Blue Ribbon Hubby

Contains: long-term weight gain, stuffing, and direct encouraging.

Hey y’all. It’s been a lot longer since I posted a story than I would like. In part, that’s because this story ended up longer than I expected, which is becoming the story of my life. In part, it’s because my former landlord sold the house I was living in and gave me two months to find a new apartment and move. I didn’t get a lot of writing done in that time. But now I’m in a better apartment, and the house is in the hands of someone who’s actually doing renovations instead of letting it fall into disrepair. Sometimes things work out.

This story was the product of Biggerisbest7 sending me this photo (I’m afraid I can’t find the original source), and imagining a story about two fat twins whose spouses have a rivalry about who can make their respective husband fatter. We brainstormed a lot from there, and the idea caught my imagination. Now, months later, the result is here. I hope you like it.

Synopsis: Fat twins Duke and Earl married their husbands, Dallas and Virgil, in the same wedding. Ever since having to share their big day, Dallas and Virgil have had a rivalry surrounding who can be the better husband, largely based on whose husband is fatter. After not seeing each other for a while, the couple agree to meet at a state fair, where they find Duke and Earl have grown to the same size. But Dallas and Virgil don’t despair for long, and resolve to see who can feed their husband more by the end of the day.

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Chug IT

Contains: stuffing, direct encouraging.

After the novella that was my last story, The Pen, I wanted to work on something more immediate, more erotic, and much shorter. So I went back to my list of story ideas and uncovered this one, based off some photos from johnnylovestoeat on Tumblr and Grommr. If you aren’t familiar with him, check him out; his belly is magnificent.

Fun fact: the character of Sing is named after Detective Sing from the first Saw movie, a series I’m uncharacteristically fond of. My character doesn’t bear any resemblance to the Saw character; it was just a name that came to mind when I started the story. I didn’t realize that Sing was the Saw character’s last name–his first name is Steven–until I was already well into the story, and decided to keep it anyway.

Synopsis: Sing is having tech troubles with one of his computers at work. After calling IT for help, he’s visited by Jimmy, a very rotund tech. As he examines the computer, Jimmy complains of the heat radiating off of it and lifts up his shirt to get closer. He leaves after concluding he needs to get a new part, leaving Sing astounded at the sight he got to see. But little does he know, his morning is about to get even more fat-tastic.

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The Pen

Contains: long-term weight gain, direct encouraging.

I LIVE!!!!

Hello, everyone. It’s been a while, and boy am I happy to be posting for you again.

I started this story back in February of this year, yes, about five months ago. Since then, my work on it has been stymied by pandemic stress, and the fact that I never managed to get in the habit of writing regularly while I was working from home. I knew this story would be a challenge to finish, given that I knew it was going to be a long one. But I chose to focus on it, because at the time, it was what I really wanted to write.

So what got me to finally finish this story? In June, my company gave us the choice to go back to working in the office, rather than working from home. I took that option, and once I got back into my old routine, my writing followed suit. I wrote over 6,000 words in about two weeks, and managed to finish this story. Proofreading and editing took a while longer, not helped by the lengthy writing period of the first draft but here we finally are.

This story started out as a sort of morality fable, commenting on certain self-fancying “dom feeders” in the gaining community, who seem to collect feedees with about as much disinterest in them as individuals as any other collector. Needless to say, I don’t look too fondly on these kinds of feeders. What got me to want to write it was brainstorming ideas with a friend, and I came up with the idea, “What if [well-known movie], but make it gaining?” I ended up focusing much more on the story than on the moral of it, but I think the story is better for it.

Now, I don’t want to tell you what movie this story is based on, because that would spoil the ending of this story. But if you read this story to the end, I think you’ll know. (Any comments spoiling it for other readers will be deleted.)

