Chug IT

Contains: stuffing, direct encouraging.

After the novella that was my last story, The Pen, I wanted to work on something more immediate, more erotic, and much shorter. So I went back to my list of story ideas and uncovered this one, based off some photos from johnnylovestoeat on Tumblr and Grommr. If you aren’t familiar with him, check him out; his belly is magnificent.

Fun fact: the character of Sing is named after Detective Sing from the first Saw movie, a series I’m uncharacteristically fond of. My character doesn’t bear any resemblance to the Saw character; it was just a name that came to mind when I started the story. I didn’t realize that Sing was the Saw character’s last name–his first name is Steven–until I was already well into the story, and decided to keep it anyway.

Synopsis: Sing is having tech troubles with one of his computers at work. After calling IT for help, he’s visited by Jimmy, a very rotund tech. As he examines the computer, Jimmy complains of the heat radiating off of it and lifts up his shirt to get closer. He leaves after concluding he needs to get a new part, leaving Sing astounded at the sight he got to see. But little does he know, his morning is about to get even more fat-tastic.

Sing looked dumbfoundedly at the server that ran his automated tests. He knew he had to get it working again if he was going to resume his work, but he was a software guy. Trying to figure out why a computer wasn’t working was well outside of his forté. Which was why, after 20 minutes of fumbling around, he’d called IT for help. Now he just had to wait for the IT person to show up.

After pulling away from the computer, Sing crossed his arms close to his chest and let out a grunt of discomfort. He knew they had to keep the labs at a low temperature so the machines didn’t overheat. Yet even wearing the sweatshirt that he kept at his desk, he still didn’t feel comfortable. Looking around at the other engineers in the lab, all bundled up like they were braving a minor snowstorm, he concluded the feeling was a common one.

“Hey, Sing?”

The voice belonged to a very heavyset fellow, stumbling his way through the gaps of the lab. Sing had never considered the walkways especially narrow, but they posed a much greater challenge for this man than him. “Jimmy?” Sing returned.

“Nice to meet you,” Jimmy said, extending his soft hand for Sing to shake. When Sing took Jimmy’s hand, it enveloped his in a warm grip. Jimmy’s burly arm brushed against his light grey shirt, as he could barely reach past his gargantuan belly to shake Sing’s hand. His belly dwarfed even the server itself, an impressive feat considering the server itself was bigger than a milk crate.

Jimmy’s shirt left nothing to the imagination about the size of his impressive midsection. The thin fabric wrapped tightly around his bulging belly, its speckled pattern accentuating all his girth. It was smooth like it had been painted on as it wrapped around his ample gut, save for the indentation on his belly button, and the protrusion of his nipples from behind the cloth. Wrapped so tightly, the shirt revealed that he was all belly, with barely any lovehandles to speak off. Even his chest kept to itself atop the towering globe that was his stomach. “So, you’re having a problem with your server?”

“Yes,” Sing confirmed. “It’s this one right here. It doesn’t seem to want to connect to the network, I’ve checked all the cables and everything I can think of from the terminal, and I’m stumped.”

“Have you tried turning it off and–“

“That was the first thing I tried.”

“Just gotta check. Can I hardwire in?” Jimmy raised the laptop he’d been carrying under his arm. It must have been hidden by his belly before, Sing reasoned.

“Sure,” Sing said, removing the cable from his own laptop and handing it to Jimmy.


Sing moved aside to let Jimmy take a seat. But instead, Jimmy opened his laptop and rested one side in the notch where his chest and belly met. With one arm under the laptop’s base, he plugged the cable in with his other hand, and started typing.

“You can take a seat if you want,” Sing offered

“No thanks. I’m more comfortable this way.”

With a nod, Sing sat down again, taking the time to catch up on emails as Jimmy worked his magic.

A few minutes of silence passed between the two, soundtracked by the hum of fans and a chorus of rhythmic beeping. Sing looked up to see if Jimmy showed any indication of making progress. With Jimmy’s laptop screen blocking the view of his face, Sing was left with little to look at beyond his monstrous gut.

