Index of Stories

When I look at the gallery of someone who’s written as many stories as I have, it can get pretty overwhelming trying to pick out what to read going effectively just on the titles of the stories. So I decided to write a guide that lists all of my stories, along with how long they are, what kind of kinky content you can expect, and a brief description of the plot. Hope it helps!

Story lengths:
Short: Less than 4,000 words, bite-size stories, usually written in one day
Medium: 4,000 – 8,000 words, more substantial, but still fairly succinct
Long: 8,000 – 13,000 words, lengthier stories, usually more story-driven, 
Very long: More than 14,000 words, long enough that they had to be posted in multiple parts, definitely story-driven

Regarding the content tags, assume male unless stated otherwise (e.g. male weight gain, male-male encouraging, male-male romance, etc.).

Blue Ribbon Hubby (very long; long-term weight gain, direct encouraging, stuffing)
Two men with a rivalry over who can make their husbands fatter take their husbands to a state fair for a day of stuffing.

Chug IT (short; stuffing, direct encouraging)
A computer issue turns into a hot encounter when an officer worker meets the fat IT guy assigned to his case.

The Pen (very long; long-term weight gain, direct encouraging)
A man’s exploration of gaining and feedism grows into a club for men with such interests, which spirals out of control

The Cookies From Santa (short; accelerated weight gain, direct encouraging)
A gainer gets fattened up by Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

Filling Out (short; instant weight gain)
A curious factory worker learns why sampling the cream filling, which expands in response to heat, is strictly forbidden.

Fyllingarferðin (The Filling Voyage) (very long; long-term weight gain, direct encouraging)
A fat, Viking-esque man wins a map in a drinking contest, and that map takes him to an island teaming with all the food he could want.

A Boundless Future, or: It’s a Wonderful Gut (medium; long-term weight gain, sexual themes)
A magical fitness trainer shows a newcomer to the gym what his future will be like if he doesn’t lose the weight.

First Impressions (BiggerIsBest7 fanfic) (long; stuffing, general fatness)
A first dinner with the parents goes horribly wrong/right as the gigantically fat boyfriend loses control at the dinner table.

Dinners Have Arrived (Biggerisbest7 fanfic) (medium; stuffing, general fatness)
A giant of a man with an even more gigantic gut enjoys a night in with several delivery dinners.

Big Boys’ Coffee (short; direct encouraging, stuffing)
A hefty guy without much luck in the dating department goes to a coffeeshop that caters to gainers, and finds himself on the receiving end of some unexpected attention.

For Your Eyes Only (medium; themes of male weight gain)
A Patreon gainer is cursed so that only his patrons will see his gains.  To everyone else, he looks skinny.

The Test Drive (medium; direct encouraging, stuffing)
A test drive for a first-time car buyer turns into a feeding session with the chubby sales associate.

The Spirit of Bounty (medium; direct encouraging, accelerated weight gain)
Near a shrine to the spirit of bounty, two pairs of men engage in some divinely enhanced feeding, one in the past and one in the present.

Shake and Cookies (short; accelerated weight gain, behind-the-scenes encouraging)
An encourager leaves gainer shake out for Santa instead of milk.

Build-a-Belly (short; instant weight gain, behind-the-scenes encouraging)
Two boyfriends go to build teddy bears together, and one makes his in his boyfriend’s likeness, before discovering that his boyfriend gets fatter as he stuffs the bear with more stuffing.

A Pretty Good Deal (medium; long-term gaining, direct encouraging)
A guy who isn’t into gaining starts dating an encourager, and finds himself enjoying eat big to please his boyfriend.

Forbidden Fatness (long; general fatness, direct encouraging, intimacy)
A space crew finds a lost scientist and his fat friend living in luxury in a lab that can synthesize food. While the two pilots have their own fun with the friend, the captain suspects something fishy.

Warmth (short; instant weight gain)
A self-indulgent comfort fic about a sad guy who get’s fattened and cheered up by a stranger’s hug.

