The Test Drive

Contains: stuffing, direct encouraging.

Not much to say about this one, to be honest. I had to buy a new car recently, and it got my imagination rolling. This is the result.

Synopsis: Steven is nervous about buying a car on his own for the first time. Things get even more nerve-wracking when he sees that the sales associate who’s going to help him, Mateo, is a hot chubby guy in a tight shirt. The internal screaming continues as Mateo seems to flaunt his size and fluster Steven. After Mateo suggests they go for a test drive and hit up some drive-thrus, things get even hotter, and even heavier.

Steven couldn’t help but feel nervous as he walked into the car dealership. It was his first time buying a car on his own, after he’d bought his last one off of his older brother. It didn’t cost much, but he’d gotten as much as he’d paid for. Now that he’d been on his own for a while and had some money saved up, he was ready to buy a new one to replace his old clunker. He just hoped he wouldn’t be swindled by the salesperson.

“Hi, what can I help you with?” the woman behind the welcome desk asked, surprising Steven enough to make him jump just a little.

“Hi, I’m, uh, in the market for a new car.”

“Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’m Jasmin,” she said as she extended her hand.

“Steven,” he replied, returning the gesture.

“Why don’t I introduce you to one of our sales associates?” she asked, motioning toward the well-dressed individuals sitting at their desks. There were about a half-dozen of them, dressed in coordinated outfits of khaki pants and light-blue button-up shirts.

But one immediately stood out to Steven. He was a tall and hefty individual, with a belly that pushed right up to the edge of his desk as he sat back typing. It wrapped around his midsection like a sail billowing in the wind, leaving little to the imagination about just how portly he was. Adorning his face was a well-groomed beard that only partially hid just how filled-out his face was. He had a friendly disposition, in spite of looking focused on whatever he was doing.

“Shall we?” the receptionist asked, shaking Steven out of his fixation.

“Sure, let’s,” Steven said.

The receptionist stood up and walked past Steven, leading him through the lobby floor. As they walked past several desks, the associates looked up in anticipation, before looking back down as the two passed. As they walked by the other associates, Steven’s heart started beating faster as he realized: they were approaching the chubby one.

“Mateo, this is Steven. He’s in the market for a new car.”

“Well, I can certainly help with that,” Mateo said, before standing up with a grunt. Upright, his belly stuck out even farther than Steven could have imagined. It had a presence all its own, like a bass drum worn by a marching band member, as if his gut were the true mediator of their discussion. “Nice to meet you,” he said, extending his hand.

“Likewise,” Steven said, shaking himself out of it yet again before shaking Mateo’s hand. It was warm and soft, which wasn’t helping him keep his composure.

“Have a seat. Let’s talk,” Mateo said, before sitting down himself.

Steven sat in the chair in front of his desk, before doing his best to keep his eyes on Mateo’s face, rather than ogling his expansive belly. Of the many challenges he’d anticipated having to face while buying his first car, that was certainly not one of them.

“So, what are you looking for in a car?”

“Well,” Steven started, his voice already trembling a bit. “Something fairly used would be more in my budget than something new. Other than that, I think I’m looking for the same things most people look for. Reliable. Good gas mileage. Enough horsepower to get me onto the highway safely.”

“Gotcha, gotcha,” Mateo said, sounding very friendly. But there was still a sort of artificiality to his demeanor, the kind Steven expected from salespeople. “So, what are you looking for as far as model? A sedan? An SUV?”

“Well…” Steven hesitated to answer the question. He wasn’t gutsy enough to come right out and tell Mateo that he dated chubby guys exclusively. And even though he himself didn’t need much in the way of space, his passengers likely would.

As Steven mulled over how to dance around that topic while still conveying his needs, Mateo’s phone chimed. “Oh, excuse me for a moment,” he said. “That’s from one of my coworkers.”

“Sure,” Steven said, relieved to have the extra time to think. He felt less relieved when Mateo’s eyebrows rose as he read the message he’d gotten.

But he didn’t have much time to ponder his expression. Leaning back in his chair and making his belly look distractingly plump, Mateo asked, “How about spaciousness?”

