About me

I’ve been a hobbyist writer since 2009, and have written in all sorts of styles, following my muse wherever it took me. In 2015, it took me down the road of writing weight gain fiction, and I’ve been following it down that road ever since. With this type of writing having become a major hobby of mine, I felt the need to give my writing its own home online, free from the whims and constraints of other hosting services, as well as their questionable aesthetic choices.

I used to go by GamerAmI, but decided to shed that name when moving my stories to this site. So instead, to keep my authorial identity separate from my offline identity, I’ve taken up the pen-name W.G. Swell.

You can find my writing Tumblr here. If you’d like to support me financially for my stories, you can do so at my Ko-Fi page.

My site’s icon, as well as the picture in the side bar, is an excerpt from the painting “Der Völler” (1804) by Georg Emanuel Opitz. It’s a painting of Tarrare, who was notable for his unusually large appetite.