Compromised (short; general fatness)
A chaser taking his car in for inspection gets himself into trouble when the fat mechanic finds him on Growlr.

The Path of Pride (long; accelerated and instant weight gain, muscle growth, direct encouraging)
A demon of pride is summoned to help men bulk with grand feasts, only to find himself growing as well when they convince him to join them.

Big Shoes to Fill (long; long-term and accelerated weight gain, behind-the-scenes encouraging)
A new zoo employee becomes addicted to the treats they give the wolves, and gets fatter because of it.

Office Treats (short; long-term weight gain, behind-the-scenes encouraging)
A stress baker takes a liking to a chubby coworkers of his and starts giving the treats he bakes directly to him.

The Perfect Toy (short; instant weight gain)
A couple uses a machine that’s guaranteed to generate the perfect sex toy for them both to use together, only for it to give then a rather unconventional sex toy.

It Fattens (very long; instant weight gain, forced weight gain)
A gaining-themed pastiche of the movie It Follows.

Not Quite Professional (short; general fatness)
A man at a job interview has trouble maintaining his composure, as every guy he interviews with is fatter than the last.

The Reunion (10 Year Anniversary Special) (very long; stuffing, direct encouraging)
Characters from my previous stories who got happy endings come together to mingle and eat.

The Support Group (10 Year Anniversary Special) (long)
Characters from my previous stories who got not-so-happy endings come together to support each other.

Employee Retention (medium; long-term weight gain, direct encouraging)
In order to dissuade his most valuable employee from leaving the company for a rival company, a CEO decides to put on weight to appeal to the employee’s encourager tendencies.

The Fantasy Palace (long; accelerated weight gain, direct encouraging)
In a place where you can experience your deepest fantasies, but they’ll bleed into your reality if you aren’t careful, a man discovers just how much he enjoys weight gain.

The Wishing Scale: Pushed Aside (short; instant weight gain)
A short, skinny guy who’s always getting pushed around wishes he were bigger so people would move for him, and gets his wish.

Employee of the Month (long; long-term weight gain, behind-the-scenes encouraging)
Frustrated with the fact that customers don’t take his advice seriously, an employee at a tech store tries gaining weight to see if he can look the part.

Close Encounters of the Swell Kind (medium; inflation, accelerated weight gain, sentient slime)
A space captain has a close encounter with a sentient pool of slime that wants to fill his stomach.

Instant Dad Bod (short; accelerated weight gain)
A man buys several “Instant Dad Bod” chocolate bars, and learns the hard way why they warn against eating more than one bar within a 24 hour period.

Easy As Pie (short; accelerated weight gain)
A former competitive pie eater gets locked in a bakery after closing and succumbs to his old habits.

Immersive Gameplay (short; accelerated weight gain)
A man gets sucked into his favorite video game and uses the opportunity to gain weight easily, only to find it’s not so easy being that big once he gets back.

An Unexpected Stop (very long; accelerated weight gain, direct encouraging, sexual scenes)
Two truckers are forced to stop at a mysterious truck stop, where all of their amenities, including meals at the buffet-style restaurant, are paid for.

Corn-fed (short; accelerated weight gain)
A muscular jerk who makes fun of three fat farmhands finds himself mysterious growing after he chases them into a cornfield.

The Munchies After Close (medium; accelerated weight gain, supernatural encouraging, direct encouraging)
A gluttonous fast food manager has a fattening night as anthropomorphic grey blobs encourage his usual after-close gorge.

The Man You’re Meant to Be (medium; accelerated weight gain, supernatural encouraging, direct encouraging)
After inheriting his biological dad’s house, a man goes there and finds his dad’s ghost.  Over a barbecue, they reconcile their respective feelings of abandonment and inadiquacy, while his dad gives him burgers that make him grow a much bigger belly, and a body he feels more comfortable in.

Plumber’s Snack (medium; stuffing, bloating, direct encouraging)
When a fat plumber comes to fix a man’s sink, gainery hi-jinks ensue for the rest of the day.