“Um, well…” Steven stammered, not expecting to be asked about the topic directly. “I know I’m on the smaller side, and might not seem like I would need much space. But I want to make sure my… passengers are comfortable, you know?”

“Mmm, I do,” Mateo assured him, before placing his hands behind his head and leaning back in his chair. As a result, his belly protruded up even farther, like a mountain of flab that Steven couldn’t help but stare at. Luckily for him, Mateo’s eyes peeked out from right above his belly, making it easy to look like he was looking at the former as he started at the latter. “You probably won’t be surprised to hear this, but fitting into cars can be a challenge for me.”

Laughing uncomfortably, Steven continued, “So, do you think an SUV would be the way to go?”

“Sounds like it,” Mateo said. “Well, if you’re looking for something fairly used, I do have an SUV I think you might like. It’s a 2012, but only has 60,000 miles on it. You could get it for a really good price, and still get a lot of miles out of it.”

“Let’s try it.”

“Great,” Mateo said, standing up from his chair again, before extending his arms above his head and stretching, groaning as he did. His shirt didn’t pop out from inside his beltline, but Steven couldn’t help but wish it had. Still, it made for quite the spectacle, his belly lifting up and looking somehow even rounder. “Let me go get that SUV, and we can take it for a ride. Meet me in front of the entrance.”

“Sure,” Steven said, letting Mateo amble on ahead of him. Watching how his arms swayed as he walked, his love handles jiggling when his feet hit the ground, he couldn’t help but think of that cliché, “Hate to see you leave, but love to watch you go.” Of course, he was getting the best of both worlds, because soon Mateo would return.

As Steven approached the front door, Mateo walked to the back. Once Steven was outside, he wondered how the associates found specific cars in the rows and rows of nearly identical looking vehicles. Soon Mateo passed him by, keys and dealer plates in hand. As Steven enjoyed watching Mateo go again, he saw him lift up the key and hit one of the buttons, before hearing a car alarm go off in the distance. If it works… he thought with amusement.

Soon Mateo drove up inside the light-grey SUV, and pulled up in front of the dealership. After stepping out, he strode around to the other side. “Hop on in!” he said, before walking around Steven to reach the passenger side door. As he walked behind him, however, Mateo’s belly brushed Steven’s back. “Oh, sorry about that,” he chuckled. “Sometimes I forget how big this is.”

“Heh, n-no worries,” Steven stammered out, before walking to the driver’s side. After taking a moment to collect himself, he opened the door and got inside.

The next few minutes passed by with less awkwardness than Steven expected, with Mateo giving him a standard overview of the various features of the car. Mostly he went over features the car didn’t have, making sure Steven wouldn’t be surprised by their absence. But it was checking all his boxes: four doors, an aux port, automatic transmission, and working heat and AC.

“So, what do you think?” Mateo asked.

“Definitely roomy, that’s for sure.”

“That it sure is,” Mateo chuckled. “I drive one like this myself, and I can assure you it’ll have plenty of room for your passengers.” After pulling a lever under him, Mateo leaned his seat back, until it was nearly horizontal. “And the seat backs go back really far!”

Looking over, Steven saw a sight that he simply couldn’t stare away from. Mateo was leaning back with his belly sticking straight up in the air, jutting up an impressive height. He knew that bellies only stuck up like that when they were very firm, or very full. Either way, Steven couldn’t take his eyes off of the ball of flab lying so close to him.

“Sometimes if I go out to eat and eat too much, I’ll lie back like this until I feel better. Gives my stomach the room it needs to stretch out, you know?”

Steven could feel himself shaking as he gulped loudly enough that he was sure Mateo could hear. All this made him so nervous that he felt frozen, powerless to deescalate the situation or reduce the awkwardness of it.

“What do you say we go for a drive…”

Mateo’s question managed to bring Steven down from his panic, as he remembered what he was at the dealership for in the first place. He was thankful that Mateo was keeping things professional while he struggled to.

“…and hit up a few drive-thrus along the way?”

Steven froze again. Looking down at the clock, he saw it was 11:07. Certainly not a bad time to eat lunch, but he thought that was something sales associates did on their own time. “I… I guess if you’re hungr–Did you say ‘a few’?”

