of the path.”

Isaac couldn’t help but gulp nervously as he thought of what was coming. “Are you certain ‘reward’ is the correct word?”

“Do you jest?” Nathaniel laughed. “You have the easy job. I’ll be the one moving all this food once we get there.”

“I suppose,” Isaac sighed.

“You’re nervous?”

“Of course I’m nervous. I’ve never done this before. I have no idea what I’m getting into.”

“You needn’t fret. You were chosen because you are the most capable in the village to carry the weight of this responsibility.”

“I find that far-fetched. Could one of the previous vessels not have reprised their role?”

“Many of them still bear that weight. The rest proved to lack that strength to carry it.”

“Hmph,” Isaac grunted.

“Truthfully, I’m surprised you’re so reluctant. Most who take the role are delighted to partake.”

“Delighted?” Isaac asked, flabbergasted.

“But of course! For one moment, you shall live more decadently than anyone you or I know ever shall.”

“But about the aftermath–”

“We’re here,” Nathaniel interrupted. In front of them, Isaac could see a stone pillar as tall as their waists. Carved into it was a drawing depicting two men, one lying back as the other fed him.

“Rather far into the woods, don’t you think?”

“It is not us who decide where the spirits call their home.”

Both men knelt until they could place their sacks on the ground. Isaac let out a sigh of relief, while Nathaniel started opening the bags. “Now is an opportune time to shed your clothes.”

With a hesitant nod, Isaac took his pack off of his back. Inside he had two sheets of cloth: a smaller one, to place his clothes on so they wouldn’t dredge up soil from the forest floor, and a larger, rectangular one, to wrap around himself when the ritual was over. Pulling out the smaller one, he placed it on the forest floor, and placed his pack on top. He then started unbuttoning his shirt. “Why must I be in the nude for this ritual?”

“Ostensibly to mirror the spirit’s own bare form, and garner its favor. More immediately, if we are successful, you won’t want to be wearing your clothes as the ritual proceeds.”

With pursed lips, Isaac nodded, and disrobed with a slightly more haste.

Around the time that Nathaniel had opened all the sacks, Isaac stood naked near him. Beholding his powerful form, Nathaniel marveled that such a sturdy man could feel nervous about anything. He looked strong enough to defend the village from wolves bare-handed, and his stomach was robust enough to take a direct swipe from a bear’s paw. He was the perfect vessel for the ritual.

“What shall I do now?” Isaac asked.

“I suggest you recline against one of these trees. It shall relieve some of the burden as the ritual proceeds.”

“And standing up afterward?”

“Every vessel before you had managed. With your strength, I have no doubt you shall as well.”

After sitting down next to one of the trees, Isaac leaned back against it. The soil and leaves beneath his legs, along with the bark against his bare back, was a strange sensation. He’d heard it was often a euphoric experience to be the vessel for this ritual. If that were true, he hoped it would help distract him from the roughness of his surroundings.

With the bags untied, Nathaniel kneeled down in front of the stone and started rubbing the engraving. “Oh great spirit of bounty, we have brought you many offerings today. Please take your place in this vessel so that you may enjoy them, and in return, bestow upon us bountiful harvests in the months to come.”

As Nathaniel stood up and picked up a sack, Isaac stayed alert to any changes in how he felt. “Will I know if the spirit has inhabited my body?”

“Most vessels felt no different until the ritual was well underway. The ones who did, I believe their imaginations were too animated.”

“So the spirit could be in me right now.”

“I certainly hope so,” Nathaniel said, before he kneeled in front of Isaac, his legs straddling Isaac’s bare thighs. Reaching into the bag, he pulled out and unwrapped a loaf of bread. The loaf had already been sliced, with butter spread thick on each piece. “Oh, the decadence,” Nathaniel muttered to himself. “You’re in for quite the experience.”

“It does look delicious.”

“It shall taste even moreso,” Nathaniel said. As he removed one piece from the loaf, Isaac opened his mouth in anticipation. His mouth was soon filled by that slice, shoved in as he chewed until he had the entire thing in his mouth. But as soon as he started chewing, he didn’t mind. The butter left him happy to eat however much bread Nathaniel had brought.

To Isaac’s delight, every single slice was slathered in butter. How the village had spared enough milk to make such a bountiful amount, he didn’t know. But he was beginning to understand what Nathaniel had meant about how so many vessels were grateful to be part of the ritual.