The Sunken Student (medium; instant weight gain, mud/sinking)
An archeology student takes a dip in a pool of mud that grants one’s deepest desire.  Unbeknownst to him, his deepest desire is to get fat.

The Fun Zone (long; accelerated weight gain, bloating)
A man looking for a place to spend his tokens at a fair finds a game area where all the men are fat, and the games will make you fatter.

The Trucker’s Passenger (long; stuffing, direct encouraging, sexual scenes)
A day in the life of a portly trucker and his much fatter passenger, showing the lusty and gluttonous adventures they get into.

The Fashion Writer’s Husband (medium; long-term weight gain)
A fat-phobic fashion writer must re-learn how to love his husband, who gains weight due to a medication side-effect, while also learning how to give better fashion advice to plus-size men

The Wishing Scale: Larger Than Life (medium; instant weight gain, physical intimacy)
A pudgy young man wishes his body would commit to being fatter or thinner, thinking that would get him more attention from guys.  After weighing himself on an old fashioned scale, he gets his wishes.

The Prize-Winning Pig (medium; accelerated weight gain, direct encouraging, supernatural encouraging, pig roleplay)
A man cuts through an abandoned farm on his way home, only to encounter the ghosts of two farmhands who mistake him for a pig and fatten him up like one.

An Engorged Explorer (medium; accelerated weight gain)
A man stumbles into the ruins of an ancient temple, where he must solve three riddles to get out, but failing to follow instructions will result in him getting fatter.

More Than Offered (short; accelerated weight gain)
A man is offered shelter and dinner in a strangers house as he waits for a tow truck, only to learn the consequences of asking for more food than he’s offered.

Rivals (short; stuffing)
Two hefty men, both old rivals with unspecified history, run into each other at a buffet and try to out-eat the other.

The Best Customer (short; stuffing)
A chubby cop is offered oodles complimentary doughnuts and pastries as soon as he steps into a bakery, before eating it all before his shift.

Fattened Fairy Tales: Zander Ella (long; instant weight gain, physical intimacy)
In this gaining-themed retelling of Cinderella, a man tries to relax for a night and escape the oppressive presence of his brothers and stepmom by magically being transformed into a fat biker-ish guy.

Couch Potato (short; accelerated weight gain, personality transformation)
A man takes home a couch marked “not eligible for sale”, and as soon as he sits down on it, food starts appearing out of nowhere, turning him into a couch potato the more he eats.

”Big” (very long; romance)
An awkward, lanky barista and a stoic, hefty construction worker try to make it work after the barista is so awestruck by the construction worker that while passing him his coffee, all he can say is, “Big,” to which the construction worker smiles and replies, “Yeah.”

Decadence Denied (short; accelerated weight gain)
Posted for April Fool’s Day.  A man knows he’s the protagonist of a gaining story and spends his time trying to avoid becoming the victim of a weight gain plot.

Overwhelming Hospitality (medium; accelerated weight gain, direct encouraging, sexual scenes)
A man on a business trip finds his way to a bar where he’s on the receiving end of a lot of free food, free drinks, and attention.

The Bottomless Brew: Stout Steve (medium; accelerated weight gain, behind-the-scenes encouraging, personality transformation)
An enchanted beer causes a man to gain confidence and weight as he works up the courage to talk to a guy he fancies.

First-Year Slump (medium; long-term weight gain)
A college football coach finds his team performing better the fatter he gets, and can’t convince himself it’s a coincidence, or stop himself from eating more to help the team out.

The Wishlist (medium; long-term weight gain)
A gainer sets up an online wishlist so folks can help him gain, only to struggle to keep up with all the fattening deliveries he’s getting.

Fattened Fairy Tales – Harold and Greg (medium; long-term weight gain, direct encouraging, forced weight gain)
In this gaining-themed retelling of Hansel and Gretel, two men get lost in the woods, only to end up held hostage by a man living in a cottage made of gingerbread, who wants to make them both fatter.