“You heard me right.”


“You’re not as subtle as you think you are,” Mateo teased, before rubbing his belly in slow, wide circles. Once again, Steven was powerless to take his eyes off of Mateo’s globe of flab, especially as he slowly massaged it, demonstrating just how wide of a reach it took to circumnavigate the whole thing.

“I’m really not subtle at all,” Steven admitted with an embarrassed chuckle.

“I stand corrected, then. Now, would you like to go get a bunch of food and feed it to me?”

Steven’s brain was frozen like his body, incapable of processing everything that was going on. But there was some part of him, deep down, that knew exactly what to say: “Yes.”

A wide smile spread across Mateo’s wide face. “Pick a spot, then. I’m not picky. And I’ll cover it.”

With an eager smile spreading across his own face, Steven put the SUV in drive and drove them out of the lot. Driving down the main street, it didn’t take them long to reach a spot with a drive-thru, which Mateo pulled up to with haste. The level of anticipation in the vehicle was palpable, with both men excited for what would come next.

Once they pulled up to the speaker, Steven lowered the window and leaned his seat back. “You’re up,” he said, excited to see just how much food Mateo would order.

“Hi, what can I get you today?”

Mateo didn’t disappoint. “Hi, can I have three double cheese burgers, three cheesy bacon burgers, and two fish sandwiches with extra tartar sauce?”

After the order appeared on the screen, the person working asked, “Anything else?”

“I’ll have the same thing,” Steven said.

Mateo’s eyebrows rose as the person on the other side remained silent. “You want everything the other fella ordered?”

“Yes please.”

After another moment of waiting, the numbers on the screen doubled. “Anything else.”

After Steven looked to Mateo, Mateo said, “That’ll be all.”

The person working gave them their total and instructed them to drive up. With two cars in front of them, Steven put the car in park and sat back, smiling.

“You’re gonna eat all that?” Mateo asked.

“No,” Steven answered casually, before looking at Mateo. “You will.”

Mateo mouthed “Ooh,” as his eyebrows lowered. After giving him a wink, Steven pulled up as the cars shifted ahead.

Once they reached the window, the woman working asked, “Do you want your orders in separate bags?”

“Nah,” Steven said. “It’s all going to the same place anyway.”

After a pause, the woman said, “Right,” and closed the window.

“You think you can eat all that?” Steven asked teasingly.

“Only one way to find out,” Mateo answered with a grin.

As the woman opened the window again, Mateo pulled out his wallet and took out his credit card. After processing the payment, the woman handed Steven back the card, along with three large bags of food. Steven put them on the back seat, before thanking her and driving off.

“Let’s find a spot to park in this lot over here,” Mateo said, pointing toward the grocery store next to them. “Somewhere in the far corner, nice and private.”

Steven didn’t have to be told twice. After driving them to the farthest spot from the store, they were walled off by a fence on one side and shrubbery on another, with plenty of distance between them and the other cars. After both men unbuckled their seatbelts, Steven reached back and grabbed all three bags of food, before dropping them on top of the cup holders. “Maybe we ought to get that shirt off of you. Wouldn’t want it to get stained, you know?”

Mateo smirked before undoing the buttons. He started at the top, revealing a light smattering of hair adorning the firm lobes of his chest. More hair peeked as he undid the buttons further, revealing the belly underneath. But it wasn’t until the final button was undone that the panels of his shirt fell on either side of him, and Steven could see all of his gut.


Rubbing his belly slowly but firmly, Mateo asked, “You like it?”

“I love it,” Steven gasped. “Now let’s see how much it can fit.”

As Mateo laughed in anticipation, Steven reached into the bags and pulled out one of each sandwich. After unwrapping them all, he put them on top of Mateo’s belly, where they stayed. “Nice balancing act, big boy.”

“You’re not going to feed them to me?” Mateo teased.

“You clearly don’t need my help to eat,” Steven said, rubbing Mateo’s belly as he did. It was warm under his palm, soft on the surface and firm at its core. He couldn’t wait to see just how big and round it could get.

“Hehe, alright. Keep those belly rubs coming, then.”