With some of the mystery dispelled, Isaac found himself able to lay back and enjoy his role. As Nathaniel fed him slice after slice of the decadent bread, he felt pampered, a feeling he couldn’t remember the last time he’d felt. He believed himself to be in the lap of luxury, like a king, minus the political duties.

But as the reigns of all kings come to an end, so did the bread. Isaac had long before lost count of just how many loaves, let alone how many slices, he’d eaten. But apparently, the entire sack of buttered bread was now in his belly.

“It’s working,” Nathaniel said with a pleased expression.

“How do you know?”

“Look around yourself… and upon yourself,” Nathaniel said proudly.

Looking down, Isaac immediately understood what he meant. His already ample midsection had swelled noticeably, at least an inch all around. And yet, he didn’t feel as if he’d eaten as much as he evidently had. Though he felt pleasantly full, he did not feel a sharp pain inside his stomach as he’d felt when he overindulged before. It was a comfortable swell, one that left him quite inclined to continue the ritual.

Upon looking around, Isaac noticed what Nathaniel meant again. On the previously barren forest floor, he could see the sprouts of plants jutting up through the leaves, as his belly jutted away from him. They were small for the moment, but if they continued growing as Nathaniel continued feeding him, they would most certainly bloom.

“Now that we know you’re channeling the spirit, let us continue. The more we offer to the spirit, the more bountiful our harvests shall be this year.”

“So, I’m a vessel for the spirit to enjoy your offerings?”

“Was that not apparent?”

“Not until now.”

“Well, let’s not keep the spirit waiting any longer.” Nathaniel opened another bag full of bread, this time cornbread, yet again covered in copious amounts of butter.

“How could they spare so much milk to make enough butter to cover these offerings?”

“It’s an investment that has always been returned to us many-fold. We toss moderation aside to prepare for this one day, and we will find ourselves having a more decadent year. Not as decadent as this, of course,” Nathaniel said, before shoving the piece of cornbread into Isaac’s mouth.

Initially, Isaac was surprised by Nathaniel’s forceful method. But as he tasted the cornbread, he found himself sinking into a sort of daze, as if the spirit were occupying not just his body, but also his mind. With his resistance wearing down, he dutifully opened his mouth to receive the offering, gulping it down with haste so he could take another bite. He couldn’t remember a time that he’d ever let himself eat with such abandon, enjoying the food as much as he was. Even celebratory feasts didn’t feel as decadent as his role in the ritual did. Compared to when he first sat down, he found giving in to that decadence second nature.

Only when Isaac finished one bag of food and Nathaniel had to drag over another did Isaac find himself coming out of his daze. Every time he did, he’d notice his belly had grown even wider and more protuberant. He also noticed the greenery around him becoming more vibrant, more lush, taking up more of the forest floor. But as he was starting to appreciate both, Nathaniel would come back with another delicacy, often smothered in butter, and start feeding him again.

And so the ritual continued, until Isaac had emptied all eight sacks of food, and all of it was sitting comfortably inside his belly. “Awaken,” Nathaniel said gently, running his finger along the side of Isaac’s cheek.

Isaac came slowly out of his stupor, vision hazy as he took in his surroundings. What he could make out were numerous blooms of color surrounding him, the flowers whose sprouts he’d seen before now demonstrating all their beauty. Even with his clouded sight, their vibrancy was unmistakable.

Isaac kept looking to his sides until his vision began to clear. Around the flowers, other vegetation had grown as well, covering the forest floor in a soft carpet of greenery. He hoped he’d manage to find a way out of the woods without trampling the plants. They seemed so delicate: clover with its tiny leaves, woodruff with its miniature white blossoms. Both providing a backdrop that allowed the colors of the flowers to appear yet more vivid.

As Isaac’s vision returned to normal, he caught a glimpse of the side of his midsection as he was appreciating the flowers. When he realized it was sticking out much farther than it had before, he turned to look ahead and peer down at himself.

Isaac’s belly now stuck out at least a foot farther in front of him and to both sides. It had maintained its original rotundity, making for a globe of weight that now hung from his midsection. He was easily fatter than anyone else in the village, by a wide margin. Isaac was used to being imposingly big compared to the other folks in town, but his massive belly would make for an even more pronounced difference.