Ambassador to the Grand King (very long; long-term weight gain)
A hefty, insecure nobleman is chosen to serve as a diplomat for a recovering kingdom.  He goes to meet the very hefty king of a much more prosperous kingdom, where he gets bigger off the king’s meals and learns to find more confidence in his own size.

What This Place Can Provide (long; accelerated weight gain, supernatural encouraging)
A man who’s self-conscious about his skinny-ness finds a magical buffet where he’s encouraged to eat and grow as much as he likes, while learning that confidence doesn’t come from size, or lack thereof.

The Baker’s Bashful Boyfriend (long; long-term weight gain, direct encouraging, romance)
A baker, tired of watching his hefty boyfriend hate his body, helps him learn to love it by pointing out how much he loves the baker’s even fatter body, then feeding him treats from the bakery, to teach him to unlearn the idea of “bad foods”.  What he doesn’t expect is just how much his boyfriend takes a liking to eating the treats.

The Human Candy Pail (medium; weight gain themes, romantic themes, direct encouraging)
Two partners, the thinner one dressed as a boy and the fatter one dressed as a candy pale, go to every Halloween party they’ve been invited to, to see how many sweets the one dressed as a candy pale can eat in one night.

The Candy Tax (medium; instant weight gain)
Three kids curse their Halloween candy to punish anyone who eats it without their permission, causing each of their dads to fatten up when they sneak some of the candy, with their increase in size proportional to how much candy they ate.

The Turgid Bog (short; accelerated weight gain, sexual scenes involving sentient plants, entrapment)
In a supposedly haunted forest, a man finds a severed vine that spews forth a sweet sap, which he happily drinks of and gets a lot bigger, to both his and the plant’s delight.

A Genie’s Wish (medium; instant weight gain, sexual scenes)
A genie and a rotund man with a desire for a bigger belly meet at a bar and go back to the man’s apartment, where their sexcapades results in the man getting his wish.

A Rotund Reunion (long; long-term weight gain, romance, brief sexual themes)
Five high school friends agree to meet for dinner every summer during college to catch up.  As one shows up fatter to each reunion, another can’t help but take a liking to him.

A Healthy Test Subject (short; long-term weight gain)
A research doctor tests his own malnutrition medication, knowing it will cause him to gain weight, in order to get it approved for general testing.

A Hard-Earned Laziness (long; long-term weight gain, slobification)
An office-worker turned entrepreneur makes his own app in the hopes of finding greater financial success, but all the long hours result in added weight and a loss of interest in anything but working and eating.

Something Old, Something New (medium; instant weight gain)
The father and son of the groom fear they’ve ruined his wedding when they sneak into the reception tent and eat part of the cake.  But the bride’s family has some magic up their sleeves to restore the cake to its original state and appropriately punish those who would ruin the wedding.

A Certain Kind of Problem Customer (long; long-term weight gain, behind-the-scenes encouraging)
After a repeat problem customer leave his waitress no tip, the restaurant’s owner starts sneaking a fullness suppressant into his food, causing him to eat more with each visit and get fatter.

Losers (long; accelerated weight gain, forced weight gain, entrapment)
After making fun of the rotund fair-goers at their county fair, two men are cornered by a rotund man who insists they’re “winners”.  After he enters them in a pie eating contest–which they win, only to pass out due to food coma–they wake up in another tent, only to find out he has even bigger plans for them, and the fair-goers will have the last laugh.

The Curious Case of Wallace Grace (very long; long-term weight gain, supernatural encouraging)
Two ghost hunters contend with the ghost of a gluttonous hotel guest, whose habits seem to rub off on the heftier of the two.

Icing on the Cake (long; long-term weight gain, direct encouraging, brief sexual themes)
A cake decorator puts out the call for someone to eat all the cake scraps he goes through every day that would otherwise get thrown out, and a gainer he meets online takes the challenge.