“My pleasure.” Steven’s other hand was already reaching for the front of Mateo’s gut, before cupping its soft bottom. He took a deep inhalation as he felt the wide orb of fat in his grasp, his hands forced far apart by Mateo’s girth. The sheer heft of him was hypnotizing. But whereas before he had to resist its allure, now he could give in, rubbing Mateo all over and enjoying his size.

Indeed, Mateo’s size was so captivating that it seems like it took him no time at all to finish the first three sandwiches. When Steven realized there were no sandwiches left on his belly, he looked up in time to see Mateo push the last bite of the last one into his mouth. Once he’d chewed and swallowed it, he smiled a satisfied grin.

“You’re good.”

“Let’s just say I’ve had a lot of practice,” Mateo chuckled as he patted the side of his belly. “Although sixteen of those… I don’t know.”

“You just have to do that four more times, then eat one more. Easy.”

“If I could eat them all on an empty stomach like those three, it would be easy.”

“If you did that, you wouldn’t get any fatter,” Steven said, giving Mateo’s belly a few hearty pats of his own, this time on top.

“Oof. You right, you right.” After giving his belly a few shakes, he concluded, “Keep ‘em coming.”

Rather than put the sandwiches on Mateo’s stomach, Steven was overcome with the desire to feed him. After unwrapping one, he smirked at Mateo, before shoving it in his mouth. Mateo’s eyebrows rose in surprise, but he was a natural, opening his mouth to chomp down on the sandwich and taking a huge bite.

Several more of the burgers and sandwiches disappeared down Mateo’s greedy gullet, as Steven fed him with one hand and gave his belly plenty of attention with the other. In spite of his protestations about eating the remaining sandwiches not being easy, he ate them like a casual meal he might enjoy on his lunch break. As more of the sandwiches joined the growing pile of food in his gut, he showed no indications of slowing down. While he wasn’t eating quite as voraciously as he had when he wolfed down the first three, he demonstrated quite the aptitude for stuffing himself.

Steven couldn’t get enough of it, just like Mateo couldn’t get enough of all the burgers and sandwiches he’d bought. The more Mateo ate, the more Steven was overcome by lust for the overfed man beside him. He couldn’t stop kneading his doughy belly, his fingers squeezing it as he reveled in the impossibility of grasping all of Mateo’s girth. There was just too much of him to hold at once, even as Mateo sat back and let Steven enjoy his fat however he pleased. Not even when Mateo took the last bite of a sandwich, and Steven had both hands free to rub over Mateo’s belly, did he feel like he could really get a solid hold on Mateo’s vastness. Though Mateo was amenable to Steven’s will, his heft was simply too big for him to conquer.

But even if Steven could only grasp fleetingly at Mateo’s heft, he revelled in every touch. He was overjoyed at the chance to take in such an expansive man, and enable such a shameless display of gluttony. With Steven feeding Mateo the burgers and sandwiches, Mateo was free to let his hands slide all over his swelling belly. From the way he slowly grasped his flab, it was clear that he enjoyed his size too. Yet even he could not hold all of his flab at once, unable to grasp and control all of it. It seemed his belly was exerting its own will on him, demanding that he eat more. And Mateo was more than happy to oblige.

Both men lost themselves in the feast enough that they lost track of how many sandwiches were left for Mateo to eat, until Steven reached into the bag and found only paper grazing against his hand. With Mateo still eating blissfully, he kept the discovery to himself as he fed Mateo the last burger. His free hand grasped at Mateo’s gut just a bit more firmly, gleefully enjoying just how much food there was inside. Enough to feed a large family, and he’d eaten all of it.

As the last bite disappeared into Mateo’s mouth, Steven asked, “How do you feel?”

“Stuffed… heavy…” Mateo could barely speak in between heavy breaths, but he didn’t sound displeased with his swollen state. That was confirmed as he managed to mumble through the last bit of his food, “I love it.”

“I bet you do,” Steven said with a grin. “People who don’t like eating big don’t get this fat,” he declared, his feeding hand, now free, clutching Mateo’s belly and giving it a good shake. A sound between a moan of pleasure and a groan of pain came out of the overfed chub, before he lethargically lifted up his arms to hold the sides of his gut. Even with all four hands on Mateo’s belly, they still had plenty of space to spread out, demonstrating just how massive he was.