Having worked in software for nearly a decade, Sing had seen plenty of hefty fellows dotting the hallways and desks of the office. From young guys who overachieved when it came to the freshman 15, to older guys who walked with the deliberateness of someone intimately familiar with the struggle of carrying that much weight. Yet Jimmy was still fat enough to handily compete for the title of biggest guy Sing had seen in the office.

It was his belly that barged him into the running for that honor. Many of the hefty guys Sing had seen in the office were big all over, with thick arms, stocky legs, and broad chests to match their plump midsections. But Jimmy’s gut was downright greedy in how much of his fat it kept for itself. The rest of his body was certainly on the thicker side, particularly his face, which no longer bore any distinction between his cheeks and double chin. But his gut dwarfed them all and then some, like it had been inflated with a bicycle pump. But the way his flab jiggled as shifted the laptop to get comfortable made it clear that gut was all fat.

“Hmm, curious. The server seems to know it’s connected to the network, but it’s not recognizing any incoming data. Let me take a closer look,” he said as he put his laptop down.

For a moment, Sing wondered with amusement how Jimmy would do that with so much blubber between him and the server. But Jimmy was one step ahead of him. Turning to the side, he hauled his gargantuan belly out of the way, allowing him to lean sideways and look more closely at the server.

“Oof!” he exclaimed before standing back up. “I forgot how much heat these bad boys give off.”

With furrowed brows, Sing placed the back of his hand against the vent on his side of the machine. The air it expelled was certainly warmer than that of the lab, but not so much as to warrant a reaction as pronounced as Jimmy’s.

But Jimmy, it seemed, disagreed. With one of his meaty hands, he reached under the bottom hem of his shirt, before lifting it up to wipe his face, taking his sweet time and leaving his gut on display.

Sing’s mind went blank. He looked around, as if seeing how any of his coworkers reacted to such a display could give him an idea of how to do so himself. But the other engineers paid Jimmy no mind, either remaining engrossed in their work, or continuing their conversations over the whir of the servers.

“Phew,” Jimmy exclaimed before dropping his shirt. Rather than fall to cover him again, it bunched up around his chest. Given how far his gut stuck out, Sing supposed he shouldn’t have been surprised. “They should give us heat shields for working in here, huh?” Sing nodded politely, before adjusting his sweater.

With a grunt, Jimmy grabbed the front of the shirt and pulled it up and over his head. His chest and gut were now entirely exposed, with all of the shirt bunched up behind his neck. “That’s better,” he sighed as he leaned in toward the server again. Though he winced as he got close, he stayed in place, seemingly relieved by the removal of his shirt.

Sing tried to keep his eyes on his screen and read his emails. But with Jimmy pushing out his belly so he could lean over, it was hard for Sing to look at anything else. While he’d had plenty of king-sized eye candy to enjoy at that job before, he’d never seen one unwrapped.

With his shirt off, Jimmy looked even more impressively plump. His belly was like a moon to Sing’s moth eyes, constantly calling them back even when he tried to look away. Its impressive curvature was like rolling hills, and just as fun to look at. Stretch marks circled around the sides like lightning crackling across the sky, well suited for a gut with the presence of thunder clouds.

Fortunately for the easily-embarrassed Sing, he didn’t remain so distracted for long. “Ah, I think I see the problem.” With that declaration, Jimmy leaned back up. Once he was away from the apparently unbearable heat, he pulled his shirt back over his head and covered himself once again.

With the distracting stomach now covered, Sing came back to his senses. “So can you fix it?”

“I think so,” Jimmy said, closing his laptop and unplugging the cable. “But I’ll need a part from storage. Are you sticking around for a while?”

“I don’t have anywhere else to be.”

“Okay, I’ll be right back,” Jimmy assured him, tugging at the bottom of his shirt as he ambled his way out of the lab.

Sing couldn’t help but watch as the mammoth of a man navigated his way through the racks. His movements were slow and deliberate, carefully maneuvering his way in between the shelves of servers and other machines. Yet his shaky legs seemed to carry him with a clumsiness that no amount of mindfulness could overcome.