Synopsis: Ted is an unhappy office worker slaving away to try to lose the ten pounds his doctor says he should, when he meets a nutritionist, and feeder, named Bam. After Bam convinces Ted to embrace his gluttonous nature, the two find themselves attracting other men who yearn to revel in gluttony. After the group grows to quite a few members, they form The Pen, a club where men can get together to enjoy gorging among like-minded folks. But as the men grow, the club grows out of control as well, forcing Ted into some uncomfortable situations as he has to face what he’s helped create.

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The Cookies From Santa

Contains: accelerated weight gain, direct encouraging.

This is a real simple story that I started writing on Christmas Day in 2020. Then I suffered from the same loss of motivation to write that plagued me that year. The inauguration this past January has helped, though I’ve been in a Trump-induces state of constant unease for so long that it was hard to relax. But I’m getting there. I’m back to writing every day, and though I’m not up to my previous minimum of 300 words per day, I’m working my way back up there. For now, this story is finally done, continuing my long-standing tradition of posting holiday-themed stories after the holiday that inspired them has passed.

This story was inspired by this drawing by Lokitu. A friend sent me that drawing and suggested I could play the part of aggressive the Santa being fed in that story. But my brain immediately went somewhere else: what if, instead of Santa being fed, Santa was the one doing the feeding? A friend of mine had just brought up one of my oldest stories, The Cookies For Santa, which gave me the idea to flip that title for this story.

One last thing: the idea of Santa being black, and the white Santa we often see being his husband, came from Daniel Kibblesmith on Twitter, and I love it so much that I used it in this story. His husband being gender-nonconforming was my idea.

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Filling Out

Contains: instant weight gain.

This story has been a long time coming.

When I was in high school, I worked at my hometown’s public library. While I was putting away books in the kids’ section one day, I found a book about how candy is made. Flipping through it, I found a photo of a hefty man drawing cream filling out of a vat, and pouring it into something that looked like a wide metal drinking mug. And being me, I imagined him drinking the filling straight from that mug. That moment has stayed with me to the point that now, over a decade later, I’m writing a story inspired by it.

Synopsis: Cory works as a quality assurance tech in a factory that makes candies, pastries, and other sweet treats. Though he’s sampled many of the factory’s wares, he’s never been able to try their cream filling, which expands greatly when exposed to heat. Until one day when he’s the last out of the factory, and gets a chance to try it. He soon learns why sampling the cream filling in its pre-expanded form is strictly forbidden.

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Fyllingarferðin (The Filling Voyage)

Contains: long-term weight gain, direct encouraging.

Hey, everyone. Been a while, hasn’t it?

A while ago, I posted about how the stress of quarantine and current events has made it hard for me to write, and I wasn’t sure when I’d be able to finish a story again. But life is funny, and often finds ways of making me eat my words. I genuinely meant it when I said in that journal that I didn’t know if I’d ever finish a gaining story again. But in the back of my mind, I wondered if posting that journal would mean I’d break my silence soon.

And then inspiration struck, in the form of this wonderful piece of art by BiggerIsBest7. In addition to being really hot, that piece reminded me of an idea that I’d long wanted to write a story about: a fat Viking. Or rather, a fat guy in a society that’s aesthetically similar to the popular image of Viking society. From there, however, it took me a very long time to figure out a plot I liked and wanted to write. That plot came with the help of my friend Ali, whom you can find on Instagram as chubmera.

Once I had that plot, I started writing, and blew past the 2,000 word roadblock where I seemed to always get stuck before. For some reason, I expected this story to be only about 7,000 words long. It ended up being twice that long. As it kept growing, I kept worrying I’d lose the motivation to work on it, as I had for so many stories before. But here we are, my first finished story since May. It feels so good to be posting for you folks again.

Does this mean I’m back? Let’s wait and see. Coming up with this idea was a three-person job, after all. It remains to be seen whether I can keep this momentum going into other ideas. Specifically ideas that I tried to write in the past few months and couldn’t, but want to give another chance. There’s more I want to share. More worlds I want to take you through. More characters I want you to meet. More I want to create. I can’t promise I will, but I intend to do my damnedest to make that happen.