“Take my hand,” Nathaniel said softly as he extended it toward Isaac. “You’ll need it.”

After taking Nathaniel’s hand in his own, Isaac commenced the laborious task of standing back up. “Lean against the tree as you rise,” Nathaniel advised. “The bark may feel rough against your bare skin, but it will help.”

Taking Nathaniel’s advice, Isaac brought his feet closer to himself and pushed up, pulling upon Nathaniel’s hand to help himself up, while leaning back against the tree in between ascensions. As he got up higher, he was able to bring his thick legs closer underneath himself, making each push a bit more productive. With one final exertion, he was fully upright, leaning against the tree.

It was then that Isaac got a sense of just how much weight he now carried in front of himself. In spite of leaning against the tree, he felt like his newly rotund midsection threatened to pull him back down to the forest floor. Doing the work of tending to his farm didn’t strain him as much as the weight of his newly rotund belly did. “It’s… rather heavy in front.”

“Of course it is. But the vessels before you acclimated to their new weight in time. And they didn’t have the strength you do. I’m sure you shall learn to carry it with pride and dignity.”


“Of course! Thanks to you, we shall surely have a bountiful harvest this year!”

“I should think we both deserve some of the credit for that,” Isaac asserted with a smile.

“Come now. You did the difficult part. All I had to do was feed you.”

“But you said–”

“We should start our walk back. There’s no use in us dawdling here. Especially since our trek back to the village shall surely take longer than our trek here.”

“Yes, I suppose that is true.”

As Isaac remained against the tree, Nathaniel collected the sacks, tying them to both wooden rods in order to fasten them together so he could easily carry both back to the village. He also collected Isaac’s belongings, as he would be able to do it much more quickly than Isaac could. Before picking either up, he walked toward Isaac and offered him his hand. “Take my hand to help you balance before we start walking.”

Taking Nathaniel’s hand, Isaac tried to push himself off the tree, before needing to push against Nathaniel’s hand to avoid tumbling forward.

“Lean backward. It will help.”

Doing as Nathaniel suggested, Isaac pushed his hips forward so his back was reclined at an impressive angle. Still holding tightly onto Nathaniel, he pushed himself off of the tree, and was able to stay upright. “Am I going to have to lean back like this all the time?”

“You’ll acclimate to it. I imagine carrying that weight will help make you stronger still, and it will become easier for you.”

“I sure hope so.”

“Come now. I can navigate these woods at night, but would prefer not to.”

Looking above and seeing that the sun had set beneath the tree tops, Isaac understood Nathaniel’s haste. Extending his arms to the side to help himself balance, he took a few tentative steps, not wanting to fall and have to start all over again. But with care and caution, he was able to walk forward, and pick up the pace to one that might get them back to the village before nightfall.

Behind him, Nathaniel took the two rods and slung them over his shoulders, a much easier burden to carry with all the food out of the bags and inside Isaac’s belly. He soon caught up to Isaac, before taking a slower pace to keep up with the ambling vessel.

As Isaac waddled his way out of the woods, he became acutely aware of just how much heavier he was. Every part of him seemed to jiggle as his feet came upon the forest floor: his legs, his arms, his chest, his chin, and especially his massive belly. He had expected it to sway side to side as he walked, but his new stride took special care to make sure it oscillated as little as possible. In a sense, he felt like his belly was leading him out of the woods, and Nathaniel was merely telling it where to go.

As Nathaniel promised, Isaac became accustomed to his new weight as he walked. Though it would certainly take much longer before he didn’t notice it anymore, he did find walking easier as they progressed. Save for the fact that he was in the nude with only the large sheet wrapped around him, the walk back was starting to feel more normal.

That was, until Isaac felt a hand push aside the cloth and rub the underside of his belly. “Yeah, you carry it well.”

“Nathaniel, what are you…” Isaac could scarcely finish his question, the feeling of Nathaniel’s hand on his midsection so unusual as to leave him speechless.

“Why do you think I’ve been volunteering to lead this ritual for the past 23 years?” Nathaniel asked with a smile. “Now come. Time won’t wait for us.”

Isaac kept walking, too woozy to object to Nathaniel’s touch. As they neared the end of the woods, Isaac asked, “Nathaniel, what do you suppose would happen if someone were to perform this ritual at a time when harvest was already bountiful?”