A Wizard’s Bad Side (short; instant weight gain, brief animal transformation)
A wizard turns a would-be assassin into a mouse, which runs off to the nearest trash heap and gorges itself, only for all that extra flab to stick when the assassin turns human again.

”New Year, New You” (long; long-term weight gain)
A hefty man joins his workplace’s New Years weight loss competition to intentionally gain weight and sabotage the company’s total weight lost statistic, all while gaming the company to help him accelerate his gains.

Easter Treats (medium; accelerated weight gain, inflation)
A candy store worker gorges on the leftover Easter candy, getting wider on the marshmallows, then heavier on the chocolate eggs.

The Sirens’ Dinner Call (short; accelerated weight gain)
A group of sirens tempt a sailor to his doom with images of a great feast.  When he survives the swim, they’re not sure what to do other than let him eat.

The Bottomless Brew (medium; accelerated weight gain, behind-the-scenes encouraging)
An incognito leprechaun charms a disorderly drunk’s beer to never get him more inebriated than buzzed and to never run out, resulting in all that alcohol going right to his growing gut.

Kiss of a Merman (short; instant weight gain, physical intimacy)
A pirate is forced to walk the plank, before his life is saved by a kiss from his new merman boyfriend, which allows him to breath underwater and gives him new blubber to help him stay warm in the cold waters.

Sweet Dreams (long; long-term weight gain)
A man who doesn’t like candy goes to work for a candy company that lets employees eat as much of the company’s candy as they like.  When he discovers he does like their candy, he doesn’t stay the skinniest person in the office for long.

An Overfed Offering (long; accelerated weight gain, direct encouraging, supernatural encouraging)
After stumbling into some ruins, a man encounters two ghosts who are insistent on feeding him and making him fatter, before finding that he has trouble getting out.

In the Grasp of the Munchies (long; long-term weight gain, slobbification, direct encouraging, supernatural encouraging)
A pampered slacker eats more and gets out less as a group of anthropomorphic grey blobs encourage his overeating and sedentary ways.

”Rub My Belly for Good Luck” (medium; long-term weight gain)
A college T.A. wears a shirt that says, “Rub my belly for good luck” to quizzes and tests, and once he starts getting takers, he finds himself growing a little bigger every time it works.

Fattened Fairy Tales – Gordolocks (short; accelerated weight gain)
In a gaining-themed retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, a vain, entitled man walks into a house in the woods and eats the porridge inside, not knowing it’s meant to satisfying a creature as large as a bear, causing him to get a fair bit bigger himself, much to his dismay.

Intended Side Effects (medium; accelerated weight gain)
A man is warned his new medicine causes abdominal weight gain and to avoid fatty foods to minimize the side effect.  So he starts eating all the fatty foods he can get his hands and his belly swells up bigger, causing both excitement and inconvenience.

Gigantic Hospitality (very long; long-term weight gain, unintentional encouraging, sexual scenes)
A man who’s lost in the woods stumbles upon the home of an eight-foot-tall giant who feeds him meals the same size that he eats, making him gain weight as his ends up liking living with the giant and staying with him longer than he expected.

A Human on Board (long; long-term weight gain, supernatural encouraging [arguably])
Two aliens take a human on their shape the way humans might take in a stray cat, pampering and spoiling him and making him gain weight in the process.

Getting Fat on Conjured Food (very long; long-term weight gain)
An aspiring mage and a curmudgeonly, corpulent mage try to discover how to conjure food that provides nourishment, rather than just empty energy.  Their success results in growth for both of them, allowing the aspiring mage to become the mage he always wanted to be, and the curmudgeonly mage to stuff himself as fat as he pleases.

Dad’s Christmas Sweater (short; long-term weight gain, supernatural encouraging)
A new father feels like he’d never be half the man his own dad was, until his dad’s ghost helps him grow into fatherhood and into his dad’s old, oversized Christmas sweater.

”All Fit One Size” (short; instant weight gain)
A stylsh, cocky man looking for a sweater for an ugly sweater party buys one that’s way too big for him with a tag that says, “All fit one size.”  He assumes they meant, “One size fits all,” and laughs at the mistake, but once he gets home and tries it on, he soon finds the sweater fitting him just fine.