“Whe–” Mateo could barely get the words out, gasping from his fullness. “Where’s the next one?”

“You ate them all, tubbs,” Steven said proudly. “Every single one.”

Mateo let his head lean back with a contented groan. As his arms fell limp at his sides, Steven kept rubbing his tight belly, marvelling at just how much food was inside. His gut billowed out like it had been inflated with an air pump. But it was all food inside, as evidenced by the weight of it as Steven gave it a gentle push. After Mateo let out an “Oof,” Steven got to watch his belly rock side to side, the massive mound swaying like waves on a placid lake.

“I think it’s time we get some more.”

“More?” Mateo gulped. “How do you expect me to eat any more than that?”

“You’re the one who said you wanted to hit up some drive-thrus, tubby. Drive-thrus plural, not just one.”

“I also didn’t think you’d double the order on me. We might as well have hit two already.”

“Aww, don’t you think you have more room in there?”

“Not for any more food,” Mateo insisted.

“You got it, big boy,” Steven replied with a grin, before putting the SUV in drive and leaving the lot.

“Where are you going?” Mateo muttered, unable to speak much louder.

“Not to get you more food, don’t worry,” Steven assured him with a smirk.

“Mmm,” Mateo murmured, before lying back to get a bit of rest after his feast.

But Steven had big plans for his passenger. Rather than driving back to the dealership, he took a turn down the road to go to another drive-thru. All the while, Mateo leaned back in his chair with his eyes closed, hands clasped over his belly, only making a noise when the uneven road made his belly bounce. Otherwise, he remained undisturbed, slumbering until Steven stopped in front of the speaker.

“Hi, can I get three large chocolate milkshakes, please?”

Mateo’s eyebrows furrowed before he opened his eyes, turning to look at Steven confusedly.

“Will that be all?”

“Yes, please,” Steven said with a smile, before pulling up to the line at the pickup window. Once the car was stopped, he looked to Mateo and said, “Do you not like chocolate shakes?”

“I love chocolate shakes,” Mateo assured him, sounding almost insulted that Steven might suggest otherwise. “But I told you I can’t have anymore.”

“You told me you couldn’t eat anymore,” Steven corrected with a smirk.

“You sly devil,” Mateo said, flashing a smirk of his own. “Alright, let’s see how much more you can get in me.”

Once Steven had the shakes, he drove the two to another parking lot, where he parked in a corner spot. He wasn’t as concerned with being as out of the way as he was after they’d picked up the burgers and sandwiches. He wanted to get right to filling Mateo’s belly to its brim.

Once they were parked, Mateo sat up and brought his seat back with him. It took him a fair amount of grunting to get back upright, and his efforts were followed by a sigh and some belly patting. But he’d gotten himself into the perfect position to gulp down the shakes. His shirt was still unbuttoned from their feast, although Steven didn’t intend to let any milkshake drip down Mateo’s body. He wanted it all inside his stomach, making him fatter.

With a smirk, Mateo asked, “Shall we?”

Steven didn’t waste time with an answer. After taking the lid off the first cup, he brought it up to Mateo’s mouth and poured it in. Mateo obliged, opening his lips and chugging down the thick drink, with grunts and moans to complete the performance. Steven was careful to not pour more into the fat boy’s mouth than he could handle. Yet even he was surprised at just how quickly Mateo guzzled it down. It seemed he’d found a second wind, and he was going to ride it until his belly was stuffed beyond belief.

At least, Steven hoped he would. He had a moment of doubt when he brought the second shake to Mateo’s lips, and Mateo grunted in surprise. But soon he was sucking it down, making it look effortless, in spite of how tight and firm his belly was. And with the shake going down so quickly, his belly was only filling up more.

Mateo showed some difficulty with finishing the second shake, but he swallowed it mouthful by mouthful. He seemed intent on finishing it, even as his grunts and groans demonstrated that it wasn’t getting any easier. Steven kept the shake coming at a manageable pace, and Mateo kept up with a spirited eagerness. With Steven gradually lifting the cup until it was past horizontal, Mateo swallowed the last of the second shake.