“I’m not sure we’ll ever live to see a time when food is so plentiful,” Nathaniel mused. “But if it were to come, the outcome of the ritual would surely change.”

“You suppose the vessel would become skinnier?”

“Nay. I suppose the spirit would provide more food to us, rather than accept the offerings.”

Pete and Casey strode into the woods together, Pete carrying a heavy paper bag filled with smaller bags filled with their fast food haul. Pete wore jeans and a flannel shirt, which hung loosely on his skinny body, while Casey wore gym shorts and an oversized tee shirt that hung loosely on his plump frame. He wanted an outfit he could put back on quickly, even though Pete had assured him several times that no one would catch them.

“You really sure about this?” Casey asked.

“We already bought the food. Are you really going to change your mind now?”

“Well, you could feed it to me in the car.”

“Any encourager could feed you in his car. I brought you out here to feed you and satisfy your exhibitionist streak. Who knows when you’ll get the chance to do that again?”

“I could eat naked by my bedroom window.”

“Will you, though?”


“Look,” Pete said as he stopped in his tracks, before turning to face Casey. “I’m not going to make you do this, obviously. But I want you to ask yourself: are you nervous because you don’t want to do this? Or because you do?”

Casey stared at Pete for a moment, before he nodded his head. “Let’s do this.”

“Atta’boy,” Pete said before he patted the side of Casey’s ample belly. The way his hand bounced off of it made him all the more excited for the chance to feed Casey. “Besides, I’ve jacked off in these woods like a half dozen times, and I’ve never been caught.”

“You WHAT???”

But Pete was walking once again, paying Casey’s disbelief no mind. Casey stumbled ahead until he caught up with Pete, and the two kept walking together. Sometimes Pete would stick his hand under Casey’s shirt and give him a quick belly rub, but the rest of the walk passed mostly unremarkably.

“Okay, this should be a good spot,” Pete said as he looked at the map on his phone. “Nice and far away from all the houses and roads that surround these woods.”

“Does that mean it’s time for me to take my clothes off?”

“You know it, tubby.”

Casey looked nervous at first, making Pete wonder if he’d have to give him another pep talk. But before too long, his mouth curled into a smirk, and he was reaching down to lift up his shirt.

Once the shirt was above his neck, Pete got a glimpse at that chubby belly he’d only seen in photos online before. He certainly appreciated those photos, but getting to see it in person was simply remarkable. The way it bounced and jiggled with Casey’s movements left Pete taking a quick inhalation, before he exhaled with a smile. The way it moved with Casey’s body was tantalizing, accentuating every bend and sway. Once Casey had taken the shirt off, he caught a glimpse of how Pete was looking at him. That was enough to make him flash a sultry smile and let the shirt dangle next to him at arm’s length, before he casually dropped it on the forest floor.

“God, you’re fat.”

“Damn right.”

Pete walked up to Casey, hands outstretched to get a feel for that rotund belly. As his hands landed, he was not disappointed. His palms were warmed by Casey’s soft flab, pushing out to keep his hands about two feet apart on either side. Holding Casey’s belly shortened his breath as he imagined what it was like for Casey to carry that weight around all the time. It was a tantalizing thought. And they’d only just begun.

“Time for those shorts to come off.”

Nervousness crept onto Casey’s face again. After looking around, he cautiously bent down and pushed his shorts down by the side.

“Atta’boy. Nice and easy.”

Once the shorts were around Casey’s ankles, he stepped out of them, allowing him to stand in the woods in only his underwear. To see his voluptuous figure exposed for anyone to see excited Pete, even though he knew it was a show only he would watch. “There. Easier than you thought, huh?”

“I mean, it’s easy to take my shorts off–”

“Even at your size?” Pete teased.

“I’m not that fat yet,” Casey said with a smirk. “I just mean, you know… working up the nerve to take them off out here.”

“Well, you’re not done yet, tubbs. You know what you gotta do next.”

Casey’s once again took on a nervous expression, but he didn’t hesitate. Rather, he moved slowly, gradually pushing down the sides of his underwear, until they could fall off on their own.

“Good boy.” Reaching down, Pete fondled Casey’s dick, leaving Casey breathing heavily. “You’re gonna have such a good time.”

“Let’s do it,” Casey gasped.