As for the name of this story, you can thank Ali for that too. Since I gave the characters in this story Viking names, when I had trouble coming up with a name for the story, he suggested I do something similar. That is, take a title like “The Filling Voyage,” and translate it into the Viking language, Old Norse. Now, I loved this idea. But regrettably, I couldn’t find any online translators for Old Norse. And I wasn’t willing to buy and read books on the language just to name this story. So I did some research, and found that Icelandic is the most similar modern language to Old Norse. I then translated “The Filling Voyage” into Icelandic, and thus we get: Fyllingarferðin. According to Google, it’s pronounced “fill-LING-gah-fare-din”.

One more thing: I would like to give a huge, huge, huge thanks to my proofreaders, who’ve been helping improve the quality of my stories for over a year now. After such a lengthy period of silence, I was worried about whether they’d still lend their keen eyes to this story. Thankfully, both were still on board. You can find them on DeviantArt at thesirgalahad and justgiveme1username. Head on over and give them some thanks for helping to make my stories better.

Synopsis: Bjørn’s village has fallen on hard times, with persistent rain destroying many of the crops. After going to the tavern to nurse his sorrows, he meets a stranger named Trygve who tries to cheer him up with a drinking contest. After Bjørn wins the contest, Trygve gives him a map that he claims leads to an island that’s bountiful beyond belief, with as much food as one could want. Upon sailing there, Bjørn finds the Trygve’s promise to be truth, and also finds him living there. But the greatest surprises are yet to come.

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Where I’m at Mentally

Howdy, folks. It’s been a while. I’d say I hope you’re well, and I genuinely do. But I know the odds of that are pretty slim right now.

I’m doing well in some respects. I’ve managed to not get sick, which I’m thankful for, because I’m in several categories of people that the CDC says are especially vulnerable to COVID. My job has moved us all to working remotely, so I don’t have to worry about risking going into the office, or about losing financial security. I’m especially fortunate to have a job I genuinely enjoy, that doesn’t feel like a chore, which is beyond invaluable at a time like this. (Getting laid off last year has truly, truly proven to be a blessing in disguise.) I’ve found out that I love Minesweeper, and have been enjoying other logic-based games like it. Things could definitely be worse.

They could also be a hell of a lot better. Mostly that relates to what’s happening on a national level. It’s common knowledge that the US is a shitshow, at least to anyone who hasn’t drunk the red, white, and blue koolaid. And the way things are going, it’s hard to have hope that things will get better.

All of that has made it very hard for me to write. That was true at the start of the pandemic, but it’s been especially true for the past three months. I mentioned having difficulty with writing in the descriptions of my last few stories, but that’s become even more true.

Partly it’s because a lot of the ideas I’ve had for stories have been darker than my usual fare. I guess that’s a reflection of where my mind is right now, with everything going on. I’ve tried writing a few of them, and we’ll get to why those haven’t worked out. But for the most part, if I try to write one of those darker ideas, I find myself thinking: There’s enough darkness in the world. Why should I add more? Why should I wallow in pessimism when writing has always been an escape for me?

So I try focusing on happier story ideas, when they come. But then something happens in the world, some news item whips by that immediately drains out my motivation to do… well, anything, really. In the face of such insurmountable problems, my stories feel so puny, so insignificant. Why bother trying to write when the world is just going to shit?

But even when I manage to start a story, I’m never able to finish one. And that’s because I just don’t have the motivation to write anymore. I’ll get 1,000 to 2,000 words into a story, often starting it with some enthusiasm. But that tapers away, and by the end, writing it feels like a chore. It feels like I’d rather do anything else than keep working on that story. I’ve talked about dealing with writer’s block before, but this feels so much more daunting. So much more unassailable.

And then I feel like a failure for leaving another story unfinished. I’ve had friends who tell me that I should keep trying to write. They say if I give up, I’ll never start writing again, but if I try, there’s a chance I could. The “worst that could happen”, they say, is that I’m back to where I started.