Sing’s eyes remained locked on Jimmy until he was out of view, at which point he let out a sigh. It was a sigh of relief that his problem seemed to be in the process of being solved, yet also a sigh of awe at the intensely large behemoth of a man who’d been assigned to work on his case. Though he would scarcely admit it to himself, he hoped Jimmy would find the heat just as unbearable when he came back with the replacement part and installed it on the machine. He let out one final sigh, this one of disappointment when he realized Jimmy would have to turn the machine off to replace the part.

Regardless of all that, Sing knew one thing for sure: he needed coffee. After closing his laptop, he got up from his chair, unzipped his sweatshirt, and laid it over the back of the chair. With his protective layer removed, he rushed to the lab’s exit to get out of the cold.

Once in the normal hallways of the office, Sing felt mildly more comfortable. For a moment, he considered going back into the lab for his sweatshirt, before shaking his head with a chuckle, realizing the coffee would warm him up. After a quick stroll, he arrived at the entrance to the breakroom, and turned the corner, only to be greeted by a familiar sight.

Standing in front of the refrigerator was Jimmy, his right arm raised to his face, his back to Sing. As Sing stepped into the breakroom, Jimmy turned around, revealing he was drinking directly from a jug of milk. Jimmy’s belly made the half-gallon container look like the single-serving bottle he treated it as, chugging even as he and Sing made eye contact. His expressionless face indicated no concern for the fact that Sing had seen him drinking straight out of the carton. He had just as much indifference as he flatly asked, “What’s up?”

“I thought you said you were going to get a part.”

“I’ll get to it,” Jimmy answered flatly, before licking the leftover milk from his lips.

“You know that milk is only for adding to coffee, right?”

“Yeah. You gonna tell on me?” Jimmy asked with a tone that was unbothered, bordering on teasing, though lacking the enthusiasm needed for mockery. Sing raised his eyebrows, his mouth remaining flat as he sauntered closer to Jimmy. Still holding the open milk jug in his hand, Jimmy stared Sing down, seemingly unintimidated by the prospect of whatever Sing would say or do next.

“Not if you finish it.”

Jimmy raised his eyebrows just enough for Sing to notice, before raising the milk jug back to his mouth. About two thirds of the milk still remained in the container, but Jimmy didn’t seem to mind. With a cavalcade of impressively loud gulping sounds, he chugged the milk, eyes locked with Sing’s. Sing watched in awe, his breathing growing heavier as Jimmy’s gut grew heavier from the fattening liquid pooling inside. Yet still the bottle rose, the milk flowing down Jimmy’s throat until there was none left inside the jug.

With the last of the milk drunk, Jimmy tossed the container in the trash and let out a satisfied sigh. He looked back to Sing with a small smile, the only thing small about him, especially with all that milk inside. Though Sing couldn’t be sure, he swore Jimmy’s belly looked even bigger than it had before, more globular and rounded out. “There,” Jimmy said. “Our secret safe now?”

“I don’t know,” Sing muttered, the side of his mouth curled in a smirk. “There’s still plenty left in the fridge that you could drink.”

Again Jimmy’s eyebrows rose. “Creamer and half-and-half, yeah. That was the last of the milk.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, took the last of the milk for yourself, did we? I don’t know if finishing it is going to be enough to make up for that.”

Tilting his head to the side, Jimmy asked, “What do you have in mind?”

“What kind of creamers do they have in there?”

“Vanilla and caramel.”

“Pick your favorite.”

Though Jimmy’s eyes opened wider, a smirk spread across his face before he turned to open the fridge. The door of the fridge held two caramel creamers and one vanilla. After taking a caramel creamer out of the door, Jimmy let it shut and opened the creamer with a snap.

“Unopened. All for you, big guy,” Sing observed, at which Jimmy’s smirk curled a little tighter. “You know what to do.”