Pleased with his eagerness, Pete lead Casey over to a nearby tree, before helping him recline back against it. He looked immensely adorable as he sat back with his legs extended, waiting for Pete to start feeding him. Eager to not keep him waiting, Pete walked back to where he’d put the bag of food down.

A few paces beyond the bag, Pete noticed a stone pillar about waist-high, one he’d somehow missed before. It was dirty and had a few leaves stuck onto it. Rubbing the pillar, Pete was able to clear away the debris, revealing a design carved into it. After rubbing away a bit more dirt, Pete saw that It was an engraving of two men, one reclining as the other fed him.

With a smirk, Pete looked back to Casey and called out, “Hey tubbs, can you see this? Looks like there’s a drawing on this pillar of exactly what we’re about to do.”

“What, you feeding me?”

“Yeah,” Pete conformed with a smile.

After squinting at the pillar, Casey said, “I think you’re misinterpreting it. Maybe the one guy is just giving the other a gift.”

“I like to think he’s feeding him,” Pete asserted, before walking back to Casey, the bag of food in hand. “Ready?”

“Ready,” Casey affirmed, looking and sounding as excited as he’d been when Pete first proposed the idea.

Kneeling down in front of Casey, Pete straddled his legs and reached into the bag. Pulling out a burger, he unwrapped it and commanded, “Eat.”

Casey did as told, opening his mouth wide as Pete pushed the burger in. Biting the burger as he ate, he was able to get half of it in his hungry mouth, his cheeks looking even pudgier as they were filled with food. Breathing heavily and grunting as he chewed, he was already a picture of gluttony.

Pete couldn’t help but run his hands down the side of Casey’s face. “Atta’boy.”

WIth another grunt, Casey leaned his head back and chewed faster. As soon as he’d swallowed, Pete shoved the rest of the burger in his mouth.

There were four more burgers in the bag, and Casey ate them all without hesitation. Pete was quite pleased by how well he ate. He’d fed a lot of guys before, with varying levels of experience and propensity for gorging. But none could scarf down food as effortlessly as Casey. Though he wasn’t sure how long that would last as he kept filling Casey’s belly, he was pleased that their feeding session was off to such a good start.

Reaching for the bag to crumple it up, Pete was surprised to feel a burger left in it. Huh, I thought for sure that was the last one, he thought as he pulled it out of the bag. After pulling out the remaining burger, he crumpled the bag up and tossed it in the bigger bag. “Open up, tubby,” he said, before feeding Casey the remaining burger.

The feeding session continued with Casey wolfing down everything Pete fed him as well as he’d wolfed down the first burger. Even Pete was astounded by how much he could eat. It was as if he never got full, something quite a few guys he’d fed had bragged about, but could never live up to.

It was a good thing too. For even though Pete had crumpled up four smaller bags to throw in the bigger one, all of which seemed to have more food than he was expecting, the big bag wasn’t looking any emptier than it had when they’d walked into the woods. It seemed it would take a lot of eating for them to empty the whole thing.

Casey’s belly wasn’t looking any emptier either. On the contrary, though Pete knew there was plenty of food in it, he was astounded by just how much plumper Casey was looking. Maybe it was his posture, he reasoned, pushing his belly out and making it look bigger. But that wouldn’t explain how much wider it looker, seeming to have grown a couple inches on both sides.

But he certainly wasn’t going to complain about his feedee looking a good deal fatter than he had when they’d started. That was his job as a feeder, after all. And he’d never done it as well as he was then.

Were those flowers here when we started? Pete thought, momentarily distracted from the feeding by his ruminations. But soon he was back to his task, reaching into the big bag for another round of food, and shoving that food into Casey’s mouth.

The two kept up that way for a good while longer. Pete remained astounded at just how much food Casey could put away without slowing down. In spite of having gone through well over a dozen bags of food, he could still eat burgers in two bites. Chicken nuggets disappeared down his greedy gullet several at a time. And he could swallow fries by the handful. It was like one of Pete’s fantasies come to life, a bottomless pit of a chub to just keep feeding and feeding.

It wasn’t until Pete reached into the big bag and found a layer of crumpled up smaller bags on top that he realized something might have been amiss. Looking inside the bag, he saw that beneath all the balls of brown paper was more food than he’d brought into the forest with them. And he knew for a fact all those flowers and greenery weren’t surrounding Casey when he first sat down. Something weird was going on.