Christmas Ain’t Like it Used to Be (medium; instant weight gain, aggressive encouraging)
A man finds a middle-aged man claiming to be Santa Claus in his kitchen, standing in front of his refrigerator, drinking milk straight from the jug.  Once he’s convinced the man is Santa Claus, he feeds him some milk and cookies to restore the holiday spirit and help Santa look the part.

The Prize-Winning Pumpkin (medium; instant weight gain, forced weight gain, supernatural encouraging, entrapment)
A man paints his belly to look like a Jack-o-lantern for a Halloween costume party.  As he’s stumbling home drunk, he cuts through the yard of an abandoned shack, only to have a run in with the ghost of a woman who wants to grow a pumpkin big enough to win her a blue ribbon at the state fair.

”Nutritionally Complete Candy for Growing Kids” (short; accelerated weight gain)
A man who steals candy from a charity “trick-or-treat” event gets his just desserts when the “nutritionally complete candy for growing kids” makes him grow in a different direction.

The Big Belly BBQ: After Dark (medium; weight-gain-related themes, physical intimacy, aggressive encouraging)
Continuing from the last story, our intrepid protagonist stays at one of the barbecues after night falls, and finds himself in over his head as the gluttony gets more intense.

The Big Belly BBQ: Daytime (medium; weight-gain-related themes, physical intimacy)
A svelte man accompanies his hefty boyfriend to a barbecue full of big guys eating big and rubbing each other’s bellies, and after overcoming his shyness, joins in the fun.

Like Halloween When We Were Kids (medium; accelerated weight gain, behind-the-scenes encouraging)
Three men try to get into the Halloween spirit by trick-or-treating, only to be turned away by every house they visit, until they visit the house of an old woman who tells them she hasn’t had trick-or-treaters in years.  Out of gratitude, her magic turns their night around, obtaining and eating more candy than they thought possible, and enjoying every minute of it.

The Munchies at the Office (medium; long-term weight gain, direct encouraging, supernatural encouraging)
An ambitious office worker with aspirations to move up the corporate ladder falls victim to a group of anthropomorphic grey blobs that encourage his stress eating as he works late.

Home Expansion (very long; long-term weight gain, behind-the-scenes encouraging)
An out-of-work contractor goes to work for a wealthy bachelor before becoming his live-in handyman, only to find himself getting fat on the man’s excellent cooking.

The Swell Shake (short; instant weight gain, personality transformation)
An unhappy fitness freak finds himself growing and growing happier after drinking a special milkshake from a road-side shake shack.

The Haunted Cabin (long; long-term weight gain, behind-the-scenes and direct encouraging, supernatural encouraging)
A man stumbled upon a cabin in the woods that’s always filled with food when he visits.  The more he visits, the bigger he gets, and the harder he finds it to leave.

Leftover Doughnuts (medium; long-term weight gain, behind-the-scenes encouraging)
A worker at a doughnut shop lets a rotund regular stay after closing and eat the leftover doughnuts that are just going to get thrown out anyway, while also trying to keep his cool as things get hotter.

How the Dinner Tables Have Turned (medium; long-term weight gain, direct encouraging)
After a charismatic feeder betrays his feedee’s trust, the feedee turns the feeder’s aggressive feeding style against him, causing him to gain weight instead.

A Potion Fit for a Champion (short; instant weight gain)
In a far-off fantasy world, a warrior, envious of the champions he admires, drinks a healing potion way too powerful for him that gives him a whole lot more body to heal.

18 Wheelers and Spare Tires (very long; long-term weight gain, direct encouraging, sexual scenes)
A recent divorcee quits his unsatisfying office job to become a truck driver, finding fattening foods, steamy encounters, confidence, and a better relationship with his ex and kids along the way.

Growth Hormones (short; instant weight gain)
A slobby bachelor drinks a gallon of milk that should have never left the factory.