As Steven lowered the cup from Mateo’s mouth, Mateo let out a noise somewhere between a gasp and a grunt. More such noises came out as he grasped at the side of his swollen belly. With labored breaths, he felt at the stuffed mass like he couldn’t believe how big it had grown. Steven joined him in his exploration, rubbing the top of his belly with slow, adoring strokes, taking in just how much he’d grown.

“Such a big boy.” As one hand kept feeling over Mateo’s mountain of flab, Steven picked up the remaining shake with the other. “Just one more, tubbs. Open up.”

With his eyes closed, Mateo leaned his head back as if annoyed by Steven’s demand. But as soon as his head was upright, he opened his mouth.

Steven wasted no time bringing the shake up to Mateo’s mouth, pouring it in as his free hand kept rubbing Mateo’s exposed belly. Steven made sure to pour the shake in at a manageable pace, giving Mateo ample time to gulp it down. But he wasn’t going to go easy on him. He kept the shake coming, so Mateo always had more to drink.

With his eyes closed, Mateo’s face showed a sort of tranquility in his expression. Finishing the last shake couldn’t have been easy, but he seemed to have found his stride. He drank the shake slowly but steadily, at a pace he was able to maintain consistently, until the last of it was poured into his mouth.

“Atta’boy,” Steven whispered, gently patting the top of Mateo’s belly as he put down the final empty cup. Mateo let out a long exhalation as he sat back, his head tilted back and his eyes mostly closed, while his mouth hung open to let his heavy breaths pass through. A quiet groan accompanied his shaky attempt to bring his hands up to the side of his belly, where he let them rest. It seemed he was too tired to even rub his gut.

Of course, Steven was more than happy to relieve him of that duty. With his hands gently pressing into Mateo’s warm heft, he slowly massaged Mateo’s globular belly. It felt tight and heavy, like a balloon filled with cement, and was probably weighing Mateo down just as much. The sheer breadth of it was awe-inspiring, his whole gut seemingly having swelled out from the mound of food resting in his stomach. He looked like he’d put on 30 pounds since they started their test drive, and would probably be keeping a few of those once the food digested.

Once Steven had rubbed Mateo’s belly for a while, his mind began to wander to the empty bags, boxes, and cups the two had accumulated. “So, um… what are we going to do about all this trash?”

“Oh, there’s a dumpster in the lot next to the dealership,” Mateo chimed in, sounding unusually chipper for how sluggish he’d seemed before. “We can toss them in there before we take the car back. Speaking of which,” he said as he looked down at the clock. “We should get heading back. Test drives aren’t supposed to take this long,” he chuckled.

“Right, right,” Steven said, a bit disappointed that his fantasy brought to life had to end so abruptly. After putting the SUV in drive, he drove the two out of the lot and back toward the dealership.

After Mateo led Steven to the dumpster by the dealership, Steven got out to dispose of the trash like some kind of contraband. Once it was thrown away, he opened the passenger-side door to help Mateo brush the crumbs off of himself and out of the vehicle. Once he walked around back to the driver’s side, Steven got in to see Mateo buttoning his shirt back up, bunching it around his chest as he did. Once the last button was done, he pulled it down around his belly, revealing that the shirt fit even more tightly than before. His gut strained the buttons hard enough to cause the sides of the shirt to blow out, revealing glimpses of the gut underneath.

“You sure you can go back to work like that?” Steven teased.

“It only looks like this because I’m sitting down. It won’t be so bad when I stand up.”

“Right, right,” Steven joshed as he put the car in drive to return to the dealership.

Once the two had pulled up in front, Steven put the car in park. “So, what do you think?” Mateo asked.

“I think you’ve got an amazing appetite,” Steven admired. “And your belly is incredible.”

“How kind of you to say,” Mateo beamed. “But I meant what do you think of the car?”

“Oh,” Steven laughed sheepishly. “I mean, it’s definitely roomy, but I think I want something newer.”

“I see.” Steven couldn’t help but notice a bit of disappointment in Mateo’s voice, and a droop in his expression. But soon he perked up, looked at Steven, and said, “Let me get another one you can test drive.”

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