With his mind brought back down to reality, he realized that Casey had also grown much bigger during their feeding than was remotely possible. If he’d eaten enough food to grow that big, his stomach should have ruptured. There was no way he could have gained that much weight in so little time. But with the sides of his belly drooping off of his torso, it was clear that he had indeed gotten that fat.

Casey’s belly was like two sacks of grain stacked on top of his midsection. He looked at least 150 pounds heavier, his belly spilling out to the sides and rising above him. His chest had plumped out too, drooping down before coming to rest on top of his gut. Reclined back as he was, his belly hadn’t quite grown enough to cover his dick, though his fat pad was making a good effort to do that. And his face was a good deal rounder, a solid ring of fat hanging from his cheeks to make a double chin that stuck out even more as he let his head hang forward.

“Hey,” Pete said cautiously, unable to see Casey’s face and thus how he was doing. With a concerned expression, he put a few fingers under Casey’s chin before lifting up his head, revealing dazed eyes and a mouth hanging open. “How are you feeling?”

“Amazing,” Casey slowly replied.

“You feeling full?”

“Not at all,” he said quietly. “Why did you stop?”

Those four simple words were all it took to make Pete lose all his good sense and want to feed Casey even more. With a devious grin, he swiped the crumpled up bags aside, letting them fall on the forest floor among the newly grown greenery, and grabbed another to feed Casey.

With Casey’s permission to continue in spite of how big he’d grown, Pete couldn’t stop himself. He fed Casey even more aggressively than he had before, shoving more nuggets and fries into his mouth at a time, testing whether Casey could eat an entire burger in one bite. Sometimes he swore he could see Casey swelling up in front of him. But it wasn’t enough. With Casey having already grown so much and showing no signs of stopping, Pete wanted to see just how big Casey could get.

And with Casey eager to keep eating, nothing could stop Pete from feeding him more. Not the fact that bags of food were now spilling out of his big bag, leaving him no room for the crumpled up bags, whose contents were now in Casey’s swelling belly. Not the continued growth of the greenery around them, the scene looking like an impressionist painting portraying his wildest dreams. Not even the fact that Casey was growing big enough that Pete had to lean over his belly to feed him.

Only one thing could stop Pete, and that was Casey falling asleep from just how much he’d eaten. “Casey?” Pete sad as he tapped the chub’s swollen cheeks. But it was no use: Casey was fast asleep, the massive feast having finally done him in. A gentle snore came out of his open mouth, his massive chest rising and falling with his breaths.

As the feeder fervor faded from Pete, he was able to look around and take in his surroundings. Several dozen crumpled up bags adorned the forest floor around him. In spite of that, yet more full bags of food were falling out of the bigger bag, a ludicrous occurrence that Pete couldn’t begin to explain. Also adorning the forest floor was enough foliage to make Pete feel like he was in the garden of Eden, a feeling enhanced by the overabundance of food.

But the centerpiece of the scene was Casey, who’d grown to a size that left Pete’s mouth hanging wide open. His belly obscured his dick entirely, sinking down between his legs to rest on the forest floor. It was wide enough to hide his arms, which hung down beside him, albeit pushed outward by the protruding pudge of his chest. His legs were wide like tree trunks, his arms as wide as his legs had once been. Pete had never fed a guy as fat as Casey was now, let alone fed one to that size. He’d only seen guys that big online before, and now, there was one right in front of him. To see that much mass in person was intimidating.

Pete couldn’t help but smile when he looked at Casey. The only thing more exciting than seeing such a fat boy lie against the tree would be getting to see him walk out of the woods. All that blubber bouncing and shaking with every plodding footstep. The way Casey would have to amble out with all his new weight. How tight all of his clothes would become.

At least, it was exciting at first. But as Pete looked over at the pile of Casey’s clothes, it became apparent to him that he had no chance of fitting in them. Since they hadn’t brought anything into the woods but food, Pete had nothing to clothe Casey as they approached civilization again. And with all that new weight, there was a real chance Casey wouldn’t be able to walk, for he hadn’t had the time to build the musculature to carry that weight. And though Casey had been an enthusiastic participant in the feeding, how would he react to his new size?

Shit, Pete thought. What do I do now?

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