One Night at the Beach House (long; romance, sexual scenes)
A reclusive college student, having won a spring break vacation in a raffle, finds himself out of his depth and comfort zone, until a confident, rotund guest at the house he’s staying at coaxes him out of his shell (and clothes).

The Slime in the Cave Back Home (long; inflation, long-term weight gain, sentient slime)
As a kid, Timmy was banned from slime pool in the cave in his back yard.  As a stressed-out adult, he returns and finds comfort in eating from the familiar pool, but soon learns it’s not as harmless as it seems.

A Swell Time at Camp (very long; long-term weight gain)
An overworked accountant goes on a lengthy vacation at an adult summer camp, finding confidence and relaxation thanks to his campmates, but not realizing it’s a camp intended to help the guests gain weight.

Waste Not, Want Not (long; long-term weight gain, direct encouraging)
After his manager catches him sneaking out food at the end of his shifts, a fast-food worker is forced to eat to excess after every one of his shifts to ensure his manager’s silence, not knowing that they both enjoy it more than they let on.

The Not-So-Thin Blue Line (long; long-term weight gain)
A doughnut shop that’s rumored to have mafia ties starts offering a particularly fattening kind of doughnut to police officers for free.  As a rookie watches the station fill with doughnuts and his coworkers balloon around him, he starts to suspect foul play and worry he could become a target.

Growth of the Business (medium; long-term weight gain, romance, behind-the-scenes encouraging)
A restaurant manager suspects the growth of her business is tied to the portliness of her star bartender.  When business stops growing, she’s left wondering how she can make him grow again, finding her answer in a smitten cook who also wants to see him grow.

Mike Meets the Munchies (long; long-term weight gain, direct encouraging, supernatural encouraging)
An overworked office worker, who’s already put on weight due to work stress, falls victim to a group of anthropomorphic grey blobs that encourage his laziness and overeating once he gets home.

The Cookies for Santa (short; instant weight gain)
After nearly spoiling Santa’s non-existence for his daughter, a dad who can’t get into the Christmas spirit eats the cookies she left for Santa, not knowing one of Santa’s elves put a charm on the cookies to teach him a lesson for his curmudgeonliness.

The House that Time Forgot (very long; accelerated weight gain, behind-the-scenes encouraging, supernatural encouraging)
The foreman of a demolition company enters an abandoned house to inspect it before his team tears it down.  As he learns more about the house’s history, he also finds hearty feasts laid out in the dining room, and can’t help gorging himself on them when he does.

If anyone’s curious about exact word counts (I know I was):

