For Your Eyes Only

Contains: themes of male weight gain.

This story came after a period where I found myself burnt out on writing. I thought for a moment that maybe I was burnt out on writing gaining stories, but a short-lived foray into other styles quickly proved I was just burnt out in general. That was a bad period for my mental health. I found myself asking a lot of questions about the world and my place in it. To the extent that I started asking my friends what role I serve in their life, and why they keep me around.

Probably the most consistent answer that I got was that they appreciate my honesty. They know I’ll tell them what they need to hear, while still doing it with compassion. I don’t say this to brag. I say it because it’s related to how this story came to be.

Those of you who follow me on Grommr know I’m not fond of the wave of Patreon/OnlyFans accounts that have flooded the gaining scene. For a while now, I’ve tossed around the idea of writing a story where a guy with a gainer Patreon falls under a curse where only his patrons can see how much weight he’s put on. To everyone else, he looks skinny.

But I put off writing it for a long time. I don’t like writing mean-spirited stories, and I couldn’t find a way to tell this story that didn’t seem needlessly mean to the gainer.

But then that bad mental health spell happened, and I found out how much the people who know me appreciate my honesty. And I felt like this was one skeleton in my ideas closest that I had to lay to rest. I workshopped the story with a good friend (thank you, Joe!), to try to make sure it didn’t come off too heavy handed, or too cheesy. And now, the story I thought I’d never write is written.

This will probably come off as preachy to some. One person accused me of “virtue signaling” in A Certain Kind of Problem Customer; that person is probably going to hate this story. And some won’t like it simply because we don’t see eye-to-eye on gainer Patreons/OnlyFans. Still others probably won’t like it because it’s less of a gainer story and more of a morality fable. If that’s the case for you, you’ll probably like the story I’m going to post after this a lot more. But hopefully at least some of you do like it.

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The Test Drive

Contains: stuffing, direct encouraging.

Not much to say about this one, to be honest. I had to buy a new car recently, and it got my imagination rolling. This is the result.

Synopsis: Steven is nervous about buying a car on his own for the first time. Things get even more nerve-wracking when he sees that the sales associate who’s going to help him, Mateo, is a hot chubby guy in a tight shirt. The internal screaming continues as Mateo seems to flaunt his size and fluster Steven. After Mateo suggests they go for a test drive and hit up some drive-thrus, things get even hotter, and even heavier.

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The Spirit of Bounty

I meant to post this story not long after post my last one. But I completely forgot until tonight, when I looked in my Google docs and saw it. “Didn’t I post that already?” I thought. But nope, not a sign of it anywhere. Probably because a lot was happening in my life at the time, and only now have things settled down. So here it is. Better late than never, right?

The idea for this story came out of a roleplay conversation with a friend, where he suggested combining feeding with some light exhibitionism, an interest of mine that I haven’t explored much in my stories. Mostly because my level of interest in it isn’t all that compelling. I like showing off to appreciative audiences, and being naked in places where I maybe shouldn’t be, but only if there’s no chance of me being caught. Which doesn’t make for very tantalizing stories. But it can make for creative ones, and I think we came up with a good one here.

Synopsis: This story follows two pairs of feeders and feedees. Isaac and Nathaniel venture into the forest to engage in a ritual to ensure bountiful harvest, by feeding Isaac a feast for the spirit of bounty. Pete and Casey live in the modern day, and venture into the woods for some feeding and exhibitionism fun, only to end up in the same spot. But with so much bounty already in the word, their feeding ends a bit differently…

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Shake and Cookies

Contains: accelerated weight gain, behind-the-scenes encouraging.

Continuing my proud tradition of posting holiday-themed stories after the holiday itself has passed. Chalk it up to me getting in the holiday spirit on the holiday itself and then being inspired.

The brainstorming for this story started when I was chatting with justgiveme1username and I mentioned that I wouldn’t be able to discretely make my gainer shakes while I was visiting my parents for Christmas. This started a convo about the various hilarious ways I could try to pass it off like a normal shake, which eventually lead to talking about leaving the shake for Santa instead of milk, and the hijinks that would ensue from there. justgiveme1username came up with a lot of the beats for this story, so thank you to him!

Synopsis: An encourager leaves Santa a glass of shake and cookies on Christmas Eve instead of milk and cookies, not telling him it’s a gainer shake. When Santa enjoys the shake, he heads to the kitchen, where the encourager promised him even more shake. Little does he know just how powerful the shakes can be…

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Contains: instant weight gain, behind-the-scenes encouraging.

I got this idea for a story as I was lying in bed this morning, and banged it out between opening presents and eat lunch. It’s a quick little story about two boyfriends to go to a Build-a-Bear-esque shop, where one makes a teddy bear that looks like the other. He then discovers that the more stuffing he puts in his teddy bear’s belly, the fatter his boyfriend gets. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas to those who celebrate!