With the top popped off, Jimmy started chugging the creamer. The first few sips went down as easily as the milk, but soon the gulping sounds of Jimmy swallowing became more audible. Yet even as grunts joined the chorus of gulping sounds Jimmy was making, he remained resolute in getting all of the creamer down. As the sounds grew louder, Sing could viscerally feel how much richer the creamer was than the milk, even though he wasn’t the one drinking it. The soundtrack of Jimmy’s struggle was enough to convey just how challenging the creamer was to drink, and Sing felt like he could sense the mass being added to Jimmy’s gut. Yet Jimmy soldiered on, raising the plastic container until it was nearly vertical above his head, its contents drained into his turgid stomach.

With a gasp of relief, Jimmy threw away the carton of creamer and patted the side of his belly. A few grunts and groans followed as he rubbed the top of his gut, trying to smooth his swollen stomach. As Sing watched the gourmandizing affair, he couldn’t help but notice that Jimmy’s shirt had risen enough to reveal a sliver of his gut. It seemed all the dairy he was gulping down was indeed swelling him bigger.

“There,” Jimmy panted, a drop of the creamer dribbling down the side of his mouth. “Happy now?”

“Oh I’m very happy,” Sing assured him, stepping close enough that he expected Jimmy to step back. But Jimmy held his ground, as if he knew his weight would make him hard to move. “But you’re not, are you? Not really.”

“What makes you say that?”

“The fact that there’s two more creamers in the fridge. You really seemed to enjoy that last one. Why not have another?”

Jimmy’s eyes remained half closed, but a smirk still spread across his face before he turned around to open the fridge. With the vanilla creamer in hand, he nudged the door closed and popped off the top. “Seems this one’s half empty.”

“Then I guess you’ll just have to drink the other one too. We wouldn’t want you thirsty.”

Jimmy’s smirk returned before he brought the container to his lips. He drank slowly, steadily taking down the creamer with swallows that nonetheless made enough noise to indicate his struggle. Each labored gulp brought Sing enough joy to draw him closer to Jimmy’s sodden belly, like a gravitational pull growing stronger as his gut took on more mass. By the time Jimmy tipped the container of creamer high enough to get in the last few gulps, Sing’s hands had made their way to his belly. As Jimmy struggled to swallow the last of the creamer, Sing’s fingers glided over the taut globe of fat. It was impressively firm, pushing back against his grasp like a rubber ball, and just as fun to play with.

When Jimmy finished the creamer, he threw out the bottle with a gasp of relief. Several deep breaths followed, while Sing kept up the belly rubs. By the time Jimmy caught his breath, he was leaning against the counter, his mouth hanging open, his head bobbing back and forth with the rhythm of Sing’s motions. “Feels good, doesn’t it?” Sing whispered.

“Uh huh.”

“You know what would feel even better?”

Jimmy’s breath was labored and slow, but after a few exhalations, he managed to respond, “More.”

“That’s right. You stay right here and I’ll get it for you,” Sing assured him, opening the fridge and reaching in for the caramel creamer. Like the vanilla creamer, it felt about half empty, but it was still plenty of calories to pour into Jimmy’s swelling gut. With his thumb and pointer finger, he twisted the cap off of the creamer, while his other hand rubbed Jimmy’s distended belly. His heavy, short breaths were indicative of a man who was stuffed to the gills, but Sing was sure he could top Jimmy off with just a bit more. “Now open up.”

Jimmy’s mouth was already open, his labored breaths passing through. Yet as Sing raised the creamer to his mouth, he lowered his jaw enough for Sing to notice, indicating he was ready for more. With a grin, Sing brought the bottle up to Jimmy’s lips and poured the creamer in.

Jimmy’s lips wrapped around the opening of the bottle and he started guzzling the creamer down. His gulps were slow but steady, adding to the swelling pool of dairy in his stomach. In Sing’s hand, Jimmy’s gut felt like a water balloon filled with enough calories to satisfy an average man twice over. Laden with thick, fattening goodness, his gut felt like a bag of wet soil. Having carried many of such bags to his garden, Sing could imagine how heavy and ponderous it must have felt for Jimmy to carry such a gut.