Build-a-Belly: 1,440 words
Growth Hormones: 1,506 words
Warmth: 1,577 words
Compromised: 1,664 words
A Potion Fit for a Champion: 2,082 words
A Wizard’s Bad Side: 2,279 words
Shake and Cookies:  2,315 words
Couch Potato: 2,384 words
The Sirens Dinner Call: 2,405 words
Kiss of a Merman: 2,444 words
The Wishing Scale – Pushed Aside: 2,477 words
Office Treats: 2,614 words
Fattened Fairy Tales – Gordolocks: 2,715 words
The Swell Shake: 2,804 words
The Best Customer: 2,844 words
Instant Dad Bod: 2,999 words
Dad’s Christmas Sweater: 3,035 words
The Perfect Toy: 3,064 words
”All Fit One Size”: 3,076 words
Not Quite Professional: 3,096 words
Decadence Denied: 3,239 words
The Cookies for Santa: 3,328 words
Easy As Pie: 3,349 words
Big Boys’ Coffee: 3,362 words
A Healthy Test Subject: 3,483 words
Filling Out: 3,531 words
”Nutritionally Complete Candy for Growing Kids”: 3,574 words
More Than Offered: 3,580 words
The Cookies From Santa: 3,580 words
The Turgid Bog: 3,650 words
Corn-fed: 3,696 words
Immersive Gameplay: 3,747 words
Chug IT:  3,835 words
Rivals: 3,855 words
A Genie’s Wish: 4,146 words
The Candy Tax: 4,231 words
Something Old, Something New: 4,292 words
The Human Candy Pail: 4,567 words
The Bottomless Brew: 4,608 words
Intended Side Effects: 4,621 words
The Bottomless Brew: Stout Steve: 4,780 words
The Prize-Winning Pumpkin: 4,805 words
Leftover Doughnuts: 4,823 words
The Wishing Scale: Larger Than Life: 4,915 words
The Test Drive:  4,950 words
Christmas Ain’t Like it Used to Be: 4,977 words
Close Encounters of the Swell Kind: 5,205 words
Dinners Have Arrived (Biggerisbest7 fanfic):  5,226 words
For Your Eyes Only: 5,376 words
Easter Treats: 5,378 words
Growth of the Business: 5,431 words
The Spirit of Bounty: 5,513 words
The Fashion Writer’s Husband: 5,527 words
The Wishlist: 5,660 words
Overwhelming Hospitality: 5,681 words
The Big Belly BBQ: After Dark: 5,689 words
The Prize-Winning Pig: 5,865 words
The Munchies After Close: 5,999 words
”Rub My Belly for Good Luck”: 6,218 words
A Pretty Good Deal: 6,228 words
Like Halloween When We Were Kids: 6,293 words
An Engorged Explorer: 6,339 words
The Big Belly BBQ: Daytime: 6,872 words
The Man You’re Meant to Be: 6,926 words
The Munchies in the Office: 7,095 words
Fattened Fairy Tales – Harold and Greg: 7,124 words
Plumber’s Snack: 7,238 words
First-Year Slump: 7,331 words
How the Dinner Tables Have Turned: 7,434 words
A Boundless Future, or: It’s a Wonderful Gut: 7,508 words
Employee Retention: 7,614 words
The Sunken Student: 7,686 words
Icing on the Cake: 8,093 words
Employee of the Month: 8,134 words
An Overfed Offering: 8,140 words
Waste Not, Want Not: 8,166 words
In the Grasp of the Munchies: 8,446 words
The Fun Zone: 8,564 words
Mike Meets the Munchies: 8,822 words
One Night at the Beach House: 8,863 words
The Haunted Cabin: 8,950 words
A Human on Board: 9,005 words
Big Shoes to Fill: 9,066 words
First Impressions (BiggerIsBest7 fanfic): 9,096 words
The Support Group (10 Year Anniversary Special): 9,121 words
”New Year, New You”: 9,133 words
What This Place Can Provide: 9,322 words
The Trucker’s Passenger: 9,526 words
The Slime in the Cave Back Home: 10,142 words
A Hard-Earned Laziness: 10,196 words
A Rotund Reunion: 10,209 words
A Certain Kind of Problem Customer: 10,302 words
The Not-So-Thin Blue Line: 10,519 words
Losers: 11,514 words
The Path of Pride: 11,531 words
Fattened Fairy Tales: Zander Ella: 11,569 words
The Baker’s Bashful Boyfriend: 11,759 words
Sweet Dreams: 11,851 words
Forbidden Fatness: 12,281 words
The Fantasy Palace: 12,514 words
Blue Ribbon Hubby: 13,598 words
Fyllingarferðin (The Filling Voyage): 14,340 words
The Reunion (10 Year Anniversary Special): 14,438 words
A Swell Time at Camp: 14,929 words
An Unexpected Stoop: 15,114 words
Gigantic Hospitality: 15,285 words
It Fattens: 16,210 words
Getting Fat on Conjured Food: 16,294 words
Home Expansion: 16,534 words
The House that Time Forgot: 17,247 words
”Big”: 17,807 words
18 Wheelers and Spare Tires: 18,367 words
The Curious Case of Wallace Grace: 19,176 words
The Pen: 21,454 words
Ambassador to the Grand King: 37,543 words

That’s 115 stories totaling 861,970 words. (count last updated December 21, 2021)