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A Pretty Good Deal

Contains: long-term gaining, direct encouraging.

This is my 100th story posted to this page. I’ve been saying it’s my 100th gainer story, but One Night at the Beach House is a vanilla erotic romance, and “Big” is just plain romance, so that’s not technically true. But I think this is still a pretty major milestone, and one I wanted to celebrate somehow.

In thinking about what to post for my 100th story, I wanted to do a story that touches on a theme that’s close to my heart. I’ve written about fat positivity before, and was thinking of writing a story with themes like that. But I wanted to go beyond that with this story, and write about something else: gaining positivity, if you will.

The fact that fat is seen so negatively in our culture means that wanting to get fat is seen even more negatively. As such, our community doesn’t have a great reputation outside of itself. The stories that get out about our community are all about guys who want to make their girlfriends immobile and completely dependent on them, since that generates the most shock value. And there’s nothing wrong with that if both parties give informed consent. But the image of those guys is one that usually doesn’t involve informed consent.

So I wanted to write a story that portrays gaining in a more explicitly positive light. And thankfully, justgiveme1username gave me a suggestion that fit the bill perfectly:

In some discussion about gaining, one guy says that he thinks feedees are getting a pretty good deal with all that free food–he’d be down for it, and he’s not even into it. Someone approaches him and takes him up on the offer, and he finds it’s more than he bargained for–but free food is free food, right?

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Forbidden Fatness

Contains: general fatness, direct encouraging, and intimacy

This story was inspired by the 50’s sci-fi movie Forbidden Planet, which is also where I got the title from. As with It Fattens, I haven’t actually seen the movie that inspired this story. Rather, it was a YouTube video about the movie that inspired me to write this story. In this case, it was the Brows Held High video about it, which examined the movie as a Shakespeare adaptation. (Brows Held High is a great series, by the way. If you’re looking for an entry point, I recommend his video on “bi lighting”.) My idea was to do a gaining version of the story, with a different ending that better fits my version of the story. I hope you enjoy it!

Synopsis: Captain Roger Dorian and his crew of two pilots are traveling the stars in a rescue mission, looking for the doctor Joshua Marshal, who went missing on what was supposed to be a solo trip to a lab, after losing communication with Command. When they land on the planet he crashed on, they find him in an underground lab, where he’s researching synthesizing food. They also find a fat friend of his, Evan, walking around naked and enjoying plenty of the synthesized food. Both pilots have their own fun with Evan, Roger can’t shake the feeling that something fishy is happening…

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Contains: instant weight gain

Several times through writing this story, I almost deleted it all, thinking it was stupid. Then I realized that was probably my depression telling me it was stupid. And that, at the end of the day, it’s you folks who get to decide whether a story of mine is stupid or not, not me. So I wrote the short, self-indigent comfort fic I needed tonight.

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Contains: general fatness.

There used to be a bear-themed webcomic called Blur the Lines that I quite enjoyed in my college days as a baby gay. It centered around a chub-chaser couple and had a very ribald sense of humor, and some very hot artwork attached. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be online anymore, or I would absolutely link to the comic that inspired this one. It featured the chaser at a car dealership telling the chub that he would have to finish their transaction, because he’d been “compromised”, in that the sales guy had found him on Growlr. Cue the sales guy coming out with several of his shirt buttons unbuttoned, making all sorts of car-based innuendos, and the chub telling the chaser, “Whatever you do, don’t turn around.”

Recently, When I took my car in for its yearly inspection, I was reminded of that comic, and wanted to write a story tributing it. This is that story. It’s been a long time since I wrote a story this short, but it was a nice change of pace, and a fun little snippet to write.

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The Path of Pride

Contains: accelerated and instant weight gain, muscle growth, direct encouraging.

I was planning to post this on Halloween, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to do so until late. So instead, I’m posting it tonight, so you can more easily read it tomorrow!

The idea for this story came by way of a reader named Luke. When I was doing the four-year anniversary survey, he contacted me to say he had an idea for a story, but it was longer than he felt was appropriate for the survey’s wildcard box. With my blessing, he sent me the idea. I was so immediately taken by it that I had to write it.

And so, with barely a week until the survey closed and I would feel compelled to start writing the story it would result in, I started writing it. I figured, maybe if I wrote enough before the survey closed, I could finish it in time for Halloween.

But something funny happened: I finished it before the survey closed. The idea had so thoroughly inspired me that I was able to write all of this in just five days, and proofread it the next day. The end result is a story I’m immensely proud of, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed bringing it to life.

Synopsis: Beelcifus is a demon of pride, summoned by mortals so they can beg him to fulfill their prideful desires. But he’s thrown for a loop when he’s summoned by a group of men who want his help to bulk up, so they can become muscular. After one successful session, they ask him to join them in their bulking, to inspire them to eat more. Unable to resist the chance to show off, Beelcifus does, only to find himself getting fatter each time…

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