But for me, giving up on a story feels so much worse than not having written it in the first place. I’m not “back to where I started”; I feel worse than I would have if I’d never tried to write it in the first place. It’s like how people tell me that if I like someone, I should just tell them, because the worst thing that could happen is I’m back where I started. But for me, rejection feels so much worse than never having tried at all. And failure is much the same.

I wish I had a happier note to end this post on. But that would just be a lie to you folks, and I don’t want to do that. I don’t know what it’s going to take for me to be able to start writing again. It could probably happen if things get better in this country, but given the trajectory we’re on, I don’t see that happening any time soon. And if Trump wins in November, there’s a very real chance I’ll never start writing again.

If that happens, at least I can say I had a good run.

A Boundless Future, or: It’s a Wonderful Gut

Contains: long-term weight gain and sexual themes.

Like my previous two stories, this one was inspired by a conversation with BiggerIsBest7. Unlike those two stories, it was not based on a piece of his artwork. It started with him suggesting an idea for a story involving someone waking up much fatter than they were the day before. As we brainstormed ideas for that story, we laid the groundwork for what would eventually become this story. Ironically, I ended up not making the story about someone waking up fatter. But BiggerIsBest7 still deserves credit for most of this idea, and for the title “A Boundless Future”. (I still loved my own title idea, though, so I appended it to his title, Dr. Strangelove style.)

Synopsis: Darnel doesn’t mind the weight he’s gained recently, but his friends, family, and boyfriend all seem to. He joins a gym to try to lose the weight, but after one day, feels ready to quit. That is until he meets a personal trainer, Sunny, who can show him what his future will be like if he doesn’t lose the weight. But neither Darnel nor Sunny expect the future that that fatter Darnel is living.

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First Impressions (BiggerIsBest7 fanfic)

Contains: stuffing and general fatness.

As I mentioned in the description of my last story, ever since this quarantine started, I’ve had a hard time writing. None of the ideas I’ve come up with really motivated me to get to work and write them. Then I remembered a conversation I had with Biggerisbest7, where he wished he was more confident in his writing, so he could write little stories to accompany his artwork. And it dawned on me, if I’m not having much success writing my own ideas, maybe I’d have better success writing someone else’s. Especially when that someone else is a gainer artist whose work I really love. I brought the idea up with him, and we brainstormed some ideas that turned into this story.

This story is inspired by this drawing that BiggerIsBest7 did. It was one of the three he brought up when I proposed this idea. I did the other two first because I knew this one would result in a longer story, and didn’t want to bite off more than I can chew. After finishing that first story, I had the confidence to try my hand at this one.

Synopsis: Cam and his gigantically fat boyfriend Bubba are anticipating Cam’s parents coming over for dinner. Chief among Cam’s worries is Bubba making a good first impression. Though normally gluttonous and braggadocios about his size, Bubba promises to reign it in and be on his best behavior. But once dinner starts, both Cam and Bubba struggle to keep it together in front of his parents.

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Dinners Have Arrived (Biggerisbest7 fanfic)

Contains: stuffing and general fatness.

Ever since this quarantine started, I’ve had a hard time writing. None of the ideas I’ve come up with really motivated me to get to work and write them. Then I remembered a conversation I had with Biggerisbest7, where he wished he was more confident in his writing, so he could write little stories to accompany his artwork. And it dawned on me, if I’m not having much success writing my own ideas, maybe I’d have better success writing someone else’s. Especially when that someone else is a gainer artist whose work I really love. I brought the idea up with him, and we brainstormed some ideas that turned into this story.

This story is inspired by two of Biggerisbest7’s drawing: this one and this one. Biggerisbest7 brought up how someone had suggested that those two drawings could be snapshots from the same night in the life of his character Bubba. This story is my imagining of what that night might be like, as Bubba, giant of a man with an even more gigantic gut, enjoys a night in with several delivery dinners.

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