As the calories kept pouring down Jimmy’s throat, he wavered to and fro, seemingly struggling to keep himself upright. With all the dairy in his gut, Sing imagined his center of gravity must have shifted noticeably. As weighty as Jimmy’s gut felt in Sing’s hand, it must have felt like an elevator counterweight to Jimmy. Eager to feel the mass of Jimmy’s belly, Sing let his hand travel to the bottom before giving it a strained lift.

“Nnngggg! Mm-mm, mm-mm,” Jimmy mumbled through the bottle as he turned his head side-to-side. Sing politely obliged, gliding his hand to the top of Jimmy’s belly where it could softly massage his swollen stomach. The noises Jimmy made next were a brew of pain and pleasure, but unlike before, he made no indication that he wanted Sing to stop. His head only moved to tilt back, allowing Song to pour the last of the creamer into his mouth.

Jimmy’s lips were locked on the bottle until one final swallow, after which he opened his mouth with a gasp. Heavy, shortened breaths soon followed, with Jimmy’s eyes barely open. After tossing the empty creamer bottle in the trash, Sing brought both hands onto Jimmy’s gut, bouncing it just enough to goad out a pained moan. “Atta’boy,” Sing praised. “What a good fatty you are, getting all that creamer down.”

Jimmy’s pained moans gave way to moans of pleasure at Sing’s praise. His head leaned back, mouth hanging open and eyes shut, making no other noises as he enjoyed Sing’s belly rubs.

“What do you have to say for yourself?” Sing teased. After Jimmy let out little more than another moan, Sing commented, “That’s what I thought.”

With a grin spreading across his face, Sing let his hands sneak under the bottom hem of Jimmy’s shirt. He took a sharp breath in upon feeling the soft warmth of Jimmy’s gut under his fingertips. As his fingers sunk deeper into Jimmy’s flab, only to be pushed back before they could sink into it, he let out a long exhalation. Jimmy’s belly was taut like a trampoline, and promised just as much fun.

With his fingers spread wide to take in as much of Jimmy’s gut as possible, Sing let his hands wander around Jimmy’s globe of blubber. He could barely reach around to embrace it on its sides, making Jimmy’s belly feel like a yoga ball in his grasp. His hands then traveled from the top to the bottom, reveling in the contrast of the tight, solid girth where his stomach resided, and the soft, tender flab that hung from the bottom. He gave that mailable pudge a few squeezes, holding handfuls at once and still unable to grasp the entirety of his girth.

The sounds of footsteps approaching the break room brought Sing back to his senses. He yanked his hands out of Jimmy’s shirt like he was pulling back from a hot stove top, while Jimmy fumbled with his shirt to pull it down. They managed to hide all evidence of their tryst by the time one of their coworkers, Eiline, rounded the corner. “Morning, guys.”

“Morning,” the two said back, before looking at each other for some idea of what to do next. “But yeah, it was a good weekend,” Sing said, before racking his brain for a way to portray his utterly unremarkable weekend as something good.

“Seriously?” Eiline blurted out, saving Sing from having to come up with more to say. “I keep telling people to put the plastic containers in recycling, and what do I find now but four of them in the trash.” With a sigh, she took a paper cup and put it under the spout of the machine, filling it with hot water as she took a bag of green tea. “Is it so much to ask to just rinse them out?” After putting a lid on her cup, she strode out of the break room, leaving Sing and Jimmy alone once again.

After the two stood still and silent for a few moments, Sing cleared his throat. “Well, uh, I should probably get back to work.”

“Me too,” Jimmy replied, the quiet volume of his voice indicating all that dairy would make his return to work a real struggle.

Sing couldn’t help but smile, before giving Jimmy’s gargantuan gut a few gentle pats. “Keep up the good work, big guy,” he said with a grin. “I’m expecting big things from you.”

Jimmy managed to flash a smile, before nodding slowly.

“And don’t forget that part.”

“Right,” Jimmy blurted out. With a sigh, he waddled his way out the break room, his steps short and his stance wide, while Sing stayed behind to watch all of Jimmy’s rolls jiggle as he walked.

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